Saturday, November 29, 2008

Plans Underway For A Global Central Bank

Texas Congressman Ron Paul has warned that international forces are planning the creation of a global central bank that will see a new fiat monetary system come to dominate the world economy.

The 2008 presidential candidate also warned that Barack Obama’s administration will only represent a change in faces and not in policies.

Speaking about the recent G20 meeting Paul told Russia Today:

“I think something will come of it but you probably didn’t hear about it yet. There was some pomp and ceremony that the public knew about, but behind the scenes they were talking about the future and what they are going to do to try to internationalize all regulations, going in the opposite direction of free market and more towards international regulations. I’m sure they even talked about an international central bank.”

Paul also pointed out that global bankers have been holding their own talks on the same matter:

“At the same time the G20 was meeting, we also had the central banks meeting in Europe. Bernanke was over there, and they are doing the same type of planning, so real planning will not be out in the open, until they want us to know about it.” the Congressman said.

“The system that we have today where the fiat dollar is a reserve currency of the world, it’s losing that status and they have to replace it. Hopefully they’ll have enough sense to realise that another international agreement along the Bretton Woods will be no more successful than the last one.” Paul continued.

The Congressman argued that more regulations administered by central banks, rather than placed on to central banks, represents a dangerous move away from the free market.

“We could restructure by getting rid of all the central banks, then you would have honest money come up because nobody could commit fraud. Governments get away with committing fraud - that’s what fiat money is.” Paul commented.

The Congressman warned that an Obama presidency offers no alternative to the economic policies that have led the U.S. and the world to the brink of economic meltdown. Paul Described the kind of change Obama offers as:

“Just change in faces and change in party labels. Both parties represent the same special interests, they both have to represent big business. Obama’s supposed to be a man of the people, well he collected $750 million, more money than anybody else ever collected. Wall Street supported him, the media supported him, all the big money supported him, so his change is not going to be much change at all. He’s not talking about changing monetary policy, the Federal Reserve or getting rid of the income tax or bringing our troops home.”

Paul also commented that he does not believe Obama will withdraw troops from Iraq and pointed out that he has never said he will close down the military bases throughout the country and eliminate the huge embassy in Baghdad.

“Policy will remain interventionist,” the Congressman warned. “We will remain in the middle east and we will not be coming home, we’ll stay in Korea, we’ll stay in Europe, we’ll be in eastern Europe, we’ll be doing all these things. Even though Obama benefited tremendously from ‘change’, all we are changing is the face of our government.”

Paul also warned that the stage has been set for fresh terrorist attacks in the U.S. as a consequence of a sustained interventionist foreign policy.

P. Watson

Friday, November 21, 2008

Drivers Beware

Milford Police department has requested two additional police officers citing that urban sprawl has outpaced the growth of the local Police Department. The board recognizing these troubling times undoubtedly has the question of these new officers compensation on their mind. Very few people are keen to new taxes or tax increases especially in light of the struggles here in Milford.

The shocking answer came when our local Police Chief suggested that these two officers should recoup their income just by way of "writing fines" these fines or "infractions" as the lawman likes to put it will be a direct "stupid tax" to the multitude of casual drivers in town already stressed out with their "on the go" lifestyles. These officers will be full force ticket writers for everything from you are over your allotted parking time, was talking on the phone while driving, forgot your seat belt, J Walikng, to improper signaling.

There is no question that our town has grown, but is this really an ethical way to use police officers? Americans have already lost their jobs/money due to the economy, and most every Constitutional freedom we have due to the "fear" of "terrorism." Perhaps these new police officers are a bad idea, especially if their job is to "terrorize" the already despondent public.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Local Economies Uncertain

With record unemployment striking the heart of capitalism, every expert agrees that America is now in a recession. These folks however tend to be optimistic, and the people I attest to are those on the regular financial channels of your local cable system.

One exception to this rule is Glenn Beck, now booted from his network but not yet completely out of the game. Beck will be reporting again on Fox News in the next coming months. This reveal was no secret as on the 17th he appeared on Greta VanSusteren's show announcing his plan and his intentions.

The economy, now looming under the pressure of record 7.5% unemployment, 2 Plus million foreclosures, paralized shipping & commerce, and record closings of retail stores, is taking on water much like the fabled ship "Titanic."

