Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Milford Girl Goes Missing

Last night I traversed up North Street here in town and headed toward Eisenhower Park. Upon approach to the park I was awestruck by scores of 11X17 posters attached to every utility pole along the road.

The poster bears the image and message that a 17 year old girl that has gone missing since last week. The poster indicated that she was reported missing on July 24Th 2008. Her name is Brittany, she is 5'4" tall with hair locks. Her hair color is dark, either brown or black, hard to tell from the photo. She attended Foran High School and would have been with the class of 2008.

An interview I personally conducted with some of the high school kids who knew of her indicated that they were not really surprised that she had gone missing. They indicated that it is more likely that she ran away rather than having been kidnapped. Brittney was described by kids who knew her as being mixed up with the wrong crowd. Many were saddened by her absence and are all hoping she return home safe so those who are close to her, and love her, can gain some peace and happiness.

Brittney marks the second young kid gone missing this year, the last girl was Samantha Riso later located in New Haven and was safely returned to her home in Milford.

(Photo above posted this evening on a utility pole at Eisenhower Park)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ice Cream Social Tomorrow

Frank's second fundraiser is being held at his home in Milford tomorrow from 6:30P.M. to 9:00P.M. The event will feature an ice cream social and an opportunity to share in other fun gaming activities.

The event will be mostly dominated by next years 9Th grade at Jonathan Law High School who will also be engaged in other outdoor fun stuff. All are welcome, even adults who just wish to share in coffee and dessert.

This event is a fundraising event to get Rocco Frank our Milford CT candidate for state rep over the threshold of 150 unique donations from Milford Residents. Your help and support is greatly appreciated and remember that minimum donation is $5.00 and a Maximum Kid donation is $30.00. Adults can donate up to $100 dollars.

To RSVP or to ask questions please contact Rocco Frank at (203) 283-9311 leave message to RSVP and someone will return your call.

Monday, July 28, 2008

10,000 Hits On Our Blog Board!

Since its inception less than a year ago, The Milford Daily Blog has reached a milestone... 10,000 hits from people interested in our content. These hits are are all unique IP addresses and span many parts of America, Connecticut and Milford.

We are all very happy to see so many individuals coming to our blog board to read up on our reports. For a site that is barely one year old I also am personally very impressed with the turnout on this site.

Keep coming back and we will continue to post our thoughts and ideas on the issues of the day here in town and beyond. Also feel free to check out our sponsor site This site is made possible with the technical and financial assistance of the Computerfox Inc. and the generosity and written contributions from Rocco Frank your local candidate for CT State Representative.

Also feel free to e-mail us your letters at

Friday, July 25, 2008

Seriously Rocco Frank For The 118th! Over 1000 of you say Yes!

My Democratic opponents some time ago questioned the seriousness of my candidacy, until now I have yet to reply. However, with that in mind lets use the old saying that a "picture speaks a thousand words" and one thousand signatures is the milestone pasted on my wall back at our campaign headquarters.

While I understand from the town clerk that no one in the 118Th is aggressively pursuing signatures in the manner that our staff has, I will admit my disgruntled feelings that neither my Democratic or Republican opponent has to collect signatures. As I am told by my campaign advisers major parties are exempt from the signature process, even though the party I represent the Independent party is the largest party by affiliation and admission in Milford.

The photo above represents nearly 20% of the total 5,700 votes cast in the last election for our current popular representative Jim Amann. This, however is not the end of this process as we still have two more weeks of signature collecting ahead of us. The final tally will be confirmed by the Secretary of State in the coming months.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Amann's 2008 Legislative Update Fails To Mention Concern Over The Cost of Electric.

Jim's legislative update was recently mailed out and everyone should have received it by now. To start let me mention the good news, I believe it was a remarkable improvement over the last one and it did address many points of concern here in town.

The flip side is that he made no mention of one of the biggest issues among those competing for his seat. This issue is the skyrocketing cost of electricity. Slossberg has figured this out, my competitors for the replacement of his seat have figured this out, the governor has figured this out, so why has Jim not mentioned a single word about what is clearly one of the biggest issues not only here in Milford, but in Connecticut and yes the entire country.

