Thursday, June 30, 2011

Milford's Obsession With Trash

Milford is fighting to get our trash out of town and into a Museum. The epic battle continues in trying to rid our city of Recycling Inc. but we love trash so much our leaders were happy to fund Stratford's Trash museum. But what about the trash in city hall how do we get rid of them? Well they got us Single stream Recycling and cut back our bulk trash pickups twice in the last few years. Today the Milford Democrats also criticized a donation to Stratford's trash museum and I must agree this was a pretty "shaky" thing to do or even have on our local agenda.

Without commenting on the merits of this trash obsession in town, I would like to focus on at least one important point, that Recycling Inc. is our trash problem, and the other one an "out of town garbage museum" well that has nothing to do with Milford. Perhaps we can ask Stratford to put up a vote to keep our library open... "lets not hold our breath"; Considering they will not even fund their own museum I suppose we can see how irresponsible the "Drunken Sailors" at city hall have become.

Our city is expected to lay off two Jonathan law Security guards, 25 city employees, and the board of education claims they need to lay off an undisclosed amount of people. But what about the "Executives" and top echelon in Milford's leadership team? They get raises and waste even more money! Jim Richetelli gets a $138,000.00 a year job, Phil Russel gets to stay on and get paid on the side because Richetelli has no idea what he is doing and needs his help. Russel also may end up like our $180,000 a year police chief and get his pension in addition to his consulting contract.

When I get letters from citizens who are concerned about "Double dipping and Triple dipping" I have to ask where the heck are the police, the FBI and those enacted to defend and enforce the corruption that landed our city with an estimated $275M in debt. Milford is slowly looking more and more like Bell California.  I would really like to know how can we get attention to the issue of public theft.

While everyone is out and about from the political parties claiming they got you a nice "Tax Decrease" tell them "Bull S$#T" you "charged our tax decrease to the "Credit card" at "Interest." That amounts to "kicking the can down the road" for a bigger deferred tax increase. Throw the bums off your porch, do not vote for them and do not read their warped "spin, twists and lies." That is what attorneys do best "Bull S%$t" to their advantage not yours.  You want trash? Go ahead and re-elect a D or an R this year because "we need another Real-estate killing, tax & spend, stinky Oscar the grouch in city hall."

Read this to see how badly Milford taxpayers have been defrauded in the last four years.

Monday, June 27, 2011

David Sulkis, Land Use Director, Waiting For Answers.

Last week David Sulkis, our land use director was abruptly put on paid leave after the conclusion of the town P & Z Meeting at 11:30 last Tuesday. The suspension of his duties came as a surprise to Ms. Shaw the P & Z Chairwoman as well as to Mr. Sulkis himself who is quoted in the local papers as "having no idea why he was put on leave."

City authorities, including his manager City Attorney Winthrop Smith, Jocelyn Mathiasen and Mayor Jim Richetelli called the allegations against Mr. Sulkis as "Serious" and it will take "two weeks to investigate them." However, Richetelli claims he has "no idea what Sulkis did" that only his manager knows that Ms. Mathiasen and the city Attorney. The Independent Party has been reserving judgement on this issue because we do not know the facts, nor do we trust the leadership in our city when it comes to the responsible handling of personnel issues.

Without casting a "shadow" against or in favor of Mr. Sulkis I would like to remind our readers of how the city dealt with past personnel issues:

Just in the last 24 Months a brief sample.

* Cynthia Anger was fired as insubordinate only to have the city proven wrong, and Ms. Anger was the beneficiary of a legal settlement.

* Bob Adams was let go from MGAT without any good cause. Even though Bob should have sued.

*  Genvieve Salvatore was asked to leave as chair of the Economic Development Commission for no good reason.

* Judy Doneiko who has been our city Finance Director since 1997 abruptly quit for alleged "personal reasons."

* This is not to mention the mistreatment of their own, including Former Alderwoman Barbara Genovese, Kevin Lyddy, and Tom Byrne.