At this stage of the game all the key leaders are pretty certain our ship is going down, and Obama will have the bad news of declaring a "force majure" a condition so great that there are no experts capable of finding a solution. This "Force Majeure" expected to be declared by Bernake sometime in the next couple of years will arrive at the heels of former GAO David Walker's warning that Americas debt to revenue ratio is unmanageable.

Barrack Obama will undoubtedly deliver the bad news that the interest alone on our 13 Trillion Dollar National debt has consumed the entire budget of the Federal Government. Americans will not stand to to see every penny of their tax dollars consumed by interest on our debt alone. This will occur on the heels of decreasing revenues to cities and states while tax increases simultaneously go up across the board.

These conditions, by even the most optimistic economic models become a grim reality as soon as this Feb. 2009. The automotive industry, and its potential collapse will surge unemployment into the double digits as our leaders continue to make horrific decisions with taxpayer money.

The future is going to bring troubling times, as Americans continue to drive down derivatives, the Federal Government and the Federal Reserve will be devaluing the dollar. Society and people, in general, will not stand to see America and American's treated in this way and our leaders know that there is grave potential for civil unrest. According to Naomi Wolf Blackwater a paramilitary security force was given a one billion dollar contract for a security detail within the United States. This contract accompanies U.S. Army martial law training in suburban American neighborhoods that has been ongoing for the last decade.

The U.S. military has now published and released its civilian prison manual online and FEMA has set up detention camps across the U.S. to round up and quell the most problematic dissenters. People targeted first will most likely be Gun owners who for the safety of those in in Government will have to be given their highest priority.

The method used to get this done will be by way of a list given to a national security detail. Those on a RED list will have the highest priority, these people will be considered the greatest danger to society, those on an Orange list will be next and so on to those people deemed harmless and left on their own to survive on a yellow list.

According to Army protocol, dangerous individuals will usually be picked up at 4.00A.M. from their principal place of residence. This nightmare scenario could become our reality if America and the American People do not find a way to avert the coming financial disaster. The propensity of this disaster occurring is so severe that in its worst case scenario would pale the 1929 Great Depression.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Heroes Vs. Villans

Who is the man featured in this picture? If there was ever a single warrior fighting the Federal Reserve System and George Bush Sr. proclamation of a New World Order. This man Alex Jones is the the titan, the defender of the American Republic and a bastion of the old style Constitutional Freedom we demand.

Alex Jones has said that our government, has become "illegitimate" that evil global bankers are robbing the country of trillions as it slides toward a complete and total collapse. On his radio show ALex has said that our Congressmen and Senators are threatened for not going along with the looting of Americans under the duress of and threats of violent acts against them and their families.

These bold claims, under normal circumstances would be ludicrous insane, crazy, but our own leaders in increasing numbers are telling us that this is the case that America is rapidly losing its power to a group of Evil Oligarchs that have marginalized our entire political system. The amazing increase in Arms sales in America is a testament that Americans are fearful, and looking to protect them selves from God only knows. But the reality is that Alex, in his often angry and yet passionate tone really has millions convinced that the threat is real. His evidence as presented on his radio show located at slide 5 is powerful. He is building an "information war" that is causing millions to flock to his radio show. Alex warns of a coming depression and a concerted attack against the middle class to weaken it so that a global government ruled by bankers can gain control much like the divine right of kings.

As funny and insane as this sounds, this is exactly what appears to be going on as the Federal reserve loots the taxpayers treasury in preparation of their boldest act ever the surreal monetary challenge of our system of Democracy.

Visit Alex Jones Website at

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Connecticuts Future Is Their Hands

Most people do not recognize a liberal, this is because they are camouflaged in a suit and tie or a fancy dress as the dictates of proper legislative decorum require.

The photo above is what these people look like in their daily lives and social embrace. They have the same philosophy and views of the Liberal super majority in Hartford. These are the people we have entrusted to save our state. To all you Liberals out there in the legislature our future is in your hands, and please do not tell me that legalizing marijuana is the answer!! Arghh!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Connecticut May Be Facing Bankruptcy Come 2012

Our state is in a financial crisis and will be in grave trouble come 2012 if the economy does not improve in the near future. The Connecticut post ran THIS article confirming that the state deficit may balloon to 2 Billion Dollars in the 2009 cycle and THIS article indicating it will be 3.3 Billion short in 2010.