Having made a video addressing his agenda last year, I will only hope that Jim just forgot to mention this issue, that perhaps it is just a "snafu" an oversight or perhaps may I dare to call this some kind of conspiracy. Jim, come to think of it has not had any public position on the surging cost of electric, not in his last legislative update or his current one perhaps I do not read enough news and just missed his official protests. Should this be the case please let me know and I will write a retraction to this article, just e-mail me at or call me at (203) 247-4357.

Until then I must sadly once again protest Jim's leadership in taking a strong position on the energy company here in town and the DPUC allowing them increase after increase in cost to consumers. Certainly I would hope that Jim does not resort to what my opponent did "Condemn" the electric company. My personal belief is that condemning companies does not help consumers but does foster the kind of animosity and dysfunction that pits consumers against monopolies.

While I do not personally condemn UI, I certainly can empathize with their difficult position and as long as "we" consumers desire electric and electric service we are stuck with UI "love'em or hate'em." The right way in dealing with this problem is old fashioned "liaises faire" economics and open market competition. I believe the right thing to do is open Connecticut's energy markets and the new taxpayer built electrical grid to world wide competition and investment. Zoning all over Connecticut should be open to dedicating new sites to accommodate competing companies; Allowing the building on new power plants, not just peak plants. Anti-trust laws should bar UI from growing any further until a sufficient number of competition emerges in the market.

My current concern on this issue, (widely ignored by our current state representative) can easily be fixed by focusing on sites to build these energy companies, clean companies would be ideal, perhaps wind, solar, hydro, or something equally as good. It pains me greatly to see so many state resources focused on building movie studios, rather than dedicated sites to produce desperately needed cheap energy I hope Jim gets this message, he will need to if he wants to become a successful Governor some day.

Special Update on This Blog Board

Unfortunately due to a death in my family I lost a day of blogging. I apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused. Blogging will resume again effective today.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Connecticut Lobsters Rebound

The program is called "v notching" (See Photo) and lobster fisherman have been working with local aquaculture schools and programs aimed at helping the lobster population in the Long Island Sound recover.

The female lobsters are the egg bearers, by keeping more females out in their habitat the expected result was that more new lobsters would be born. Just as the program was intended, the notch of which does not hurt the lobster in any way, was able to accurately boost the population to safe and sustainable levels.

Aquaculture Students trap lobsters, identify the females and put a V shaped notch on their tail. When fisherman see these marked lobsters they throw them back to comply with the law. The program, now touted as a success by industry scholars and fishermen, has helped the lobster population recover from its troubling decline as early as 10 years ago.

Had this program not been effective, more restrictions and laws could have been imposed. These laws would have required fisherman to throw back more smaller lobsters and only allowed for the fishing of larger ones. These sizes are determined by a measuring device that measures across the backs of the fish.

This program is a fine example that we can use our will and determination to preserve species of animals in the sound. This effort was only achieved by strong cohesion and teamwork between environmental agencies, students, teachers and the lobster fishermen themselves. Milford retains a state and Federal research laboratory operated by NOAA located on the inlet of Milford Harbor.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Post Mall Triggers Three Fire Alarms Over The Weekend

The Connecticut Post Mall triggered three fire alarms over the weekend. At the time these alarms went off I was with my kids over at the new Kidz Zone arcade located near Sears. The fear and frustration from confused patrons and the youngsters at the arcade was emblematic of the post 9/11 world we built.

When the first alarm tripped the entire arcade blacked out, every game went dead and an ominous voice came over the public announcement system broadcasting an emergency within the mall. Even more creepy the announcement was accompanied by what sounded like an emergency siren.

This went on about every thirty minutes for about an hour and a half. Finally, I was really interested in what was causing these back to back alarms. First the announcements said there was an issue of concern, and then the all clear was given every time. Perhaps I thought what could this be? The mall was filled with young kids as it was the weekend and the mall is a hot spot for the youngsters, maybe I thought some prankster was pulling the fire alarm.

