Friday, November 14, 2008

Heroes Vs. Villans

Who is the man featured in this picture? If there was ever a single warrior fighting the Federal Reserve System and George Bush Sr. proclamation of a New World Order. This man Alex Jones is the the titan, the defender of the American Republic and a bastion of the old style Constitutional Freedom we demand.

Alex Jones has said that our government, has become "illegitimate" that evil global bankers are robbing the country of trillions as it slides toward a complete and total collapse. On his radio show ALex has said that our Congressmen and Senators are threatened for not going along with the looting of Americans under the duress of and threats of violent acts against them and their families.

These bold claims, under normal circumstances would be ludicrous insane, crazy, but our own leaders in increasing numbers are telling us that this is the case that America is rapidly losing its power to a group of Evil Oligarchs that have marginalized our entire political system. The amazing increase in Arms sales in America is a testament that Americans are fearful, and looking to protect them selves from God only knows. But the reality is that Alex, in his often angry and yet passionate tone really has millions convinced that the threat is real. His evidence as presented on his radio show located at slide 5 is powerful. He is building an "information war" that is causing millions to flock to his radio show. Alex warns of a coming depression and a concerted attack against the middle class to weaken it so that a global government ruled by bankers can gain control much like the divine right of kings.

As funny and insane as this sounds, this is exactly what appears to be going on as the Federal reserve loots the taxpayers treasury in preparation of their boldest act ever the surreal monetary challenge of our system of Democracy.

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