Monday, May 19, 2008

Milford's Foran High School Holds Bone Marrow Drive

Last Saturday the High Schoolers from Foran High School held a bone marrow drive at the Ansantawae Mason Lodge located on the town green. Paul Wydra who was an organizer and key volunteer at the event said the turnout was a success with nearly one hundred people making a personal donation of their DNA.

When asked if anyone from any elected position showed their support, he said that Independent Candidate Rocco Frank was the only high profile attendee. Frank said that he was "very proud of the charitable work of this event," citing the importance of this as monumental and significant to ailing people everywhere.

Frank also said "that his first cousin Anthony Caruso, now deceased, could have lived and been with us today if more people were available for marrow DNA matches." Frank said that "a donor match was eventually found in Germany, but unfortunately the match was not close enough."

Frank also said that you "never realize how important programs like this are until our loved ones are in need. I would consider my DNA match as the best day of my life, knowing that the 30 minutes I gave of myself today saved someones life and spared a family of grief and loss, I only pray that God bestowes me with such an honor."

The process of obtaining DNA was completely painless, it involved completing a basic questionnaire, and inserting four cotton swabs in the donors mouth. The swabs contain saliva that a laboratory will later extract for the purpose of constructing a DNA profile to be entered into a database that later could be used by those with illnesses requiring life saving Marrow.

Our many thanks to all those who participated in this program, and cared to help make a difference in the lives of others.

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