Thursday, September 24, 2009

Weekly Property Transfers

229 Lookout Hill Rd, George T. Hewriah and Pamela A. Morrow to Elizabeth Nemergut, $442,500.

565 Acorn Ln, David and Emily Luxeder to Amy M. and Vincent Bugge, $365,000.

4 Albert St, John and Carol Ann Zampedri to Brandon Macing and Erin Nemeth, $270,000.

77 Broadway, Harry Londono to Catherine L. Hoda, $304,000.

129 Foxwood Close Unit 129, Mindy Ploof to Diane I. Romonosky, $177,000.

19 John St, Walter Regula to Carol E. Knight and Andrew B. Starkweather, $238,000.

83 Kent St, Karen Sando and Countrywide Home Loans to Countrywide Home Loans, $1.

436 Milford Point Rd, Rui F. Goncalves to Christopher J. Piatt, $205,000.

179 Robert Treat Pkwy, Michelle K. Schmidt and Indymac Bank FSB to Indymac Bank FSB, $1.

485 Woodruff Rd, Elaine Marie Fogler to Rachel and Scott Gaudet, $369,000.


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