Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween From The Frank Campaign.

Wishing everyone the best time ever this Halloween. I will be at my home greeting all the "Trick or Treater's" in their costumes. If this this year is anything like last year I would recommend that parents bring their kids to the Lexington Green Development. This is a safe private development with nearly one thousand homes, spread across three large sections.

Last year, not anticipating the rush of children and families that arrived at my home I ran out of candy and had to call it quits early. This year I am way more prepared. I expect about 500-1000 knocks at my door from every type of Monster, Super Hero, and Goblin imaginable.

One of the things that I enjoyed most last Halloween was dressing up in costume myself, and giving the kids a good and unexpected scare. My step daughter really thought it was funny, and I wish I had taken a few pictures to post here.

For any parents who may be interested in attending there will be a formal reception on the development green between 4:30-6:00P.M. There you will be able to meet the adults who live in the Lexington Green Development, enjoy free coffee and donuts, and have a chance to show off any costumes you or your children are wearing. Hope to see you there.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Milfords New Mill Rate Takes Effect on Jan 1, 2008

Like most towns affected by the new property assessments, Milford got assessed at the peak of the Real Estate Boom. The assessments done in 2007 were completed as Connecticut law requires every town to do. Our taxes are then re-calculated based on a new mill rate of which is based on 70% of your homes "real value" as of its assessment date. To explain this further, a mill is equal to $1.00 of tax for each $1,000 of assessment. To calculate the property tax, multiply the assessment of the property by the mill rate and divide by 1,000. For example, a property with a assessed value of $50,000 located in town with a mill rate of 20 mills would have a property tax bill of $1,000 per year. (In Milford our mill rate as of today is 31.77.)

2008 could be the year that breaks the backs of Milford's residents. This is of great concern to me because most of the towns frustrations are being erratically played out in this years municipal election for Mayor. To begin we must look at the fundamentals in our town and the areas town residents will be affected the hardest.

Inflation is affecting everything, this is largely due to federal policy of spending more than the nation can afford to pay. When America continues to borrow, borrow, borrow and then print money to pay our bills, the whole country gets quietly taxed by way of inflation. Simply put that $20.00 in your pocket loses its value at the rate of about a 1.5 cents a week. This happens every time consumer prices go up, and the money supply (M3) is expanded.

Energy, is at the forefront of these cost of living increases in town. Electricity is up 90% over the last 7 years, and Connecticut has the highest gasoline prices in the Continental USA, second only to Hawaii. Oil is at $94.00 a barrel making the cost of staying warm this winter the most expensive in history. Poor people are also affected as Bush just cut funding to the energy assistance program.

Mortgages, being in the mess that they are in and set to re-adjust in 2008, is causing the New Haven Milford area to lead the charge in the State Foreclosure fiasco.

Homeowners Insurance, has increased this year making the required home owner escrow payments even higher than usual. This escrow is also inclusive of many double digit increases in property taxes.

All our foreign made goods are expected to rise in value as the U.S. dollar continues to purchase less and less. The dollar has already lost over 50% of its value when compared to other major currencies. This makes all those inexpensive foreign produced "Wall-Mart" items more expensive.

Food costs are also up dramatically over the last five years making the cost of feeding a family that much more expensive.

The city and its tax policy is just struggling to maintain the existing infrastructure it already has in place. To lower taxes in Milford one would have to reduce the city services and size of the government. This is a very unlikely and difficult task, given that the largest employer in Milford is the city itself. Would the town support a hiring freeze, or 10% expansion of the teacher student ratio? This could be debated at the local level, but it is usually very unpopular because it gives teachers more work for the same pay.

These ideas, however, may be largely irrelevant because it is entirely possible that the city of Milford may be headed for a large and unexpected involuntary adjustment due in large part to macro-economic monetary policy of which it has no control over. Foreclosures are just the first sign that the city demand is greater than the provisions of the city residents. This is expected to accelerate further, as baby boomers go bankrupt on health care costs and the lack of good paying jobs continue to leave our state.

Currently Milford is at risk of mass real estate depreciation, this will put the Mill Rate out of kilter with the true assessed home values. Should the dollar continue its decline, our middle class homes will be all but unaffordable to the next generation of home buyers. Foreigners, however, will find great bargains on America's properties as currencies like the Euro, and Canadian Dollar continue to appreciate.

Sadly, Milford's position on the shoreline may become a great opportunity for foreigners to purchase second vacation homes here in the U.S. This may be good for our town as these vacationers would probably not have children in our local schools and would likely only be here seasonally. This would help our struggling mill rate of which is based on out of kilter assessments. The news today is that home prices across America are the lowest in 16 years. If this is true of our town as well than that makes the current mill rate deceptively higher than what you might think. For now the best thing we can do is be vocal about future State and Federal tax increases, stay out of debt, and get a good deal on a cord of wood this winter.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

United Illuminating makes a Power Deal.

On October 24th, 2008 United Illuminating has made a 700 Million Dollar "power deal" with Energy Inc. This money is to be used to build power plants in Connecticut during "Peak Hours." This deal has been sent to energy regulators in Hartford's Department of Utility Control. Should Utility Control approve this plan, UI will be back in the energy generation business as early as 2009. The proposal is expected to arrive at DPUC some time next year.

This is a significant event because in the past, UI had been looking to get back into the energy generation business with little success. UI has given up its rights to generate electric back in 1999 when they saw fit to outsource all contracts in the hope of better market prices for consumers in our state. This turned out to be a failure as electric costs have spiked.

There has been much controversy in the past with in-state generation, especially with coal burning plants that have been dubbed the "Sooty Six" because of their emissions and smokestack debris that settles in local communities. These "Sooty Six" have contributed to poor air quality in CT adding to our state's other unrelated air quality issues such as ozone pollution in Fairfield County. Many people were relieved to know that in 1999 dirty carbon polluters left our state and we are now able to "breathe easier" because of it.

According to the UI press release on yahoo finance, these plants, "could be built on NRG sites in Middletown, Milford, South Norwalk or Uncasville. They would supply between 400 and 700 megawatts of power" only during peak periods to meet additional demand. This project is expected to follow the upgrade of the CT power grid of which was also blamed for high energy rates. UI alleges that CT is strained during peak energy of hot and cold periods in winter and summer, and is citing the CT law requiring them to deliver the "juice."

Rep. Steve Fontana, co-chairman of the Connecticut General Assembly's Energy and Technology Committee, said the legislation was a compromise. It was Mr. Fontanas intent to return CT to the Generation business but he could not convince the Legislature to agree with him.

