Friday, May 30, 2008

Milfords Oldest Home Recently Turned 300 Years Old

When I thought to write this article, I started doing lots of research, only to discover the job of describing this house was done so eloquently and factually by the Milford Historical Society that I decided to include the article in its entirety. They put the story of this house together better than I could have and consequentially wish to give them full credit for their wonderfully written article.

Reprint From Milford Historical Society Website.

"The Eells-Stow House is believed to be the oldest house in Milford and takes part of its name from the Eells family, who arrived in Milford in the later 17th century from the Boston area.

Samuel Eells, born c. 1640, came to Milford with his bride in 1668. After his wife's death, he moved to Hingham, Mass. Upon his death, the Wharf Lane property was inherited by his son, Col. Samuel Eells.

Col. Samuel Eells was very prominent in the affairs of both Milford and New Haven Colony. He married Martha Whiting Bryan (his second wife) who bore him a son, Nathaniel. Nathaniel married Martha Stow who unfortunately only lived for seven months after the wedding. The widowed Nathaniel then moved to Middletown. He eventually inherited the Wharf Lane property from his step-mother (the Col.s third wife) which he then sold to Stephen Stow, his deceased wife's brother.

Stephen Stow was born in Middletown on ww May 1726 and married c. 1752 Freelove Baldwin of Milford. They had seven children, six boys and one girl. Stephen was the captain of a coastal schooner and carried on a trading business up and down Long Island Sound. His day book is in the possession of the Historical Society, and tells an interesting story of his trading business.

Four of their sons, Stephen, Samuel, John and Jebediah served their country in the Revolutionary War, but their father, Capt. Stephen Stow gave his life while nursing 200 smallpox-stricken American soldiers. They had been brought from a British prison ship and cast ashore at Milford Harbor. The full extent of Capt. Stow's heroism can be appreciated only when it is understood that in 1777 very little was known about fighting this disease and its death toll was appalling. Forty-six soldiers died in one month and are buried in a common grave along with Capt. Stow.

Capt. Stow's historic home was saved from destruction in 1930 by the efforts of the Freelove Baldwin Stow Chapter of the D.A.R. The Milford Historical Society was organized shortly thereafter for the specific purpose of saving this, and many other, Milford antiquities.

In 1981, because of serious settling on the north facade, outside sheathing was removed to determine the cause. Complete destruction of corner posts, sills, and other bracing members were found and immediate reconstruction was begun.

During 1981-1982 the Eell-Stow House underwent extensive remodeling, which shed much light on the original plan and structure of this old house. All clapboards, sheathing, window frames and sashes were removed revealing the basic structure of the framing. Tradition had the date of the house late in the 17th century coinciding with the arrival of the Eells family in Milford. Investigation of the revealed framing put the date a little later, possibly as late as c. 1720.

The oldest part of the house has now been restored by replacing clapboards, sheathing, diamond-pane casement windows and interior refurbishing.

This restoration has repaired the Eells-Stow House so that it is now structurally sound and presents an historic building to the people of Milford which, along with the Bryan-Downs House and the Stockade House, represents Milford's proud past.

The Eells-Stow House is listed on the National Register of Historic Houses."

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Monk Parakeets, Beautiful, Yet Troubled

When I first saw these birds over a decade a ago I thought that perhaps someones pet parakeets had flown away. Vivid green and beautiful everyone in town soon started asking lots of questions about these exotic birds. They rarely flew alone always in flocks, and unlike tropical birds, managed to survive the winters here in Connecticut.

The origin of these birds was clearly by way of introduction and then possibly some cross breeding, I have heard many stories about how they got here but never truly got a consistent story. The only thing that always rings the same is that the were introduced into our area by someones own actions.

Not everyone is a fan of Monk Parakeets, especially United Illuminating who regards them as an infestation. UI has claimed that they build nests on utility poles (see photo above) taking advantage of the warmth put forth by the transformers. The nests that are constructed add additional insulation and restrict ventilation required by UI equipment to not overheat, explode, malfunction or worse cause a blackout.

Friends of Animals has taken up a legal battle to protect these birds from extermination. They have been challenging Woodson and UI for their deliberate and inhumane extermination of them. The situation has culminated into several protests and lawsuits urging for a compromise that protects the lives and habitat of these beautiful birds.

The news today in the CT Post was the final showdown, and the birds lost their case as the court sided with United Illuminating. However, there is still hope because FOA is actively involved in discussions that will hopefully allow for the safe removal of the nests without injury to the birds.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Meet The Candidates Of The 118th In MIlford


Have put forth Rocco J Frank Jr. (Fairfield University Alumni, CSE Post Grad) See post below this one for the official press release and party endorsement.



"Nanci Seltzer has been endorsed for the office of State Representative for the 118Th District. A former member of the Milford Planning and Zoning Board, she chaired a subcommittee that focused on ways to preserve buildings of historical and architectural interest. She is a member of the Milford Zoning Board of Appeals. A community leader, she is active in Devon Revitalization and a member of the Walnut Beach Association. She started and is currently chair for Devon Day and Devon Summer Events. She is the chair of the Milford Anti-Hate Task Force. She is a certified and licensed occupational therapy assistant who works primarily with senior citizens. She has received the Milford Council on Aging’s Community Spirit Award. Nanci has also worked in schools with special needs children and has received the Occupational Therapist of the Year from the Connecticut Coalition for Inclusive Education. She has an associates degree in Allied Sciences from Briarwood College."