The air up in Hartford is troubling as Democrats, with no one to blame for the future budget policies, were all somber and humbled with the humility of the coming broken promises of their party. Their supermajoririty backs them in a corner and makes them the only responsible party for fixing this disaster.

Democrats, however, tend to be anything but conservative, and when it comes to slashing and firing the masses in Hartford, and the associated non essential personnel and government handouts, we could expect them to fail en-masse. This is going to mean a rapid acceleration into calls for new taxes. These most likely will include increases in the Sales Tax, Increases in the Income tax, Tolls, Gas tax increases, small business tax increases and anything else they can tax.

The philosophy will be that the state will need to tax its way out of bankruptcy. The measure however will be wholly ineffective if the economy and unemployment continue to the double digit losses that economists are predicting. As inequality between persons widens so does the desperation of finding new tax exploits. These exploits can be any working person with disposable income. Everyone and everything will be fair game, even at the expense of tyranny of plunder in the name of "good governance."

The people and businesses of this state thankfully have been smart. Especially the young people who have been leaving in record numbers. To go under in Connecticut is not like going under in Montana or Minnesota, rents are record high as are utilities and services and everything carries a high tax or a fee. Those "nutmeggers who see their incomes get eroded" escape elsewhere for affordable living.

The Democrats in Connecticut are faced with a bleak future, citizens will be angry and the Governor most likely will be blamed for the ailing economy. State employee unions will entrench themselves in the state legislatures and do everything in their power to keep their jobs from going on the cutting block. The frozen credit markets may make their future very questionable. During the Weicker administration the state borrowed money from the Japanese to fund its operations. Those days are very different, today America has depleted resources and what remains today is a questionable ability to come current on future debt, especially the 11 Trillion on its way to default. Talk is that our nation is facing challenges from global banks who wish to see America lose its three star credit rating.

Connecticut also abused its bonding authority. Our state has a record amount of bonding debt, debt incurred in many cases for liberal and frivolous pork barrel projects. Debt that was recently used to also bail out the failed teachers pensions that yet again may be challenged further.

With the current trend now growing to an alarming rate, the state could incur defits that are equal in scale to those multi billion dollar shortfalls in California. There is the added problem of no new industry moving to Connecticut, and the industry that does exist here is here in credit to political intervention. I.E. Dodd and his saving of Electric Boat in Groton.

No matter how we look at this problem, the Liberals in Hartford are going to have to become Conservative. Should they fail to become Conservative and quit catering to the funding needs of anything other than a "skeleton" government" our state will end up in revolt, or, worse yet, an uncontrollable pandemonium of angry special interests denied their promised "pork."

The question remains now, can our leaders lead? or is our state headed for the disarray that Louisiana has?, a state mired in delinquent tax revenue and broken promises. The future of our state is gravely at risk, and our future leaders are going to have some tough if not impossible choices I hope and pray that the correct decisions are made and I am saddened for the victims of the future decisions State Democrats will have to make. Lastly, I am appalled that the Federal Reserve System would create a monetary disaster for our state to deal with, and in return offer no real help to anyone person.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fed Hides Destination Of $2 Trillion In Bailout Money

The Federal Reserve is facing a lawsuit after it failed to comply with congressional demands for transparency and disclose the destination of at least $2 trillion dollars in bailout funds, underscoring once again the failure of top down socialism and the folly of trusting the foxes to guard the henhouse.

“The Federal Reserve is refusing to identify the recipients of almost $2 trillion of emergency loans from American taxpayers or the troubled assets the central bank is accepting as collateral,” reports Bloomberg.

“Fed Chairman Ben S. Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said in September they would comply with congressional demands for transparency in a $700 billion bailout of the banking system. Two months later, as the Fed lends far more than that in separate rescue programs that didn’t require approval by Congress, Americans have no idea where their money is going or what securities the banks are pledging in return.”

Bloomberg has requested details of the Fed lending under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act and filed a separate lawsuit in an effort to find out where the money has gone.

President elect Barack Obama, who in a September 22 campaign speech promised to “Make our government open and transparent so that anyone can ensure that our business is the people’s business,” refused to comment on the story when contacted by Bloomberg, which is no surprise considering the fact that the man who guaranteed “change” has indicated he will not only follow the Bush administration policy of a socialized financial system, but radically expand it.