Personally, my feelings are distrustful toward UI, this is because UI was already found guilty of installing faulty meters that overcharged their customers, and offered little relief to businesses. Richard Blumenthal, fearing a repeat of a Enron like fiasco, also sought to keep the power brokers in check by proposing a "Windfall Profits Tax" unfortunately Speaker Jim Amann sided with UI and opposed the windfall profits tax. This was a measure that in my opinion betrayed consumers, and protected the Energy giant UI. Ultimately the Bloomenthal proposal was killed before it ever had a chance to prove itself. Now UI suddenly has 700 Million dollars to buy a new plant. To shed light on the significance of this figure, that equates to $2,300.00 for every one of UI's customers. Yet UI continues to claim they cannot lower our electric rates rates; not even for the poor and old.

Since the large rate hikes took place, many business's have actually cited the excessive cost of electric as a reason to leave our state, or just close down. Currently CT has among the highest electric rates in America and business's suffer because of it. This aside there is no mention of how these plants will produce energy.

The big question is, are they CO2 emitting smog factories, nuclear nightmares, or another compelling reason to park a massive LNG barge out in the Long Island Sound? These questions must be asked and answered. Connecticut has done everything possible to get our electric rates down and yet they still remain unconscionably high.

Gov. M. Jodi Rell was shocked when she discovered that Connecticut Light & Power followed Ui and has requested yet another rate increase for one million electricity customers. This new proposal demands a 4.6 percent rate hike beginning on January 1, 2008. So far electric rates have recklessly risen 90 percent over the last seven years. This increase outpaces inflation, the CPI, and worker wage increases.

For now I recommend that everyone tune in to UI's conference call on November 2nd, or contact their HQ to find out what the consequences and environmental hazards this new found generation is going to impose. Also, and most importantly, now that CT's taxpayers did everything in their power to build the grid correctly, when are we going to see our rates reduced? I will report again on this issue as more news develops.

This short video is to remind us again of the consumer cry for help.

Friday, October 26, 2007

CT Husky Dealt Another Blow!

Anyone who has been watching the news on T.V., or is just a member or supporter of should be aware of the issues surrounding the State Child Health Insurance Program. This program is also known as SCHIP. SCHIP is able to function due to the support and injection of federal funds. Sadly those funds are now at risk of drying up because George Bush used his veto power to block the legislation that would have permitted that funding to arrive to Connecticut.

Connecticut Husky, is the state recipient of the SCHIP dollars that cover low income children and their parents in the state medical system. That system is also connected to Wellcare, a publicly traded medical claims processing company that is responsible for 35,000 Connecticut citizens and 1600 medical offices. The Department of Social Services has been put on watch to monitor the companies viability in meeting the obligations to the state.

Wellcare problems began when FBI agents and law enforcement personnel, some from the attorney generals Medicaid Fraud Control unit, raided the Tampa, Fla., headquarters. The agents came with warrants in hand, and began searching and questioning Wellcare employees.

News of this raid hit Wall street and caused the stock to plunge from $118.00 a share down to under $30.00 share. Investors reacted to fear of insurance fraud or some other malfeasance that triggered a panic

CT has gone into high alert with Gov. Rell ordering inquiries into alternative health providers to cover the 35,000 children now at risk of being dropped with little or no warning. This news continues to shadow the already ailing SCHIP program of which President Bush promised to Veto again. Bush called Congress's record this year a disappointment and scorned several lawmakers who refused to give up on the SCHIP funding. Bush called the revised Draft of the SCHIP bill a waste of time and urged house leaders to pass more pressing legislation like the war spending bill and legislation that will classify more people as terrorists.

This panic is gravely disheartening, I will not say that the potential for insurance fraud is rampant because it is a problem. Personally I have seen the skyrocketing costs of health care hurt both hospitals and HMO's. I have also read reports on un-insured persons skewing the cost of care. While I cannot expertly comment on any of this, I will say that from my personal experiences with local doctors, sick children, and the Husky program, that the whole process is pretty much a nightmare void these additional challenges.

It is my opinion that their stock will probably not recover, my guess is, that at this point every major Wall Street predator and shark is circling the water just looking to feed on the misery that has befellen the Wellcare stock. It has been my experience that once confidence is lost the market rarely allows a stock to recover. One way I think Wellcare's stock could possibly recover would be for it to "Trend" upward again. With these types of investigations taking years, its is doubtful that anyone other than a high risk investor would want to touch this stock. My guess is that the damage to their stock is going to get worse.

Wall street already has posted news of investor lawsuits hitting the stock, and this company now is going to have a disrupted revenue stream due to the harm caused by the negative publicity surrounding it. The Feds, I expect, are going to pursue their typical investigation, of which may end up costing many Millions of dollars.

The spin machine is already in place on this Husky fiasco and everyone is in high alert on what to do to avert the major disruption that may be coming soon. This aggregate attack on children's health care in Connecticut is going to be a true test of our state leaders ability serve its children. It's now time to put "legs" on our leaders "rhetoric."

Parents covered by Husky should be following this issue closely to guarantee our state is able to deliver on the health and safety of your children. If some parents have the ability to get dual citizenship it may be a good idea for you to check out another countries healthcare system as a back up.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Milford Democrats Pumping and Spinning the Web.

This is an issue that I am an expert on. Having been the CEO of three computer companies, I have now confirmed what I suspected about the outlandish activities of the Milford Democrats to use selective "Progressive" information to Pump their agenda. This has also been confirmed again by another Independent candidate Running for Mayor whose name shall be mentioned as a comment in this blog after the election concludes.

One person of concern, is my opponent who has been promoting feeble minded people to high office in government. At this point I feel very comfortable to say that Kerri Rowland is not qualified to manage thousands of employees and 160 Million in city budgets and contracts. My post prior to this shows, that in my opinion, and beyond a reasonable doubt, that I believe Kerri Rowland is either lying, or just ignorant about taxes, and what it takes to lower them. The actual tax increases relative to the CPI prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the city has just kept up with inflation. (Read my article on real estate below.)

This deception set aside, I would like to comment on a new and expanded uproar in Norwalk, CT regarding Bruce Morris. Morris, I discovered is much like Rowland in they they are both somewhat feeble minded and unqualified for office. I also think, that if they are left unsupervised, they will have unpredictable and catastrophic consequences to our town and state. Rowland, already demonstrated her feeble mindedness when she slammed our own town in the New Haven Register, by calling a section of it a "Drug infested area." Rowland also criticized Amann, who endorsed her, as presiding over a committee in Devon that in her opinion is a "waste."