Finally I did get the answer, my young daughter and I saw the Post Mall concierge on the lower level of the mall, over by the main elevator. When I asked her what was the emergency she said that "had there been an emergency she would have been out of there immediately." However that was not the case, the problem was that a construction crew working at Abercrombie and Fitch kept tripping a sensor that was connected to the fire alarm. The manager of the kids place arcade, who actively engaged in processing customer refunds was needless to say frustrated as the consequential power outages "cost him $1,600.00" in losses for the day.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Devon's broken clock tower the Irony of Devon Day

The clock, erected on a park located on a bridge near the Stratford line is now apparently non functional. The clock celebrating its second year cost about as much as a small condo here in town.

To the amazement of many, this clock played music. Most people were not even aware that this clock was able to do that. The failure was blamed on a lightning strike, and is now something the taxpayers, or the state, must pay to repair.

This story is much like the fictional "Back To The Future" movie where the town clock also malfunctioned from a lightning strike becomes the focal point of Michael J. Fox's time machine. With the exorbitant outrageous expense of this clock, it is no wonder a local "handiman" was trying to spare someone the agony of a pricey repair that the taxpayers are yet to understand let alone afford.

Devon Day kicks off tomorrow right at this clock, the park considered one of its greatest accomplishments, and yet some who know about it find it strange and confusing that a park was not only built on a bridge, but has no recognizable parking access for visitors.

The Irony here is that Devon Day will commences under this broken clock and under the leadership of the people who, in my opinion, wasted an enormous amount of money on its erection. This day will most likely be one the few days this park will ever be used by the public.


CORRECTION: The leadership in question in this article is the Devon Revitalization Committee, not the organizers of Devon Day who do a great job of unifying the community.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Economy Gives Mixed Signals

Connecticut resident, Glenn Beck often expresses great concern over the national economy. While many view Beck as a "Drama Queen" or an alarmist, that group is becoming the minority.

There is nothing more difficult, for any political official running for office, than to have to constantly address the negative elements of our great country. Our nation has always been the envy of the world with massive wealth, the worlds largest banks, and the highest standard of living.

Today our Federal government is now reaping the comeuppance of over 30 years of bad decisions. The punishment, unfortunately is not only theirs to bear but ours as well. How does main street affect your street? Well it is not hard to see, all you have to do is ask your neighbor what is going on with their stocks, 401K's, the value of their home, and the purchasing power of their dollars. We could then also pose the question has your income kept up with inflation? The answers are almost always somber and sobering, yet our citizens are correct when they say these problems are now so great they are beyond what our local or state leaders can repair.

Former governor Ventura on a GCN radio show told his listening audience that in his opinion and in the opinion of the economists he spoke to the only way we could begin to rectify our economy is to restore faith in the U.S. Dollar. This can occur by first addressing our national debt now estimated at 9.6 trillion dollars, ending our costly wars, and next (in my opinion) raising interest rates to attract foreign investors who have dollar wealth.

The weakening dollar has been blamed for the high cost of everything, while our Federal Leaders in Congress are blaming speculators on Wall Street for driving up energy prices, the reality is that this is only part of the problem. The weak U.S. dollar now fetching a record low of 1.60 Euro is as responsible for its loss of purchasing power as the Wall Street speculators.

America has now sadly reached a point where manufacturing has shrunk to less than 10% of all jobs, our banks are failing or are in serious trouble, Americans finding it difficult to afford their homes, health care is all but affordable, a nursing crisis exists, we import 70% of our Oil creating a disturbing transfer of wealth to foreigners and our capitol is paralyzed by global corporations who has a vested interest in eliminating our national sovereignty in favor of global trade agreements.

Television, and our American news reporters are nothing more than the spawn of "puppet masters" who report trite that fails to connect with the true nature and gravity of our nations peril. While the media calms the public, and often outright mocks our national issues with hundreds of channels of game shows, soap opera's, music video's, reality shows, and slanted feudalistic opinion shows we are in a state of our greatest national crisis since 1930.

