Thursday, June 30, 2011

Milford's Obsession With Trash

Milford is fighting to get our trash out of town and into a Museum. The epic battle continues in trying to rid our city of Recycling Inc. but we love trash so much our leaders were happy to fund Stratford's Trash museum. But what about the trash in city hall how do we get rid of them? Well they got us Single stream Recycling and cut back our bulk trash pickups twice in the last few years. Today the Milford Democrats also criticized a donation to Stratford's trash museum and I must agree this was a pretty "shaky" thing to do or even have on our local agenda.

Without commenting on the merits of this trash obsession in town, I would like to focus on at least one important point, that Recycling Inc. is our trash problem, and the other one an "out of town garbage museum" well that has nothing to do with Milford. Perhaps we can ask Stratford to put up a vote to keep our library open... "lets not hold our breath"; Considering they will not even fund their own museum I suppose we can see how irresponsible the "Drunken Sailors" at city hall have become.

Our city is expected to lay off two Jonathan law Security guards, 25 city employees, and the board of education claims they need to lay off an undisclosed amount of people. But what about the "Executives" and top echelon in Milford's leadership team? They get raises and waste even more money! Jim Richetelli gets a $138,000.00 a year job, Phil Russel gets to stay on and get paid on the side because Richetelli has no idea what he is doing and needs his help. Russel also may end up like our $180,000 a year police chief and get his pension in addition to his consulting contract.

When I get letters from citizens who are concerned about "Double dipping and Triple dipping" I have to ask where the heck are the police, the FBI and those enacted to defend and enforce the corruption that landed our city with an estimated $275M in debt. Milford is slowly looking more and more like Bell California.  I would really like to know how can we get attention to the issue of public theft.

While everyone is out and about from the political parties claiming they got you a nice "Tax Decrease" tell them "Bull S$#T" you "charged our tax decrease to the "Credit card" at "Interest." That amounts to "kicking the can down the road" for a bigger deferred tax increase. Throw the bums off your porch, do not vote for them and do not read their warped "spin, twists and lies." That is what attorneys do best "Bull S%$t" to their advantage not yours.  You want trash? Go ahead and re-elect a D or an R this year because "we need another Real-estate killing, tax & spend, stinky Oscar the grouch in city hall."

Read this to see how badly Milford taxpayers have been defrauded in the last four years.

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