Friday, September 18, 2009

The Milford Independent Party Celebrates Its Grand Opening With A Surprise Endorsement

The Milford Independent Party was standing room only at its 26 Broad Street location, the families and friends of all the candidates attended what was a very informative and spectacular event.

Most notable guests included a surprise visit from The Senior Agent of the Connecticut Independent Party Mike Terlesca. Mike Telesca, added the State Party endorsement of Peter Spalthoff to his already growing list of local endorsements.

Mike Telesca and the Independent Party Chairman rarely endorses candidates, but after getting to know Peter he drafted the following impressive letter below.

Mr. Peter Spalthoff
26 Broad Street
Milford, Ct 06460

Dear Peter,

As the state Agent of the Connecticut Independent Party, I am proud to have been part of Milford’s independent movement since the first meeting was held here at your office some six months ago.

It has been indeed an honor and a privilege to work and know an individual such as yourself who has found the hidden secrets of successful leadership. Your principle of “people not politics” is in fact an important principle that the Ct Independent Party tries to instill in all of its candidates.

Over the last several months we have taken the time to get to know who you are, and clearly without a doubt you are among the pillars of Milford Ct. Your past/present leadership positions as President or Chairman of so many local organizations and charities are an incredible testament to what kind of honorable and selfless individual you are.

While the Independent Party has endorsed many candidates, few rise to the level of commitment, professionalism and personal success that you have attained in your community. Therefore, it is my distinct honor to formally endorse you as our Independent candidate for Milford Mayor in the 2009 election cycle.

The Independent Party and all of its resources in your area will be encouraged to help you achieve an election victory come this November. In the meanwhile, feel free to count on our advisory board to assist you in any of your present/future campaign endeavors.


Mike Telesca
Agent For Candidate Endorsement
CT Independent Party State Central

For those who do not know Mr. Telesca, he started the Independent Party in Waterbury Ct, and has gone on to win several local city positions for his party. Recently Mr. Teslesca was asked to consult for the state of Connecticut regarding the Green Party Lawsuit against the Citizens election campaign.

The Fledgling state program was remarkably impressed with Mr. Telesca because with his leadership last year he helped qualify the only 3rd. Party candidates in the state of Connecticut for public funding.

Mr. Telesca is a dynamo in the realm of third party politics in the state of Connecticut and his endorsement of Peter Spalthoff as the only Mayoral endorsement in the state of Connecticut is truly a great compliment to Peter.

The state party is now committing its resources to help Peter win this election come this November.

(Above Photo of Mike Telesca (L)and Peter Spalthoff (R))

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