The record of employee and personnel abuses in Milford leaves much to be suspicious about, and if Mr. Sulkis did in-fact do anything wrong it better well be criminal. Should this outcome prove little more than "crooked developers" conspiring to have him terminated so they could develop our farms, destroy our heritage and enforce the very laws the P & Z Passes, or his complaints against the land use department, then I believe there will be more cause to rally against the irresponsible and presumptuous judgement of the key decision makers in Milford.

We are waiting for answers.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Dear Independents, as we speak an auditing firm is completeing the 2011 CAFR's for our city. We have heard the Republicans and Democrats take credit for the tax decrease last year and want us to re-elect them, but both sides failed to disclose exactly how they got us our tax decrease.

As always, the Independent Party was there to research and expose the troubling Truth while our fast talking leaders were silent. While they have not yet commented or even indicated they are aware of the problems they created, I believe it is more likely they are evading public "blow back."
In either case the CAFR's tell the truth and speak volumes to the quality of their work. A quote from the 2010 CAFR (Comprehensive, Financial, Audited, Report) for Milford:
As of  "June 30, 2010 the City had $150 million in bonds and notes outstanding versus $102.7 million last year - an increase of 46.1%"
This ratio is marching to unsustainable levels, and although we are not as in bad a shape as Stratford or West Haven, we can look to the hardships of those cities as an example of where we are headed without meaningful spending reforms.
At this meeting We will be discussing how best to get people involved and care about our city. Just keep in mind that while taxes were being slashed, the city Credit Card was being bilked.

This year the public perception of tax cuts is very positive while the alarming details of how they got it was being concealed. This election we need to focus on a strategy that will change this paradigm. 

Awareness of the problem is the first step in stemming the growth of our cities 260+ Million of crushing debt. Please spread the word.
Read the CAFR's at the below link, and invite your friends and relatives to join us for discussion at our upcoming meeting.  Also feel free to forward them these links.
The next meeting is Thursday June 30th at 7:00P.M. at the Beach House in the Woodmont section of Milford.  Their address is:
141 Merwin Avenue
Milford, CT 06460
(203) 951-3594
We will do the same format as the Great River Golf Course, (order appetizers courtesy the Independent Party) and collect a donation during the meeting. Donations are entirely based on what you can afford to give and there is no committment required on your part to give. However, we do count on your support and always appreciate and thank everyone who has donated so generously in the past. There is also a cash bar available for anyone who wishes to have a drink. Newly registered Independent party members get their first Free drink on us.
For questions or comments please call me at (203) 247-4357.
Rocco Frank
Chairman Milford Independent Town Committee

Supporters, Friends and Members can also send checks made payable to MITC at the following address. 

Milford Independent Town Committee  44 Lexington Way N. Milford, CT 06461 Att: Rocco Frank Chaitrman.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Would You Vote For Acorn If They Were A Political Party?

Last week I learned of the Connection between the corrupt Acorn Organization and the Working Families Party. It is no secret that Acorn is in a heap of trouble. We have seen the blogger video (Below)  whereby Acorn was advising Hookers and Pimps on how to set up a business, we also heard the Registrar of Voters in Bridgeport talk about their role in the historic voter fraud mess and the extension of the Malloy election.Most people do not even know that Billionaire New World Order Traitor George Soros and Media Matters is backing this organization. Locally, and in New Haven the Chair of The Communist USA Party Joelle Fishman is also praising the organization.

Congress has cut funding to Acorn after a corruption fight with Obama, and many Americans are really confused by their sincerity and purpose. After all they have a catchy name, Working Families, and who could possibly be against that. Last election right here in Milford State Rep. Kim Rose and Rosa Delauro both invited the Working Families Party to our town ballot. Many people voted that line thinking they were supporting something good when in reality they were supporting corruption.

Unfortunately, most people I questioned who voted for the duplicitous Acorn/Working Families had no idea what their ties to the WFP was really about. To help clarify this point below is a quote from a news clip posted back in in Feb 8th 2010 by Dana Loesch of Big The entire aricle can be read by clicking here.