The Fed’s secrecy on the issue of where the bailout money is going underscores the age-old problem with top down socialism as a tool of re-shaping the economic landscape. The promise to fairly re-distribute the wealth, with full accountability, to achieve a solution that will ultimately benefit everyone, is trumped by the cold reality of the fact that corrupt elites, once the taxpayers have been suckered into believing the lie, merely hoard all the money for themselves and don’t redistribute it to anyone apart from their own inner circle of cronies.

Indeed, the banks have admitted that they are hoarding cash and will keep on doing so while bigwigs reward themselves with fat bonuses as the real economy sinks deeper into the toilet.

But what else could we have expected upon hearing that ex-Goldman Sachs executive Neel Kashkari was appointed by Paulson to dole out the ill-gotten gains of the bailout to the rest of the corporate crooks?

If you let the fox guard the henhouse then he’s going to eat the chickens.

In this case, the Fed and the gaggle of bastard banker children sucking on its teat, gobbled up $5 trillion plus in taxpayers’ money and then figuratively stuck the middle finger up when questions were asked about where that money was going.

Meanwhile, the bailout has had no effect whatsoever, increasing the severity of the financial downturn and allowing the same elite to exploit the crisis as a pretext for centralizing control of the world economic system and creating a new world order and a single global currency.

Joseph Watson

Monday, November 10, 2008

REPUBLICANS: Where do they go from here??

by Mike Vecchiarelli

Now that history’s been made with the victory of President-elect Barack Obama, we can start looking to the future, optimistically waiting for the change Obama has promised the world. The Democratic majority in Congress is also hard at work preparing for Obama’s inauguration. However, in the days after the election, Obama and Democrats are not the only ones making changes. Republicans are as well. If you’ve followed the news at all this week, you know that the Republican Party is attempting to regroup after its crushing defeat at the hands of the Democrats.

Clearly, Republicans need to respond to their lopsided loss of the presidency, but the problems they face run party deep, as they also need to address staggering majorities in both House and Senate, and their loss of what seems like countless national, state and local seats in this year’s election. And, like with all things new or revamped, the first thing Republicans are trying to strengthen is their image, rather than their core. Priority one is looking for a new face to symbolize the leadership of a revitalized Republican Party. As Republicans distance themselves farther and farther away from George W. Bush, they are attempting to create this new image with fresher politicians like Gov. Sarah Palin, or retired Secretary of State Gen. Colin Powell. But, is this the right strategy?

Although, I believe Sarah Palin will have a future in Entertainment (and maybe, but hopefully not politics), she has proven herself to be somewhat of a pariah for the Republican Party. And, as experienced and capable as Colin Powell is, he did throw all his support behind Barack Obama. So, where does the Republican Party find its new leadership? Perhaps they should look towards ideology, as well as brand awareness. As crazy as it sounds to the casual political follower, and to the dismay of the mainstream media, the Republican’s best shot is to look towards someone with revolutionary ideas. They should look towards Texas Congressman Ron Paul.

Whether you love him, hate him, or are asking yourself right now who he is, those who automatically dismiss Paul truly don’t know the man. The cynicism his name generates is more a Pavlovian response or lack of education rather than genuine opposition to his stance on issues. If most voters took the time to listen to Paul’s ideas, most would probably be surprised at how much they agree with the man. It is said that, to hear Ron Paul is to want to support him, the problem is the mainstream media doesn’t cover him, so you don’t hear him. Granted, you probably won’t agree with every single thing the man says, but is there a person that you agree 100% with on every issue? I hope not. Personally, I can’t deny that in trying to get back to the roots of the U.S. Constitution, Ron Paul is indeed a revolutionary thinker.

The problem is, if following the U.S. Constitution is revolutionary thinking, then the citizens of this country need to step back and look at how we have gotten to this point. And if the way this country is run is so far from what the framers of the Constitution originally intended, I’m not sure if anyone, Ron Paul included, can change the direction in which we’re headed.

Our system of government has become so corrupted by politicians and their corporate masters, that discouraged Americans no longer learn enough about government to differentiate how it runs and how its suppose to run. Americans assume that we have a two-party system, with differing views, and we’re supposed to vote for the lesser of the two evils that best represents our interests. From the get go, this is a defeatist mentality. Choosing the lesser of two evils is still not a good choice.

