Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Vince Ross Calls Republican Letter "Amazing Fiction"

Unfortunately, it appears that Genevieve Salvatore, mayoral candidate and leader of the Milford Democrats, has concluded that Democrats can't win without personal attacks on Mayor Richetelli.

Mayor Richetelli has called on everyone, regardless of political party, to come together. He's said local government shouldn't be about partisan politics, it should be about people serving our community and about neighbors joining together to ensure that government works effectively to keep Milford a great place to live.

On November 3rd, voters are going to have a clear choice between Mayor Richetelli's vision for Milford and Salvatore's brand of attack politics.

Tom Jagodzinski
Paid for by the Milford Republican Town Committee


I refer to the above piece of creative writing and amazing fiction.

Isn’t it nice that the Mayor and the RTC Chairman now want local politics to be about ‘serving our community’, ‘neighbors’ and not ‘partisan politics’?

Some 9 months ago when Peter Spalthoff first voiced these same words as the underlying principles of the Milford Independent Party, both the Republicans and the Democrats laughed from their high-horse saying that these were not even worthy of being the basis of a party.

They derided these principles, stating that they were just jargon. They dismissed the foundation of who Peter Spalthoff is, his love for Milford, and the fact that he wants to stamp out partisan politics so that Milford is the focal point of every decision made. Yet now they use his very script and hypocritically do not even acknowledge Peter.

Back to what you know best, hey Tom? Partisan politics, cheap tactics and mimicry.

The major parties are so barren of any true concern for Milford that they even resort to copying Peter Spalthoff’s genuine passion, yet try to ignore his presence since they know he is the only candidate that has and always will put Milford first.

“Neighbors”… what an unusual word to be coming from the Republicans. This is the party that:

-dismisses Peter Spalthoff but uses his words and his ideas;

-Publicly and privately they butchered loyal Milfordite and respected Republican Tom Beirne for suggesting that Richetelli should improve his performance;

-Resorts to defamatory name-calling the members of an opposing party for telling the truth about Richetelli’s sizeable pension payout;

-Has rubbished the reputation of State Representative Barbara Lambert and even had a fundraiser with the sole intention of ridiculing her;

-ALWAYS vote along party lines, even if it means approving a salary increase for the Mayor: Knowing all the while that at the same time school employees could be fired and the Mayor is negotiating union wage freezes;

-Has without proof, ruthlessly questioned the moral virtues of the Democratic mayoral candidate.

“Neighbors” … how novel for Tom and Jim to use that term. Just for their edification:

“Neighbor - a person who shows kindliness or helpfulness toward his or her fellow humans.”

Maybe Tom and Jim were thinking of another word to describe themselves:

“Hypocrite - a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, esp. one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements.”

The major parties should stick to what they know best - their self-interest - and let Peter Spalthoff be voted in as Milford Mayor so he can govern this city the way it should and must be governed. He is the only mayoral candidate that has constantly, consistently and honestly put the people of Milford first and foremost.

Vote Spalthoff and keep these undesirable ‘neighbors’ out of our local politics.

Vincent Ross

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