With this aside, I must protest on behalf of the people of Norwalk and Milford who are going "nuts" over Morris, Rowland's insensitive comments, and the attacks on Richetelli. Most of us are aware of the local issues, but this bit about the Amann Norwalk embarrassment is too much to explain. I will share the thread here on the Morris/Amann fiasco now underway at

Amann and the partisan politics of the CT blogs, are becoming increasingly dangerous to the prosperity of our state and town. I think that this pursuit of befriending feeble Minded people is to empower and control a party paradigm that is destined to fail. Perhaps, and if I may speculate, I believe this Morris thing is for their own gain. What I see is a disingenuous effort aimed at "chalking up" an easy vote in Hartford. It is my opinion that no matter how the Democrats justify this, the end consequence will culminate in the form of more party dissidents fed up with both parties.

People do not like deception, censorship, or spin that poses as if altruistic and noble. Shame on the Democratic blogs for playing these games. Shame on the "Progressive" blog boards for engaging in deception!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Milford's Home Values Holding or not?

Today the National Association of Realtors announced sluggish home sales due to the Credit and Lending markets being in turmoil. The National report indicated the average U.S. home price to be down to $211,700 for Q3 2007. at the end of 2004 the median home price in the U.S. was $221,000. This is apx. a 5% decline over the last 5 years.

These numbers are deceptive however, because they do not factor in what the U.S. dollar is worth in this global economy. When we factor in the value of the dollar five years ago we can clearly see the dollar declined in value against other major currencies. A decline in excess of 55% in real world Global economic value. When we consider this figure it is simple to see that the average U.S. home plunged to the equivalent of $95,265.00. While this may seem irrelevant to you, it is a real attractive deal for anyone buying a U.S. home in Euros. This is the true economic and masked deception the global economy uses to fool us into believing our markets are "Holding on."

One may wonder how did this happen? The answer is simple, it boils down to U.S. monetary policy, and the reliance on the Federal Reserve to print money out of "thin air" to pay our bills. America is the largest debtor nation on the planet now owing in excess of 9 Trillion, and some believe that we can no longer continue without debasing and counterfeiting money to pay bills. Greenspan, Walker of the GAO, and the IMF, have all indicated that the dollar is in trouble. There is even talk of America using a north American currency called the "Amero" to solve these problems.

Meanwhile, if you are a globalist America has just robbed the Global value of your home by debasing our currency on world markets. This practice, is not expected to end soon because our Political leaders at all levels of government continue to spend like "Drunken Sailors." The debased currency is fueling a cycle of inflation that is making every leader in America scramble for new and innovative ways to grab your last few bucks in new taxes. In short this is one part of Real Estate Globalism our leaders would prefer you not focus on.

Now lets talk a bit about our home values in Milford right here in town. The National Association of Realtors has listed the average home in Milford to be up 1.5% over the last five years. This I suppose is good news because the entire North East is down 10% comparatively. While we have seen the values of our homes go up and and down over the last few years we are now settled at $297,000. In 2008 The average homeowner will pay $4,653.00 in property tax. This also translates to a per capita tax of apx. $2,550 or your personal share of the city tax burden.

According to CRC a city profile research company the debt obligation per citizen in Milford was $1,888.00 in 1999. When we look at the debt growth due to State and national monetary challenges we soon realize that our personal tax obligations increased at apx 4.25% per year compounded. As compared to the CPI(Consumer Price Index) a figure used to asses normal economic inflationary cycles, this figure outpaces normal inflation for the Northeast by an estimated 1%. This would indicate to me that the city has adjusted its annual budget to meet the obligations of the existing services. The city has not cut back, and cannot cut back without eliminating jobs and or departments and services to alleviate tax burdens. Our Mayor Richitelli has held the line, but has not shrunk the size of the local government of which may be a bad idea since Milford is the largest employer in Town.

With these figures it is my opinion that any Mayoral candidate who states it is possible to cut taxes without compromising services, or city jobs is simply deceiving, not telling the truth, or has no understanding of the CPI relative to the City's tax needs.

Part of my campaign has been to promote and expand the ailing tax base. I believe that the best way we can rid ourselves of this Real Estate Tax Rut is to expand local commerce and encourage commercial development. The city also needs to audit frequently non contract labor, while ensuring new contracts are really beneficial and cost prudent. Lastly, we need to demand our Federal Income Tax dollars be apportioned back to us as the law requires. Not one cent of our Federal Income Tax helps a Milford resident with their personal tax burden. To learn more about this tax fraud read the Reagan era report issued by the "Grace Commission." Nothing has changed since then, other than we now have U.S. Congressman Ron Paul telling us the IRS is still not acting legally and should be eliminated.

On the state level I think CT should adopt a position of states rights, including distancing ourselves from the ailing "greenback." I believe that CT should issue its own statewide currency in the same manner that the "Berkshare Note" was issued in New Hampshire. With the constant and continued dire warnings of a debased dollar, CT has been more than warned. Creating an aggregate currency might be a good security measure for CT, so long as that new currency is not backed by the Dollar itself. It should also serve the purpose of hedging against the now struggling dollar. CT has last printed its own currency in the late 1800's in New London. If New Hampshire is able to have its own currency than I believe CT should be able to as well.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

U.S. Dollar Decline "Red Alert."

The news on the U.S. Dollar today is daunting, Israel our largest Mideast ally demanded its loan payments be paid to them in Euro's. This marks yet another nation now added to the scores of nations joining the list. Nations that are losing faith in the U.S. Dollar.

This announcement has arrived shortly after the U.S. "Greenback" hit new record lows breaking a record of a $1.43 gainst the the Euro. Many central banks world wide have already and continue to diversify from the U.S. dollar.

The news today that triggered a "Red Alert" is a a dire warning from Rodrigo Rato, head of the International Monetary Fund who told the board of governors that the Dollar may suffer a rapid fall. This is due to the lack of assets backing up the dollar. Over the last five years the dollar has declined by over 50% in value.

The following video depicts a recent violent protest in washington against the IMF. While Fox is quick to discredit the protesters, keep in mind the points mentioned here.

What does this mean to you? This is my thought, as many of us know that most of the cheap products we enjoy are manufactured overseas. These products are expected to rise sharply in value creating inflation. This is is of serious concern because many Americans will be struggling with additional increases in Food and energy. This will make it more expensive to feed your family and keep warm this winter. To make this statement even more sad and frustrating "Bush" just massively cut the energy assistance program this winter leaving more American poor families children and elderly in the cold.

