Monday, August 15, 2011

Brian McReady Hit Piece on Independent Party A Disgrace

The 8/14/11 Sunday Headline on the article below changed three times, and the facts were completely distorted. The slanderous and libelous nature of the New Haven Register is most likely why the main stream media is referring to alternative news sources for accurate and more honest information.

There is no doubt that he had help in perverting his story, and his partisan loyalty to the Republicans and Democrats was clearly evident. While I do not know what the intention of his "Hit Piece" on the Independent Party was all about, one thing that appears certain is that Mr. McReady cannot get a story correct and is more interested in spin than news.

Stay tuned, read the very same response/press release he was sent below and ask how a reporter could possibly and irresponsibly draw such an outlandish conclusions.

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