There was a time when our national prosperity was so great that we, as a society became victims of our own complacency, we made a public oath never to discuss religion or politics... absolute lunacy for anyone who knows that the founders of America built our country with the moral foundations of religion and every citizen was either a minuteman or a freedom fighter vying to break the death grip of British occupation.

Today we have a population that polls 70% against the war in Iraq and yet one of the top Republican contenders John McCain vowed to keep us in Iraq for 100 years if necessary . Things are strange, and reality is often stranger than fiction. The future is posing challenges that have been all but forgotten but thoughts of preparedness, and survival are increasingly on peoples minds.

What you decide to do for yourself and family are entirely up to you, but during these hard and unpredictable times we can take nothing for granted. We need to be proactive and preemptive in our future plans for our families. Not being prepared for an economic anomaly can severely impede our quality of life.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Alcohol Testing For Students?! "Brilliant" or "Batty"

Kids appear to have changed very little since the day I was young, just like today there are good ones, bad ones and those you wonder about. For the most part underage drinking did go on then as it does today. This is just part of the youth culture and common everyday peer pressure.

Now here is the off the wall idea that Harvey Polanski has... imposing a Breathalyzer test at school functions. Although this idea has not yet been approved, Polanski intends to ask the school board to approve it. Adults working at school events will be the ones required to administer these tests to students.

When I personally asked students how they felt about this idea, many outright laughed and those that did not felt it was a violation of their privacy. One student called it extreme and characteristic of a "police state" mentality.

Should Polanski succeed in getting this mandatory test approved, students indicated that he better start patting down students as well. One student, who does not want his name mentioned, indicated that if he chooses to get drunk at prom night he will just show up sober, and drink inside the event after he is tested.

Knowing the will and resolve of kids, I can agree that this will agitate a "cat and mouse" game with authorities. This program will also cost the taxpayers money that is in short supply. Adults will need training, and police will be involved in prosecuting kids at school events who may have tested positive for alcohol, when in reality they could be under the influence of an alcohol based medication like cough syrup.

Hopefully this terrible idea will not pass as it sends a clear and compelling message to our town kids that they must all lose their liberty and trust because of a few kids with an alcohol problem. School staff, and teachers for the most part already know what kids pose the greatest risks of drug abuse and alcoholism without a needed test. It is not hard to recognize a drunken youth, faculty senses do not need to be replaced with costly digital machines.

This news is also preceded by automakers exploring the introduction of the Alcokey system. This system will require that the driver blow into a tube, passing this sobriety test will result in the reward of your car starting. Some fear that onstar will also get in on this "nanny state" technology and actually call the police if the Alcokey system fails the driver.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Presidential Politics In Connecticut

This is the update on all of the action regarding the presidency here in Connecticut. The Independent party, is still vying to get Ralph Nader on the ballot as a presidential candidate. Currently Ralph won his latest appeal in the 9th circuit court. This decision was filed by the Democratic party who wanted him off the ballot. Not only does it appear that Connecticut's perennial presidential candidate will be back but he is pulling 6% in the latest U.S. presidential poll. Should Ralph gain another 4% he will be included in the Presidential Debates come November.

Party outcast Joe Lieberman has announced that he will not seek the nomination for Vice President. As we all know in the last Presidential election Lieberman was Al Gore's choice. Lieberman, neither a Democrat or a Republican has expressed his support for John McCain. Both Lieberman and McCain share the view that a hard line stance must be taken with Iran.

Senator Chris Dodd, also a former presidential candidate, and Attorney General Blumenthal's favorite is hoping to be Obama's choice of a Vice President. Chris Dodd is also the chairman of the Finance committee and often meets with Ben Bernake to discuss the latest economic events regarding the mortgage meltdown and interest rates.