One other special note is that Nancy has cross supported Friends of Joe Lieberman with a $500.00 donation on 11/1/06.


Last night the Milford Democrats, held their convention at the Senior Center and announced Barbara Lambert, the 2Nd. District alderwoman as their candidate for the 118Th. Lambert, reading from cue cards, gave a speech to a group of local Democrats. At this time there is not much more known about Ms. Lambert other than to say that she is possibly 60 or 70 years old been married for 40 years and has served in the local town government. The Democrats have not issued an official press release yet, but one is expected to arrive in the upcoming local news papers.


Update on Lamberts positions: (According to her 8" X 5" card.)

*Condemned United Illuminating for reopening its rate case.
*Demanded budget responsibility and accountability.
*Worked on and advocated senior tax relief and advocated "common sense" spending.


*Great Grandmother, Grandmother, Mother, Wife.
*Senior Center Volunteer.
*St. Ann's Parish volunteer.
*Bethel Shelter volunteer.
*Softball Coach Milford Rec.
*Girl Scout Leader.
*Democrat, Alderman-Milford BOA
*Former Local 134 URW VP

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Frank Recieves Official Endorsement of The Independent Party of Connecticut

Reprint Of Original Letter

On May 20, 2008 The Independent Party of Connecticut has formally endorsed Rocco J Frank Jr. for Connecticut State Representative in the 118th District in Milford Ct. After acareful scrutiny and strict evaluation Frank demonstrated himself as an impressive and well rounded candidate with real life experiences. Frank is a small business owner and CEO of ComputerFox stores located in several CT Towns, Frank is a past and or current member of the Kiwanis, Milford Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau, International Narcotics Enforcement Officers Assoc. and holds the honor of being a member of the Masonic family organization renowned for their support of children and the elderly, through Ashlar of Newtown, and the Shriner's Childrens hospital.

Frank has also instituted a county wide Identity theft and computer recycling program run in association with several Nature Centers to include the New Canaan Nature Center, and Westport's Earthplace. Frank also donates FREE quality computers to any Milford resident with children receiving state assistance.

On the political spectrum Frank was employed as a CT Deputy Sheriff, and was the spokesman for the Elected High Sheriffs Drug Awareness Program, and Child Identification Program, now modeled by the CT Freemasons. Frank was also President of local chapters of the Young Republicans, Served as finance chairman of the CT Young Republicans, and also was a past member of the Presidents Circle of the National Federation of Young Republicans. Frank has worked on numerous political campaigns, for state, and federal, elections including that of Current Sen. Judy Freedman.

Frank's most recent accomplishment was the abatement of MTBE or (Methyl Tertio Butyl Ether) from CT gasoline. Frank diligently worked behind the scenes to implement organize and obtain a historic unanimous committee vote to have this waterborne toxin removed from our water. Frank is also a graduate of Fairfield University and holds a B.A. in Political science, he has also attended the Connecticut school of Electronics post graduation and lived and studied in Italy for five years.

The Independent party of Connecticut is proud to put forth such a candidate with such true conservative values, Frank falls directly inline with the Independent Party beliefs calling for honest conservative change that focuses on three important core values. These are protecting our States Living Wage Jobs, keeping CT's homes affordable, and providing students with a high quality education. The Independent Party believes it has found an impressive catalyst for change in the 118th, we can all but guarantee that as an Independent Frank will be the first voice in Hartford to represent the large body of Independent's in Milford that currently have no elected Independent representation.


Mike Telesca, Chairman Waterbury Town Committee
Independent Party of CT State Central Committee, Agent for Candidate Endorsement

Monday, May 26, 2008

Milford Celebrates Memorial Day With A Parade

The weather was absolutely parade perfect this Sunday for Milfords celebration. Thousands of local residents took to the Milford town green to take part in the celebration of Memorial Day.

Milford has had a tradition of honoring its veterans since Memorial Day was officially declared a holiday. Formerly known as Decoration Day, it commemorates U.S. men and women who perished while in military service to their country. First enacted to honor Union soldiers of the American Civil War, it was expanded after World War I to include casualties of any war or military action.

The celebration was peppered with American flags and kids excited to be out and about, many waiting to see their friends and relatives pass by on their respective floats.

The photo above (courtesy Ct Post) is of Alan Jepson our Milford town Clerk greeting the Foran High School Marching band from the observation deck at the parade.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Milford Faring Well Amid Tepid Times

The paper was a pleasure to read this week as the schools recieved a partial victory with one million dollars restored to the school budget. The yearly address by our town mayor indicated the city is doing well despite the difficult economy, but warned that if things did not improve there remained a chance that those problems could catch up with us.

It is always good to read great news, or as some of my friends put it news that appears to be a compromise in which the needs of the taxpayers are balanced with that of the schools system.

Schools are very important to many here in Milford and Connecticut, and funding is the "grease" that makes it all work. This victory, although it had what appears to be a positive outcome may be a pyrric victory as some local disenfranchised taxpayers feel betrayed by by the very alderman they voted to elect.

