Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Police Need Help Finding Milford Bank Robber

Tuesday Morning the Sikorsky Federal Credit Union was Robbed by what was described as a screaming hooded man. The man entered the bank at 9:30A.M. and threatened to shoot anyone who stood in his way.

He then jumped the banks counteres and emptied the tellers cash boxes, he then proceeded to the rear bank exit on foot in the direction of Krispy Kreme on the post Road.

Police said the suspect is 5'7" and thinly built. He was also wearing what appeared to be a pair of sweat pants over his jeans. A police dog was later used to track the mans scent where it ended at Krispy Kreme. Police believe that the abrupt end of the scent was likely due to the man getting in a parked car and leaving the area.

Fortunately no one was hurt, no weapon was seen or found but many customers and bank employees were nonetheless frightened.

The scene of this crime was at 1400 Boston Post Road in Milford, CT and is one of several bank robberies this year. Police are asking the public (with any information to report) to call the Milford Police Department at (203) 878-6551. Click bank photo above to enlarge the suspected bank robber.

Vince Ross Calls Republican Letter "Amazing Fiction"

Unfortunately, it appears that Genevieve Salvatore, mayoral candidate and leader of the Milford Democrats, has concluded that Democrats can't win without personal attacks on Mayor Richetelli.

Mayor Richetelli has called on everyone, regardless of political party, to come together. He's said local government shouldn't be about partisan politics, it should be about people serving our community and about neighbors joining together to ensure that government works effectively to keep Milford a great place to live.

On November 3rd, voters are going to have a clear choice between Mayor Richetelli's vision for Milford and Salvatore's brand of attack politics.

Tom Jagodzinski
Paid for by the Milford Republican Town Committee


I refer to the above piece of creative writing and amazing fiction.

Isn’t it nice that the Mayor and the RTC Chairman now want local politics to be about ‘serving our community’, ‘neighbors’ and not ‘partisan politics’?

Some 9 months ago when Peter Spalthoff first voiced these same words as the underlying principles of the Milford Independent Party, both the Republicans and the Democrats laughed from their high-horse saying that these were not even worthy of being the basis of a party.

They derided these principles, stating that they were just jargon. They dismissed the foundation of who Peter Spalthoff is, his love for Milford, and the fact that he wants to stamp out partisan politics so that Milford is the focal point of every decision made. Yet now they use his very script and hypocritically do not even acknowledge Peter.

Back to what you know best, hey Tom? Partisan politics, cheap tactics and mimicry.

The major parties are so barren of any true concern for Milford that they even resort to copying Peter Spalthoff’s genuine passion, yet try to ignore his presence since they know he is the only candidate that has and always will put Milford first.

“Neighbors”… what an unusual word to be coming from the Republicans. This is the party that:

-dismisses Peter Spalthoff but uses his words and his ideas;

-Publicly and privately they butchered loyal Milfordite and respected Republican Tom Beirne for suggesting that Richetelli should improve his performance;

-Resorts to defamatory name-calling the members of an opposing party for telling the truth about Richetelli’s sizeable pension payout;

-Has rubbished the reputation of State Representative Barbara Lambert and even had a fundraiser with the sole intention of ridiculing her;

-ALWAYS vote along party lines, even if it means approving a salary increase for the Mayor: Knowing all the while that at the same time school employees could be fired and the Mayor is negotiating union wage freezes;

-Has without proof, ruthlessly questioned the moral virtues of the Democratic mayoral candidate.

“Neighbors” … how novel for Tom and Jim to use that term. Just for their edification:

“Neighbor - a person who shows kindliness or helpfulness toward his or her fellow humans.”

Maybe Tom and Jim were thinking of another word to describe themselves:

“Hypocrite - a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, esp. one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements.”

The major parties should stick to what they know best - their self-interest - and let Peter Spalthoff be voted in as Milford Mayor so he can govern this city the way it should and must be governed. He is the only mayoral candidate that has constantly, consistently and honestly put the people of Milford first and foremost.

Vote Spalthoff and keep these undesirable ‘neighbors’ out of our local politics.

Vincent Ross

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Democrats Demonize Richetelli's Addiction Issues

All one has to do is look at the barrage of articles today at the Connecticut Post and you will read a sad tale of Democratic charges of Mayoral accusations, insinuations, and claims of dereliction of duty.

Richard Smith the Democratic Party Chairman has made Richetelli's fight with addiction a matter of partisan politics. Smith alleged that had our Mayor not been preoccupied with his addiction issues the city of Milford would have qualified for more stimulus money.

Democrats allege that Compared to other towns who were on the ball Milford got less stimulus benefits. Freedom of information requests are reeling in by the Democrats, and the Republicans said they intend to comply, however the documentation requested is voluminous and may not be available until after the election.

The Republicans also Responded with THIS press release claiming that the democrats have it all wrong, that they were the ones who declined the funding to Eisenhower Park because the money came from U.S. Sen. Lieberman whom the Milford Democrats are angry with. Richetelli charged that Lieberman's betrayal of Lamont was the main reason why they declined funds for Eisenhower park.

The Democrats however were not persuaded by Richetelli's remarks and continued to insist that his addiction to an "un-named" prescription drug and his flight to a Maryland rehab is the real cause of his lack of effectiveness in delivering the Federal funds.

With all these heated exchanges in play, Tim Chaucer the Petitioning Candidate for Mayor jumped into the Melee and charged that Richetelli was "sleeping at the wheel" in (THIS article) when he allowed a developer to purchase the space next to the library. Chaucer said that that space could have been 22 now needed parking spaces for the library and not purchasing the land was a mistake. He claimed Richetelli was not interested or involved in keeping that lot.

Richetelli has been under a steady attack since his first Debate where he was accused of contributing to the destruction of the Cadley House, allowing complacency in the Building Department, falsely taking credit for this years tax decrease, and not supporting Jonathan Law's educational infrastructure.

Much to Peter Spalthoff's credit, he did not take sides, or jump into the partisan character thrashing from both Republicans and Democrats. Spalthoff instead focused on the issues affecting our community and gave his opinion as if he were the mayor at the time.

The Democrats have now reached a new low by engaging in what may be perceived as an intensely negative campaign making Richetelli's drug problem the focal point of their press releases. Truly a sad way to run an election, perhaps it would be best if all candidates just focus on the issues and refrain from personal attacks.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Six Candidates For The U.S. Senate. Where's Dodd?

At a senior living facility in West Hartford on Saturday morning, six candidates challenging U.S. Sen. Chris Dodd gave what were billed as their first stump speeches.

Hosted by the Federation of Connecticut Taxpayers five Republicans and one candidate seeking the nomination of four minor parties made their pitches, shook some hands, and met each other for the first time.

Former U.S. Rep. Rob Simmons said he shook hands with Peter Schiff and said, “I recognize you from TV.” Schiff, the broker and financial pundit who entered the race a few weeks ago after receiving more than $1 million in campaign contributions, said he too recognized Simmons from television.

“He’s a very smart, capable guy with a lot to offer on economic issues,” Simmons said of Schiff.

Schiff, who was the first candidate to speak Saturday, talked about why he entered the race. Having admittedly advised his clients for years to invest their money abroad, Schiff said he’s concerned about what Washington has been doing to the American dollar.

Rather than simply observing as a spectator and trying to protect his 15,000 clients from what’s happening in Washington, Schiff said he decided maybe it was time for him to go to Washington.

“Instead of trying to protect them from the misguided policies in Washington, maybe it’s time I actually went to Washington and tried to do something about it,” Schiff said.

When speaking about the current economic crisis and the housing bubble that burst, Schiff said, “all of this is the consequence of the stimulus under Bush.” He said the only difference between President George W. Bush’s stimulus and President Barack Obama’s stimulus is that Obama’s “is bigger and is going to do more damage.”

Schiff said Bush embraced the rhetoric of a free market system, but in reality was “the Herbert Hoover of our generation.”

While Schiff played up his financial expertise and downplayed partisan politics, Simmons talked about his military experience, his opposition to taxes, and his disdain for the policies of the current administration.