The problem with this system is that neither party puts the interests of the American people first. In this age in which we are living, corporate America, banking interests and political action committees run the show, by pulling the strings of most politicians, Obama included. It’s just a shame that we get our news from either Fox News Channel or CNN, both networks whose CEO’s and major shareholders have vested interests, which are represented by one party or the other. You don’t really think President-elect Obama is going to make his own Middle East foreign policy, do you?

The system is flawed and it needs to be changed. The problem is the two-party system is designed to maintain the status quo. Neither party is who they claim to be. On the one hand, is the Republican Party, who is supposedly the party of small government and lower spending. But how can you have a government of low spending and wish to carry out war after war? Especially one in which our budget surplus has been spent into oblivion and we have taken loans from every nation that would allow us to.

To all the Republicans reading this: The Republican leaders in the US are not real Republicans. They are extreme right wing evangelic neo-conservatives, posing as traditional Reagan Republicans. The root word of Republican is republic, as in America was established as a republic by the founding fathers. Every day we say “I pledge allegiance to the flag and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands,” but do we slow down enough to consider the word. A Republic is a nation in which the supreme power rests in its body of citizens, an ideal state according to Plato. Democracy is a tool of the Republic, not what the republic is or could become or what should be spread to the rest of the world. We have lost sight of this, and so have our elected leaders. The only true Republican figure whose values serve to preserve our American Republic and uphold our Constitution and Bill of Rights is Congressman Ron Paul. The unfortunate thing is that his message is suppressed even within the Republican party because he’s not with the agreed upon and established agenda, as it was established by the liberals, conservatives, corporations and their propaganda machines (the corporate mainstream media).

The most important issue for most Americans right now is the economy. As Ron Paul says, to bring about real change that can benefit the U.S. economy, look no further than the Federal Reserve System. The government has the ability to create currency and regulate the value of money, but instead chooses to outsource this critical power to a private corporation – the Federal Reserve, which is about as federal as Federal Express. But the Federal Reserve does not simply give the government money, they create it out of thin air (backed by nothing mind you, certainly not gold or silver) and than the Fed loans it AT INTEREST to the US government. This creates a system of endless debt, one that can never be paid off. Why never? Well, the amount of money in circulation is the amount the Fed created. The amount owed by the government to the Fed is the amount they created plus interest. So, from the beginning, there is more money owed than there is in existence. Huh!?!

So, how do we begin to pay a loan that can never possibly be paid in full? Well, naturally, like any predatory loan, you start with the interest. This interest is paid off using the Federal Income Tax on Individuals like you and me, Joe Taxpayer – 100% of what is collected to be precise. The Fed chairman and members are not elected by anyone, they are simply appointed like monarchs. In other words, it is ultimate nepotism, people known and chosen by each other, with minimal superficial input from the President. They hold meetings in secret to discuss the future of America, and are no longer obligated to disclose the minutes of those meetings. Shouldn't government be transparent?

Yes, your federal income tax goes straight to paying off the debt on government loans. It does not go to roads, schools, highways, the military, social security or Medicare or anything else you think it might go to. Those programs are either paid for directly as a separate tax on your income or paid for by gas taxes, tolls, property taxes, state sales tax, business entity taxes and corporate income taxes. What is certain is they do not come from your federal income tax, which forcibly removes 30% (on average) of your hard earned salary or wages from your pocket. But don’t stop paying those taxes. In fact, you better hope you pay those taxes on time (which are unconstitutional since it is a direct tax that isn’t apportioned back to the states) because if you don’t pay your federal income tax, the IRS will come, and they make mob bosses look like fairy godmothers.

Yes, this is the true America we live in. While people are stuck calling certain politicians communists or jingoist, they don’t realize that the very candidate they support is even more corrupt. We get so passionate without truly understanding the essence of what we’re getting so passionate over. Our government needs to be redesigned to best work for us, the working class. It needs to be fair. I don’t think Ron Paul is necessarily the answer, but I think American people are, and his ideas address the root problem, the cause not the symptoms. Americans no longer question authority or even expect accountability by their elected officials, and that needs to change. Ron Paul’s ideas are certainly the best out there amongst the Republican Party. If they’re looking for a new direction and a new face, his would give them their best shot.