One such taxpayer indicated that "they were elected to do one thing, and now they did the opposite. I really feel bad for the teachers but I have to chose between food and medicine, I could barely pay my taxes now what do they expect me to do? Does anyone feel bad for me?"

The budget may be in order for 2008 but the reality of this situation is that absent some real economic improvement Milford only managed to "dodge the bullet."

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Attorney General Concerned Over Banks Lost Tape

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal recently issued a dire warning to all customers of Peoples United Bank located in Bridgeport CT. The warning stems from the loss of a un-encrypted tape, whereas unencrypted means that anyone who is computer savvy will have the ability to get the information contained on it.

This information, although some details are murky, is known to contain the account numbers, social security numbers, addresses, and other vital data of Peoples United Bank customers. Blumenthal is concerned that should this information fall into the hands of Identity thieves than the bank should be responsible for restitution to its customers and be held accountable for its mistake.

A spokesman for the bank said that the tape was most likely "lost in transit," where it was en route to the Bank of New York when an employee noticed the tape could not be located. Blumenthal was concerned over the banks lapse in time between its being reported lost to the authorities.

Customers who are concerned over their identity being stolen, or are suspect that the information contained from the lost Peoples tape has fallen into the hands of a criminal are urged to immediately contact the Attorney Generals office in Hartford, CT for advice and to file a report.

This matter is currently still under investigation and anyone with any information on the whereabouts of this tape should contact their local Police department.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

City Expects To Lose State As Tenant

The downtown state courthouse will be sold by the city back to the state for one dollar. This was an agreement that was reached 20 years ago, and the city was well aware of an expiring lease. The courthouse provided the city of Milford with $650,000.00 in rent.

The Milford courthouse was an idea that came about because of local businesses asking for the convenience of a local courthouse. Businesses found it inconvenient to drive to New Haven, the next nearest courthouse to conduct legal affairs. Jim Amann also recently touted that he received $3,000,000.00 "for development and land acquisition for the new Milford Courthouse Annex and parking area."

Parking has been the greatest concern, and largest inconvenience of having the State Courthouse in town. The local chamber of commerce also criticized the municipal complex has being "challenged" because of its lack of parking and said the state will have issues over the lot size and availability of the current parking spaces.

According to Rocco Frank Jr. the Independent candidate for State Rep in the 118Th, "it has been my experience in working for the state that most Courthouses have parking lots with spaces exclusively dedicated to virtually every state employee. In the Bridgeport and Stamford courthouse alone there are nearly 100 spaces each dedicated for Judges, Clerks, Social Workers, and staff. To have the state expect the city of Milford to give up that many spaces would be a hardship for the town."

Frank also said, "that judges also have security concerns and do not feel safe walking in an unattended parking lot back and forth to their cars, they preside on some very intense cases and are often at risk of public retaliation if they make a bad decision. These are things that must be considered in the wake of a change in that very area." Frank also said that he thinks it might be best if the courthouse relocated away from downtown in its entirety, and perhaps re-opened in West Haven or someplace on the Post Road where traffic and parking will not be as big of an issue. The city could then perhaps re-rent the place to a less demanding tenant or use it to save revenue by vacating existing buildings and relocating city departments."

Richetelli said that the "Courthouse deal made good sense 20 years ago, but today he is concerned over the loss in state revenue. He said the city will still pay us money but we can be assured it will be substantially less than the $650,000.00 we have become accustomed to." The final numbers that the city ends up with will mark yet another gap in the 2010 budget to be filled.

Photo of Milford Courthouse AKA G.A.22

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Maintaining Strength and Innovation in Our Community

The cost of energy still appears to be swelling, and as such many people are being put into situations of having to decide if they should drive less, not eat out, or buy medicine. The choices are difficult but not insurmountable. The most difficult part of our rapidly changing world is the speed at which it is happening. Not years, but rather months and weeks are going by with major changes in the cost of energy.

These times call for every person in town to begin thinking "outside of the box" to make those changes that reduce not only our energy consumption but dramatically change the way we use energy. For many this will mean selling the gas guzzler and purchasing a car that has higher energy efficiency, for others it may mean renting out part of their very large homes, installing energy efficient technologies, or trading down to a more affordable smaller home.

No matter what each person ultimately decides, know that if you are not economically faring well than you must do all that you can to avert a potentially devastating situation. Hard times call for hard solutions, and often struggling to hold on to what you can no longer afford can have more dire consequences than if you reach an early epiphany.

For the first time in my memory a shocking 80% of Americans feel our country is headed in the wrong direction, and we must now take matters into our own hands and not rely on our national leaders to fix the insurmountable problems that have taken decades of bad monetary policy and poor legislation to occur. I am hopeful that these problems will be sorted out at some future point when we elect better leaders. However, I am not hopeful that this will happen fast enough to keep many people out of the "red."

This national rut the country is in should be viewed as our opportunity to reinvent ourselves into being a town that creates new opportunities locally and within our state. This is the time to start using the best tool we have our minds and passion to succeed; consequentially inventing new ways to trade locally and create basic jobs.

One thing I thought about recently is that this must be one of the greatest times to be a provider of energy conservation technologies, and local organic farming. As times change, new opportunities emerge and I challenge everyone here in town to find and embrace those opportunities. Success will bring about emulation, or in my opinion the highest form of flattery.