“I didn’t spend 20 months in Vietnam and I didn’t spend 10 years in the CIA fighting communism during the Cold War to come back home to my country, to come back home to my home state, to see the principles and the values for which we fought now put aside,” Simmons said.

Simmons, who has embraced the tea party movement, said he added a tea bag April 15 to the copy of the U.S. Constitution he carries around in his pocket. He said one of the biggest problems the country faces is apathy and now with the tea parties and town halls people are engaged in the political process.

“I’ve have done my best to oppose higher taxes, which I say take away our freedom,” Simmons said.

John Mertens, the Trinity College engineering professor who is seeking the nomination of the Green, Libertarian, Independent and Connecticut for Lieberman Party nominations spoke about how sending candidates from the two major parties has not solved “our huge, long-term” problems.

“I offer you calm, intelligent, nonpartisan problem solving,” Mertens told the crowd. He went on to talk about his solutions for Medicare, Social Security, and the national debt.

He advocated for getting rid of the alternative minimum tax and increasing the top tax rate as the only way to deal with the national debt.

None of the first three candidates even uttered Dodd’s name until state Sen. Sam Caligiuri spoke.

Caligiuri, the youngest of the candidates and perhaps the underdog on the Republican side, received several bursts of applause during his speech.

He talked about his career in politics in Waterbury and Hartford, his family, his desire to push for Congressional term limits, and the need to defeat Dodd.

“I believe Chris Dodd has failed us by not doing his job,” Caligiuri said, adding that when Obama was asked the reason for the economic crisis during his first few weeks in office, the president cited the housing bubble and the credit crisis.

“He’s right,” Caligiuri said, “but when he said what he said, he was indicting Chris Dodd’s failed leadership as chairman of the Senate Banks Committee.”

He said Dodd stopped doing his job because “he came to take our vote for granted a long, long time ago.”

“We’re not just going to hit Chris Dodd hard and on the issues, but I’m willing to take us into the future and away from what Chris Dodd has come to represent, which is career politicians that have been in power for so long and with so little accountability that they literally think they can do and say anything they want and still get themselves re-elected,” Caligiuri said. “I’m telling you, my friends, as sure as I’m standing before you this morning, that I am committed to changing Washington in ways career politicians simply cannot do.”

Caligiuri who said he has refused to take campaign contributions from political action committees, said he knows he is looking at a huge fundraising disadvantage. However, he said the power of his message ultimately will win him the Republican nomination. He said he knows he needs money to get his message out to voters, but also that the positive response he received Saturday from the breakfast crowd was “not the exception, it was the rule” thus far in his travels across Connecticut.

Both Simmons and Caligiuri said they understand the political process better than the other GOP candidates and have been seeking delegate support to win the Republican primary, while self-funded candidates like Linda McMahon have been blanketed the state with advertising.

McMahon was accompanied Saturday by lobbyist and campaign strategist Patrick Sullivan of Sullivan and LeShane.

McMahon spoke mostly about what motivated her to get into the race and she didn’t appear to stray far from the dialogue in her campaign commercials where she talks about going through a bankruptcy and rebuilding her company.

McMahon, the World Wrestling Entertainment CEO who stepped down from her post last week to focus on the race, said, “I’m running because I think our country is at a point of crisis.” She talked about the mounting national debt, how difficult it is for businesses to get credit, and the recent headlines about a New York terrorism plot.

“I can’t sit on the sidelines. I’ve got to jump into the fray. I’m not a career politician, I’m a business woman,” McMahon said. “I built a company from the ground up, from sharing a desk in the basement to having a company now that’s traded on the New York Stock Exchange. I know what it’s like being a young entrepreneur who can’t get credit. I’ve been there when your house gets auctioned off.”

In closing her speech Saturday, McMahon — who decided to spend her own money to fund her campaign — said she will accept donations from supporters of $100 or less, and that she will not accept money from political action committees.

The final candidate to speak Saturday was Tom Foley, the Bush administration’s former ambassador to Ireland who also was one of Bush’s top fundraisers. According to his bio, Foley also served in Iraq as director of private-sector development for the coalition provisional authority. He oversaw state-owned businesses and developed a plan to re-establish a private-sector economy.

Foley walked through the doors Saturday just in time to hear McMahon before he spoke about getting his son ready to go to college. As his son was filling out college applications last winter, Foley said it occurred to him that his son may not have the same opportunities that were available to prior generations.

“That got me thinking about making sure our government gets this right,” Foley said.
A Greenwich businessman with a degree in economics, Foley jumped into the race in June.

He said he’s not as worried that the “wheels are going to come completely off” the financial and economic system, but is more concerned that the current administration thinks last November’s election was a mandate to push through its policies.

“There’s a movement toward a Europeanization, if you will, of this country, which I don’t think the voters support and I certainly don’t support,” said Foley, who served as ambassador to Ireland from 2006 until January of this year.

He said he’s been traveling all around Connecticut this summer and believes there’s a gathering storm to make change in 2010.

As Foley left the senior living facility Saturday, he turned to Republican Party Chairman Chris Healy and asked if there were anymore candidates getting into the race.

Healy shook his head and said, “Not that I know of.”

by Christine Stuart | September 27, 2009 11:56 AM
Posted to Election 2010

Schiff Releases Excerpt Speech From This Event

Dodd Delauro & Pelosi Latest Victims Of Tea Party Patriots

Over the weekend, Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi came to Guilford Ct for a Democratic Party Fundraiser. The event was held at a private residence, and was a "Pay Per Seat Meet and Greet" by Connecticut's wealthy Democratic Elite.

The Speakers presence in CT was not without its troubles, because Tea Party Patriots still reeling with anger over health care, deficit spending, and taxes showed up with a contingent of about 50-60 protesters. Some of these protesters came from our community including Robert Birarelli a small business owner fed up with government abuses of taxation and waste.

The photos provided were also courtesy of Robert and depict some of these protesters with their hand made signs bearing their messages to Congress. For those who may have missed the televised tea Party in Washington D.C. it was the largest public event in recent memory with an estimated 1.7 Million attendees.

Another photo below is from the poster now for sale at online auctions and bears the entire brunt of the D.C. crowd. This protest was widely marginalized, under reported and dismissed with a cowardly bigoted homophobic statement comparing Tea Party Patriots to Homosexual "Tea Baggers."

Much to the chagrin of the powers to be the movement is huge, its real and it is not going away. This latest event in Connecticut is one of thousands that are going on all over America and is the "monkey on the back" of our congressional leaders.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Milford Parents Mixed On Swine Flu Vaccine

Fear of pandemic has certainly got people all "riled up" here in town. Not so much you or me, the person living at home or working a small business, but for those people who have kids the health department and the local Center For Disease Control is circulating warnings that insist children, teachers, medical professionals and high risk people get immediately vaccinated.

Listening to the radio & T.V. I learned that Massachusetts was considering a bill that would allow for forced vaccinations, and quarantines of persons who refuse to be inoculated.

To cut through the confusion and get the facts clear, there are some things that the public needs to know about fear of a Steven King style "Outbreak" like in the movie "The Stand." I have taken the time to outline them for you below:

Point One: The Government will not break into your home with a Swat Team and forcibly inoculate you and your children.

Point Two: Being Inoculated out of "Fear" is good for the bottom line profits of the pharmaceutical industry, bad for you.

Point Three: There is no "Bubonic Style" plague at the moment where people are "bringing out their dead."

Point Four: The vaccine they inject you with actually does contain the live H1N1 virus, it also contains toxic squaline, aluminum and mercury laced thimerosol.

Point Five: Most doctors will not give the vaccine to their own loved ones.

Point Six: You can sue your employer or school district if they "threaten to fire you" or expel your child for refusing to get "forcibly vaccinated."

Point Seven: Schools are not permitted to vaccinate your child without your permission.

Point Eight: The regular "seasonal flu" has killed more people than the "swine flu."

Point Nine: Vaccines can have negative adverse serious health effects on some people.

