Sunday, September 27, 2009

Milford Parents Mixed On Swine Flu Vaccine

Fear of pandemic has certainly got people all "riled up" here in town. Not so much you or me, the person living at home or working a small business, but for those people who have kids the health department and the local Center For Disease Control is circulating warnings that insist children, teachers, medical professionals and high risk people get immediately vaccinated.

Listening to the radio & T.V. I learned that Massachusetts was considering a bill that would allow for forced vaccinations, and quarantines of persons who refuse to be inoculated.

To cut through the confusion and get the facts clear, there are some things that the public needs to know about fear of a Steven King style "Outbreak" like in the movie "The Stand." I have taken the time to outline them for you below:

Point One: The Government will not break into your home with a Swat Team and forcibly inoculate you and your children.

Point Two: Being Inoculated out of "Fear" is good for the bottom line profits of the pharmaceutical industry, bad for you.

Point Three: There is no "Bubonic Style" plague at the moment where people are "bringing out their dead."

Point Four: The vaccine they inject you with actually does contain the live H1N1 virus, it also contains toxic squaline, aluminum and mercury laced thimerosol.

Point Five: Most doctors will not give the vaccine to their own loved ones.

Point Six: You can sue your employer or school district if they "threaten to fire you" or expel your child for refusing to get "forcibly vaccinated."

Point Seven: Schools are not permitted to vaccinate your child without your permission.

Point Eight: The regular "seasonal flu" has killed more people than the "swine flu."

Point Nine: Vaccines can have negative adverse serious health effects on some people.

Point Ten: There is no guarantee that the Swine Flu Vaccine will even protect you from an "outbreak" so please do not be motivated by fear.

Lastly some mega corporation has produced 250 Million doses of this "swine flu vaccine" and if they do not sell it soon it will expire rendering their billions in profits as a "bottom line loss."

Anyone who understands corporate greed will remember what our own Bayer Aspirin did with its "factor 8" vaccine see the video below. Keep in mind that this is just one of many instances where our Corporate Government uses a "Climate of Fear" to manipulate our leaders into selling their "Solutions." Be very careful before agreeing to have a "needle stuck in your arm."

This was one other scandal readily ignored.

As a final note I am not discrediting legitimate science, but rather alluding to the fact that their is plenty of reason to ask questions and to be certain you are informed on the facts as I have heard them.

Since I am not a doctor, or medical professional it is also best to consult your family physician and ask their opinion and that of others as well, so you know that in the event of a real emergency you will do what is best for yourself and you family.

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