Nicholas Pritchard, 10, waters heirloom tomato seedlings growing... (Photo From CT Post)

Such gardening programs are available for beginners at Eisenhower Park in Milford CT, many have found this to be a fun way to grow food learn farming and save money.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Milford's Foran High School Holds Bone Marrow Drive

Last Saturday the High Schoolers from Foran High School held a bone marrow drive at the Ansantawae Mason Lodge located on the town green. Paul Wydra who was an organizer and key volunteer at the event said the turnout was a success with nearly one hundred people making a personal donation of their DNA.

When asked if anyone from any elected position showed their support, he said that Independent Candidate Rocco Frank was the only high profile attendee. Frank said that he was "very proud of the charitable work of this event," citing the importance of this as monumental and significant to ailing people everywhere.

Frank also said "that his first cousin Anthony Caruso, now deceased, could have lived and been with us today if more people were available for marrow DNA matches." Frank said that "a donor match was eventually found in Germany, but unfortunately the match was not close enough."

Frank also said that you "never realize how important programs like this are until our loved ones are in need. I would consider my DNA match as the best day of my life, knowing that the 30 minutes I gave of myself today saved someones life and spared a family of grief and loss, I only pray that God bestowes me with such an honor."

The process of obtaining DNA was completely painless, it involved completing a basic questionnaire, and inserting four cotton swabs in the donors mouth. The swabs contain saliva that a laboratory will later extract for the purpose of constructing a DNA profile to be entered into a database that later could be used by those with illnesses requiring life saving Marrow.

Our many thanks to all those who participated in this program, and cared to help make a difference in the lives of others.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Our Kids' Test Scores, and Local Property Taxes

Not very often do we think about things like the Federal No Child Left Behind act, or our states share of the ED or the Federal Education Disbursement funding to local states and cities.

Some believe that NCLB was one of the crowning achievements of the Bush administration back in 2001, it passed with an impressive majority in both the U.S. House of Representative and the U.S. Senate and is viewed as a bi-partisan success. But shortly after it passed we had somewhat of a local and state revolt here in Connecticut.

The first to come out against it was Connecticut Education Commissioner Betty Sternberg, she began arguing that its testing requirements are too expensive and that taxpayers “won’t learn anything new about our schools by giving these extra tests.” Many parents seem to agree.

Attorney General Blumenthal was also given the blessing of the Connecticut state legislature to actually go and sue the Federal Government so as to bring relief to the demands of many schools in CT. Some cited that this model does not work because our state schools do not represent a common demographic image of what other states have in America.

It is common knowledge that our schools perform much more poorly in the big cities where poverty is common, and incredibly above average in the wealthy suburbs. Towns like Wilton, Greenwich and Westport are able to maintain lower property taxes, and also receive the all the benefits of the NCLB program as well.

Under the NCLB law, cities receive some early benefit in funding and then the big schools soon get penalized for failing to meet the expectations of the law. This impedes poor performing schools ability to recover the ED funding. The law also works in tandem with the big city problems of tax delinquencies, low real estate values and dwindling school revenues. Ultimately big cities end up having difficulty meeting even the most basic educational objectives while the wealthy suburbs enjoy a disproportionate share of the federal funding and higher valued real estate.

This issue was recently debated in Hartford, and many municipal mayors are directly attributing the decline in ED funding to an ever growing demand on property owners to fill those education budget shortfalls. These are resulting in taxpayer protests, high foreclosure rates, and statewide teacher layoffs. Layoffs that work to create even more of a downward spiral, because cities work hard to find those teachers that qualify under the NCLB law only to later put the ED funding and students in jeopardy by contributing to the very factors that cause students to fail; their good teachers to be layed off.

NCLB was revised in 2007 and those changes are still uncertain as to whether or not anything will improve. But in the meantime Connecticut is not alone in this issue because many other states are following CT in their pursuit of a fair law that balances the education budget with taxpayers ability to pay. Education in Connecticut has also been further complicated with more legal mandates from Sheff Vs. O'Neill, and all its associated expensive educational mandates.

Advocates of NCLB have pointed out that since the inception of NCLB many student scores have improved, and these are some of the results according to Wikipedia.

Improved test scores (NAEP)

The Department of Education points to National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) results, released in July 2005, showing improved student achievement in reading and math:[12]

-More progress was made by nine-year-olds in reading in the last five years than in the previous 28 years combined.

-America's nine-year-olds posted the best scores in reading (since 1971) and math (since 1973) in the history of the report.

-America's 13-year-olds earned the highest math scores the test ever recorded.

-Reading and math scores for African American and Hispanic nine-year-olds reached an all-time high.

-Achievement gaps in reading and math between white and African American nine-year-olds and between white and Hispanic nine-year-olds are at an all-time low.

-Forty-three states and the District of Columbia either improved academically or held steady in all categories (fourth- and eighth-grade reading and fourth- and eighth-grade math).

Further reference from the American Conservative:

One last point to this article is that every parent can help our local school budget by getting involved with the school and learning how they can work with their children to improve our towns NAEP test scores. This is the best we can do since our law suit challenging NCLB has been dismissed.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

What I love About Milford

A few years back when the family and I started to discuss our move from one Connecticut town to our new home here in Milford we were at the least very excited, and yet sad we were leaving our friends behind. In a very short time, we found that Milford offered a lot more than just affordable living. But of course we are talking almost two years ago, but still to this day our family loves its unique position on the waterfront with its many beautiful beaches.