Point Ten: There is no guarantee that the Swine Flu Vaccine will even protect you from an "outbreak" so please do not be motivated by fear.

Lastly some mega corporation has produced 250 Million doses of this "swine flu vaccine" and if they do not sell it soon it will expire rendering their billions in profits as a "bottom line loss."

Anyone who understands corporate greed will remember what our own Bayer Aspirin did with its "factor 8" vaccine see the video below. Keep in mind that this is just one of many instances where our Corporate Government uses a "Climate of Fear" to manipulate our leaders into selling their "Solutions." Be very careful before agreeing to have a "needle stuck in your arm."

This was one other scandal readily ignored.

As a final note I am not discrediting legitimate science, but rather alluding to the fact that their is plenty of reason to ask questions and to be certain you are informed on the facts as I have heard them.

Since I am not a doctor, or medical professional it is also best to consult your family physician and ask their opinion and that of others as well, so you know that in the event of a real emergency you will do what is best for yourself and you family.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Harrisons Hardware Gets New Lease On Life

The famed downtown landmark Harrison's Hardware will get a new lease on life as a developer has expressed interest in fixing up the old store. Harrison's, has a rather challenged history, it has fallen victim to fire, the Home Depot Superstore, a failed re-development attempt, and city complaints by Historian Tim Chaucer over bird infestations and dangerous sidewalks.

This location is a key location to our downtown re-development and although no formal plans have been submitted the owners of the property have promised to pay heed to the charm and character that the building has come to possess over its many years as a Milford landmark. At the moment a restaurant with attached leasable business locations is one of the ideas on the drawing board.

Some have welcomed the idea of yet another downtown restaurant, others have been more critical because of fears of escalating problems associated with the night life of drinking activity. Some in the comments sections of the blogosphere have said Milford is only one Bar away from becoming the "Sono North" alluding to the drinking and partying pandemonium associated in the South Norwalk business district.

Local crime statistic show that there is a real cause for concern because over the last few years the types of crimes that go along with this type of development have increased significantly. These crimes include Drunk Driving, Public Assaults, and Theft the most common hallmarks of "free flowing" alcohol and loud music.

While this type of development can be beneficial, a special emphasis to crime must be taken into consideration when engaging a new business requiring a liquor permit. Milford's critics may have a point, especially after the many headlines and problems surrounding the already belabored Daniel Street pub and concert hall.

While personally I am very happy to see more improvement to our downtown area, I personally will stress that the developers of that property, the Economic Development Commission and Zoning and Planning use caution and common sense in any approval that could further jeopardize Milford's quality of life. Building any new drinking establishment may have a propensity to attract an unwelcome, late night chantery of drunkards. Milford is already overdeveloped in that area and the wrong type of establishment will further exacerbate our troubles.

Friday, September 25, 2009

G20 Results In Protests Of Collapse Of US Dollar And World Governance

The following video depicts a protest currently underway in nearby Pittsburgh. The protest arrives on the recent report that China has said the "Sun is Setting on the U.S. Dollar" and Marc Faber of The famed Faber Report said the US Government is set to collapse in the next 5 to 10 years. Listen to the live radio link to get the latest coverage on this event. FOR VIDEO UPDATES OF MILITARY AND POLICE VIOLENCE ASSOCIATED WITH THE G20 CLICK THIS LINK.


Military Police Abduct U.S. Citizen (See Video Below Or Click This Link)

Update Peter Schiff Offers His Thoughts on The G20

Ken De Ruoy Shares His Comments Post Mayoral Debate

Last night I attended the Milford Mayoral Debate just like many residents.

I went in with no predetermination since ultimately I am a Milfordite first and foremost, above any political affiliation.

I believe Chaucer is a decent man, but his 1 or 2 issue platform and obvious lack of knowledge about important issues had me embarrassed for him. By now, he must’ve realized that his candidacy was not a good idea.

Sorry to say it, but Salvatore lost me when she criticized EVERY city employee for doing lousy job. That was arrogant and callous. She also sounded contrived and rehearsed, and lacked feeling for what she was saying.

Even more sad was “my boy” Richetelli. His time has come and gone. Rehearsed and obviously scared of attacks, he opened by subliminally explaining (i.e. apologizing for) his addiction-caused hiatus, and ended explaining (i.e. apologizing for) his ignorance concerning the historic Cadley House destruction. In between, he blamed red-tape for failing the city when it needed a leader (i.e. Building Department reform), and failing to affirmatively lead on practically everything else.

Lastly, I saw a man with a vision and passion. Peter Spalthoff spoke on the issues with knowledge and common-sense. He was unrehearsed, upstanding and his love for Milford shone through. I admire what this man represents and what he will do for Milford . May God grant us the common-sense to vote him in as mayor, so that we have the right person in charge of our city and our future.

Kenneth De Ruoy


Letters to the editor can be submitted by anyone and will be published subject to some simple rules: Letters must be 500 words or less, well written, and not contain expletives or advertisements, your name, address, and phone number must be included. Letters may be edited that are too long, and published at the discretion of the editor and relevance to our community issues.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Weekly Property Transfers

229 Lookout Hill Rd, George T. Hewriah and Pamela A. Morrow to Elizabeth Nemergut, $442,500.

565 Acorn Ln, David and Emily Luxeder to Amy M. and Vincent Bugge, $365,000.

4 Albert St, John and Carol Ann Zampedri to Brandon Macing and Erin Nemeth, $270,000.

77 Broadway, Harry Londono to Catherine L. Hoda, $304,000.

129 Foxwood Close Unit 129, Mindy Ploof to Diane I. Romonosky, $177,000.

19 John St, Walter Regula to Carol E. Knight and Andrew B. Starkweather, $238,000.

83 Kent St, Karen Sando and Countrywide Home Loans to Countrywide Home Loans, $1.

436 Milford Point Rd, Rui F. Goncalves to Christopher J. Piatt, $205,000.

179 Robert Treat Pkwy, Michelle K. Schmidt and Indymac Bank FSB to Indymac Bank FSB, $1.

485 Woodruff Rd, Elaine Marie Fogler to Rachel and Scott Gaudet, $369,000.


Tall Grass And Unregistered Cars Target Of Blight Ordinance

The city is stepping up efforts to combat blighted properties.

The Board of Aldermen recently adopted an antiblight ordinance that allows the city to slap the owner of a neglected property with a $100-a-day fine if the blighted property adversely affects the health, safety or property values of other residents.

The ordinance also allows the city to fix — at the property owner’s expense — long-ignored problems on properties deemed to be blighted.

Blight, as defined by the ordinance, can be as simple as broken windows or overgrown grass. An abandoned building, one with extensive fire or water damage or one that is infested with vermin or has unregistered cars or garbage on the property, also can be considered blighted.

Any other condition causing “substantial depreciation of the property values in the neighborhood” also falls under the ordinance.

Alderwoman Jessica Blacketter, D-4, asked City Attorney Win Smith during an ordinance committee meeting last week if the term “substantial depreciation” could be more clearly defined.

Smith advised against putting a percentage or dollar amount to represent lowered property values because property appraisals can vary a great deal, depending on who is doing the appraising.

A hard number or percentage of depreciation could undermine the city’s position in court and make the ordinance more difficult to enforce, Smith said.

Aldermanic Minority Leader Vincent Ditchkus, R-3, agreed with Smith.

“In the real estate market, you could have three different appraisers come out ... and have three different, substantial changes to that appraisal,” Ditchkus said.

Alderman Nick Veccharelli Jr., D-2, said he supported the idea of an anti-blight ordinance, but took issue with the one adopted because he thought it gave the “blight enforcement officer” too much power.

The idea of a blight enforcement officer being able to go onto a property based simply on an anonymous call, without first notifying the property owner, did not sit well with Veccharelli.

“I am simply asking that before we allow someone to enter onto somebody’s property — that we let them know we are coming over,” Veccharelli said. “Please, if they are going to go on someone’s property, let’s at least have the common decency to inform the people.”

