Thursday, November 6, 2008

Post Election Notes

Thank you to everyone who believed in the Independent party, and thank you to the 10% of the people in Milford's 118Th district who agreed with me that the two party system is a failure. It is very hard to argue with the general population of our town who overwhelmingly voted for the two parties. This merely tells me that there is more trust and faith in the Republican and Democratic party than I thought.

The voter turnout was impressive, and the people of our district got the government they voted for. There is no one to blame this election than the newly elected unchallenged super majority in Hartford. Connecticut's legislature is comprised of enough Democratic leaders to say that they have attained power equalled to that of the one party system in Communist China. Rell's vetoes are more meaningless and reversible in the wake of a super majority, and with the Constitutional convention voted down, the people of Connecticut are powerless until the next election.

The Independent party, however did score a victory here in Milford, 10% of us told our local leaders that we have no faith in their parties and Independents can now register as Independents and not Unaffiliated.

We have also defined the very definition of insanity, going back to the same old two party system and expecting a different result. With the state mired in a Billion dollars in debt and the people of this state tapped and fleeing, the Liberals up in Hartford are going to have to put all their promises on hold.

Obama gave every Democrat in America a great push into many seats, and this Christmas the Grinch will end up being the Democratic super majority that profited from his "godlike" success. The Democrats in America have made more promises than the state has money. Their friends at their charities throughout the state are surely to be disappointed when our representatives roll around with an "empty hat" and a whole lot of unfunded promises. For this reason the Independent party has adopted the unpopular platform of making no promises and telling the truth about what the government can deliver.

This message was sent to our leaders thanks to the great many of you who were smart enough to recognize that when politicians say they have a "plan" that they have no "plan." That when they tell you they bring about "change" the actually just end up assimilating and nothing "changes."

With the dramatic events that are predicted to unfold in the coming years, those events that are so horrible as Biden and Obama says that he will be driven to "hard choices," it is safe to say that the Government is putting us all out to "pasture" in the coming months and years. My final message to all of you is to remember that God takes care of those who take care of themselves so prepare accordingly because we have no idea about how bad the "hard unpopular choices" are going to be.

The most scary thing about the Obama election is that his predictions nicely unfold "Conspiracy Fiction" into well documented fact.

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