Milford's retail on the post road was also a shoppers paradise, and as it has grown over the years we now have every major store we could ever wish for. Having young kids we found many safe and fun neighborhoods with great houses, and also quite a few working farms with everything from great seasonal flowers to horse back riding lessons.

My first amazing thing in Milford was Halloween at Lexington Green, the place where I settled my family, never in my life have I seen so many happy kids about the streets showing off their many creative costumes and having the time of their life. I also learned that parents and kids came from near and afar just to take part in the holiday festivities in our neighborhood!

These are all the things that I believed attracted me to this great town and continue to keep me hopeful and excited about our future; and if I may speak for my puppy Bella, Eisenhower park is her favorite place as she likes to swim and socialize with the other dogs in town. But so far, and despite some challenges, our family always manages to look at the bright side of life as we continue to enjoy all that is fun and entertaining here. This summer we look forward to the many arts and crafts festivals on the town green and for the first time in a while I plan to take up fishing.

Milford is a growing community, with so much potential to evolve into the envy of CT. Milford is a place where our quality of life can improve with our willingness to embrace all that is good. When we take pride in our town, and we go the extra step in caring for it as if our own than a contagious revolution will begin with many great improvements to how we live and find enjoyment. Although we will never be able to fix the problems of the world, I have a view that we can build a local oasis free from many outside troubles if we try and adapt accordingly.

It all starts with you, your attitude, and how excited you get about our town and as some famous guy put it, when "we seek to become the change we want to see in the world" miracles can happen.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Taxpayers Vs. Cost Of Education

There is a squabble going on in town over the cost of education, inflation, and the restoration of missing money from the school system that left many teachers, students, and residents, disappointed with the 2009 budget.

Last election the taxpayers, elected a board of Alderman, that promised to keep our town taxes low, while teachers were surprised when the budget fell short a couple of million dollars. The new Superintendent, Harvey Polansky said to the Board of Alderman to "restore the funds" and that he did not take the new job of superintendent to "dismantle the school system." On the other hand Edward Tamas a local Milford native, has spearheaded a taxpayer group that told the Board Of Alderman that if they give Polansky what he is demanding than he will lead a "Recall" mission to hold the Alderman at their word... keeping our property taxes affordable.

The entire situation has only become more challenging, as towns and municipalities all over connecticut are desperately seeking money to fix gaps in their budgets limiting what the state can offer in aid. New Haven, Bridgeport, Waterbury, you name it virtually every city is struggling, unless it be lower fairfield county and then things get at the very least "Rosier" for those towns that were able to maintain quality education with a low mill rate relative to their expensive real estate.

According to the CT Post "aldermanic Leaders do not feel threatened by the potential recall, said Minority Leader Vincent Ditchkus Jr., R-3. (referring to Tamas) It's his right to seek it, but a recall is not an easy process. And a special election would cost money. Has he thought of that?"

The energy and emotions are running hot as the blog boards show a very divisive battle over the town budget, petitions with thousands of signatures have been circulating to everyone including Milford's mayor Richetelli. Our leaders, most notably Jim Amann has resigned under a cloud of suspicion citing that he wants to focus on becomming Connecticuts next governor, a job that in the wake of Rell's high approval rating is a "longshot at best."

Rocco J. Frank Jr. a candidate for Jim Amman's seat said two things about the sad situation at city hall, he said "that the alderman and Amann "painted themselves into a corner" had Jim delivered the educational funds to Milford's schools like he did for St. Mary's Catholic school, and other pet projects, we would not have this mess on our hands. I believe that Jim understood how this mess could backfire on him, I believe he resigned to spare himself any potential embarrassment."

Frank also said that at this point "Milford should learn from this horrible mistake and setup a local "rainy day fund" so no more teachers ever have to be subjected to this kind of humiliation from the town Democrats and Republicans." Frank also said that successful towns do not diminish their school systems and neither should Milford.

Photo Above, of the now resigned Amann propping up his choice of a candidate, Former Miss Ct. a 25 year old recently unemployed airline stewardess.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mike Telesca Joins Frank Advisory Board

Mike Telesca The CT Independent Party Chairman, known for fighting corruption in Waterbury and holding an impressive record for electing Independents to city hall, has joined the Frank campaign as a top political advisor and consultant.

Dr. John Mertens: A former Independent Party CT candidate for U.S. Senate had this to say about Mike Telesca.

"Mike Telesca: Waterbury Town Chairman of the Independent Party, and Independent Party CT candidate for Lieutenant Governor. One of the greatest guys I know. He has been fighting corruption in Waterbury politics for years. He first worked as a member of the Democratic Party, but finally gave up working within the system, and founded the Waterbury chapter of the Independent Party in 2003. His candidates subsequently won four seats on the city’s board of alderman."

Frank personally met with Mike Telesca in Waterbury, and also concurred with with Dr. Mertens, only adding that "Mike is a true patriot, he has dedicated countless hours, fought in numerous political and legal battles with the Secretary of States office, and has impressively gave life to the Independent Party here in Connecticut." Frank also added "Mike's efforts have not gone unnoticed because new candidates like myself are emerging all the time, and the Independent Party is the only party that has kept up with the needs and demands of local citizens who want more accountability of the Republicans and Democrats. Independents are answering the voters cry for an unbiased and nonpartisan approach to politics."

