Saturday, January 9, 2010

Whole Foods Helps Fight Hunger In Milford

Recently I read about this hunger issue in the Milford Mirror on page 16A. My wife, brought the article in the paper to my attention and we were both saddened and struck that hunger could even exist in our wonderful community.

Thankfully for for those looking for a meal, and the generosity of the newly opened Whole Foods Market and the Bethel Center, our friends will be given an opportunity to eat. The program was originally devised by WHY, (World Hunger Year) who is dedicated to providing nutritious meals to 49 Million hungry Americans and their 17 Million children.

This figure has been increasing alarmingly with the economic downturn and the lingering jobless recession. Hunger in America appears to have thus far peaked with one in six people going to bed hungry each night. The photo above is that of Tent City, or Obama's new Hooverviles, aptly named after Herbert Hoover and the Great Depression. California is one of three states where unemployment peaked above 12%. Tent cities have sprung up all over America, and the need to pull our country together is more urgent than ever.

To combat this problem Whole foods, last January 6Th, gave 5% of its stores daily profits to charity. In our community the charity that addresses these types of hunger issues is the Bethel Center who also has been a recipient of my personal charitable offerings of Free computers for disadvantage children, and monetary donations from the Turkey Trot fundraiser that I sponsor with Daytime Lodge in Stratford each year.

The Bethel Center is always on the look out for altruistic people who are willing to contribute to their cause. To offer your help, please call (212) 629-8850.

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