Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Outage Turns to Outrage

Milford has 8937 residents out of power as of today and social media outlets are expressing concerns and outrage over UI's handling of the outage. These people have been without electricity for nearly three full days now and are growing concerned that the slowness of the progress may keep the lights off longer.

UI has offered no meaningful response on exact time or schedules, and our local leaders have been all deafly silent on the power issue. Residents are now asking that our elected leaders step up to the plate and start engaging in leadership. The people want answers on how much longer our lives and businessess will be disrupted by this outage.

The following video is from and is of UI's CEO Torgerson commenting on the outage.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Democrats and Republicans Exploit Hurricane for Votes

Politics in Milford amazes me, and as one could expect "no crisis should ever go to waste." Soon after the hurricane hit, both candidates for Mayor, the Republican and the Democrat took to the press to exploit this horrific event for their own political gain. This is not a difficult call to make, because in the past, during the hardships we faced from other natural disasters, including flooding like we have seen in the last week, neither one of them (to my knowledge) ever posted a caring blog or made a loving comment.

Now we have Lawyers with a heart and Politicians with a conscience doing what they do best, posing for pictures and telling heartfelt stories and pretending to have a connection to humanity. I expect to see lots of photographs depicting everything from baby kissing, to posing with municipal celebrities. It will be up to you to guess why. Is it perhaps they have suddenly found Jesus and and are in touch with their kinder gentler spiritual selfless side? or is it election season and they are exploiting your vulnerabilities in exchange for your vote?

Thankfully, and I personally believe, that the people of Milford know the difference between phony politics and genuine sincerity. In my view, sincerity is a long and selfless track record of giving without expectation of a reward. Some of the most selfless heroes I know are Mother Theresa, Gandhi, and my late Grandmother Rose Frank who fed Troops, cared for the sick and injured, and helped rebuild wells in her village in 1943 during the WWII battle for Sicily. She never ran for office and her selfless personality flourished until the day she passed.

There are rare people out there who just light up a room with their sincerity, their kindness and their generosity. It is a phenomena that requires no pictures, speaks no words and requires no news coverage. This is because true heroes are discovered by surprise, it is the results of their good deeds that make the news, as is the extent of their impact on the lives of countless greatful others. Heroes are recognized by people like you or me, your friends, your neighbors and in the thoughts and words of the individuals whose lives they changed. Who here, in this city really believes that a couple of mayoral contenders for Mayor realistically and credibly fit this image. 

Humbly I can admit that I am no Gandhi, no Mother Theresa and no saint. What say the rest of our local politicians who now offer good tidings in the wake of a disaster? I say their sincerity is highly suspect in the wake of an upcoming election.. I would love to know your thoughts, do we have genuine sincerity or just a couple of vote grabbing "wind bags?" 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Milford's Fort Trumbull Devastated By Irene

Fort Trumbull this morning was guarded by the Milford Police Department. They were asking drivers not to park in areas that could hinder the ongoing cleanup work.

The streets were covered in Sand as far as the eye could see. Beyond this point is the Silver Sands State Park, of which was also guarded by the state DEP, and was closed to the public.

The devastation included flooding of all low lying structures on both sides of the street and as far as the marsh. The local homes and businesses had water lines as far up as two feet and damaged items were being dragged to the curb. residents were out in force working together to restore their neighborhoods.

The city of Milford was still experiencing wide spread power outages that are going into the second day. Many wires and trees are still down and the Utility companies are feverishly working to correct those outages.

The City of Milford has the Public Works out working long hours, cleaning up city streets and public property. The cost of the cleanup is expected to be substantial. The numbers have not been estimated as of yet but budget strains are to be expected.

The new Boardwalk at Silver Sands State Park is reportedly damaged. Onlookers who explored the area said that the Boardwalk has either been destroyed or buried under the sand making it hard to assess there is even a boardwalk there.

Further to the North Gulf Beach was covered in water, and low lying areas of Woodmont were also submerged in several feet of water. Photo (Left) depicts storm surge on Broadway, an area ordered evacuated by the city of Milford.

Fortunately many inland homes did not suffer substantial wind damage. Some residents boarded up their windows, while others taped asterisk style patterns on their plate glass. There are many reports of downed trees but very few reports of serious wind damage to those homes.

