Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Democrats Demonize Richetelli's Addiction Issues

All one has to do is look at the barrage of articles today at the Connecticut Post and you will read a sad tale of Democratic charges of Mayoral accusations, insinuations, and claims of dereliction of duty.

Richard Smith the Democratic Party Chairman has made Richetelli's fight with addiction a matter of partisan politics. Smith alleged that had our Mayor not been preoccupied with his addiction issues the city of Milford would have qualified for more stimulus money.

Democrats allege that Compared to other towns who were on the ball Milford got less stimulus benefits. Freedom of information requests are reeling in by the Democrats, and the Republicans said they intend to comply, however the documentation requested is voluminous and may not be available until after the election.

The Republicans also Responded with THIS press release claiming that the democrats have it all wrong, that they were the ones who declined the funding to Eisenhower Park because the money came from U.S. Sen. Lieberman whom the Milford Democrats are angry with. Richetelli charged that Lieberman's betrayal of Lamont was the main reason why they declined funds for Eisenhower park.

The Democrats however were not persuaded by Richetelli's remarks and continued to insist that his addiction to an "un-named" prescription drug and his flight to a Maryland rehab is the real cause of his lack of effectiveness in delivering the Federal funds.

With all these heated exchanges in play, Tim Chaucer the Petitioning Candidate for Mayor jumped into the Melee and charged that Richetelli was "sleeping at the wheel" in (THIS article) when he allowed a developer to purchase the space next to the library. Chaucer said that that space could have been 22 now needed parking spaces for the library and not purchasing the land was a mistake. He claimed Richetelli was not interested or involved in keeping that lot.

Richetelli has been under a steady attack since his first Debate where he was accused of contributing to the destruction of the Cadley House, allowing complacency in the Building Department, falsely taking credit for this years tax decrease, and not supporting Jonathan Law's educational infrastructure.

Much to Peter Spalthoff's credit, he did not take sides, or jump into the partisan character thrashing from both Republicans and Democrats. Spalthoff instead focused on the issues affecting our community and gave his opinion as if he were the mayor at the time.

The Democrats have now reached a new low by engaging in what may be perceived as an intensely negative campaign making Richetelli's drug problem the focal point of their press releases. Truly a sad way to run an election, perhaps it would be best if all candidates just focus on the issues and refrain from personal attacks.

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