Aldermanic Chairman Ben Blake, D-5, said the intent of the ordinance is to protect the health, safety and welfare of residents, and having to give notice “could take some of the bite out of the ordinance.”

Responsibility for enforcing the ordinance rests with the city health director or a designee.

Smith said the health director and zoning enforcement officer already have the power by state law to enter properties to deal with code violations.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Milford Mayoral Debates Draw Unusually Large Crowd

For nearly 30 years the Plymouth Men's Club has been hosting the towns Mayoral Debates, and the debate moderator said that this years debate was among the largest in Recent memory.

The debate also had four candidates, Tim Chaucer, Genevieve Salvatore, Jim Richetelli, and Peter Spalthoff. Each candidate arrived with their own contingent of family members and campaign supporters adding to the unusually high number of attendees.

The event moderator had the local Boy Scouts hand out index cards and pencils, the audience wrote their questions on the index cards and submitted them to the moderator. The moderator grouped the questions together and asked the candidates the most popular ones.

One such question was, historic preservation and the destruction of the Cadley House. Richetelli received the most amount of fire on this question as all three candidates were remarkably upset with the demolition of that property. Richetelli repeated what he always has, that the property was beyond preservation but added that he "regretted" they way it happened and in hindsight would have involved Milford's Historical Preservation Committee.

The Building department and the Controversial Kimball Report was also a topic of discussion. Peter Spalthoff who is currently putting an addition on his 26 Broad Street property said there are many great employees in the building department and what they need is the proper leadership, technology, and support to get the job done correctly. He opined that spending $40,000.00 of the taxpayers money to point out why the department was not working was an imprudent use of funds.

Salvatore agreed and said that under her watch the building department would have been "more welcoming" and she would have added "Customer Service" to the equation. Salvatore said that she would give the people of Milford the "Services the pay for."

On the question of improving Milford, all candidates agreed that purchasing open space is a "good Idea" Spalthoff and Chaucer however were more concerned with the fact that the sidewalk by Harrison's Hardware has caused numerous injuries to pedestrians and questioned Richetelli on why it took so many public injuries and four years to repair it. Richetelli cited that the rules and regulations surrounding those kinds of issues are complex. That the city must follow legal protocol, notify the owners prior to work and place liens on offending properties a process that takes time.

Other public concerns were over flooding, and Ms. Salvatore said that a person she met while out campaigning has two separate residences because her place at the beach is impassable at high tide because the water submerges her driveway. At low tide she returns home, at high tide she goes to her apartment in Orange. Ms. Salvatore said that she would help alleviate flooding concerns at the beach to assist people in need.

Richetelli rebutted, saying that much of the Milford waterfront is below sea level and when you purchase a house at the beach you run that kind of risk. Richetelli also blamed unusually high tides for the flooding and said the he has been aware of these tantamount issues for a while.

On the issue of Eisenhower Park, Spalthoff questioned the logic behind spending money on studies only later to waste that money by walking away from it. Richetelli blamed the economy, and called many of the project cancellations as necessary given the most difficult economic climate he has ever experienced as Mayor. He also added that his opposition to the Jonathan Law bonding was also another difficult decision.

Another question regarding pensions came up, and Chaucer accused Richetelli of over reporting the health of that program. Chaucer alleged that Milford's pension fund lost more money than Fairfied's after the Madoff Scandal. Richetelli accused Chaucer of not having his facts straight and said the pension fund is over funded by 125% but those were the figures before the market declined admitting that the number may be different today.

Spalthoff cited an official report expressing concern over the cities pension fund and alleged that this years tax decrease will have to be made up in next years budget. Spalthoff said that the people of Milford got duped, because next year the break we received will have to be compounded to fulfill the contractual obligations the city entered into.

Spalthoff said that when the city goes looking for the money and cannot find it, the only alternative will be "higher taxes."

The debate concluded with a summary from each of the candidates, and each read what appeared to be a carefully prepared statement to the audience. Richetelli stood on his record, Salvatore promised Change, Chaucer offered historic preservation. Spalthoff spoke entirely without a written statement, and promised to make Milford more business friendly citing over eighty small businesses (he counted) that shut down along the Post Road.

Reviews from the audience were mixed, many came to support their candidate and therefore were not swayed by the debate while others appreciated the opportunity afforded them to question each of these candidates on the local issues in town.

The entire debate was recorded and the video will be posted here when made available to me.

Each of the candidates have their websites listed below for more information.

Jim Richetelli Peter Spalthoff
Genevieve Salvatore Tim Chaucer

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Local Business Owner Chastises Chaucer

Tim Chaucer was out campaigning on New Haven Ave. over the weekend and one of his stops was at a local gas station at 345 New Haven Ave. This gas station is owned and operated by the Quick Food Mart

Tim asked the owner if he could put a sign up on the corner of his property. When the owner explained to him that he did not take kindly to solicitors, and also did not wish to engage in partisan politics out of respect for his customers, Chaucer (and his associate) stormed out.

The following day, Mr. Azari contacted the Milford Daily Blog and said that Tim sent him a rather upsetting letter alleging that his grass was high and his property overgrown. While Mr. Chaucer was not reached for comment, a photographer was deployed to take a photo (above) of the property in question in an effort to verify Chaucers claim.

The photo speaks for itself and shows the landscaping of the property shortly after the confrontation was made and Chaucer’s request to place a sign denied. You decide, is this “sour grapes” or a “legitimate gripe?”

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall Approaches In Milford

Hard to believe but the kids are back in school and summer is over. Time certainly appears to fly by, and as the coming months arrive so will the splendid beauty of all that fall brings to our great community.

Every fall Milford becomes a mecca of student activity, some from nearby ST. Mary's Catholic School, others from nearby public schools but none are more interesting than the the girls in uniform from Laurelton Hall.

These girls, often seen shopping downtown and dressed in their navy blue and white garb, add a very special relief to the backdrop of our community. Uniforms are special to me because when I was a boy, and in my early years of life, the Public schools of Italy required that I wear a uniform with an emblem patch of the city of Perugia on the front pocket. These uniforms were affectionately known as our "grembulino's"

Since that time I attended public schools in Middle school and High School, and also the New York Military Academy in Cornwall New York. Personally I can see that Milford has much of the same elements of Cornwall N.Y., such as great places to go hiking, lots of water based fun on the Long Island Sound, and some of the best open space in the county.

One special place Eisenhower Park, is not only an attraction for its splendid fall beauty in the coming months, but a unique location that attracts people from many other towns who do not have the blessing of such wonderful recreational and scenic landscapes and facilities.

Eisenhower Park is a nice place to go garden, fishing, horse back riding, walk your dog, exercise, play Golf or Tennis, pic-nic or fly a model airplane. Each year the town also puts on several outdoor events there such as the Fireman's muster. There is also an open air ampi-theater for public seating and entertainment during these events.

This fall is expected to be especially great, because of the on-going improvements to the Milford waterfront that will soon include the longest boardwalk in the state of Connecticut. This boardwalk will connect the local fledgling shopping district of Walnut Beach to the splendor of Silver Sands State Park.

Anyone wishing to enjoy a "Staycation" as our Governor has "dubbed it" should consider Milford this fall. The local Chamber of Commerce (and Milford's Many great water front restaurants) and the downtown business community has deployed a new program to make your future visit as comfortable, exciting, and enjoyable as possible.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Candidates For Mayor Debate This Tuesday

All announced candidates for mayor of Milford have been invited to present their platforms and answer questions from the public at a Candidates Night Debate on Tuesday, Sept. 22, at 8 p.m., at the First United Church of Christ (Congregational), 34 West Main St.

Expected to participate are mayoral candidates Timothy Chaucer (Petition), James Richetelli (R), Genevieve Salvatore (D), and Peter Spalthoff (I). The debate will be the first of the political season and open to the public at no charge.