It is estimated that power will be restored in the next few days for all homes across Milford, and the cleanup efforts will be ongoing for several months.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Milford Prepares For Incoming Cat. 1 Hurricane

Northeast ThreatsWinds are going to be high, the Governor has declared a state of emergency and power companies are gearing up for downed power lines. The big department stores have sold out of generators, and local auto parts stores have sold out of their car inverters.

How bad is this storm going to be? No one knows for sure, but estimates are that we will be hit with winds in the range of 50-to 75 Mph. This is especially bad news for those individuals who live on the coast line, as the high tide will only exacerbate flood conditions in the low lying areas of the city. The full force of the storm will coincide with High Tide of which is 10:36P.M. on Sat. Night.

Many homeowners may want to check and see if their home and auto coverage includes water and flood damage and it might be a good idea to make the call to your insurance agent right away.

In the event the city is without power for a sustained period of time, today and tomorrow will be your last chance to stock up on supplies. Most essential are batteries, water, food, ice for the fridge, a radio, and gas for your cars.

To get updates on the latest news and weather related events click this LINK for updated information.

Category 1
Sustained winds33–42 m/s64–82 knKaren 26 sept 2007 1220Z.jpg
Karen in the water
119–153 km/h74–95 mph
Normal central pressure980–994 mbar28.94 inHg
Category 1 storms usually cause no significant structural damage to building structures; however, they can topple unanchored mobile homes, as well as uproot or snap trees. Poorly attached roof shingles or tiles can blow off. Coastal flooding and pier damage are often associated with Category 1 storms. Power outages are typically widespread to extensive, sometimes lasting several days. Even though it is the least intense type of hurricane, the storm can still produce plenty of widespread damage and can be a life-threatening storm.[11]

Examples of storms of this intensity include: Hurricane Alice (1954), Danny (1985), Jerry (1989), Ismael (1995), Claudette (2003), Gaston (2004),Stan (2005) and Humberto (2007).

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Recap of Events, Oyster Festival And More

This week the Independent Party enjoyed its Third year in the Milford Oyster Festival. Morale was high and the Independent Party had a great deal of fun walking around drinking beer, eating oysters and greeting the public.

Joe Prisco (Featured Left) was in especially good spirits and as always carried his energy and enthusiasm in a message on his shirt "Let's Talk I'm Joe Prisco."  This year Joe has become an Icon with the Independent Party, at 86 Years old and a 54 year resident of Milford Joe has earned the respect of every one of our members. Even the local Party members "tip their hat" to Joe as he continues to be a fixture and a public advocate at City Hall.

Joe is best known as that person who has no shortage of words and is not afraid to speak his mind. Anyone who knows Joe will tell you that he fights for fairness and honesty in the city of Milford. What we all like best about Joe is that he takes on issues with  a great smile and an incredible and affable attitude.

While the Milford Independent Party is an organization aimed at getting common people elected, we found that most people this year are very supportive, while others were just out enjoying a fun family day. This year we quickly learned that most people do not go to the Oyster Festival to discuss Politics, and for that reason we kept ourselves available and chose not to be demonstrably pushy like our opponents.

In past years, both Democrats and Republicans forced stickers on the public garb, waved annoying campaign  signs and often engaged in loud disruptive flash mobs to get attention. This year things were equally amped up and the Democrats took the prize by positioning two booths on each side of the street. The Law Offices of Bercham Moses and Devlin hosted the Deep Fried Dough booth on their property and across the street positioned a second booth (near Party Member Mike Brown's office.) The Republicans were in the Middle and actively sticking campaign stickers on anyone they could get to wear one. Independents were in a small Ten by Ten spot with a very unhelpful and annoying tree right in front of us.

Some of our members speculated that the terrible spot was most likely the work of the Republicans. This they theorized was due to their disapproval of our Cross endorsement of the city Clerk to Suzanne Manning. Mannings Republican opponent Linda Stock and her sister Paula Smith is also a controversial coordinator of the Oyster Festival.

