Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"Connectucut Bob" AKA Bob Adams Fired By The Richetelli Gang

Most people do not even know "CT Bob" but many are familiar with his work. Bob Adams is a blogger in Milford, and hosts a blog www.ctbob.blogspot.com. Connecticut Bob, was given a post on Milford Government Access television about a year ago. He is also a Democrat, in a "vipers den" of Republicans and Republican dominated city boards.

CT Bob, may soon be recording a board of Alderman meeting who will be voting him out. They will be replacing him with Republican Michael Cavallaro a Richetelli patsy expected to rehire Dennis Guaglianone the previous camera man who was fired for dereliction of duty. This deriliction, according to the CT Post included "not covering some governmental programs, including the mayoral candidate debates last fall, in favor of parades and other community events."

When Bob Adams was hired, his blog certainly raised Republican Eyebrows, there was fear and uncertainty that Bob Adams would add his Democratic spin to the MGAT content he produced. This has not been the case, Adams said he would conduct his work professionally and he did. Any person who watched MGAT on cable T.V. would certainly agree that the content presented was professional and non-partisan.

Who controls the camera man has now become an issue of politics as "Lord Richetelli" once again is granting favors, and rewarding bad behavior by rehiring FIRED employees. The original fear of a partisan MGAT may soon be realised as another "local power grab" of the MGAT station is executed.

Future content can be expected to filmed by authority and direction of Michael Cavallarro, who is in essence the newest Media Czar who will answer directly to Mayor Richetelli. While coverage of community events will certainly spark outrage, these issues will soon become the problem of Milford's Citizens, especially Independents, Democrats or those whose content is not cogent in the opinion of the Mayor and his new Media Czar.

This latest power grab, adds credibility to Democratic Party Boss Michael Brown's allegation that the Republicans "are replacing every Democrat from every board."

Connecticut Bobs impartiality was revealed some time ago, when he challenged his own party in favor of the public objections with Amann's support of Lieberman's policies on war. Connecticut Bob's most notable video was that of Now Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Jim Amann. The video heard all over the web was aptly dubbed the "Crush" video when Amann was video taped saying he would "Crush any Idiot in this town who ran against him." Ironically this is the only Democrat Richetelli is supporting, as he is a frequent guest and good friend to Amann's and his political events.


CT Bob said...

Hey Rocco, thanks for the nice words. However, you quoted from that CT Post article that got a lot of facts wrong. I set the record straight in a post this morning on my blog.


Anonymous said...

You should try reading CTBob's blog sometime. Even he admits that what you and the CT Post are "reporrting" are wrong. These theories that you continue to spout are mind numbing.

Rocco J. Frank Jr. C. E. & Michael Vecchiarelli M.A. said...

Well there will alway be those that disagree Bob and play politics despite their thinly guised intentions.

Bob I call it as I see it, and you alway kept true to your word about being "non political" and impartial.

As a regular viewer of MGAT that station ran without a hitch on your watch. It is truly sad to see you go. THanks for taking the time on your blog to add your side of the story.