"With national scrutiny on ACORN and local scrutiny on the Working Families Party, ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis quietly departed as state co-chair of the Working Families Party.
Lewis was a founding co-chair of the Party. According to Working Families spokesman Dan Levitan, Lewis stopped serving as co-chair “about a year ago,” though many people familiar with the Party were unaware of that change and Lewis was identified as a current co-chair in an interview on WNYC’s The Brian Lehrer Show... recently as September."

This quote is from

"Dozens of forged and fraudulent absentee ballots from people registered to vote on the Working Families Party line were filed in the Sept. 15 primary elections in Troy, the Times Union has learned."

This post today is to inform the people of Milford, that when they see the Working Families party on the ballot, and they vote on that line, they are making a statement that they approve of Acorn s corruption. Since I know that most people oppose, theft, prostitutution, and voter fraud I would highly advise that THEY NOT VOTE THE WORKING FAMILIES PARTY LINE. I also would advise Kim Rose and Rosa Delauro to drop their cross endorsement in the next election unless they publically accept and defend their work and questionable ties to corruption.

The photo above shows, the misuse of public funds to build a political party right here in America, something that the U.S. Taxpayers object to and is inherently unconstitutional. Under no circumstances should our tax dollars be spent to subsidize socialist left wing political parties.

The Independent Party recommends that we as a community object and vote against any candidates that has or bears the Un-American and confusing Acorn/Working Parties cross endorsement.

Below is the video that changed Acorn Forever.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Milford's, Comprehensive Audits Indicate Excessive Liabilities

The idea of Muni debt came front and center yesterday morning when I tuned in to CNBC and heard Merideth Whitney of the Meridith Whitney Advisory Group. There has been much controversy over the health of Municipal bonds, and Bond defaults. These defaults could total in the 100's of billions throughout America.

There has been talk and concern over our Cities bonding debt, and when the new Woodmont Firehouse was built, there was no groundbreaking ceremony. Some conservatives in town said that the ceremony was skipped because they did not want to "draw attention" to the fact that our Mayor and Democratic Boards agreed to Bond another $4M Dollars to get the site built.

The problem prompted my attention to pull the comprehensive audit reports available on the Milford city website at this link
The sections depicted above come from pages 14 and 15 of the Balance Sheet for the city of Milford. These are the Comprehensive Audited Financial Reports or CAFR's. They are not to be confused with the Mayor's budget presented to the public each year at City Hall. Members of the public are not freely given CAFR's they have to do some work to get them. Thankfully Milford puts them on the Town Website.

The graph below (Double Click to Enlarge) that I constructed for you all today shows a trend that any accountant would be very concerned with. That trend is the one highlighted for you below. It represents annualized growth of our "Total liabilities" at an average rate of 17.5% per year. Should this trend continue into 2011 the total city liabilities can be estimated to top $283M or in other words about 100% of all our assets in 2007.

There is however a paradox, because we have no idea what the city is claiming as "Depreciable assets." What we do know is that they keep growing at a rate of 6.6% Vs. Liabilities growing at 17.5%. The present pace will have the city of Milford Bankrupt, whereby Assets exceed all liabilities, by the year 2014-2015.

Serious attention has to be given to this growing imbalance. The era of of what departments need built and what services must be rendered and the usual way of doing business must be fundamentally changed. The tables presented by our towns comprehensive audits are challenging to deal with to say the least. The proper ratio of assets to liabilities is keenly out of balance and when those liabilities are left unchecked to grow as they have in the last Four years we are headed for some tough times.

Candidates running for mayor especially should address these imbalances and offer solutions that demonstrate a commitment to the future of our city. In the coming years the job of our Mayor will be much more than a Glamor Job, it is going to have more in common with a reign of bankruptcy rather than a keeper of misplaced promises. Video clip below is from CNBC's Kutlow and Kramer. It pertains to the interview of Meredith Whitney who is warning bond holders on the risk of Municipal Defaults.