As the race moves on we are all anxiously awaiting what has been dubbed the "veep stakes" to see who the candidates will chose for their VP. With George Bush having been born in Connecticut it seems like the little old Nutmeg state holds a powerhouse of leadership even to include Henri Kissinger out in Kent.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Devon Day Arriving This Weekend

Devon Day, established a few short years ago is having a continuation of its annual celebration. This event started by Nanci Seltzer was off to a slow start. The event, of which features a family walk starting at the clock tower at the Bridgeport Ave. Stratford town line, will then continue on to the nearby park at Grove Circle and Intervale Parkway where there will be music and other activities.

The date of this event is July 19, 2008 and will begin at 9:00A.M. with the family walk. All participants will receive a free Devon Day water bottle. The family walk is 1.6 miles long and is intended to bring people out in the open air and restore community pride.

In my personal endeavors down in Devon, I believe that all politics are local and such events are a wonderful way to get people out talking to one another. This is one event I highly recommend to all Devon residents and beyond to participate in.

For More information contact Rocco Frank at or call (203) 647-0380 M-D 11:00A.M. 6:00P.M.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Frank's Fundraiser and Open House This Sunday July 13th.

Meet and Greet Rocco J. Frank Jr. your local candidate for Connecticut State Representative. Frank has invited everyone in the 118Th district, that is the southern part of Milford, to include Walnut Beach, Devon, the Silver Sands Area, Lexington Green, Popes Island Residents and even the seniors at Baldwin Station.

The event will begin at 2:30P.M. and end at 6:00P.M., casual summer attire recommended. Attendees are encouraged to bring their friends and relatives as well as any treats you wish to share with others. Kids welcome, and kids activities are also arranged in separate kids area.

The fundraising end of this event, is in accordance to the Connecticut Clean Elections program of which Frank Subscribes to. In order for Frank to receive a grant he must raise $5,000.00 from 150 Milford residents. Non residents can also donate, and children under the age of 18 can donate up to $30.00.

RSVP To Rocco Frank or Terri Finch at (203) 247-7933 or (203) 247-4357. If you cannot attend this event and still wish to donate, mail donation to: Frank2008 44 Lexington Way N. Milford, CT 06460. Make all checks payable to Frank 2008. Also please include your phone number on you donation.

Below Video is of the Clean Elections Debate.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Petty Thieves Hit Lexington Green

The wonderful development here in the North end of Milford, Lexington Green seems to always have its share of nuisances when it comes to petty criminals. This latest incident involved the theft of of two video game consoles and a purse from Oak Ridge Lane.

According to the victim the game console can be identified as belonging to her kids because she initialed everything. The game console bore the initials "J" and or "B" and can be clearly seen in large letters.

Her neighbor was also the victim of a stolen purse, a purse that was taken from the inside of her car parked in front of her house. These thefts at Lexington Green and its associated two developments are not uncommon. Just last year vandals damaged the gazebo, spray painted profanities on the rocks by the gazebo, and followed up with a purple "W' painted on the main entrance.

Those responsible for these juvenile delinquent acts almost always trace back to local kids who either live in the development, or have parties where outside kids come into the development sometimes under the influence of alcohol and do damage to association property.

In the last year accidents have also been up as two light posts and a fence was taken down by distracted, or drunk drivers who failed to adequately pay attention to the road. Should anyone know of any information that can assist in reporting the names of individuals involved in these criminal acts, they are urged to contact the local Milford Police department, or me the neighborhood watch dog at (203) 247-4357.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Thoughts on Gayle's Latest Effort to Fight UI

Gayle Slossberg recently sent out an update regarding a demand for public action on alleged energy increases, mainly the DPUC granting permission to United Illuminating to reopen their rate case. To me this was no surprise as it was exactly what they said they would do in their last investor conference call. Unfortunately, for Ms. Slossberg on the same day her card arrived in my mail box, UI issued a press release announcing that the DPUC "nixed" the decision to reopen the rate case. This marked a partial victory for consumers and consequently makes her card a bit confusing to those who received it after this fact.