But our current model of American democratic capitalism is failing us. One percent of the population is making more than 25 percent of all the money made in this country. Things don’t seem to be trickling down like we heard they would from the Democrats. This is the land of opportunity. I don’t want to be handed anything, certainly not the benefits of just a trickle from the richest 1 percent. I want opportunity, a fair chance to make it on my own, without the government’s hands in my pockets. Why does the fed need to keep printing money (Well, it’s not even printed anymore, it’s just a number in a computer that is manipulated up and up and up)? If all the existing money is still out there, then where did it go? Where is all this money they create, that none of us seem to have? Where is the $750 billion they created that was used to nationalize private industry, I mean the money used to bail out corporate industries?

Somebody has all of the money and it’s not the individuals loosing their homes, jobs and retirements; it is banking institutions and private bankers and the corporations they deem worthy to succeed and they’re just going to keep getting more, until they own us all. The system is flawed, and we need to stop educating ourselves through the mainstream media and start to follow the money trail. Things don’t seem right in America because they aren’t. It doesn’t start with the government, it starts with us asking questions and demanding truth! How much are we willing to take? Are we mad enough yet? Are we going to keep taking these blatant affronts to our lives, liberties, and pursuits of happiness? The last time 1 percent of the population made this much more money than the rest was in 1928 when desperate citizens worldwide began turning towards opportunistic national leaders, and we all know what happened after that . . . A Great Depression, and an ensuing World War. How long will we stand by and allow history to repeat itself?

Friday, November 7, 2008

Connecticut's New Speaker Much Like Jimmy Hoffa

Unions across the state cheered with the Obama victory, and much of those cheers were also extended to their new incoming Speaker of The House Donovan. Much like Jimmy Hoffa Donovan is heavily involved in unions and the organization of unions. These admirable skills once valued in America have become of little significance since the two party system instituted NAFTA and GAFTA and the global wage structure.

Most of the products we consume are built overseas by countries with inhumane laws that cater to human degradation and despair. An example of this is the slave labor in China as documented in Walmart The Movie. Americas addiction to low cost products has not only served to scare the American worker who is petrified of being integrated into a global wage system but also sent unions to the Connecticut legislature begging for protection.

The Global Wage System has been welcomed outside the U.S. and has served countries like Mexico and South America well. These countries, whose wages have been rising from pennies to dollars have been jubilant, but on the other hand it has been horrible for the American worker who has seen their wages shrink just to compete.

Harmonizing the American wage structure and banking system now appears to be the trend behind the bankers and global banking institutions in the world. They are calling for a "one world banking institution" and a "one world currency." Should this ever occur the curtains in America would rapidly come down exposing the U.S. economy for what it is a baseless system of credit where every major purchase is financed in lieu of small affordable payments. A nation who is entirely reliant on Inflation to pay its nations bills and create jobs not based on productivity of goods and services, but rather the bureaucratic expansion of the Federal Government that seems to never shrink.

My advice, should this message ever be heard, to Mr. Donovan would be for the Connecticut State Legislature to put forth a vote of "no confidence" in NAFTA, GAFTA, and all those global trade agreements that impoverished the American Worker, Destroyed our manufacturing, and cost us millions of jobs. My advice to Mr. Donavan is to call out and challenge all those American traitors who lied, and deceived the workers of America with the broken promises that these tyrannical trade agreements were supposed to accomplish.

It is today crystal clear, that there is no where for the American worker to run anymore, that they are now hopelessly in the clutches of our state governments. That the are using our state legislature as a desperate last resort, a measure that will offer them the protections that exist no where else but in the looting of the treasury.

While I understand the cry and the sincere voice behind the need for a living wage job, those cries are quickly fading as the unions close their eyes to those lying politicians who not only refuse to abolish unfair trade agreements, but continue to work toward a goal that is building a global wage structure that has only one possible outcome, THE DESTRUCTION OF AMERICAS MIDDLE CLASS, and an end to workers rights everywhere.