To Hear The CNBC interview Click HERE

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More Mysterious Letters Call Attention To Double Dipping And Oyster Festival Issues

The following letters to the editor were sent in to this blog without names or return addresses on the envelopes. While I personally have not verified the facts of these letters I therefore publish them for informational purposes and discussion only.

Please feel free to "double click each letter to enlarge it" and use the comment link at the end of this blog to open a dialoge box. Your comments, leads, and supporting facts are appreciated.

The job of the Milford Daily Blog is to present the news and opinions that no other publication in town will address. We therefore believe that we are completing the full spectrum of informational awareness in the local Infowar.

To send me letters for publication, please address them to me personally Rocco J. Frank and use the mail or e-mail. Snail mail is 44 Lexington Way N. e-mail is

LETTER 1 (Double Click Letter To Enlarge)

LETTER 2 (Double Click Letter To Enlarge)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Dear Independents,

The Official Caucus and candidate selection process will be held July28th 2011 in accordance with our agreement set at the last meeting of May 30, 2011. Please be advised that this date is in advance of the final caucus date of Wednesday August 3rd.

August 3rd, is the final date for all appeals re: candidate decisions and final last call placements.

The meeting location for the Caucus will be at Gusto's, in the Private Party Room on the lower level. The address to Gustos is 255 Boston Post Road, Milford, CT 06460 (203) 876-7464.

The caucus is an open Caucus and will commence at 7:00P.M., Press members we encourage you to post the date in the customary way that your paper or periodical does, and we encourage all members of the public to attend.

For the Caucus rules and regulations please visit and click on the "bylaws" link.

An August meeting will be scheduled on the 30th of this month and will be announced ahead of this caucus. Several reminders will go out to keep you informed. Please bring as many people, and potential candidates as you can to support yourself and the Independent Party.

We will do the same format as the Great River Golf Course, (order appetizers courtesy the Independent Party) and collect a donation during the meeting. Donations are entirely based on what you can afford to give and there is no commitment required on your part to give. However, we do count on your support and always appreciate and thank everyone who has donated so generously in the past. There is also a cash bar available for any one who wishes to have a drink. Newly registered Independent party members get their first Free drink on us.

For questions or comments please call me at (203) 247-4357.

Rocco Frank Chairman Milford Independent Town Committee

Friday, June 3, 2011

Milford Recycling Center Creates Human & Animal Wellfare Concerns

About a year ago a Corporation well known for their multiple violations and questionable shady work/business tried to get zoning approval to build a new dump and recycling facility at 990 Naugatuck AVE. Milford Ct. This proposed facility would be accessed from both ends of Naugatuck ave and also by water via the Housatonic river. They would be receiving upwards of 1,000 TONS! of trash and garbage PER DAY! from surrounding cities such as Bridgeport,Stratford,Orange,Derby, Shelton ect. and thanks to the support of the community we were able to shut down their attempts of turning our beautiful neighborhood into another dumping ground.

However they have come back and re-filed for approval under a "New" ownership claim even though they were told NO once before. Since that time the same trucks and dumpsters, with the same Company name, (to this day 5/16/2011) have been making their rounds at 1, 2,3, & 4AM.  We believe they are illegally dumping "who knows what" in the secrecy of the night.

Now as many of you know, or may not know, Naugatuck Ave. is a neighborhood road that runs from I-95 to Exit 36. It also goes all the way to the shores of Walnut beach of which is filled with families many of whom have small children and NO sidewalk. Now this alleged "NEW OWNER" wants to have Dump trucks filled with tons of trash come barreling down YOUR kids neighborhood to dump other peoples trash in "YOUR BACKYARDS!!!"

Other serious concerns will include LESS traffic safety in our neighborhood and excessive road wear including pot holes and pavement warping characteristic of heavy trucks. Its bad enough there are no sidewalks on Naugatuck ave and that the LAWS PROHIBITING tractor trailers and heavy trucking to use Naugatuck Ave. are broken daily, but now we have to worry about the safety of our children, pets and ourselves when walking down the street even more then before.