The dollar trap, will lead many people in town to begin overextending their credit to pay these increases. We always hope that our customers and employers will adjust prices and salaries to compensate for this inflation. Many employers will not be able to keep up and this will further expand our personal debt bubbles.

It is very important that in the coming year that we all not fall into the Debt trap. If that means taking more modest vacations, eating out less, and putting off the purchase of a more expensive home, renovation, or reduce utility usage, than do so.

Most big banks anticipating this coming dilemma have formed a superfund to share in the losses and many big banks are offering people struggling with debt a second chance.

Today I spoke with Countrywide officials who publicly announced that the have set aside money to finance a program to help people with Adjustable Rate Mortgages switch to fixed mortgages. They also have a Hope program for those who are already a few months behind on their home payments. They are eager to work with anyone who is at risk of losing their home.

This is particularly good news and I encourage anyone and everyone who can to take advantage of Countrywide's offer. There is one catch, however, if you have a fixed rate mortgage, or a high prepayment penalty, they will not be able to help you. The help they offer is generous but only able to help people partially. If you need to act act quickly.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Tune in, Tune out

For the last two weeks my email has been flooded with forwarded messages from my friends about Ron Paul, and judging by the amount of responses to last week’s article in The Rebel Yell about the presidential candidate, it seems his campaign is growing in popularity. I was very interested in finding out more since I didn’t know much about the Ron Paul “revolution,” so I checked out a video on YouTube titled, “Ron Paul: A New Hope,” which is a brilliant title. Someone should make a video called, “Dick Cheney: The Empire Strikes Back” so that people might understand why many consider Ron Paul to be a new hope for American politics.

Throughout the video, uplifting background music played behind various clips from Ron Paul speeches. He promised to abolish the Internal Revenue Service, which I don’t think anyone would object to; he also wanted to abolish America’s central bank, the Federal Reserve, which I think would be fantastic. However, one thing occurred to me - this man has some amazingly progressive ideas, but if he actually does try to follow through with them, he’s definitely going to be assassinated either politically, or literally. The reason being: the average citizen who might want these changes doesn’t have the power he or she is constitutionally supposed to have to make them happen. Plus, there’s no way the reserve’s bankers would let the Ron Paul revolution get too crazy.

The video was well made, giving off a sense of renewed hope about a return to an America the framers had envisioned; an America whose first interests are the interests of the people, not the major corporations and special interest groups. The main function of our government is to serve and protect its citizens first. But sadly, this isn’t the case, because our current system of politics and democracy has disconnected itself from what it was meant to be - a representative government by the people and for the people.

The bottom line is that our “democracy” and way of life which we wish to export to other countries is in a downward spiral, and I’m not sure if even a Ron Paul revolution can turn it around. Think about this - the richest 1 percent of the U.S. population makes 50 percent of the total income made in the United States. What we have here is not a democracy, it’s an oligarchy.

The policies of our government, both at home and abroad, are out of touch with the true interests and needs of the people. A good example of this, a very pressing issue that is hardly mentioned on any news station nor spoken of by any government official, is the threat of the next global pandemic. Our federal, state and local governments are ill-prepared for an outbreak of SARS, Avian flu or the next influenza pandemic. Hospitals are under-funded, understaffed, and overcrowded. Insurance premiums are forcing many doctors into rural areas and away from big cities. If a mild pandemic were to hit the United States, it would create a complete disaster with the current state of emergency medical services being what they are.

Another example of how this country is not answering to the needs of the people is the strictly profit-driven attitudes of pharmaceutical companies. Ever wonder why your kid brother or sister runs around the house singing “Viva Viagra” all day? That’s because pharmaceutical companies specialize in marketing and producing drugs and treatments for diseases of the rich - like erectile dysfunction. Pharmaceutical companies don’t want to research vaccines or cures for influenzas, viruses and other causes of mass death and suffering because there is little or no profit in such research and development. And if a private company does discover a cure for HIV/AIDS, cancer or any influenza or virus, any and every company would patent it in order to sell for an astronomical amount of money.

Ironically, money is what’s necessary to correct some of these problems, but getting it is a question that again exemplifies how we are not a country run by the people, for the people. Case in point: the national debt is more than $9 trillion, and $1 trillion of it is going to that quagmire in Iraq. Nothing good has come of this war for the United States. We went into Iraq for two main reasons: One, to secure access to friendly oil, and two, to make the Middle East safer for Israel by spearheading a transition to democracy in Middle Eastern states beginning with Iraq, because rarely do democracies go to war with one another.

But what’s actually happened is the war has emboldened a new radical alliance in the Middle East between Iran, Syria and Hezbollah in Lebanon with Iraq, which has a majority Shiite population that may eventually join this rising alliance. And how is the U.S. government trying to counter-balance this new alliance? By selling more than $20 billion worth of hi-tech armaments to Saudi Arabia. Oh yeah, how many of the Sept. 11, 2001 hijackers were from Iraq? And how many were from Saudi Arabia?

The war has been disastrous, with thousands of Americans killed or maimed during combat and tens of thousands of Iraqis dead and dying. There is no doubt that this war has hurt U.S. credibility worldwide. There is no more soft power, only hard power; and the word of the United States does not resonate as it once did in the international community because the carrot is gone, leaving us only with the stick that is seemingly getting frailer. And yet, we hear of a “revolution” among some candidates’ campaigns, an end to the war among others, but the decision to elect such candidates, which is supposed to be held in the hands of the people, has become too oligarchical in nature.

Changes are needed, but citizens are kept ignorant. How? The United States ranks ninth among industrialized nations in the number of people between the ages of 25 to 34 with high school degrees. Thirty years ago, the United States was number one in that category. Our public education system is falling behind quickly, but do we do anything about it? We talk about it, but the truth is that the 1 percent of the population that makes 50 percent of the entire income of the United States doesn’t really care about public education and have no interest in improving it. They’re interests lie in maintaining the status quo. Just keep feeding us Britney Spears, O.J. Simpson, Ellen DeGeneres’ dog, and all that other guff on the evening news that keeps us tuned in to unimportance and tuned out to what we should know.

It seems like there are a trillion examples of flaws within the system that need to be fixed; basically one flaw for every dollar spent in Iraq. But where does change start? Does it start with the Ron Paul revolution? We’ll see. He was right about one thing - the founding fathers would be disgusted if they saw how things are going today, mainly because these politicians are not for us, they are for the interests of those lobbyists who fund their campaigns. But they have no problem taxing us without truly representing us. I wonder if the founding fathers had planned on this - taxation without representation. Probably not.

