Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Local Business Owner Chastises Chaucer

Tim Chaucer was out campaigning on New Haven Ave. over the weekend and one of his stops was at a local gas station at 345 New Haven Ave. This gas station is owned and operated by the Quick Food Mart

Tim asked the owner if he could put a sign up on the corner of his property. When the owner explained to him that he did not take kindly to solicitors, and also did not wish to engage in partisan politics out of respect for his customers, Chaucer (and his associate) stormed out.

The following day, Mr. Azari contacted the Milford Daily Blog and said that Tim sent him a rather upsetting letter alleging that his grass was high and his property overgrown. While Mr. Chaucer was not reached for comment, a photographer was deployed to take a photo (above) of the property in question in an effort to verify Chaucers claim.

The photo speaks for itself and shows the landscaping of the property shortly after the confrontation was made and Chaucer’s request to place a sign denied. You decide, is this “sour grapes” or a “legitimate gripe?”

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