Frank has also said, that he is honored to have Mike on board, and is confident that his stellar record and experience will land him in the legislature as Connecticut's first Independent State Representative. Frank also added that there is a very loud call from the majority of voters, who are Independent, to have more nonpartisan leadership in Hartford. Frank said that "it is obvious how people feel, ask just about anyone and you will hear how they prefer Independent voices in government, while shunning partisan bickering." Frank promises to be the first to bring about an independent and objective approach to party leadership, marking a change from the way the establishment in Hartford is used to conducting business.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Always Look At The Bright Side Of Life

As the local economy unravels and our elected leaders struggle to find new ways to deal with the surging food and energy costs that are resulting in cutbacks all over town, I thought today I would spread a little cheer to distract us from our personal woes.

The sad news is that we may not have the Oyster festival this year, or some other creature comforts that once existed in town. The good news is that at least we have those priceless things that we often take for granted, like our friends and families.

Hopefully this Mothers day was a reminder of the importance of family and loved ones, the very things that I deem priceless and above any and all material stuff that can get us stressed out. For those parents who are fortunate enough to have extra time on their hands, you should take the opportunity this summer to connect with your children and family. Create those strong bonds and give many great heartfelt lessons to your kids, it will make them proud of themselves.

This mothers day I learned that if we take the time to teach our kids about caring for not only other family members, but themselves they will take more pride in who they are and consequentially feel more content with their lives. I learn as much from my kids growing as I do trying to teach them lifes little lessons. Never in my life could I imagine missing out on parenthood.

Maintaining strong family unity in the wake of terrible odds today, is what I found is the best thing we can do to make our town and people a happier place. Milford has a respect program, and that is a great start, but ultimately the love and devotion a parent gives their children and vice-versa is what makes our kids respectful. Programs and respect starts at home.

Loving our children, and acknowledging them with a kiss goodnight at bedtime, a night time story, and lots of hugs and good guidance about important issues is the surest way of helping them not repeat the mistakes us grownups have made. Today's post is about always looking at the bright side of life, and there is nothing brighter than putting your family first.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

UI Intends To Seek Another Rate Increase

United Illuminating just had its conference call to its investors this week. The electric that they sold showed yet another double digit increase in their profits, however UI's CEO Mr Torgensen complained that they sold too little electric and was disappointed so many people were "turning off the lights." He also was not happy with the level of uncollected receivables and told the shareholders that he planned on recouping their lost profits through yet another Decoupling Bill.

Mr. Torgensen and crew will be up in Hartford lobbying the DPUC, who regulates the cost of electric, with the written Decoupling request to help restore their, yet again lost profits. Last time such a bill was introduced, no one in the legislature even read it, actually it was introduced one hour before it was voted on. That bill was H.B. 7432, introduced earlier last year.

Rep. Megna of New haven opposed that bill citing that concessions were in order as energy was increasing faster than people could afford to pay. Should UI succeed in this latest decoupling bill it may push our electric bill has high as 100% in eight years.

To hear the entire UI Conference call scroll to the end of the audio clip listed below.

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Friday, May 9, 2008

Milford Republicans & Democrats Get Their Feathers Ruffled

This was a strong week of supportive articles for the Frank campaign, the most impressive being the one published today in the New Haven Register. Frank challenged the Register when they omitted his name, and like good quality journalism ought to be they responded with a new article acknowledging Rocco Frank as the front runner.

Frank who announced last august that he was running for state rep. is to date the only party endorsed candidate on the ballot. While both parties on the other hand are dealing with some major problems including their own strife in jockeying for their own party endorsements.

While their time is rapidly running out, and their candidates thus far appear to be very colorful, from Former Miss Connecticut, to local elected volunteers on the city council, Frank is marching toward community unity, and actively spending his days talking to local business owners, and encouraging the town youth to vote.

On the other hand the parties are demonstrating what appears to be concern over a three way race. According to today's Register article some feathers have been ruffled! The article states that no "final decision has been made. Smith said Frank has advocated for some “strange things” and he would think voters might have serious reservations about voting for him.

Republican Town Chairman Tom Jagodinski said Aldermanic Minority Leader Vincent Ditchkus Jr., R-3, and Alderwoman Judith Toohey, R-2, are interested in the seat, as are a few other unnamed candidates.

Jagodinski claimed even should Frank somehow win, he’d have a tough time working in Hartford and getting anything accomplished."

Frank has simply responded to this claim by saying, the parties are using the classic fear tactic of "the devil you know is better than the devil you don't know. I understand that change is a scary thing, but if we dare not try something new than the inhabitants of our town will continue to get the same old thing."

Frank trusts the intelligence of the very smart people of Milford to decide what they want for themselves, he has full faith and confidence in their ability to make a great decision on their own. Frank has called the remarks of the party bosses and or potential candidates as disappointing and expressive of their "ruffled feathers," perhaps "they think they own the parties, and elected positions are only exclusively reserved for their club members."

"In either case we will wait and see, and the voters will prevail with their choice of a candidate. I believe the voters will act as they always do and vote independently."