By Sharief Ali, Contributing Writer

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bayer Aspirin, Formerly a NH CT Company in Big Trouble

This story just came to my attention today. It poses yet another egregious and dangerous abuse of corporate power for profit. This news clip is very alarming because no one would have known about these contaminated vaccines had an insider from Bayer not leaked the story.

Our leaders trusted to protect us from this type of malaise, did so partially by not allowing the vaccine to be sold or used in the U.S. However, Bayer and corporate greed proceeded to engage in a widespread cover up, and with our politicians permission was allowed to sell the vaccine in France and Japan where several authorities there found themselves incarcerated for the deliberate actions of Bayer's Greed.

This video is yet another example that there is no one looking out for health care in America, as a matter of fact it is quite to the contrary, we are looking out for the health of big corporations and profits, at the expense of ever increasing bankruptcies, malpractice deaths, and Americans without proper coverage.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Autism on the Rise all Across America.

Cases of Autism have spiked all across America in the last Decade. Autism once rare is more common than ever. Some people have made the allegation that Mercury based vaccines have actually increased the risk of Autism in young children and in many cases outright induced it. The video below explains the effects of mercury on brain tissue.

Some things that parents of young children need to know is that there is no law requiring you or forcing you to have your children injected with mercury based vaccines. Parents should, and must object, to any vaccine containing mercury in light of the information presented here.

With this newfound connection between mercury and its ability to induce mental illnesses such as ADD and autism, parents should be especially concerned about the safety and types of vaccines their Dr. are using. Dr's alone should not be trusted at their word, and it will be entirely up to each parent to do their own individual research on vaccines to ensure the safety and protection of their children.

Should I be fortunate enough to be elected to represent Milford in the CT Legislature it would be my intention to outlaw the use of unsafe, and mercury based vaccines in our state. Please join us in bringing forth our own defense against the continued injustice and lies that are so commonplace in our State. For more information on Autism contact See their associated video below:

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bush & Clinton Smuggled Drugs & Weapons.

This video is one that has resurfaced recently due to the Presidential campaign heating up to a primary win for Hillary on the Democratic side.

Personally I do not believe that there is any difference between political parties, but I do believe that the Television and controlled media choose the winners for us. They only spotlight and praise the candidates of their choice, and then promote information that sells the general public on their agenda issues and not your best interests. This was eloquently stated in "Operation Mocking Bird" now available to us all through the Freedom of Information Act.

Just last night I was thinking that getting an informed political opinion on a presidential candidate is about as unbiased as expecting the Disney Channel to do an objective "critique" of Mickey Mouse. The Television lately feels more like a instrument of political mass hypnosis than anything else.

The interview below should hopefully convince you of what Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Venture said about the American Presidency; That is we have a dual monarchy that has existed for nearly 20 years or more. This Dual Monarchy started with Bush Jr. for 8 years, Clinton for 8 years, Bush Sr. for 4 years, Bush Sr. as V.P. before that.

With Hillary (Bush) Clinton in the White House we could have another 8 years of the Dual Monarchy of the Clinton and Bush's. Hopefully you will find this video sobering enough to vote for a new leader, rather than 4-8 more years of the same old thing.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Rupert Murdoch's Myspace Agenda

Today's article will explain why I made the decision to remove my link to Myspace. The decision to keep it off may be temporary or permanent depending on our final staff discussions. Currently we are discussing strategy on how to maintain our presence on their network, without compromising our message to you.

To explain how we arrived at this point it is important to know that our idea of using Myspace was due in part to Myspace advertising itself as a social networking site. When we decided to embark on this journey my partner was rather sceptical of this idea, as she saw an enormous amount of negative publicity surrounding Myspace. This was due to the media barrage that pedophiles were using Myspace to lure young children into relationships.

It was my opinion that Myspace responded to the negative publicity by implementing new safeguards to protect young children, and to give parents some security that their kids identity online could be protected. One thing that is important to know is that Myspace is still in its experimental or as we tech guys call it in its "Beta" stage. Parents still need to take notice and be aware of what their kids are doing on Myspace, especially the nature of their conversations with strangers.

To get into my situation, this is how we got suspended. We set up an account, and added our music, movies photos and information just like anyone else. We then did a search for Milford, CT and began networking by sending people a message and an invitation to join us as a friend. Soon after building up about 60 friends our account was suspended. At first we thought that we were somehow overzealous in our efforts to reach people and perhaps we were reported as spammers.

We then sent an e-mail to Myspace complaining about this suspension scenario. The Myspace team then replied back a day later with what looked like a non-human responce. They said we were imposters, or we were suspended due to the fact that we were impersonating someone else. This made absolutely no sense, so we believed that rather than fight this out we would just chalk it off. We even thought that maybe one of my opponents supporters reported us to bag our efforts at of which included disagreeing with him.

We started over and began again, this time with more caution and instead of the hundreds of friend invites, we kept it down to 50 or less pending invites. We built up to 30 friends and again we were suspended without explanation.

This prompted me to Google this problem and up came 663,000 hits on the error message stating: Invalid friend ID This user has either cancelled their membership, or their account has been deleted. I did more research and landed a few criticisms of the site. The one that was most astounding was Rupert Murdoch was behind this site of which already made me uneasy since he is a known minion and supporter of media censorship.

To make things more interesting, the Connecticut Post confirmed in today's paper that the United States has now fallen to 48Th in Freedom of the Press out of 169. This now puts Slovakia ahead of the U.S. in free speech, and as Michael Moore states health care too.

So why the censorship? While I am no advocate of conspiracy theories, I will say that the vast number of complaints against Myspace is alarming, and Alex Jones whose article I will not rewrite in its entirety will be included as a link below. My personal belief is that Myspace is being used to heavily promote Hillary Clinton whose face is plastered in every ad, and people with objecting points of view appear to be under fire as the number of complaints I have currently read, and am still reading appear to be politically motivated giving Alex Jones much credibility in his assertions.

This video is one of thousands. It is a posting from a person who claims all grass roots efforts to promote Ron Paul are deliberately being deleted and censored by the Myspace Minions.

Read Alex Jones article at:

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Internet will Soon be Vulnerable to Taxation.

The Internet tax moratorium will expire on November 1, 2007. Congressman Jim Walsh is a co-sponsor of H.R. 743, this bill amends the Internet Tax Freedom Act to make permanent the ban on State taxation of Internet access. It also prohibits the application of multiple or discriminatory taxes on electronic commerce.