The event is sponsored by the Plymouth Men’s Club (PMC). Arthur Stowe, a member of PMC, will be the moderator. Stowe said questions for the candidates will be accepted in writing from those members of the public attending the event.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Some Personal Thoughts On Milfords Political Spectrum

Each year the candidates and their respective parties enter into commitments that pledge their support to our community. Some of these jobs, are full time city jobs and others charitable selfless jobs that are dependent on the goodwill of Milford’s devoted citizen’s who are intent on making a difference.

Between now and the first week in November, everyone’s “differences” will be heard “loud and clear” and what we say about each other, and how we say it can result in politics as usual or something more noble like working together to build a “rock solid” community.

Recognizing good ideas, ideas that bring about “smart growth,” lower taxes, and “world class schools” or “great recreational opportunities,” should never be divided or challenged across party lines. Politics aside, most candidates in all three parties have already made a serious commitment to our town. Many of these individuals, win or lose, I believe will continue to be involved in shaping Milford’s future, even if it’s voicing their opinion one council meeting at a time.

Come next year, we will all forget about this years campaign partisan bickering. Hopefully it will be every elected official’s prerogative to work as a “team” and not a “caucus” when it comes to building our community. A perfect example of this was Raymond Vitale, who broke ranks with his party and kept Milford’s politics from becoming our kid’s problem.

This bravery should never come with a “price” just because party bosses do not like Republicans or Democrats to “vote their mind” and not their loyalties. My own Brother In-Law a former Board of Ed member (Republican Mark Stapleton, now running again) made it clear that it disturbs party leadership when he disagrees with their views.

This political bickering has got to stop, and to quote my good friend Dick Sieron (also an Independent candidate for the board of education,) we need not “politicize our school and local boards with Minority and Majority leaders…it’s disgraceful.” As a candidate for the Board of Education myself, I also agree with Dick’s point.

When this year’s elections are over, I would expect that the voters will have made their choices. Good bad, unbelievable, whatever the outcome, it becomes our responsibility as leaders, citizens, running mates, etc. to lay down our “sabers” and get to work improving our community. I would expect that all people involved, from all political parties, also remain involved in our community, by sharing ideas, and keeping in touch with our newly elected leaders.

In conclusion, and “simply put” lets make this year in politics 2010 one we can remember. Let’s make this year the year we put the needs of our community first, and ahead of the typical political caucuses and partisan bickering. Let’s show REAL LEADERSHIP by rallying around “great Ideas” that move us forward, as an “enviable community” where any bystander can live a better life and share in our towns success.

Achieving this reality starts with you, the reader of this post.

Friday, September 18, 2009

UI Wants Ratepayers To Fund 80 Million Dollar "Taj Mahal" In Orange

Although only about a dozen people attended an aldermanic hearing Thursday night on United Illuminating’s planned move to Orange from downtown New Haven, state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said afterward, “The battle has only begun.”

Blumenthal, who arrived after the hour-long session had adjourned, said he believes there’s “a strong chance” the state Department of Public Utility Control can be persuaded to force UI not to use any rate-payer money to fund its move to Orange.

“This effectively will stop the project,” Blumenthal said. “Because then UI would have to pay for its (new) headquarters out of shareholder funds, and they apparently have no intention of doing so.”

In his written statement, Blumenthal said, “UI’s plan for a corporate office in a Taj Mahal costing in excess of $80 million is an outrage. Rate-payers should be spared this monument to corporate greed.”

UI executives declined an invitation from Alderman Carl Goldfield, D-29, to attend Thursday’s public hearing. Alderman Roland Lemar, D-9, said the fact the public knew this before the session probably hurt attendance.

Goldfield announced at the hearing’s outset that UI representatives had asked for a private meeting with the aldermen.

“I told them that whatever they have to say to us, they should say in public,” Goldfield added.

Insead of appearing at the hearing, UI CEO Anthony Vallillo sent the aldermen a letter defending the company’s decision to consolidate six separate locations into one central facility in Orange.

“UI management is confident this is a prudent business decision and that the move to Orange is in the best interests of all UI customers,” Vallillo wrote. “The move will help UI operate more efficiently and will save customers money in the long run.”

Vallillo estimated the consolidation will save UI customers $25 million over 20 years. “All of these savings flow to all of our customers.”

But Goldfield said Vallillo was “misjudging costs” of the move and Lemar said the letter contained “half-truths and falsified information.”

Lemar charged the move “will ultimately raise rates.” He said it would also be economically damaging to downtown New Haven because 500 UI workers would move out, hurting other city businesses.

Lemar said the move would also increase air pollution because of added traffic on I-95 and make it more difficult for lower-income UI employees to get to work, given the lack of mass transit serving Orange.

Frank Panzarella of the group Fight the Hike told aldermen that “making a big buck” was motivating UI to move to Orange. He said UI is abandoning its role as a corporate citizen responsible to consumers.

Goldfield later addressed another issue: UI’s sale nine years ago of the polluted English Station power plant in New Haven. “We’re looking into a possible lawsuit against UI; can they just turn their back and move on?”

Alderman Mordechai Sandman, D-28, said, “The original polluter (UI) takes ultimate responsibility for the clean-up.”


The Milford Independent Party Celebrates Its Grand Opening With A Surprise Endorsement

The Milford Independent Party was standing room only at its 26 Broad Street location, the families and friends of all the candidates attended what was a very informative and spectacular event.

Most notable guests included a surprise visit from The Senior Agent of the Connecticut Independent Party Mike Terlesca. Mike Telesca, added the State Party endorsement of Peter Spalthoff to his already growing list of local endorsements.

Mike Telesca and the Independent Party Chairman rarely endorses candidates, but after getting to know Peter he drafted the following impressive letter below.

Mr. Peter Spalthoff
26 Broad Street
Milford, Ct 06460

Dear Peter,

As the state Agent of the Connecticut Independent Party, I am proud to have been part of Milford’s independent movement since the first meeting was held here at your office some six months ago.

It has been indeed an honor and a privilege to work and know an individual such as yourself who has found the hidden secrets of successful leadership. Your principle of “people not politics” is in fact an important principle that the Ct Independent Party tries to instill in all of its candidates.

Over the last several months we have taken the time to get to know who you are, and clearly without a doubt you are among the pillars of Milford Ct. Your past/present leadership positions as President or Chairman of so many local organizations and charities are an incredible testament to what kind of honorable and selfless individual you are.

While the Independent Party has endorsed many candidates, few rise to the level of commitment, professionalism and personal success that you have attained in your community. Therefore, it is my distinct honor to formally endorse you as our Independent candidate for Milford Mayor in the 2009 election cycle.

The Independent Party and all of its resources in your area will be encouraged to help you achieve an election victory come this November. In the meanwhile, feel free to count on our advisory board to assist you in any of your present/future campaign endeavors.


Mike Telesca
Agent For Candidate Endorsement
CT Independent Party State Central

For those who do not know Mr. Telesca, he started the Independent Party in Waterbury Ct, and has gone on to win several local city positions for his party. Recently Mr. Teslesca was asked to consult for the state of Connecticut regarding the Green Party Lawsuit against the Citizens election campaign.

The Fledgling state program was remarkably impressed with Mr. Telesca because with his leadership last year he helped qualify the only 3rd. Party candidates in the state of Connecticut for public funding.

Mr. Telesca is a dynamo in the realm of third party politics in the state of Connecticut and his endorsement of Peter Spalthoff as the only Mayoral endorsement in the state of Connecticut is truly a great compliment to Peter.

The state party is now committing its resources to help Peter win this election come this November.

(Above Photo of Mike Telesca (L)and Peter Spalthoff (R))

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Peter Schiff Announces His Candidacy For US Senate

(Double Click Video For Full Resolution)

The long wait is finally over, Peter Schiff the economist and CEO of Darien's Euro Pacific Capital officially put his hat into the ring this morning. Peter also sent out the e-mail below to his supporters as of last night:

Based upon the unbelievable support that I have received from 10,000 supporters like you, I have decided to throw my hat into the ring to challenge Chris Dodd for the honor of representing the state of Connecticut in the United States Senate. I will announce my candidacy on MSNBC's Morning Joe show on Thursday, September 17 at8:15am eastern time. Sorry for the short notice, but its important to honor commitments and keep these things under raps until the day the news breaks.

