Monday, June 27, 2011

David Sulkis, Land Use Director, Waiting For Answers.

Last week David Sulkis, our land use director was abruptly put on paid leave after the conclusion of the town P & Z Meeting at 11:30 last Tuesday. The suspension of his duties came as a surprise to Ms. Shaw the P & Z Chairwoman as well as to Mr. Sulkis himself who is quoted in the local papers as "having no idea why he was put on leave."

City authorities, including his manager City Attorney Winthrop Smith, Jocelyn Mathiasen and Mayor Jim Richetelli called the allegations against Mr. Sulkis as "Serious" and it will take "two weeks to investigate them." However, Richetelli claims he has "no idea what Sulkis did" that only his manager knows that Ms. Mathiasen and the city Attorney. The Independent Party has been reserving judgement on this issue because we do not know the facts, nor do we trust the leadership in our city when it comes to the responsible handling of personnel issues.

Without casting a "shadow" against or in favor of Mr. Sulkis I would like to remind our readers of how the city dealt with past personnel issues:

Just in the last 24 Months a brief sample.

* Cynthia Anger was fired as insubordinate only to have the city proven wrong, and Ms. Anger was the beneficiary of a legal settlement.

* Bob Adams was let go from MGAT without any good cause. Even though Bob should have sued.

*  Genvieve Salvatore was asked to leave as chair of the Economic Development Commission for no good reason.

* Judy Doneiko who has been our city Finance Director since 1997 abruptly quit for alleged "personal reasons."

* This is not to mention the mistreatment of their own, including Former Alderwoman Barbara Genovese, Kevin Lyddy, and Tom Byrne.

The record of employee and personnel abuses in Milford leaves much to be suspicious about, and if Mr. Sulkis did in-fact do anything wrong it better well be criminal. Should this outcome prove little more than "crooked developers" conspiring to have him terminated so they could develop our farms, destroy our heritage and enforce the very laws the P & Z Passes, or his complaints against the land use department, then I believe there will be more cause to rally against the irresponsible and presumptuous judgement of the key decision makers in Milford.

We are waiting for answers.


Anonymous said...

I appreciate that you are reserving judgment regarding Sulkis and bringing up the more important point that the City has an unfortunate track record of playing politics with some employees who deserve more respect. This is so opposite of other cities I've observed, where professionalism is highly regarded and protected among those who do their job. Whatever the claim against Sulkis, it also has to be recognized that P&Z has a duty to protect the best interests of the city, which is often unpopular but necessary.
Perhaps a bigger issue? We need either a mayor who will actually take a hands-on/day-to-day role in managing and promoting the development of staff or a proper city manager who can look after the task in a less partisan manner.

Rocco J. Frank Jr. C. E. & Michael Vecchiarelli M.A. said...

The track record on labor in Milford is not good, if you look at my article above this one you can see how they prioritize and spend money. You are correct people and their jobs are not put first.