H.R. 743 has 237 co-sponsors, suggesting the bill would have little trouble passing the full House if called for a vote. Recent reports by me on this blog board have called attention to the attack on the internet by our countries leaders who are constantly looking for ways to pay for things. Taxation being their favorite. This bill, however would be a complete upset to the millions of internet users who would see their already high internet service bills skyrocket.

This bill will act with discriminatory animosity toward everyone who already is dependent on the internet for their careers, jobs, and school. This measure to protect the internet from taxation must be supported by every concerned citizen who believes that the last bastion of free speech must remain as pristine and untouched as when it first began.

Our nation has a reputation, for excessive spending, making bad laws, and then rarely to never fixing the problems those laws created in the first place. We need to send a message to our leaders that we will not allow the continuous and unrelenting policy of taxation ruin our lives, and our ability to prosper any more than it already has. Voice your opinion and call your Congressman and tell them not to tax the Internet.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Politician and ComputerFox, Volunteer Services to Circle of Care.

ComputerFox, a Connecticut-based computer repair chain, has volunteered its computer repair services to Circle of Care, an in-house hospital program that offers support to families with children with cancer. Circle of Care services families in the Yale Medical Center and others.

ComputerFox is headed by Milford businessman Rocco J. Frank, Jr., who saw this as another great way to reach out to those who really needed help. Frank has a long history of offering his computer services to those in need. He currently operates a free computer recycling program and a free refurbished computer program for those who are on public assistance and can not afford to buy their own.

“Circle of Care provides ComputerFox with a unique opportunity to help sick children and their families,” said Frank. So far, ComputerFox has volunteered several hours of their computer repair services and some computer parts. “We estimate that the initial repair of the organization’s laptops is the equivalent of over $1,000 worth of parts and services,” said Frank.
Volunteering began with the repair of all of the organizations laptop computers, but that was only the beginning. ComputerFox will also maintain the computers indefinitely through the use of an employee who will become a volunteer, absolutely free of charge.

“I have four precious children of my own,” said Frank, “and would really appreciate any help if something ever happened to one of them.” Circle of Care offers support for families with cancer through an in-hospital program and telephone peer support. Also, the laptop computers are also offered to families in need.

Rocco J. Frank, Jr., CEO of ComputerFox is also running for office in 2008, as an Independent candidate for State Representative for the 118th District of Connecticut, which includes Milford and Devon. He hopes that his goodwill toward all, even those outside his voting district like Circle of Care, translates into something great for everyone in Connecticut.

Written By: Michael Vecchiarelli

The Circle of Care website is:

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Friday, October 12, 2007

Frank Offers Seniors Real Help not just Rhetoric.

This article today is in response to the several seniors who have been visiting my ComputerFox store on New Haven ave. To remind folks of our last Press Release offering Free Computers to single Families with children receiving public assistance, we have now extended that help to seniors struggling with the cost of Computers.

While we do not yet have a volunteer to go on site and assist our seniors in setting up E-Mail accounts and IM accounts; To keep seniors in touch with their families, we are actively looking. Anybody who has the time and would be interested in offering their services in this capacity should contact me at (203) 647-0380.

ComputerFox has graciously agreed, through its very successful computer recycling programs, to now extend its offerings of free or severely discounted computers to seniors in assisted living conditions. We have already forwarded an E-Mail contacting the Senior Wish Society, and have informed them of our offer of which we would hope they would announce or distribute in their next bulletin.

We would also encourage readers of this blog to visit their website, and think charitably this upcoming holiday season. The website is: Look at the wish list and remember that many of our seniors are struggling with little money this holiday season and would be heartfelt to see that you or someone cares enough to think of them.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

U.S. Courts may bow to International Law.

The Bush administration intervened in the capitol murder case of illegal immigrant Jose Medellin. This intervention came after the U.N.'s International Court of Justice found Medellin was not informed of his right to contact the Mexican Consulate for legal assistance.

The court said that the United States was in violation of the Vienna Convention and therefore must comply. Keep in mind that this is the same court that has selectively ignored the Bush laws regarding torture.

The justices on the U.S. Supreme court are expected to uphold international law. This is presumed because Medellin has been sentenced to death for the murder of two Houston teenagers. Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Pena who were both sodomized and strangled with their shoe laces. Medellin then boasted of keeping one girl's Mickey Mouse watch as a souvenir of the crime.

The court is expected to overturn the conviction because three of the seven Supreme Court justices are against the death penalty, and the one swing judge has a reputation for upholding international law in the in matters of such challenges.

This will be a very sad decision, because for the first time in American history the United States will be recognizing the laws of the Hague international court as superior to our own Supreme Court and U.S. Constitution.

This Bush sponsored attack on the U.S. Constitution must be objected to as it is a slap in the face from both him and the Mexican President Felipe Calderón who encourages his people to ignore our borders and seek employment in the united states.

Please write your congressman and complain vehemently that our country is sovereign and not subject to the laws of the foreign courts. Attorneys can write amicus curia briefs to the judges of the U.S. Supreme court urging them to dismiss this case as having no jurisdiction. Please mobilize and start working to fight this fast.

Full artcle at:

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

First of Many Defeats Against the IRS

Attorney Tom Cryer has defeated the IRS and wants everyone to hear his message that you do not have to live in fear. These defeats are becoming more common as America's citizens are getting smarter. Smart citizens means smart jurors.

Tom's victory, however, is not a reason to stop paying taxes. People are not that awake yet. A case in point is the New Hampshire five month standoff with Ed and Elaine Brown. They were found guilty of tax evasion (fought and lost) and are now serving several years in prison. See their story blog:

Knowing how to defend yourself is vital in any challenge. Keep in mind that Tom is an attorney and an expert on the U.S. Constitution and associated tax laws. He risked his freedom and his property for our and his quest to prove the IRS lies and deceit. You the unskilled, evader would probably not stand a chance in the current "kangaroo" court system that routinely ignores the Supreme court decisions.

Watch the video and learn that there is hope for any of you that are already in trouble. Also be very suspicious of the advertisements on T.V. that advertise erasing IRS debt. I know of several people who got burned using them. Do your research well if you go that route. Look up on the Internet the reputation of the firm, and get at least three well searched references that you can contact. Enjoy the message from Tom.

Harborside Middle School Sent Into Lockdown

Earlier today news arrived that Harborside Middle school was sent into lock down. Students there indicated to me that they heard an announcement over the loudspeaker calling for a "Code White" of which indicates a security condition. A similar lock down occurred at Simon Lake school not even three weeks ago.