At this time last year I could not have imagined that that I would be making such an announcement today. I had never intended to become a candidate for public office. But these are extraordinary times. Our economy is falling apart in front of our eyes and Washington seems intent on making the wheels come off even faster. At a time when we desperately need adult supervision, the economically illiterate are running the show. As I love my country, it now seems clear that I must try to do something help. The emotional and material support I have received from across the country has made the decision much easier.

So today it begins. As I'm sure you are aware, the rules in politics bear only scant resemblance to those which govern polite society. As a result, I am wading into strange waters, and I'm sure strange things will happen. But I promise to maintain my composure and give it my best shot. Based on the support that I have received thus far, I fully expect to be facing down Chris Dodd in the general election just 14months from now.

As my campaign takes flight, I appreciate the patience and trust that you have shown. To commit time and money to a long shot candidate for high office is a hard choice. I hope to repay that trust with a first class campaign.

I look forward to your feedback and your continued support.

Peter Schiff

On a quick personal note I would like to thank Peter and his Brother Andrew who spoke to me in detail on several occasions regarding the Schiff Campaign and the support pledged to him by the Connecticut Independent Party, the CT Tea Parties, and the US Campaign for Liberty.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Milford Independent Party Extends Public Invitation To HQ Grand Opening

The Milford Independent Party is extending a warm welcome to the general public, especially all those undecided or Unaffiliated voters who do not identify with a political party.

Peter Spalthoff, the Independent Candidate for Mayor will be in attendance to meet and greet any Milford person who wishes to ask him a question, or get his thoughts about our City. Additionally the rest of the Milford ticket will also be available and on hand to share their views on local issues.

The Grand Opening celebration will be held on 9/17/2009 at 6:00P.M. at Peter's office building, (next to Dunkin Donuts on the Milford Green.) For directions call (203) 247-4357 or visit

The Milford Independents have also invited some interesting local and state reformers, who will certainly add an element of surprise and of course add lively informative conversation on the serious issues facing our town and state.

While there is no official charge for the event, the Independent Party would appreciate any contribution you can make. Recommended contributions are at the Independent Party website listed above.

Remember that we get the government that we elect, and this November not making an informed decision can cost you and your family dearly. Our elected leaders can make a difference in the amount you pay in tax, the quality of our emergency services and most important the level of education your kids will receive in the coming years.

Please forward this invitation to your friends and family (your e-mail list) and encourage them to come with you.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Republican Alderman Toohey Leaves The Republican Ticket

When Greg Smith had to step down from the Board of Aldermen in 2001 to fulfill a military obligation overseas, he asked his friend Judy Toohey to finish his term.

Toohey went on to win four terms of her own from the 2nd District, but she announced Monday that she would not seek re-election after all.

The local Republican Party turned back to Smith, who said that he will run in her place in November.

"I love it and I am leaving hoping to come back someday or to serve the city in another capacity," Toohey said. "But I want to spend more time with my family. I hope that Jim Richetelli is re-elected and that he finds a place for me where I can help the city and have more time with my family."

The lineup change is the third since the GOP held its nominating convention in July. Since then, John Fowler and Joanne Rohrig have been replaced as Board of Education candidates by James Tranquilli Jr. and Mark Stapleton, respectively. Fowler said that he was nominated as a "placeholder" with the understanding that he would step aside when another candidate came forward. Rohrig, the school board's minority leader, dropped out after her son, Jared, an Orange police officer, was arrested on sexual assault charges that allegedly took place in the family's home. Stapleton has served on the school board previously.

Republican Town Committee Chairman Tom Jagodzinski said he was pleased that Smith is interested in running again. "I'm sorry that Jude will not be running, but Greg Smith is an excellent candidate with an outstanding record of service to our country and our city. Milford is lucky to have an individual with his credentials who is willing to serve our city again," the chairman said.

Smith, who said that he is not at liberty to discuss his military assignments or duties, was called out of the country by the U.S. Navy, in which he served, in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Since his return to Milford he has served as commander of the VFW post here and is now a state official in that organization. He said that he has also been focusing on his family, including his wife, Christine, and son, Matt, who graduated from Jonathan Law High School in June. The Smiths are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary this year.

"In 2005 I retired from 22 years of service in both the United States Navy and Army. My wife saw me through six deployments. I am home for good now," the aldermanic candidate said. "For the last several years, I have worked to implement disabled building access projects for veterans, volunteered at the West Haven VA Hospital, sent over 600 care packages to our local troops overseas, and raised funds to help their families here in Milford.

"I am honored that Judy Toohey has asked to pass the torch back to me," Smith said. "I am looking forward to working with Bob Joy to serve our neighbors and friends in Milford's 2nd District as their aldermen. I know Bob and I will make a great team. Along with Mayor Richetelli, we will return the 2nd District to the responsible hands of neighbors they can count on to keep our community safe by listening to the real concerns of our police officers and firefighters. We will ensure that our veterans and seniors are respected, and that our children are provided with the best education the citizens of Milford can afford."


Monday, September 14, 2009

Devon Day Boast Lots Of Kids Fun & Sunshine

Devon day was a a fun filled, hot day. The Milford Independent Party featured in the photo was fundraising by selling ice cold water bottles to thirsty festival patrons. Kids really had the best of the event as they were entertained by all the inflatable jumpers, wall climbers, and slides set up on the baseball field at the Grove Circle field.

Devon Day celebrated the 6Th annual event of community pride and festivities aimed at bringing local neighborhoods out and together. Many small businesses and local newspapers were in attendance as well as the Devon Day founder and leader Nancy Seltzer.

A sincere thank you on behalf of all of us at the MDB to all those individuals who helped organize this wonderful event.

(Photo Appearances: L-R Peter Spalthoff, Mike Konopka, Dick Sieron, Rocco Frank)

Date Corrected, Location Corrected 9/25/09

Sunday, September 13, 2009

This Weeks Real Estate Transfers

76 Point Lookout, Thomas P. and Kimberly H. Nolan to FCB Rem LLC, $2,000,000.

52 Atwater St, Kathleen R. Hodge and Aldo P. Staffieri to Jaana H. Debnam, $260,000.

70 Branca Ct Unit 70, Brenda Paoletta to John W. Walters, $276,000.

Briarwood Ln, Matson Joan C Est and Gregory J. Matson to Norma P. Fitzpatrick, $248,700.

47 Chester St, Richard G. Piselli to Selina M. Piselli, $350,000.

112 Cornflower Dr, Oliver David H Est and Debbie L. Slattery to Gregory G. Ryan, $290,000.

51 E Broadway Unit C, Daniel R. Salomone to Andrew H Duhaime RET, $180,000.

86 Governors Ave, Norma P. Fitzpatrick to Chalres and Claire Casey, $340,000.

20 Joyce Ct, GRP Loan LLC to Bruce J. and Janet L. Devlin, $135,000.

Lavery Ln Lot 2, Joseph D. German to William G. German, $10,000.

195 Meadow Park Dr, Nadim and Rachel Ramadah to James and Jamie Froelick, $344,000.

444 Milford Point Rd, Dulin Albert Peter Est and Joan Zuscin to Edward R. Cronin, $239,000.

586 Pond Point Ave, Bijaya K. Dash to William Cyr and Jullian Morabito, $330,000.

Wendy Rd, Saint Basil LLC to Shirley Frumento, $255,000.

35 Wendy Rd, Edward Frasier and Linda M. Fogler to Saint Basil LLC, $221,000.

659 West Ave Unit 7, Kevin and Kristi L. Mccarthy to Kristine L. Marino, $175,200.


Today Is Devon Day, Come Show Your Support

Devon Day is a truly unique experience. Every year we gather to celebrate this great community with all its rich culture and history Devon has to offer. This year we are celebrating our 6th annual Devon Day festival. Events will be filled with fun, excitement and enjoyment for all ages! Join us on Sunday, September 13th between the hours of 11:00 am and 7:00 pm at Grove Circle Park. There will be music, food and smiling faces all around as we join together to celebrate Devon.

