Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Milford Police: Jobs Discussion by Mayoral Candidate Frank Not a Crime

The Republicans and Democrats launched an unprecedented failed attack against the Milford Independent Party. It should be noted that this is nothing new. In 2006 Barbara Genevese was sent Porno Magazines by Angry Republicans, Steve Borer was harassed with complaints to the Police Department for filming public city council meetings, and this week they called the Attorney General in a failed attempt to press charges against Mayoral Candidate Rocco Frank. Frank is personally considering legal action against the N.H. Register for Libel and slander. McReady said the position was "Sold" a patently false lie, he also changed the headline three times but let the Sunday paper run with the wrong headline.

When writing about this issue, it should be noted that both parties have engaged in outlandish and outrageous strategies to shut down their Independent competition. This latest article Vindicating me from the McReady Hit Piece of last Sunday should be a lesson that we need to unify against these two exclusive clubs who will do or say anything in their lust for power.

This should also highlight the issue of Jobs in Milford, and why more qualified outsiders have such a difficult time getting hired from the partisan decision makers who have hijacked our city. Enough is enough its time to root out those individuals who reserve these positions for themselves, friends and families. City hall is not their personal job outlet!

Today's NHR article Vindicating me from the latest attack should be a lesson to both Blake, Joy and their gang members.


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