At approximately 3:30 today I contacted the Milford Police Department and the officer on duty declined to comment, but did refer me to a community office. That office is expected to release an official press release. For now this blog is only going to report the information provided by persons on school premises. Students and teachers indicated that they believed the school was called into lock down for the safety of the students. Some students were scared, and indicated that police cars were buzzing the school. Some students indicated that they felt the school was ill prepared for a lock down and some teachers did not draw their blinds and lock their doors as required. Some teachers were unsure as to what a "code white" even was.

The story on the street is that a local downtown bank was robbed and the police were concerned for school safety as they were in pursuit of a robbery suspect. The entire incident resulted in nothing more than a big scare. The students and school were eventually called off lock down and the local Milford Police Department indicated the situation was "under control."

Children were also sent home with a letter this afternoon indicating the lock down condition, but the letters offered no explanation as to the events resulting in the school scare. For now we will be waiting for the official press release of which will be due out shortly.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Village of Devon Residents work Together.

For about a couple of months now I found, and have been visiting, a little website called The site expressed community pride and organization of which I found to be impressive. There is nothing more admirable than people working to make a difference in Milford and the recent movie production really brought people out on the street with their cameras.

The Blog board featured pictures of Al Pachino, and other famous actors, Like Robert Dinaro. The Star Cafe will be featured on the big screen sometime soon. Hollywood in CT has been somewhat of a phenomenon, one I experienced personally when my store in Southport was leased for a day by the Leonardo Dicaprio cast to film Revolutionary Road.

This visit has really helped bring a spark back in the hearts and minds of Devon's citizens who have been writing a firestorm of blogs including suggestions to improve our towns overall appeal. I must confess that I have visited their blog board and have become an active supporter of it, especially after they honored me by placing my press release under their political agenda of which I hope will give the "Truth Movement" in Milford greater exposure.

The overall effect of the board was several phone calls to my office; We exchanged ideas and discussed the power of people to not be afraid to knock on a neighbor’s door or volunteer to work on public property. I even suggested the formation of a volunteer improvement committee to see donations from local charities like the Rotary Club or Kiwanis to assist in helping elderly or poor people who have homes in disrepair and are unable to afford the improvements.

Overall Devon has been gradually improving and its citizens should be commended for their efforts in taking pride in our town. When we care we get rewarded with safer neighborhoods improved commerce and appreciating real estate values.

My most sincere thank you to everyone who is working hard to make the improvements that are so clearly visible.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Mayor Richetelli Dropped by today.

The race for Mayor in Milford must be heating up, because Jim Richetelli and his entourage stopped by my home today. The mayor has been campaigning hard, I received three mailed advertisements from him in the last few weeks, and today a personal visit and a chance to to speak with him briefly.

Shortly after I announced my campaign a few weeks back I called Mayor Jim and spoke to his associate. My intention of the call was to discuss the issues here in Milford, and also register my views on issues regarding the state of CT; Since Jim Amman, my opponent, outright refused to meet with me, even after contacting both his local and state offices.

There is no chance that Mr. Amman did not receive my message, because he replied to a reporter at CT NewsJunkie that the reason he declined to meet with me was because he found my request "odd" and that in his opinion "opponents do not always meet." Once again today and for the second time I invited Mr. Richetelli to meet with me. It is my hope that after the election debacle wound down he will follow up. I also permitted the Mayor to place a campaign sign on my front lawn. We will give him time to follow up.

As an update to the events of my discussion today, and I must admit I was very vocal, I flat out told Mr. Richetelli that I object to Mr. Amman's current bonding pressure to run up debt in CT. I also told Mr. Richetelli that I find it amazing that Mr. Amann can find plenty of money to build a boardwalk, yet Milford has no money to assist the elderly, or any intent to help children. I communicated to our mayor that Milford having the largest boardwalk in CT is a disgrace and a misplaced priority. Milford should return that money to the now ailing SCHIP program to make sure Milford's children have proper medical attention.

Today was hardly the platform for a debate on such issues, and his staff was under pressure to get the Mayor moving door to door. One of his staff members seemed clueless about the boardwalk project of which I found odd. Apparently their energy is not in reading all the news at the moment.

My endorsement of our incumbent mayor is largely due to the fact that Kerry Rowland listed the following on her website as her credentials:

Kerri is a 1992 graduate of Boston College. Her accomplishments include:

BA English
BA Secondary Ed.
4 year Women’s Hockey
2 year Captain
AWCHA champions

Kerri’s work history includes:

· New Standard Institute,
Internet Marketing Manager (current)

· Head Coach Girl’s Hockey Notre Dame, Fairfield (current)

· Milford Rec. Dept.

· Milford ASA Umpire.

· Asst. Hockey Coach Sacred Heart University.

Its my belief that anybody, who has any experience hiring people, would find Rowlands qualifications as insufficient. In my opinion, to suggest a little league coach is capable of 80-100 Million a year in cash management decisions is irresponsible.

However, one issue I do agree with Rowland on, is that Jim could have done a better job in keeping our property taxes lower. But neither candidate is offering any security to the struggling elderly, and those near forclosure who fear our local government or bank will evict them. Some of the locals I know are afraid their property will be confiscated. They fear losing their land and/or home if they fall behind on their ever increasing taxes.

Many of these retirees are becoming victims of reverse mortgages, only to have the balance of their estates destroyed by CT's unfair inheritance tax. Should a person be fortunate enough to even have estate balances, will discover that attorneys pay all outstanding health and hefty medical expenses as a first priority.

Both candidates are a troubling choice for me as far as the issues go, but as far as the qualifications go, Kerry Rowland does not hold a candle to Richetelli. My opponent Jim Amman on the other hand thinks that her ridiculous credentials warrant his support. If Rowland wins the election it will be nothing short of having your kids little league coach in charge of 80+ Million Dollars a year. The Democrats ought to be ashamed of themselves for even nominating such a weak and risky candidate.

Rocco J. Frank Jr.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Freedom of Information act Reveals Truth about U.S.S. Liberty.

In 1963 Lyndon B. Johnson was in his office screaming into the phone "I want that Goddamn Ship sent to the bottom of the ocean!" LBJ was more concerned about not embarrassing our Israeli allies who were accused of allegedly mistaking the Liberty as an enemy ship. Recent proof from the Israeli government has made it crystal clear that the pilots attacking the ship pleaded with their command center who gave them orders to fire on the ship until it sunk.

Several Israeli fighter pilots, questioned the orders of which they were told to obey. The U.S.S. Liberty was fired upon regardless, from attack boats in the water, and repeated air strikes yet miraculously, and largely due to the courage of its crew the ship managed to stay afloat and navigate to safety.