Devon Day Website is

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Charles R. Iovino Rests In Peace

For those of you who might have missed it, I want to bring to your attention that Charles R. Iovino passed away on September 5th in Peabody Massachusetts at the age of 99.

While many of you may not know Mr. Iovino, he was the Mayor of Milford back in the late fifties and early sixties. While being the Mayor is significant in and of itself, Mr. Iovino was the very first Mayor of Milford and won not as a Republican or Democrat, but as a write-in candidate and he won overwhelmingly. His winning was a first in Connecticut as an Independent candidate.

Although I never met Mr. Iovino, he was/is an inspiration to me as I know an Independent candidate here in Milford can win just as he did back in 1959. His commitment to the City and not the political parties is my inspiration and I am truly sorry that I never had the opportunity to thank him for his leadership and commitment to the Milford community.

So, in this little way with this formal notification I wanted to say “thank you” Mr. Iovino for not only your inspiration to me, but more importantly for the years you served as one of Milford’s wonderful Mayors. May he rest in peace knowing that he has served us well.

From a very grateful citizen, an appreciative Independent Party, and a thankful community to have had the likes of Charles R. Iovino serve as our Mayor. I send our condolences to the Iovino family.

Peter L. Spalthoff

Independent Party Candidate for Mayor

Firemans Muster Draws Large Crowds

The 38th annual Antique Fire Apparatus Show will be back in town today, with a variety of firefighting competitions, children’s activities, antique firetrucks, a flea market, refreshments and much more.

Organizers said the show is the biggest of its kind on the East Coast, attracting more than 6,000 people each year.

Admission is free. Proceeds from entry fees and food sales benefit Camp Happiness, which offers programs for children with special needs.

The event will kick off with a flea market at 8:30 a.m. at Eisenhower Park with a plethora of authentic fire gear, memorabilia and clothing.

“There are treasures here for everyone to find,” said muster Chairman Vaughan Dumas. “You don’t have to be in the fire service to enjoy this shopping experience.”

Kids will get to participate in a fire simulation with a working firehouse. There will also be a large moon walk, a fun house and a 55-foot crawl-through caterpillar. Educational programs on fire and disaster preparation will also be featured.

“It’s a great family day,” said muster Co-Chairman George Ambriscoe. “In fact, many of the teams that participate in the competitions and bring antique firetrucks come with their families.”

Fire departments from eight states will be represented in the competitions starting at 10:30 a.m., which include a “Save the Baby” ladder climb and a lakeside draft for antique pumper trucks.

“Muster competitions began years ago as friendly rivalries between neighboring fire departments to determine which company had bragging rights for the best firefighting skills,” Ambriscoe said. “These are exciting action demonstrations of skills that really save lives.”

More than 25 teams will compete in the tug of war, midnight alarm, water barrel blast, arena pumping and bucket brigade competitions.

The Female Firefighters of America will come to the event to sign copies of the 2010 Female Firefighters of America Calendar and participate in the competitions.

“We think we look just as good whether we’re in bikinis or bunker pants, but best of all the profits from our calendar sales go to a great cause, the University of Miami’s Jackson Memorial Burn Center,” said Laura Kupinski, coordinator of the calendar program and a paramedic with the Metro Dade Fire Department.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Charlie Sheen Requests 9/11 Meeting With President Obama

Actor Charlie Sheen has followed up on his “20 Minutes With The President” letter by directly addressing President Obama in a You Tube clip to request he use his executive power to reopen the investigation into 9/11 and its aftermath.

On Tuesday, Sheen published a fictional account of a meeting with the President on radio talk show host Alex Jones’ and Prison websites in which Obama was confronted about what Sheen alleges is a cover-up surrounding 9/11. In his letter, Sheen requests a real meeting with Barack Obama.

Now Sheen has taken his challenge a step further by appearing in a You Tube video that asks Obama to “be on the right side of history” by reopening an investigation into 9/11, while highlighting that the majority of the 9/11 Commission members have publicly dismissed the official government version of the attacks as a deception, with former Senator and Commission member Max Cleland labeling the government response to the Commission’s questions as “disgusting” and “a scam”.

Sheen highlights several issues in the video, including the unexplained collapse of WTC 7, a 47-story building that was not hit by a plane yet collapsed in free fall fashion into its own footprint within 7 seconds later in the afternoon on September 11. He also cites multiple reports from firefighters, police, first responders and others who were at ground zero and who all described explosions before the collapse of the twin towers and Building 7.

He also discusses how former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds broke her gag order to go public with the revelation that Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda were working with the U.S. government right up until the day of 9/11.

Sheen also demands to know why NORAD’s standard operating procedure was not followed on 9/11, allowing the hijacked jetliners to find their targets, asking, “Where were the planes?”

Sheen expresses his hope that President Obama has read his letter, adding, “We have questions Mr. President, lots of questions….people of the United States and the world demand the truth sir,” adding that Obama has the power and the responsibility to initiate “a truly independent Congressional investigation into the events of 9/11 as well as its aftermath.”

“We want our country back Mr. President, therefore I’m not just calling on you I’m calling on your team, I’m calling on each and every American citizen to wake up, stand up, and demand the truth,” states Sheen in the video.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dick Sieron Board Of Education Candidate District 5 Comments

Recently I knocked on a number of doors, introducing myself as a candidate for the Milford board of education, I was amazed at the response. Nine out of every 10 persons I talked to were fed up with our schools and eagerly invited me into their homes for discussion. The one out of ten who refused to talk to me did so because, when they found out I was a member of the Milford Independent Party, they said that they were either a Democrat or a Republican and would not vote for me. Isn’t it astonishing that the Milford government web site board of education page lists one school board member as the “Chairman of the Majority Party” and another member as the “Chairman of the Minority Party.” Newspaper articles also refer to those certain school board members by those same titles.

I submit that the practice of politics in our school board is outrageous. The Republicans and Democrats are incapable of thinking beyond party politics. George Washington, (in his farewell speech,) said to beware of political parties because they represent the will of those parties and not the will of the people. When there is disagreement among school board members, voting is often along party lines, as though no one is capable of critical thinking.

The Milford Independent Party is offering candidates based on their abilities, not party patronage, and will not base any decisions along party lines.

I have talked to a number of Milford school teachers and every one I have talked to so far has been angry with what goes on in our schools. It is amazing that their anger is not reported in the media. At one home that I was invited into, a teacher did not even give me a chance to speak first. He informed me that they were forced to teach their students WHAT to think and not HOW to think. He said they were forced to spend all their time giving the students the “No Child Left Behind” tests and over-teaching those tests, leaving them no time to teach anything else.

Our schools will lose millions of dollars from the state if they do not give the NCLB tests. The State of Connecticut gets those millions of dollars from the Federal government. The federal government is forbidden by the Constitution from having anything to do with education at the state and local level. That is the sole province of the States. And so, big brother gets his nose in the tent through the back door. The dollars are paid by the taxpayers in the first place and everyone knows that the closer you get to the local level, the more wisely the dollars are spent. The federal government has no monopoly on brains and common sense. The only monopoly they have is on corruption.

Tax wise, we are one of the wealthier towns in Connecticut. The mall and all the commercial businesses on the Post Road and other business centers bring in large tax revenues. We spend well over a hundred million dollars each year on our public schools, what do we get for that money?

Statewide, Milford’s highest ranked (CAP tests) elementary school in 142nd place and the lowest ranks 285th (among 544 elementary schools). Foran High School ranks 94th in the state (CAPT tests) and Jonathan Law ranks 119th (among 171 high schools). One of our elementary schools recently dropped 48 ranking positions from 2008 and another school an incredible 85 ranking positions. Foran dropped 15 ranking positions and Law dropped 10. Our school board should be in “crisis mode,” but nobody seems to be awake or aware.