Property values will be negatively impacted. (Realtors warned us as to the difficulty of selling homes next to a dump)

Other well known hardships of living next to a dump, include disease carried by Mice, Rats, Raccoons, Possum and plenty of Seagulls who pick up and carry germ laden garbage around the surrounding residential areas and yards where children play.

For those who have had the experience of visiting the local dump (CRRE Transfer Station) have heard the noise and commotion from only the few tractors and compactors. Imagine Big Dump trucks coming down YOUR street all day hauling trash 100's of times our local volume. Also lets not forget the added odor induced hardship that already engulfs the EXISTING City Dump.

Recently our taxes have just started to repair Naugatuck Ave's pavement after years of neglect. By allowing more than 1,000 TONS of trash to be hauled up and down our local neighborhood streets local taxpayers will be unwillingly subsidizing the excessive road wear and repair on behalf of an objectionable Corporation. Overweight and heavy trucks rapidly deteriorate local roads at three times the normal pace of a regular community road. (Thats why they are currently being repaired again.)

ACCESS TO THE HOUSATONIC RIVER will be impeded and its recreational use will be restricted. This is because, in that area, there is only ONE access point to the Housatonic River for Milford CT. Years ago our city had Two access points, one was behind the Caswell Cove complex but that area is now blocked by Cement poles that Caswell Cove installed.  Their permit has stopped Milford Tax Payers from using common CITY PROPERTY IN THE WAY THEY WERE ONCE ACCUSTOMED.) The poles remain, under the objections of the local residents who are cut us off from their own river.

The only other remaining access point our city has left is the boat launch under the I95 bridge that has been closed for the last 2 years or more. This closing is due to continuous highway repairs. The bridge will "later reopen" once those "repairs" have been completed.

The caveat of a dump approval will render the final recreational access point to the Housatonic River "off limits." The ramp will no longer be usable because the site business plan and their admission calls for frequent barges delivering ecologically hazardous waste up and down our local river.  As a final point, I would also mention that fisherman have expressed objection due to the fact that large trash filled barges interfere with water crafts and habitats in the river.They have cited many well known studies on how plastic bottles, broken glass, and rusty metals present severe hazards to aquatic wildlife.

Document Edited by Rocco Frank and obtained from the 101 members at the Facebook Group "No Dump at 900 Naugatuck Ave Milford CT!!!"

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Milford Labor Unions Cry Foul

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and unfortunately those union workers deemed expendable are the "measure of choice. The current job market is terrible, and in Milford if you are a security guard, a Public Works employee or a low level aid be thankful your contract was renewed this year.

Last week I read in the newspaper that the School security guards at Foran and Law, who were being let go by Superintendent of schools Elizabeth Feser, were very upset. They now claim there is an outlandish conspiracy to specifically target them as punishment for forming a labor union.

We have heard this once before through the city attorneys office when Cynthia Anger was fired for allegedly forming a Labor Union. We later learned the truth that Cynthia Anger was not fired for forming a labor union, but was instead fired for insubordination. The kind of insubordination that denied our Mayor the right to be a deciding tie breaking vote on the P&Z board.

Kevin Lyddy was chastised for voting improperly, and Democrat Suzan Shaw won the chaimanship the legal way. This however, was not without a fight because in the 5-5 tie the Mayor demanded that he be given the legal authority to break the tie with His vote. Cythia called this illegal and it is alleged she lost her job over it. It is fair to assume that there was illegal activity because a settlement was reached that was very favorable to Ms. Anger. So we must be careful when we talk about such delicate issues as Union Busting in Milford and the propensity for our city leaders to demand our employees break the law. The law must never again be treated like a mere inconvenient platitude to be ignored.

Earlier this week I was contacted again by another upset individual who also expressed concern over union busting in Milford and was concerned and afraid that placing her name out there as the "whistle blower" would cost her her job. We have read about the back room deals that go on in town when it comes to high paying jobs, and we also know that there are a large number of Son's, Father's, Daughters, Sisters and Cousins working together in City Hall. Many of them got employed due to nepotism and politics rather than merit. The policy of helping ones family members might be in the rational interests of those families, but it undermines the authority, health and integrity of public service; of which is funded by the people who live in Milford.

