Saturday, November 1, 2008

If You Care About Milford Start Selling Freedom

Candidate Rocco J. Frank Jr. is the only candidate in the running that supports a constitutional convention. For over a year you have all cried that you want our country back, that the special interests have taken away your rights, your wealth, and injured your family when you had the gall to ask our leaders for a remedy.

Now is the time to come out en-masse, talk to your friends, talk to your neighbors and let them all know that you need them to vote 4E the Independent line for Rocco J. Frank Jr. Frank has promised to fight the special interests in this state, not to empower the very criminals and tyrants that have caused your family anguish.

Special Interests feel that they can tax their way to prosperity, only for the rest of, us who pay those taxes, to succumb to the despotism of foreclosure, business closings, strained marriages, and homes left in disrepair. It is our government, not you, who betrayes, and with this failure at hand we ought to hold our heads up high and take it back just as our constitution demands we do. Vote YES to a Constitutional Convention, and let the people decide all contracts and laws to be just or unjust to us taxpayers.

I trust the people of Milford are smart. I personally met you by the thousands and know you can be trusted. Who cannot be trusted are the hijackers of of our liberty, those who call you too dumb to make a choice. We have rights if we fight for them, our freedom, and our republic are whats at risk and like the pledge of allegiance says, "liberty and justice for all."

This Nov. 4Th lets give 800,000 Connecticut Independents a voice. VOTE 4E ROCCO FRANK for state Representative and lets turn this broken system on its head. Spread the word in these final days.


Republican Candidate Nancy Seltzer Said she also "unconditionally" supports a Constitutional Convention.

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