Monday, September 28, 2009

Dodd Delauro & Pelosi Latest Victims Of Tea Party Patriots

Over the weekend, Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi came to Guilford Ct for a Democratic Party Fundraiser. The event was held at a private residence, and was a "Pay Per Seat Meet and Greet" by Connecticut's wealthy Democratic Elite.

The Speakers presence in CT was not without its troubles, because Tea Party Patriots still reeling with anger over health care, deficit spending, and taxes showed up with a contingent of about 50-60 protesters. Some of these protesters came from our community including Robert Birarelli a small business owner fed up with government abuses of taxation and waste.

The photos provided were also courtesy of Robert and depict some of these protesters with their hand made signs bearing their messages to Congress. For those who may have missed the televised tea Party in Washington D.C. it was the largest public event in recent memory with an estimated 1.7 Million attendees.

Another photo below is from the poster now for sale at online auctions and bears the entire brunt of the D.C. crowd. This protest was widely marginalized, under reported and dismissed with a cowardly bigoted homophobic statement comparing Tea Party Patriots to Homosexual "Tea Baggers."

Much to the chagrin of the powers to be the movement is huge, its real and it is not going away. This latest event in Connecticut is one of thousands that are going on all over America and is the "monkey on the back" of our congressional leaders.

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