Without complaining about our spot, I will mention that the Smith/Stock Controversy started over the Festival Committee hijacking the Beer Sales for themselves. Some festival patrons dropped out because they argue that the loss of revenue from those sales was unjust and against the original mission of the festival to aid non-profits. However, the festival committee argued that last year the festival was in a crisis over funding and those revenues had to be made up in light of the fact that the Police and security services were no longer being provided free of charge by the city.

This year we are assuming that the proceeds from the beer sales were used to pay the Police and traffic control bills but as of yet there is no word on who paid those costs.

All in all, even with those difficulties aside all our members had an especially good time and thank the hard working people who made this successful day possible. The Independent Party would also like to thank all its members for their work and time in keeping our cause and mission alive and well in Milford.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Presstitutes Are At It Again

Well their first attempt to slander me failed, now they launched a new nameless shameless editorial in the upcoming Milford Mirror. Since I have no idea who wrote it, because its online, I will take the liberty to answer all the foolish questions that were asked and explain my ethics and logic once again.

To my readers this is the latest confused reporter with a 3rd hand story concocted from the misinformation contrived from heresay, rumor, speculation, and probably a talking Republican or Democrat frog. CLICK HERE FOR EDITORIAL STAFF ARTICLE.

Since this buffoon never called me I will answer his questions. A: There is no difference in my mind between a (R) and a (D) they are two wings on the same dead bird. B: Yes I really do know its pretty close to impossible to win which is why it makes more sense to cross endorse... C: Any Chairman's job is to get his people in office as you are well aware the public gets upset over everything and its not my job to please everyone. D: Commission appointments are paid $0.00 and a full time job at city hall would be I am sure the lowest salary offered in the city probably way less than the legal expenses they pay defending their bad behavior.

Why these fools write this trash is beyond me but clearly they have something to fear. I have no money $0 in my campaign chest and I usually get a few hundred votes what is the outlandish obsession with little old me Rocco Frank? One last point this was not a strategy it was an "offer in compromise" it was all about "sharing" you know the same thing you teach your kids.  I hear parents say play nice and share all the time. Apparently sharing is unethical and possibly a crime in Milford.... unless of course you are Jim Richetelli or Winn Smith or something.... I guess it does not work for anyone outside of their sandbox! 

I am getting pretty tired of watching my press releases get butchered by unethical and confused reporters. As a reminder the original press release is at the Milford Daily Blog (Right below see the Gnome) and it mentions nothing about job costs that will burden the taxpayers of Milford. Even if we reached an agreement it still would have been the voters who decided, unlike after they are elected and they have no choice in what jobs are created for themselves. In my view its better to know about these deals in advance while the voters still have choice. After the election voters have no choice and these deals are made anyway that bothers me more than being up front transparent and honest.  

Independents have not lost their values reporters are giving their political opinions without doing their homework.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Milford Police: Jobs Discussion by Mayoral Candidate Frank Not a Crime

The Republicans and Democrats launched an unprecedented failed attack against the Milford Independent Party. It should be noted that this is nothing new. In 2006 Barbara Genevese was sent Porno Magazines by Angry Republicans, Steve Borer was harassed with complaints to the Police Department for filming public city council meetings, and this week they called the Attorney General in a failed attempt to press charges against Mayoral Candidate Rocco Frank. Frank is personally considering legal action against the N.H. Register for Libel and slander. McReady said the position was "Sold" a patently false lie, he also changed the headline three times but let the Sunday paper run with the wrong headline.

When writing about this issue, it should be noted that both parties have engaged in outlandish and outrageous strategies to shut down their Independent competition. This latest article Vindicating me from the McReady Hit Piece of last Sunday should be a lesson that we need to unify against these two exclusive clubs who will do or say anything in their lust for power.

This should also highlight the issue of Jobs in Milford, and why more qualified outsiders have such a difficult time getting hired from the partisan decision makers who have hijacked our city. Enough is enough its time to root out those individuals who reserve these positions for themselves, friends and families. City hall is not their personal job outlet!

Today's NHR article Vindicating me from the latest attack should be a lesson to both Blake, Joy and their gang members.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Brian McReady Hit Piece on Independent Party A Disgrace

The 8/14/11 Sunday Headline on the article below changed three times, and the facts were completely distorted. The slanderous and libelous nature of the New Haven Register is most likely why the main stream media is referring to alternative news sources for accurate and more honest information.

