Friday, May 2, 2008

Milford Weekly Missed A Candidate!

The Recent Milford Weekly article indicated successors to Jim Amann in the 118th, and makes no mention of Rocco Frank Jr. who has announced his candidacy before all others, you will find that Rocco, an Independent candidate, is the most qualified, dedicated and enthusiastic of those mentioned thus far. Rocco is the only commited contender to date. When any newspapers referencing candidates fail to include Rocco Frank it is rather odd as he has been working harder longer, and is more dedicated to the quality of life in Milford than any of the news mentioned contenders who (as the Weekly article mentions,) are not even certain they will run.

Frank has already posted an ambitious website, instituted a Milford town Blog and built a community forum on the internet. Frank is expected to collect between 1000-2000 ballot signatures from the district. Franks website is Press releases can be obtained from the site, as well as useful information about the progress being made. For more information the Frank campaign H.Q. and data center, is located at 374 New Haven Ave. Milford, CT 06460 and they can be reached at (203) 247-4357.

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