Thursday, May 15, 2008

What I love About Milford

A few years back when the family and I started to discuss our move from one Connecticut town to our new home here in Milford we were at the least very excited, and yet sad we were leaving our friends behind. In a very short time, we found that Milford offered a lot more than just affordable living. But of course we are talking almost two years ago, but still to this day our family loves its unique position on the waterfront with its many beautiful beaches.

Milford's retail on the post road was also a shoppers paradise, and as it has grown over the years we now have every major store we could ever wish for. Having young kids we found many safe and fun neighborhoods with great houses, and also quite a few working farms with everything from great seasonal flowers to horse back riding lessons.

My first amazing thing in Milford was Halloween at Lexington Green, the place where I settled my family, never in my life have I seen so many happy kids about the streets showing off their many creative costumes and having the time of their life. I also learned that parents and kids came from near and afar just to take part in the holiday festivities in our neighborhood!

These are all the things that I believed attracted me to this great town and continue to keep me hopeful and excited about our future; and if I may speak for my puppy Bella, Eisenhower park is her favorite place as she likes to swim and socialize with the other dogs in town. But so far, and despite some challenges, our family always manages to look at the bright side of life as we continue to enjoy all that is fun and entertaining here. This summer we look forward to the many arts and crafts festivals on the town green and for the first time in a while I plan to take up fishing.

Milford is a growing community, with so much potential to evolve into the envy of CT. Milford is a place where our quality of life can improve with our willingness to embrace all that is good. When we take pride in our town, and we go the extra step in caring for it as if our own than a contagious revolution will begin with many great improvements to how we live and find enjoyment. Although we will never be able to fix the problems of the world, I have a view that we can build a local oasis free from many outside troubles if we try and adapt accordingly.

It all starts with you, your attitude, and how excited you get about our town and as some famous guy put it, when "we seek to become the change we want to see in the world" miracles can happen.

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