The entire attack, according to official stories was a case of mistaken identity and the Israeli's paid several million dollars to the U.S. for damage to the ship and an equal amount to the 34 victims whose lives were lost.

The controversy has prevailed for years, and even today the few surviving Veterans find it is nearly impossible for them to recall the Liberty incident without having tears of come to their eyes. Many of the Vets are angry that our country betrayed them, some are still grieving the loss of their friends and countrymen but most just want answers.

Unfortunately, the only answers they ever received was by then Secretary Robert McNamara's report calling it an awful accident. Fortunately today, the new Freedom of Information Act revelations have only served to raise more questions on whether or not LBJ committed treason against his own country for purposes of a "False Flag" operation.

Robert McNamara and LBJ are said to have made a pact and swore each other to secrecy to avoid consequence of treasonous circumstances surrounding the U.S.S. Liberty. Some believe that the truth has been taken to their grave. Today survivors can only hope to make due with the small amounts of information that have been leaked over the years.

This day is to commemorate all the lives lost on that attack and remind the general public that our country and its leaders often cannot be trusted.

Thursday, October 4, 2007 Censors Opinions has been engaged in routinely censoring objectionable ideas from bloggers. I have personally witnessed diaries and comments dissappearing on a regular basis. I believe that their deleberate censorship is the result of everybody and everything that is not in line with their "Progressive" agenda, an agenda decided upon by the "Progressives" in charge.

A censorship case in point is the article below, featuring a Mexican shop owner breaking our Flag laws. The shop owner displayed their countries flag above the U.S. flag in a display of supreme nationalism.

Without a doubt censoring this article is within their Right to do, as it is mine to take my issues elsewhere. I believe that the suppression of ideas and blogs on a Blog board that calls itself "Progressive" is infact deceptive advertising. Their blogging policy is simply marked with a distasteful expletive "Don't be an A** H***." This cleverly masked deception trivializes the intent and purpose of their blog board and misleads posters and bloggers into thinking that their thoughts are welcome.

From My personal experience such censorships of dissenting views and practices only serve to blindfold the general public, a tactic that is about as progressive as Adolph Hitler's newspaper censorship during Nazi Germany. The censorship only sought to spread the "Progressive" agenda of the Nazi party. This practice has been repeated throughout history with Communist Russia, and yes folks Saddam Hussein Did it as well.

This note is to serve as an informative bit of commentary to any would be visitors of that if your opinions are not "Progressive" by authoity and opinion of the "Left Thinking" persons controlling that site your posts and blogs will be immediatetly deleted.

I would recommend viewing my own blog to express your opinions at, the board, or There are numerous sites that do not censor, these are just my personal favorites.

Rocco J. Frank Jr.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Illegal limmigrants still fail to understand whose country this is.

This is breaking news folks, this video is becoming viral due to the fact that it depicts how disrespectful Mexicans can be to our country. Unfortunately the U.S. Veteran who tore down the Mexican Flag, Flying above the U.S. Flag is facing potential charges in court for his aggressive stance and vigilante approach to restoring respect to our country.

What about these Mexicans? A blogger on myleftnutmeg said we should pardon these offenses as they may have been "ignorant of the law." While in my court endeavors never has "ignorance of the law" been a valid excuse for me, some liberals think that we should have an entirely different standard for Mexicans illegally coming to America.

Perhaps our government should be concerned that such unchecked illegal immigrants have no knowledge of what our laws are, no citizenship training, or a complete reckless disregard for what America stands for. I believe part of citizenship training during immigration involves teaching "new Americans" what the laws are in our country, and certainly flying a non U.S. flag above our own should be part of citizenship 101 as very illegal.

This problem is becoming outrageous, now with a proposed corridor being clandestinely built from Mexico to Canada, free reign to merge Canada, Mexico and the U.S. is in full force, yet our country still officially denies that is the case. Fortunately Opinion shows like Glenn Beck are calling national attention to the chicanery of our countries agenda. Our cities and towns here in CT do not help either, CT is the 9Th highest recipient of Illegal immigrants with New Haven and Danbury plagued the worst. This makes us a "Magnet State" because of what CT offers immigrants.

Our State policy must change, and things will only change when you begin to blog your support for Veterans who are always there when America needs someone to do their fighting for them. I think this guy is a hero and not the criminal "Big Brother" is making him out to be.

Write our leaders, Copy the video and share it freely, reports are that youtube censored it. This is the last site that has it and I could find. Copy it to your Hard Drives and E-Mail it to your friends.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Milford Smart Growth abuses now in the form of a Boardwalk.

Having lived in New Jersey for several years I have come to enjoy the boardwalk. By the estimates put forth in the CT Post article it will be the largest boardwalk in the state.

My first inclination about this boardwalk was glee! Than of course I remembered I do not live near the water. While I love to hike I also have 2 small dogs that would really enjoy a long walk between beaches.

Boardwalks are awesome especially when you are young; they are great places for the youth to congregate at night. I have not seen the official plan but usually after a few misdeeds and random crimes the local homeowners will probably start to scream for lights as if that will improve things. It will drive up the city’s cost of maintaining and policing the boardwalk for certain. It may even warrant hiring more police!

The cost of lighting is amazing, and if these lights come from UI the city will be leasing them for life in addition to an outrageous electric bill. This boardwalk is an ill fated attempt that ultimately results in abuse in the name of "Smart Growth." If this boardwalk was done by the “defacto” autocratic smart growth rules, my guess is that no one who lives on the waterfront was given the courtesy of a phone call or a respectful opportunity to object to it in a zoning court.

This boardwalk will be running right next to people’s property and will have an unknown effect on the type of element it will attract. Hopefully this boardwalk, now that we are apparently stuck with it, will not attract the same elements that the West Haven Boardwalk has attracted.

My last visit to that boardwalk, included a vicious dog fight, Drunks littering, Ill placed Bocce courts, and a circus of people skating, jogging and parading in every direction.

Thank God I do not live on the waterfront, because at my age the pristine view from my back window would not include a public "Smart Growth" pandemonium... unless of course I was 16 again and on vacation at Long Branch N.J. than it might be a blast.

Once again Amann shame on you for redesigning peoples back yards for your "Smart Growth Agenda." What gives you the right to redesign peoples back yards? With all of your spending challenges I find it amazing that you were even able to bilk the state of CT for this ridiculous project. Perhaps you would rather spend this money helping our needy state schools and reconsider.

Rocco J. Frank Jr.