Saturday, September 19, 2009

Some Personal Thoughts On Milfords Political Spectrum

Each year the candidates and their respective parties enter into commitments that pledge their support to our community. Some of these jobs, are full time city jobs and others charitable selfless jobs that are dependent on the goodwill of Milford’s devoted citizen’s who are intent on making a difference.

Between now and the first week in November, everyone’s “differences” will be heard “loud and clear” and what we say about each other, and how we say it can result in politics as usual or something more noble like working together to build a “rock solid” community.

Recognizing good ideas, ideas that bring about “smart growth,” lower taxes, and “world class schools” or “great recreational opportunities,” should never be divided or challenged across party lines. Politics aside, most candidates in all three parties have already made a serious commitment to our town. Many of these individuals, win or lose, I believe will continue to be involved in shaping Milford’s future, even if it’s voicing their opinion one council meeting at a time.

Come next year, we will all forget about this years campaign partisan bickering. Hopefully it will be every elected official’s prerogative to work as a “team” and not a “caucus” when it comes to building our community. A perfect example of this was Raymond Vitale, who broke ranks with his party and kept Milford’s politics from becoming our kid’s problem.

This bravery should never come with a “price” just because party bosses do not like Republicans or Democrats to “vote their mind” and not their loyalties. My own Brother In-Law a former Board of Ed member (Republican Mark Stapleton, now running again) made it clear that it disturbs party leadership when he disagrees with their views.

This political bickering has got to stop, and to quote my good friend Dick Sieron (also an Independent candidate for the board of education,) we need not “politicize our school and local boards with Minority and Majority leaders…it’s disgraceful.” As a candidate for the Board of Education myself, I also agree with Dick’s point.

When this year’s elections are over, I would expect that the voters will have made their choices. Good bad, unbelievable, whatever the outcome, it becomes our responsibility as leaders, citizens, running mates, etc. to lay down our “sabers” and get to work improving our community. I would expect that all people involved, from all political parties, also remain involved in our community, by sharing ideas, and keeping in touch with our newly elected leaders.

In conclusion, and “simply put” lets make this year in politics 2010 one we can remember. Let’s make this year the year we put the needs of our community first, and ahead of the typical political caucuses and partisan bickering. Let’s show REAL LEADERSHIP by rallying around “great Ideas” that move us forward, as an “enviable community” where any bystander can live a better life and share in our towns success.

Achieving this reality starts with you, the reader of this post.

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