My friend was forced to retract a great deal of information placed on the Internet because of fear. This happened during the time we were appointing the Energy Czar. This was another job like the Superintendents Job that was awarded to Jim Whittaker the head of a local Labor union in Milford. While Jim has no formal training in energy management conservation or abatement he was given the job for reasons that we can only speculate on. My contact who works for the city of Milford alleged that Whittaker sold out his union for a substantial pay increase. After hearing, again the concerns of the High School Security guards I have to wonder what are the odds of two similar Union busting stories coming at me in the same month.

This issue is potentially very divisive because the local labor union workers who now appear to be targeted are being treated like "Third class citizens" while the "elite" local rulers, break all the rules at the expense of the people who demand better from our leaders.

We must question the integrity of the entire system, we must ask why our Police chief should make over $180,000.00 a year, and our new unqualified Superintendent should receive Apx. $140,000.00. These grossly exaggerated salaries are at the expense of a couple of security guards who earn a sub-poverty salary of $22,000.00 a year. Where is the justice and how has corruption, greed and avarice gotten so out of control in our town. The greater tragedy is why, yet again, during this campaign season are we not hearing the candidates defend and prosecute these very immoral, corrupt, and selfish acts by the cruelty and evil that is nested so comfortably in the highest offices in Milford?

The only thing that I can assume is that we have Cowards running for Mayor this year. Last week my stomach was in knots as I heard yet again the elite leaders of our community speak to the local proletariat in terms of endearment.  To be crystal clear "I don't give a damn" how much you all "Love Milford" how we are "Going to get More for Less" or that you even "F*$#%G Grew up here!" I really really do not give a Damn!

This year I would like to see some real leadership addressing the corruption and injustice that per- mutate all levels of city hall. Starting with Corrupt hiring practices, and the rights of workers and taxpayers who are being fleeced and lied to about everything. We have Big Big issues to resolve and if the people of this city are so naive to elect our next Mayor based on terms of endearment than this city deserves all that it has coming to it.

My final thought is that you not only pass this along, but actually make some phone calls to both Bob Joy, and Ben Blake and insist that they condemn the people mentioned here for their criminal practices.

Since they are both well versed in the law they should have no problem finding what areas of the "Equal Opportunity Employment Act" or " Fair Labor Standards Act." Etc.. were violated.

But in case they forgot what they learned in Law School the below link is provided as a reminder.

Rocco J. Frank Jr.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mysterious Letter Alleges Serious Corruption In Milford

The following letter arrived to my mailbox late last night. It is included as is in its entirety for public review. While I am still looking into the facts of these serious allegations the general public is free to do their own research to authenticate its authenticity.

The letter was mailed and postmarked from Hartford so we suspect it may have originated from one our state representatives, or someone local who works in Hartford. The documents were scanned and included below in high resolution. If you have difficulty reading it double click the photo and it will expand to a larger size. Your comments would be much appreciated on this.

Cross reference articles:

        One of the responsibilities the New Superintendent will be insurance dealings. The city of Milford historically has dealt with and continues to deal with ANON. Anon was accused of steering Insurance contracts and was criminally charged by the CT Attorney General. In a letter dated March 4, 2005 Richard Blumenthal announced that ANON has agreed to pay $190 Million dollars in restitution to its victims. (Milford being one of them.)

This issue was repeated in the CT Post in an article dated July 25, 2010, and reprinted on May 21, 2011. The local insurance agents who work and live in Milford have expressed serious concern over the lack of judgement in dealing with ANON and on numerous occasion asked the city of Milford to discontinue their relationship with them. Most well governed cities have discontinued their relationship after the state probe. Milford has not, nor have they given a valid reason for why our city needs to enable those unethical companies who wrongfully exploit local taxpayers. This period of wrong doing was all under the Mayor's, and Feser's new Hiree's watch. We could only hope and pray that Feser is being lied to or used and manipulated for their own gain. Feser appears to be getting in a lot of trouble real fast.