We pay our superintendent of schools Apx. $185,000.00 p/y and all he seems to be able to do is find himself mentioned in a scandal appearing on the front pages of the newspapers. Incidentally, school Superintendents should not be close friends with members of the school board. A board member cannot make objective decisions about the performance of a close friend of the Superintendant.

I have nothing to fear making the above statements. I have lived in Milford for 15 years and raised a family elsewhere. I am not a member of any union, nor do I own a business. Education in our country is in an incredible state of decay. Our grandparents were far better educated then today’s younger people.

If elected to the Milford school board, I promise the following;

I will ask tough questions and demand major reform.
I will report regularly to the press as to what happens at board meetings and how the board members vote.

Dick Sieron
Independent Candidate For Board of Education
District 5

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mirror Published Wrong Bulk Trash Pick Up Date

The Milford Mirror erroneously published the 2008 bulk trash pickup schedule in this week’s paper. The correct dates for bulk pickup in September are as follow:

If your trash is picked up on Tuesday, your bulk trash pickup will be Sept. 16.

If your trash is picked up on Thursday, your bulk trash will be picked up Sept. 23.

If your trash is picked up on Friday, your bulk trash will be picked up Sept. 30.

Monday’s bulk trash pickup has already taken place.

Look to next week’s Milford Mirror for a printed version of the 2009 bulk schedule.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lessons Learned From The Cadley House Debacle

There are many lessons to be learned from the Cadley House debacle. At the very least, I hope we have learned to never again empower one person alone with the authority to determine the fate of a historically significant Milford property.

In their resolution, the board of aldermen handed the Mayor the authority to purchase and then sell the historic Cadley House. That authority granted the Mayor power over the transaction and even over building refurbishment, like selecting the exterior paint color. It seems that the aldermen’s intent was to preserve and protect the house, while entrusting this responsibility to the Mayor. However, the process followed by the Mayor was the opposite of what the aldermen envisioned.

The Mayor used the authority to have the historic house demolished, and then sold the house to a developer who had a new home built on the site.

Though possibly well intentioned, the results of the Mayor’s actions have raised many questions about the process. In the future, I would like the fate of our historic properties-whether to demolish, purchase, sell or renovate-to be resolved in accordance with city ordinances and with greater input from our City Historian, whose responsibility is to preserve Milford history. By doing this, the Mayor will not be alone in making the final decision concerning our historic properties, but rather consult and receive input from those that know more about the processes and the historic item.

As your Mayor, I will ensure that this practice is strictly adhered to so that the Cadley House debacle will never be repeated.

As Milford is the 6th oldest City in the State of Connecticut, we need to be more considerate of the historical property that we have, and we certainly need to be even more considerate in the way that we handle our historical property. Once we lose a historical piece of property, we lose it forever.

Peter Spalthoff

Monday, September 7, 2009

Missing Milford Kayaker Search Still Ongoing

Search and rescue teams from area police departments and the U.S. Coast Guard continued through Sunday evening looking for a missing kayaker, as computer models relayed a 17- to 27.9-hour window of survivability based on water temperatures, Fire Capt. Chris Zak said.

Two people were thrown into the water from their kayak early Sunday. One of the men, identified by U.S. Coast Guard officials as John Ferraro, was able to defy the odds and swim to land, but the other man, identified as Michael Krupa, 22, of Middletown, remained missing. Officials did not have an age or hometown for Ferraro.

Zak said that at 4:42 a.m. Sunday the department’s emergency operations center received a 911 cell phone call reporting a person in the water. Fire officials later learned that two people were in the kayak when it flipped over and were unable to get back into the boat.

Zak said both of the kayakers began to swim toward anchored boats, and one man was able to swim to Charles Island, where he found a boat and woke up the people who were on board. Fire officials did not release the identity of the kayakers.

When firefighters arrived, the man was suffering from hypothermia because of the prolonged time in the water, and he is currently at an area hospital in guarded condition.

The man did not have a flotation device on, Zak said. A Coast Guard helicopter and boat, along with Milford fire and police, Stratford and West Haven fire personnel, searched all day and into the evening for the second kayaker, Zak said.

Beachgoers who basked at Silver Sands State Park Sunday watched the rescue operation with interest.

Bob Gabris of Naugatuck sat on the shore Sunday afternoon, staring out across the water.

“We came down here to walk on the beach and relax, and we picked a bad day, because somebody lost their life,” he said.

Gabris hadn’t heard about the accident before coming to the beach, but immediately knew something was wrong when he saw the helicopter. “One or two people go down every year between here and Stratford,” he said. “Long Island Sound is very dangerous.”

Terry Ames of Waterbury stood out on the sandbar Sunday afternoon filming the scene. In the distance, emergency services boats surrounded Charles Island.

Ames said he comes to the beach several times a week to film nature. After seeing the news today, he knew he was in for a different scene.

“I couldn’t believe it when I turned the news on. I was here just yesterday,” he said. Ames said he was anxious to know who the missing boater was, as he knows a lot of people in the area.

“There’s too many drownings this year, all over the place. Too many,” he said

Zak said they were using sonar to try and locate the person. They found the kayak. Crews are searching between Silver Sands State Park and Walnut Beach.

A side scan sonar device was used by Milford Fire Department divers to try to ascertain if the individual was submerged. Fire department units also performed grid search patterns in Long Island Sound, and shore units were walking the beach areas.

Zak said it is somewhat remarkable that one of the kayakers was able to swim to Charles Island because it was very windy out and the currents are “very difficult” to navigate.

“He is very fortunate he did make it,” Zak said.

Zak also said once boaters position their vessel south of Charles Island, they are no longer protected by land, which allows the winds to pick up and make the waves treacherous.

Zak emphasized the importance of having a personal floatation device when using any type of water vessel, and the need to have a family member or friend know your destination and estimated return time.

A detailed plan outlining the departure location, destination, identity of people on the vessel and expected return time can assist rescue workers in locating those lost in an emergency, officials said.

By Brian McCready, Milford

Sunday, September 6, 2009

This Weeks Property Transfers

65 Tulip Tree Ct, James Parker Esse and Maria Turnage to Richard and Leighann Weber, $431,000.

109 Grant St, Angelo C. and Gene A. Memoli to Melissa P. Knauert, $475,000.

12 Alana Dr Unit 12, River Brook LLC to Chris Palumbo, $250,000.

14 Beverly Rd, Stephen and Lisa Young to Calogero A. Distefano, $385,000.

58 Botsford Ave, Pierpont Russell J Jr Est and Barbara Richards to Salvatore Cappetta, $135,000.

207 Broadway, Bank Of New York and Certificate Holders Inc to Brian W. Wellington, $260,000.

75 Carmen Rd, Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Vasilia Perselis, $241,500.

77 Carriage Dr Unit 77, Edmund Doglio to Terrence J. Garrison, $157,500.

250 Chapel St, US Bk and Master Alternative Loan T to Jonathan J. and Meredith L. Trottier, $215,600.

59 Colonial Ave, Lance S. Winer to Melissa Kamen, $258,000.

14 Cooper Ave, James B. and Janet E. Turiano to Elena Martinez, $170,000.

55 Earle St, Vincenza Garcia to Wells Fargo Bk, $1.

125 Eastern Pkwy, Maria F. Rimkus to Brandon M. Adams, $226,000.

34 Elaine Rd, Un Cha Deane to Barbara S. Werner, $239,900.

20 Elder St Unit 20, Thomas A. Maguire and Janet M. Shanley to David Colasanto, $203,000.

53 Fairfield St, Deutsche Bk to Michael Braccio, $136,000.

33 Foran Rd Unit 16, Mark Pueci to Paul Smith, $144,000.

33 Forest Rd Unit C, Bank Of New York Mellon to Marilyn P. Boone, $225,900.

6 Green Meadow Rd, Karey S. and Glenn V. Maxwell to Debora M. Taylor and James F. Weaver, $379,900.

118 Gulf St Unit 12, Marcia M. Benedosso to Megan Flaherty, $170,000.

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