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Independent American Party Endorses Frank

Yesterday evening the Frank campaign received a telephone call from a Mr. Will Christianson the Independent American Party Chairman with the great news that caucuses were now closed in CT and Rocco J. Frank Jr. was their candidate. The IAP is one of Americas fastest growing parties with membership estimated in the millions nationwide. Connecticut has set up its State headquarters in Willamantic and is headed by Dennis Gorgoglione. Mr. Christianson indicated that the Independent party has been growing in strength and has been planning to absorb and integrate with the Constitution Party and several others.

The similar, AIP (American Independent Party) has had much success out West, and had such notable candidates as far back as 1968 including the nominated Alabama Governor George Wallace. Frank calls this endorsement an honor and a privilege in an era where nearly 60% of all Americans consider themselves Independent. Frank said that the party system in America is severely challenged. Republicans historically represented the wealth of society, now trickled down to a mere 5%, and the Democrats represented the working class. The people who have seen their jobs get exported to India, China, Mexico and several other countries by the millions, leaving us here in America with an apathetic Micro- wage economy.

Frank has interestingly pointed out that Americans want leadership and action during these hard times and according to polls conducted he learned that many people have voted outside their party for both Republicans and Democrats proving the Independent minded community of the 118th district in Milford.

Frank said that the day where an individual pulls all the levers that say "Democrat" or "Republican" is on a rapid decline. Frank said that "people have learned that such an action is what has led to the poor quality hit or miss characters that have compromised the integrity and quality of life in our town and state. Today people wish to know how interesting, qualified, and what innovative ideas new candidates represent to bring about a positive improvement in their lives."

The Independent Party is rapidly filling that goal. Frank also cited that Connecticut is very open to third parties citing Lowell Weicker and Joe Lieberman who both were successfully elected to high office.

To learn more about the IAP visit their website at:

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Alan Jepson Compliments Frank Professionalism

Milford Town Clerk Alan Jepson paid Rocco Frank a very nice compliment this week. This compliment came about from the routine filing of election paperwork with the CT Secretary of State's office. As part of the procedure Town Clerks are required to sign and fill out certain election documents, of which prompted a visit to the Town Clerk.

Alan Jepson became familiar with Frank, from the newspaper stories and when in an earlier visit he left him with his web address and campaign cards. By the time Frank returned for a second visit Alan expressed his amazement in how "professional" the website and printed materials were. Frank was absolutely flattered by the Town Clerks compliment and never really thought beyond the campaign staff acting and working as they were instructed to do.

Alan, who also read his positions and ideas, called them "very well written and thought out." Frank described Alan as being "very impressed" with his campaign style and communication method with the 118th district as well as Milford's residents.

Although Frank does not regard The Town Clerk's seal of approval as an endorsement, Frank said that Alan's "kind words certainly were reassuring that the campaign is headed in the right direction." Frank would like to publicly thank Mr Jepson for his kindness and supportive words.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Survey Proves Milford Opposes NAFTA And Globalism.

Just yesterday I took to the streets and was discussing local and national issues in town with small business owners on New Haven Ave. What I discovered is that many local residents, are not registered to vote, find the system a farce and refuse to vote and without a doubt are disappointed with America.

Some workers at local businesses indicated that they were all for uniting America under the principles and laws established by the Founding Father's and the U.S. Constitution, even Senator Dodd is quoted as promising his angry constituents that we will "get our Constitution back."

Today it was announced that all three presidential candidates, (all with treasonous voting records supporting NAFTA, GAFTA, the UN and and like globalist powerhouses) are members of the Council Of Foreign Relations. This body was established by the same group of wealthy globalists who established the United Nations.

The push to dismantle American sovereignty is now underway with lie after lie in the presidential arena, and as it stands no one is discussing the treasonous voting record of all three candidates who have been steadily marching America and our future prosperity off a cliff.

This blog today is to remind every reader to know and understand that Americans stand for America, not submission and induction to a world government who will regulate how we live based on the fear of Global Warming and Terrorism; each highly suspect and severely under fire. A growing movement now exists exposing 9/11 as an inside job. The loudest voice being, Former Gov. Jesse Ventura, President Jimmy Carter, Willie Nelson, Charlie Sheen, Former Italian Prime Minister Marconi, U.S. Army Major General Stubblebein and countless others.

Milford and the majority of its residents, in my direct surveys, direct communications, and personal experiences have unilaterally denounced globalism and a surrender of our country to a world government. An online poll indicated that a majority of Americans now believe that America is governed by an Oligarchy and because of the continual injury and injustice served to the public from one elected liar to the next, Americans vote with little to no confidence as to whether or not their choice of a candidate will be any better than the previous ones.

This mix of political malaise combined with public anger is leading to a nightmare at the Democratic National convention in Colorado. Popular talk show host Rush Limbaugh has used his website to advocate violence and riots during the Colorado event. Radi host Alex Jones has also had numerous guests warn about the potential for violence including one group who indicated they will do something too grotesque and infuriating to mention. The groups expected to protest in favor of the American Constitution, are: We Are Change, Code Pink, Recreate 68,, Young Republicans and Democrats and countless other, antiwar, conspiracy theorists, and militia groups.