One thing to point out about Ms. Slossberg is that she allegedly voted in favor of UI's decoupling bill House Bill 7432. This bill deceptive in its name and according to Rep. Robert Megna "If a gas or electric customer conserves and uses less energy to reduce their bill or if consumption drops for other reasons then customers must pay the profits earned during the prior rating period, provided it was higher. Historically profits normally fluctuate based on consumption of gas and electricity. This scheme will cost consumers an estimated additional $25 million per year." Why she voted in favor of this bill is questionable to me and appears to be contradictory to her current position to protect consumers. I would ask that Gayle be crystal clear to the public about whose side she is on.

Personally, (and that one issue aside) I would like to publicly thank Ms. Slossberg for now speaking out in favor of us "the consumers." I would like to also thank her for recognizing that our rates have nearly doubled, and as such I would expect that her future votes reflect more consumer advocacy and less rhetoric. As a candidate for State Representative myself I will be watching exactly how all our local legislators vote, rarely do I listen to their happy jolly words.



DPUC Rejected UI's request to re-open their 2006 rate case. UI then followed up by submitting a new request to raise our electric rates, this request can be granted, (although, this can be complicated and hard to follow) Gayle's request for us to complain to the DPUC is "spot on". Follow her links to take action.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Gayle Slossberg Onboard Fighting UI

Letter From Gayle To UI's Customers:

Dear Friend;

The state Department of Public Utility Control (DPUC) has decided to let United Illuminating open its 2006 rate case. The only reason to open the case is to request a rate increase which will increase the long-term cost of electricity. We cannot allow that to happen.

Last year, United Illuminating customers saw their electric bills nearly double. We cannot afford another increase in our rates. An increase now will hurt families, business's and municipalities that are struggling already to make ends meet. At time when the cost of everything-from groceries to gasoline-is on the rise, we've all had to tighten our belts and make due with less. United Illuminating needs to do the same.

However, unless we all come together and take a strong stand against this unjust and unreasonable request, the department may give United Illuminating shareholders the raise they want. We must take action, and we do it now.

Please visit my Website, download a letter to the DPUC commissioners, and tell them you will not tolerate another increase in electric rates. Connecticut ratepayers cannot live with another electric rate increase. Together, we will make our voices heard and we will fight this hike.

Gayle Slossberg
State Senator


To switch from UI Go to click on shopping for electricity and begin saving money.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Patriotism Alive And Well In Milford

This weekend I went out to meet and greet the local people here in town. This has become a tradition now since I began campaigning last August. This weekend was a rather special one, as it was the 4Th of July weekend.

Going door to door it was difficult not to notice the displays of patriotic items hanging from doors, (where wreaths once were) and the patriotic displays of U.S. flags. Milford celebrated the holiday with great patriotism and It was amazing at how many people communicated with me their love of our great nation.

This intense display of patriotism was not without its reason, many folks out there are celebrating this holiday, as not only their love for America, but also as a symbol emblematic of the concern for the grave issues that face our country. To see so many people so supportive of the American way of life was invigorating to me, it reminded me of the kind of energy and enthusiasm only seen at our local sports arenas.

This fourth the city of Milford has really gone all out with their patriotism, this cheer, in my opinion, ought to be directed toward our local, national, and state leaders who are the star players on this emblematic field of freedom. The people of Milford are doing their best, to not only decorate their house but to encourage all of us, who believe and work in government, and have the power and authority to abate the challenges now imposed upon us all, to fight harder on their behalf.

To any and all local politicians who may read this blog, remember that this holiday those flags were flying in an effort to cheer you on; to go out and remember the very people who vote for you. They live under the expectation that laws will be made to solve the very problems that hinder the quality of life of so many people.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

This 4th of July, Milford Kids and Adults Should Take Notice Of Suzuki's Invigorating Message

This young Girl, Severn Suzuki gave a speech at the UN Earth Summit in 1992. Her goal, was to tell the World that her generation deserves better than the broken policies of the past. Although little has changed today, and such speeches can bring tears to our eyes, we again need to be reminded of how important it is to turn off the television, stop being consumed by our Ipods, personal problems, etc. and make time for our ailing country.

