Friday, May 9, 2008

Milford Republicans & Democrats Get Their Feathers Ruffled

This was a strong week of supportive articles for the Frank campaign, the most impressive being the one published today in the New Haven Register. Frank challenged the Register when they omitted his name, and like good quality journalism ought to be they responded with a new article acknowledging Rocco Frank as the front runner.

Frank who announced last august that he was running for state rep. is to date the only party endorsed candidate on the ballot. While both parties on the other hand are dealing with some major problems including their own strife in jockeying for their own party endorsements.

While their time is rapidly running out, and their candidates thus far appear to be very colorful, from Former Miss Connecticut, to local elected volunteers on the city council, Frank is marching toward community unity, and actively spending his days talking to local business owners, and encouraging the town youth to vote.

On the other hand the parties are demonstrating what appears to be concern over a three way race. According to today's Register article some feathers have been ruffled! The article states that no "final decision has been made. Smith said Frank has advocated for some “strange things” and he would think voters might have serious reservations about voting for him.

Republican Town Chairman Tom Jagodinski said Aldermanic Minority Leader Vincent Ditchkus Jr., R-3, and Alderwoman Judith Toohey, R-2, are interested in the seat, as are a few other unnamed candidates.

Jagodinski claimed even should Frank somehow win, he’d have a tough time working in Hartford and getting anything accomplished."

Frank has simply responded to this claim by saying, the parties are using the classic fear tactic of "the devil you know is better than the devil you don't know. I understand that change is a scary thing, but if we dare not try something new than the inhabitants of our town will continue to get the same old thing."

Frank trusts the intelligence of the very smart people of Milford to decide what they want for themselves, he has full faith and confidence in their ability to make a great decision on their own. Frank has called the remarks of the party bosses and or potential candidates as disappointing and expressive of their "ruffled feathers," perhaps "they think they own the parties, and elected positions are only exclusively reserved for their club members."

"In either case we will wait and see, and the voters will prevail with their choice of a candidate. I believe the voters will act as they always do and vote independently."

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