The local police departments are expected to amass the largest police force ever assembled at this convention to quell any and all potential violence.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Very Busy Week in Milford

This was a week packed with activities and today I would like to express my thanks to all those volunteers who organized the Housatonic River cleanup on the 3Rd. of May. I would also like to mention the Bass fishing contest (also this weekend) that was full of family fun and the great Quality of Life programs I love to hear about, and lastly something I would like to write a little more about the "Respect" program that is expected to "kick off" this month behind the Milford library. This great event has been the topic of many newspaper stories.

These news stories, i.e. the CT Post story, invoked something in me that I would like to share about the authors description of our towns "Respect" program. But before that I would also like to mention that I appreciated my step daughter being enlightened with the motivational speaker who spoke to the student body, she found the experience very positive and uplifting. She liked the fun manner in which issues like "bullying" were addressed. My thanks to all those who made that event possible.

On the other hand, what I was somewhat concerned about, was the article in the CT Post that spoke of this program in the context of division between the ideology of some intolerant Christian Churches, and went so far as to use the word "Homophobes." The article also mentioned a body of growing support for gay teens.

The reason I mention this is because I felt the Post article dicotomized and divided a very honorable event into opposing factions, and then without directly saying so left a "good guy", "bad guy" feeling. To be perfectly clear about why I bring this up, I personally do not "respect" or support divisive school politics nor do I support the social engineering of our children. I believe that kids should be free to decide for themselves about how they wish to think and also they should feel comfortable enough to speak out without fear reprisal. Parents should encourage free thinking, as part of raising their kids.

Personally I do not judge anybody based on their religious views, creed, or personal life preferences, I have my own irrelevant opinion about life and publicly the pursuit of happiness of all individuals, whatever that may be, is what I support. I also support freedom of religion, and the right to express our thoughts as we see fit. So no one gets lost here and to summarize the bottom line I will quote (Matthew 5:43-47 )

You have heard the law that says, ‘Love your neighbor’ and hate your enemy. But I say, love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you! In that way, you will be acting as true children of your Father in heaven. For he gives his sunlight to both the evil and the good, and he sends rain on the just and the unjust alike. If you love only those who love you, what reward is there for that? Even corrupt tax collectors do that much. If you are kind only to your friends, how are you different from anyone else?

FYI I am not very religious, but this is one of my favorite quotes.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Milford Weekly Missed A Candidate!

The Recent Milford Weekly article indicated successors to Jim Amann in the 118th, and makes no mention of Rocco Frank Jr. who has announced his candidacy before all others, you will find that Rocco, an Independent candidate, is the most qualified, dedicated and enthusiastic of those mentioned thus far. Rocco is the only commited contender to date. When any newspapers referencing candidates fail to include Rocco Frank it is rather odd as he has been working harder longer, and is more dedicated to the quality of life in Milford than any of the news mentioned contenders who (as the Weekly article mentions,) are not even certain they will run.

Frank has already posted an ambitious website, instituted a Milford town Blog and built a community forum on the internet. Frank is expected to collect between 1000-2000 ballot signatures from the district. Franks website is Press releases can be obtained from the site, as well as useful information about the progress being made. For more information the Frank campaign H.Q. and data center, is located at 374 New Haven Ave. Milford, CT 06460 and they can be reached at (203) 247-4357.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Some Ways To Improve our Quality of Life

By now just about everyone should know that I am the Independent contender for the CT House, mainly the seat in the 118Th district left behind by my former opponent Jim Amann. What I was going to mention in this blog today are some ways that I think we can improve the quality of life of Milford's residents. This, after speaking with countless people appears to be the recurring theme of what our town residents desire most.

My opinion of quality of life is of course a measure of the happiness and security of our towns people, and I see this as a series of challenges to be dealt with. The first challenge than I cannot help anyone with is the trouble in the larger economy, federal monetary policy and unfortunately we will most likely have taxes forever. But what we can deal with in town, are simple cost effective projects that make our community a fun and pleasant place in which to live and grow.

Keeping our streets clean & safe, planting bulbs and flowers in public areas, fixing up or taking over properties in high profile areas that are demised, and building and organizing our schools into superior establishments are some of the things that I think of when I think about quality of life.

But none of this really works without the help and dedication of ordinary people like you, small business owners, and great town wide events that make us proud to live in Milford. These could also be our town sporting events or community fairs, we should all help to develop and encourage pride in our kids, and encourage parental responsibility in our homes.

Milford also has several awesome beaches, each with great potential to be even better. Milford also has a very underexploited heritage and almost every great retail chain in the world does business here. Just a few short years ago the New York Times called Milford one of the best places to live in Connecticut. This is the direction we need to continue moving toward if we are to maintain a better future for ourselves.

To keep this idea simple, let us think of quality of life in terms of our individual happiness and how often we are able to smile. For most this is having an affordable home, a secure job, a safe neighborhood, quality schools, and a community thriving in beauty and culture. These are all very attainable, even under the current state and federal turmoil beyond our ability to solve. I believe that change starts with me, than you, and eventually our entire town.

As a further inspiration I would like to add a short video trailer (a true story)about a one man tsunami who has brought the gift of beauty and solutions to people once thought "unfixable" and thrown away. Hopefully it will inspire you as it did me to begin the cycle of change.

Rocco J. Frank Jr.