Thursday, September 17, 2009

Peter Schiff Announces His Candidacy For US Senate

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The long wait is finally over, Peter Schiff the economist and CEO of Darien's Euro Pacific Capital officially put his hat into the ring this morning. Peter also sent out the e-mail below to his supporters as of last night:

Based upon the unbelievable support that I have received from 10,000 supporters like you, I have decided to throw my hat into the ring to challenge Chris Dodd for the honor of representing the state of Connecticut in the United States Senate. I will announce my candidacy on MSNBC's Morning Joe show on Thursday, September 17 at8:15am eastern time. Sorry for the short notice, but its important to honor commitments and keep these things under raps until the day the news breaks.

At this time last year I could not have imagined that that I would be making such an announcement today. I had never intended to become a candidate for public office. But these are extraordinary times. Our economy is falling apart in front of our eyes and Washington seems intent on making the wheels come off even faster. At a time when we desperately need adult supervision, the economically illiterate are running the show. As I love my country, it now seems clear that I must try to do something help. The emotional and material support I have received from across the country has made the decision much easier.

So today it begins. As I'm sure you are aware, the rules in politics bear only scant resemblance to those which govern polite society. As a result, I am wading into strange waters, and I'm sure strange things will happen. But I promise to maintain my composure and give it my best shot. Based on the support that I have received thus far, I fully expect to be facing down Chris Dodd in the general election just 14months from now.

As my campaign takes flight, I appreciate the patience and trust that you have shown. To commit time and money to a long shot candidate for high office is a hard choice. I hope to repay that trust with a first class campaign.

I look forward to your feedback and your continued support.

Peter Schiff

On a quick personal note I would like to thank Peter and his Brother Andrew who spoke to me in detail on several occasions regarding the Schiff Campaign and the support pledged to him by the Connecticut Independent Party, the CT Tea Parties, and the US Campaign for Liberty.

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