Friday, November 7, 2008

Connecticut's New Speaker Much Like Jimmy Hoffa

Unions across the state cheered with the Obama victory, and much of those cheers were also extended to their new incoming Speaker of The House Donovan. Much like Jimmy Hoffa Donovan is heavily involved in unions and the organization of unions. These admirable skills once valued in America have become of little significance since the two party system instituted NAFTA and GAFTA and the global wage structure.

Most of the products we consume are built overseas by countries with inhumane laws that cater to human degradation and despair. An example of this is the slave labor in China as documented in Walmart The Movie. Americas addiction to low cost products has not only served to scare the American worker who is petrified of being integrated into a global wage system but also sent unions to the Connecticut legislature begging for protection.

The Global Wage System has been welcomed outside the U.S. and has served countries like Mexico and South America well. These countries, whose wages have been rising from pennies to dollars have been jubilant, but on the other hand it has been horrible for the American worker who has seen their wages shrink just to compete.

Harmonizing the American wage structure and banking system now appears to be the trend behind the bankers and global banking institutions in the world. They are calling for a "one world banking institution" and a "one world currency." Should this ever occur the curtains in America would rapidly come down exposing the U.S. economy for what it is a baseless system of credit where every major purchase is financed in lieu of small affordable payments. A nation who is entirely reliant on Inflation to pay its nations bills and create jobs not based on productivity of goods and services, but rather the bureaucratic expansion of the Federal Government that seems to never shrink.

My advice, should this message ever be heard, to Mr. Donovan would be for the Connecticut State Legislature to put forth a vote of "no confidence" in NAFTA, GAFTA, and all those global trade agreements that impoverished the American Worker, Destroyed our manufacturing, and cost us millions of jobs. My advice to Mr. Donavan is to call out and challenge all those American traitors who lied, and deceived the workers of America with the broken promises that these tyrannical trade agreements were supposed to accomplish.

It is today crystal clear, that there is no where for the American worker to run anymore, that they are now hopelessly in the clutches of our state governments. That the are using our state legislature as a desperate last resort, a measure that will offer them the protections that exist no where else but in the looting of the treasury.

While I understand the cry and the sincere voice behind the need for a living wage job, those cries are quickly fading as the unions close their eyes to those lying politicians who not only refuse to abolish unfair trade agreements, but continue to work toward a goal that is building a global wage structure that has only one possible outcome, THE DESTRUCTION OF AMERICAS MIDDLE CLASS, and an end to workers rights everywhere.

In conclusion I will ask that we quit treating the symptoms of employee globalization and start attacking the disease. Unions today have a moral imperative to do more than just selfishly protect themselves, they need to protect labor and wages worldwide or attack those politicians who favor their destruction by way of global trade agreements that rob jobs and open borders to supernational illegal workforces.

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