Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Outage Turns to Outrage

Milford has 8937 residents out of power as of today and social media outlets are expressing concerns and outrage over UI's handling of the outage. These people have been without electricity for nearly three full days now and are growing concerned that the slowness of the progress may keep the lights off longer.

UI has offered no meaningful response on exact time or schedules, and our local leaders have been all deafly silent on the power issue. Residents are now asking that our elected leaders step up to the plate and start engaging in leadership. The people want answers on how much longer our lives and businessess will be disrupted by this outage.

The following video is from and is of UI's CEO Torgerson commenting on the outage.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I had no power and sketchy internet connections during the power outage, which for me, lasted 3 days. So, I would never have seen this little blurb. Had I been able, I would've waited patiently for the power to come back on. I waited patiently anyways. I understood that the UI and other power companies were going to be overwhelmed with all the repairs that are just part and parcel of experiencing a tropical storm or hurricane. Don't see what all the bother was about. We've ordered a generator and will not be caught with soggy frozen foods and warm milk again! I am quite satisfied with the work the UI has been doing. I would've like to have been able to get more info, but I had family members who kept me up-to-date. People are so spoiled these days, my husband worried about not seeing some game, my sister was worried and irritated that she was unable to use her blow dryer and I missed some work I had to do online, but otherwise, I noticed that the sky at night was chock full of stars & I spent more time reading. Had it been hot, I'd've missed my AC, but all in all, it was my interactions with other people that was going to make this or break this experience. I much prefer the people who, when given a dead flower, think about the seeds contained therein and can see the new life bringing more flowers.