In conclusion I will ask that we quit treating the symptoms of employee globalization and start attacking the disease. Unions today have a moral imperative to do more than just selfishly protect themselves, they need to protect labor and wages worldwide or attack those politicians who favor their destruction by way of global trade agreements that rob jobs and open borders to supernational illegal workforces.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Post Election Notes

Thank you to everyone who believed in the Independent party, and thank you to the 10% of the people in Milford's 118Th district who agreed with me that the two party system is a failure. It is very hard to argue with the general population of our town who overwhelmingly voted for the two parties. This merely tells me that there is more trust and faith in the Republican and Democratic party than I thought.

The voter turnout was impressive, and the people of our district got the government they voted for. There is no one to blame this election than the newly elected unchallenged super majority in Hartford. Connecticut's legislature is comprised of enough Democratic leaders to say that they have attained power equalled to that of the one party system in Communist China. Rell's vetoes are more meaningless and reversible in the wake of a super majority, and with the Constitutional convention voted down, the people of Connecticut are powerless until the next election.

The Independent party, however did score a victory here in Milford, 10% of us told our local leaders that we have no faith in their parties and Independents can now register as Independents and not Unaffiliated.

We have also defined the very definition of insanity, going back to the same old two party system and expecting a different result. With the state mired in a Billion dollars in debt and the people of this state tapped and fleeing, the Liberals up in Hartford are going to have to put all their promises on hold.

Obama gave every Democrat in America a great push into many seats, and this Christmas the Grinch will end up being the Democratic super majority that profited from his "godlike" success. The Democrats in America have made more promises than the state has money. Their friends at their charities throughout the state are surely to be disappointed when our representatives roll around with an "empty hat" and a whole lot of unfunded promises. For this reason the Independent party has adopted the unpopular platform of making no promises and telling the truth about what the government can deliver.

This message was sent to our leaders thanks to the great many of you who were smart enough to recognize that when politicians say they have a "plan" that they have no "plan." That when they tell you they bring about "change" the actually just end up assimilating and nothing "changes."

With the dramatic events that are predicted to unfold in the coming years, those events that are so horrible as Biden and Obama says that he will be driven to "hard choices," it is safe to say that the Government is putting us all out to "pasture" in the coming months and years. My final message to all of you is to remember that God takes care of those who take care of themselves so prepare accordingly because we have no idea about how bad the "hard unpopular choices" are going to be.

The most scary thing about the Obama election is that his predictions nicely unfold "Conspiracy Fiction" into well documented fact.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Do Not Forget To Vote!

November 4th is the day to vote, If you do not know where to vote. Refer to the link below to get the latest information on polling locations. Every eligible voter is required to present I.D. at the voting booth. This usually a Drivers licence, military I.D. or U.S. Passport. If you arrive with no I.D. you will not be able to vote.

For a complete list of approved I.D's Contact the Voter Registrar office in Milford, CT. for information: (203) 783-3240

Link to: Milford Registrar of Voters.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

If You Care About Milford Start Selling Freedom

Candidate Rocco J. Frank Jr. is the only candidate in the running that supports a constitutional convention. For over a year you have all cried that you want our country back, that the special interests have taken away your rights, your wealth, and injured your family when you had the gall to ask our leaders for a remedy.

Now is the time to come out en-masse, talk to your friends, talk to your neighbors and let them all know that you need them to vote 4E the Independent line for Rocco J. Frank Jr. Frank has promised to fight the special interests in this state, not to empower the very criminals and tyrants that have caused your family anguish.

Special Interests feel that they can tax their way to prosperity, only for the rest of, us who pay those taxes, to succumb to the despotism of foreclosure, business closings, strained marriages, and homes left in disrepair. It is our government, not you, who betrayes, and with this failure at hand we ought to hold our heads up high and take it back just as our constitution demands we do. Vote YES to a Constitutional Convention, and let the people decide all contracts and laws to be just or unjust to us taxpayers.

I trust the people of Milford are smart. I personally met you by the thousands and know you can be trusted. Who cannot be trusted are the hijackers of of our liberty, those who call you too dumb to make a choice. We have rights if we fight for them, our freedom, and our republic are whats at risk and like the pledge of allegiance says, "liberty and justice for all."

This Nov. 4Th lets give 800,000 Connecticut Independents a voice. VOTE 4E ROCCO FRANK for state Representative and lets turn this broken system on its head. Spread the word in these final days.


Republican Candidate Nancy Seltzer Said she also "unconditionally" supports a Constitutional Convention.