There is no doubt that he had help in perverting his story, and his partisan loyalty to the Republicans and Democrats was clearly evident. While I do not know what the intention of his "Hit Piece" on the Independent Party was all about, one thing that appears certain is that Mr. McReady cannot get a story correct and is more interested in spin than news.

Stay tuned, read the very same response/press release he was sent below and ask how a reporter could possibly and irresponsibly draw such an outlandish conclusions.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Ben Blake, Bob Joy Dismiss Milford Independents

After the conclusion of the Independent Party Caucus last month the Milford Independent party agreed to reach out to the major parties with offers in compromise. We spoke with municipal leaders from both sides of the aisle including, party chairmen and and both candidates for Mayor.

The idea was simple "lets appeal to each other's rational interests and govern together." Our goal was to cross endorse the top spot for Mayor in exchange for equal (D) or (R) party consideration on paid jobs and commission appointments. In 2009 Spalthoff and Chaucer received nearly 18% of the vote collectively, this year, even if that number is reduced by 50% that could have meant the difference of 20% in favor of one candidate or another.

However, their decisions were stunning!  Both Ben and Bob rejected the wishes of 1,000 to 2,000 voters.  This outlandish rejection is based on an enigmatic "quid pro quo" and in Bob's case a direct "NO!" Neither side has any intentions of making any promises or guarantees.  The inclusion of the Milford Independent Party to participate in city government appears to exist mostly in political theory only. However irrational, we find it difficult to accept that they truly believe their decisions are based on honorable and reasonable logic.

This year we will again have a Three way race for Mayor because the irrational thinking of our top contenders want it that way. The Milford Independent Party can no longer change what Ben and Bob decided for the Milford Independent voters. However, YOU CAN, by sharing this article with your friends and neighbors. Convince them to vote for The Independent line as a show of solidarity against those irrational and partisan individuals who continuously dominate and hijack our city with their loyal people and Political Party ideology. 

This year Independents have offered up John Grant to the Republicans and Cross Endorsed Suzanne Manning for City Clerk. In return Both Parties offered Independents NOTHING. We are doing our part, now it is up to you to do yours! Vote Independent... by doing so you will break this cycle of ignorance and help us make a difference in the fiscal future and security of our city.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Americas Credit Downgrade and Municipal Risk

Municipal Bonds at greatest Risk of DefaultWhen Standard and Poors downgraded the United States they did not just teach the Washington spendthrifts a lesson, they sent a message to us all. This message started in Washington and now the effects of the Capitol's gridlock will come home to roost.

Bond King Bill Gross of Pimco Investments has indicated that the AA+ downgrade will likely push rates higher across the entire bond market, including state and municipal bonds. We here in Milford have 300M in exposure and a slight 1% increase in our interest rate can induce a hardship.

About a month ago I quoted Meredith Whitney of the Whitney Advisory Group. Meredith is one of those unique individuals who in her words "has to be right" and she spent considerable time studying the municipal bond market. Meredith concluded about a month ago that the entire "Municipal Bond Market" is set to experience a painful correction.

Wall street, who usually trades on the trends that exist six month ahead, is telling us that something is very wrong and the economic horizon is now set ablaze with bright orange flames.

My predictions on Milford and its looming debt crisis is based on Game Theory as calculated by the economic figures set forth in the CAFRs. Currently Milford has solutions, but neither candidate for mayor has expressed a willingness to embrace those solutions or even ask what needs to be done. We are at a cross roads, one that is not good, one that ignores the very reality of rational decision making and the nature of default based politics.

In 2007, when I ran for state Rep. I set out to sound the alarm on a One Billion dollar state shortfall. Local Republicans and Local Democrats laughed and mocked me for even suggesting something so outrageous and "off the wall." Much to their surprise I was wrong because the problem was 3.2 Billion not One. Now the state is shutting down as mass layoffs further threaten the state economy.

Milford has one shot to fix this coming mass default, one that could rise to as much as One Billion Dollars locally!! It is this year, and it involves something called the "Spike theory of municipal Change." I have all of the details on this rigorous program and how it works. However, our candidates both have expressed they will "wing it" with their unproven ideas. I highly advise and beg of our next Mayor to please not "wing it" this is no time to experiment with our futures.