Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mysterious Letter Alleges Serious Corruption In Milford

The following letter arrived to my mailbox late last night. It is included as is in its entirety for public review. While I am still looking into the facts of these serious allegations the general public is free to do their own research to authenticate its authenticity.

The letter was mailed and postmarked from Hartford so we suspect it may have originated from one our state representatives, or someone local who works in Hartford. The documents were scanned and included below in high resolution. If you have difficulty reading it double click the photo and it will expand to a larger size. Your comments would be much appreciated on this.

Cross reference articles:

        One of the responsibilities the New Superintendent will be insurance dealings. The city of Milford historically has dealt with and continues to deal with ANON. Anon was accused of steering Insurance contracts and was criminally charged by the CT Attorney General. In a letter dated March 4, 2005 Richard Blumenthal announced that ANON has agreed to pay $190 Million dollars in restitution to its victims. (Milford being one of them.)

This issue was repeated in the CT Post in an article dated July 25, 2010, and reprinted on May 21, 2011. The local insurance agents who work and live in Milford have expressed serious concern over the lack of judgement in dealing with ANON and on numerous occasion asked the city of Milford to discontinue their relationship with them. Most well governed cities have discontinued their relationship after the state probe. Milford has not, nor have they given a valid reason for why our city needs to enable those unethical companies who wrongfully exploit local taxpayers. This period of wrong doing was all under the Mayor's, and Feser's new Hiree's watch. We could only hope and pray that Feser is being lied to or used and manipulated for their own gain. Feser appears to be getting in a lot of trouble real fast.

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