Thursday, July 24, 2008

Amann's 2008 Legislative Update Fails To Mention Concern Over The Cost of Electric.

Jim's legislative update was recently mailed out and everyone should have received it by now. To start let me mention the good news, I believe it was a remarkable improvement over the last one and it did address many points of concern here in town.

The flip side is that he made no mention of one of the biggest issues among those competing for his seat. This issue is the skyrocketing cost of electricity. Slossberg has figured this out, my competitors for the replacement of his seat have figured this out, the governor has figured this out, so why has Jim not mentioned a single word about what is clearly one of the biggest issues not only here in Milford, but in Connecticut and yes the entire country.

Having made a video addressing his agenda last year, I will only hope that Jim just forgot to mention this issue, that perhaps it is just a "snafu" an oversight or perhaps may I dare to call this some kind of conspiracy. Jim, come to think of it has not had any public position on the surging cost of electric, not in his last legislative update or his current one perhaps I do not read enough news and just missed his official protests. Should this be the case please let me know and I will write a retraction to this article, just e-mail me at or call me at (203) 247-4357.

Until then I must sadly once again protest Jim's leadership in taking a strong position on the energy company here in town and the DPUC allowing them increase after increase in cost to consumers. Certainly I would hope that Jim does not resort to what my opponent did "Condemn" the electric company. My personal belief is that condemning companies does not help consumers but does foster the kind of animosity and dysfunction that pits consumers against monopolies.

While I do not personally condemn UI, I certainly can empathize with their difficult position and as long as "we" consumers desire electric and electric service we are stuck with UI "love'em or hate'em." The right way in dealing with this problem is old fashioned "liaises faire" economics and open market competition. I believe the right thing to do is open Connecticut's energy markets and the new taxpayer built electrical grid to world wide competition and investment. Zoning all over Connecticut should be open to dedicating new sites to accommodate competing companies; Allowing the building on new power plants, not just peak plants. Anti-trust laws should bar UI from growing any further until a sufficient number of competition emerges in the market.

My current concern on this issue, (widely ignored by our current state representative) can easily be fixed by focusing on sites to build these energy companies, clean companies would be ideal, perhaps wind, solar, hydro, or something equally as good. It pains me greatly to see so many state resources focused on building movie studios, rather than dedicated sites to produce desperately needed cheap energy I hope Jim gets this message, he will need to if he wants to become a successful Governor some day.

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