Personally I believe that our great nation is governed by "We the People" the very words that the founders of America wrote as an immutable law to the governance of ourselves. The very reason our world has become dominated by corporate greed, special interests, and unconscionable corruption is because too many people are asleep. Too few Americans are up to the challenge of critical thinking, and even more have not even considered citizenship as an important priority.

While we do, however have a very high voter turnout in town, we do not have many leaders who are capable of solving or challenging the very culprits that have created the problems Suzuki speaks of...just hear the words of this very brave and admirable young lady. It has been said that she silenced the world for five minutes.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Devon Power Plant Wins Approval Despite Savings Concerns


"The United Illuminating Company (UI), a subsidiary of UIL Holdings Corporation (NYSE: UIL), and NRG Energy, Inc. (NYSE:NRG) today were awarded a contract to build new peaking generation with a nominal capacity of 200 megawatts (MW) at NRG's existing Devon plant in Milford, CT. The new plant will have a summer-rated capacity of 194 MW, assuming natural gas fuel.

The peaking plant will be owned by GenConn Energy LLC, a 50-50 partnership between UI and NRG. The new Devon peaking plant, which will provide power to all Connecticut residents during peak usage periods, is scheduled to be in operation by June 1, 2010.

The DPUC today made its formal decision to select GenConn as one of three projects chosen to help address the state's growing need for more power generation during the heaviest load periods. The award reflects a guaranteed contract quantity of 188 MW of new peaking generation at Devon."

Something further to add to this press release is that there is another power plant less than 1/4 of a mile from the/this UI/ENRG site, a site that a UI spokesman said they are not connected with. UI has won its latest victory in the last month when its Monk parakeet cruelty lawsuit, filed by Animal rights activists, was dismissed. This victory followed their approval of a multi billion dollar grid upgrade that is yet to save us taxpayers who built it any money. UI's largest victory thus far is its back to back rate increase approvals, the latest one increasing our bills another 3%, see today's CT Post article.

UI spokesman said that this is a peak energy plant that can be cold started in about 30 minutes saving consumers money during peak energy periods. The gas powered turbines will be powered by a gas line going to the Devon plant. The actual savings however are in question, a recent CT Post article cited these savings to a mere $3.00 per consumer. This savings (in lieu of the UI's CEO Mr. Torgenson comments) may be overstated as he is heard often complaining to his share holders that local conservation efforts, combined with delinquencies, have dramatically reduced local demand for electric impacting their profits.

UI has responded to these concerns by pleading to the DPUC for profit increases under decoupling bills. UI has raised its prices already apx. 100% in the last eight years and has time and again proven that they are deceptive in their trade practices. It is my opinion that this Devon power plant will offer no significant relief to Milford's ratepayers. What this plant will do is offer significant profit to UI's soured investors who are cheering the project on wall street. UI was forced out of the generation business in 1999 due to a public outcry over mercury and poor air quality concerns.

Photo above is an artist rendering of the modified Devon Power Plant site. One point of interest in this photo is that all the homes near this power plant have been excluded by the artist, perhaps to limit the perception of the terrible impact it will have on the surrounding neighborhood.


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Fire On Buckingham Closes New Haven Ave

The police and fire department this morning responded to a call of a burning building on Buckingham ave. The road was closed between Gulf Street and the town Library as firefighters worked to get the situation under control.

As of 11:00 A.M. the road has not reopened and traffic has not resumed its normal routes. The cause of the fire is currently unknown and more information will be posted as information arrives.


49 Buckingham The Perkins Rouge Paint Company caught fire, this appears to be their second fire in two years, the fire was a two alarm fire, this means that every fire engine in town and mutual aid has responded to the call, as of 11:15 the fire was still being fought after burning for nearly an hour. No updates on the cause of the fire yet.

To see photos of their previous fire from November 17, 2006 click HERE.