Thursday, July 17, 2008

Economy Gives Mixed Signals

Connecticut resident, Glenn Beck often expresses great concern over the national economy. While many view Beck as a "Drama Queen" or an alarmist, that group is becoming the minority.

There is nothing more difficult, for any political official running for office, than to have to constantly address the negative elements of our great country. Our nation has always been the envy of the world with massive wealth, the worlds largest banks, and the highest standard of living.

Today our Federal government is now reaping the comeuppance of over 30 years of bad decisions. The punishment, unfortunately is not only theirs to bear but ours as well. How does main street affect your street? Well it is not hard to see, all you have to do is ask your neighbor what is going on with their stocks, 401K's, the value of their home, and the purchasing power of their dollars. We could then also pose the question has your income kept up with inflation? The answers are almost always somber and sobering, yet our citizens are correct when they say these problems are now so great they are beyond what our local or state leaders can repair.

Former governor Ventura on a GCN radio show told his listening audience that in his opinion and in the opinion of the economists he spoke to the only way we could begin to rectify our economy is to restore faith in the U.S. Dollar. This can occur by first addressing our national debt now estimated at 9.6 trillion dollars, ending our costly wars, and next (in my opinion) raising interest rates to attract foreign investors who have dollar wealth.

The weakening dollar has been blamed for the high cost of everything, while our Federal Leaders in Congress are blaming speculators on Wall Street for driving up energy prices, the reality is that this is only part of the problem. The weak U.S. dollar now fetching a record low of 1.60 Euro is as responsible for its loss of purchasing power as the Wall Street speculators.

America has now sadly reached a point where manufacturing has shrunk to less than 10% of all jobs, our banks are failing or are in serious trouble, Americans finding it difficult to afford their homes, health care is all but affordable, a nursing crisis exists, we import 70% of our Oil creating a disturbing transfer of wealth to foreigners and our capitol is paralyzed by global corporations who has a vested interest in eliminating our national sovereignty in favor of global trade agreements.

Television, and our American news reporters are nothing more than the spawn of "puppet masters" who report trite that fails to connect with the true nature and gravity of our nations peril. While the media calms the public, and often outright mocks our national issues with hundreds of channels of game shows, soap opera's, music video's, reality shows, and slanted feudalistic opinion shows we are in a state of our greatest national crisis since 1930.

There was a time when our national prosperity was so great that we, as a society became victims of our own complacency, we made a public oath never to discuss religion or politics... absolute lunacy for anyone who knows that the founders of America built our country with the moral foundations of religion and every citizen was either a minuteman or a freedom fighter vying to break the death grip of British occupation.

Today we have a population that polls 70% against the war in Iraq and yet one of the top Republican contenders John McCain vowed to keep us in Iraq for 100 years if necessary . Things are strange, and reality is often stranger than fiction. The future is posing challenges that have been all but forgotten but thoughts of preparedness, and survival are increasingly on peoples minds.

What you decide to do for yourself and family are entirely up to you, but during these hard and unpredictable times we can take nothing for granted. We need to be proactive and preemptive in our future plans for our families. Not being prepared for an economic anomaly can severely impede our quality of life.

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