Thursday, December 15, 2011

Happy Holidays

Still enjoying my break from local politics. After the Holidays I will factually re-assure you this is only a welcome relief for our many Kleptocrats who love to spend your tax money on themselves. The battle will resume, broken promises will be exposed, lies will be revealed and the usurpation of the voters will be voiced.

On my desk I even have a way to help you all fight against kloptocratic leaders in our community. While the plan is a bit aggressive and characterized as extreme by our opponents... well I suppose that should be a sign that it works using all the laws they created for themselves against their wanton greed. Not ready to start that kind of infowar at this stage I still am wishing all the best to Ben Blake and hoping he succeeds in a sound beginning... time will tell. In the meantime kick back, have some eggnog and assemble with your family around your Christmas Tree this can all wait. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and/or every other unnamed celebration you may be partaking in on your days off from work this year.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Posting Will Resume Shortly

Dear friends and supporters thank you so much for your consideration of our blog and your many comments insights and letters. At the moment I am taking some time away from blogging to refocus my bearings on what has become a very active and overwhelming political life. Stay tuned in a short while I will begin the next phase of the Infowar as soon as I recover from my ballot fatigue.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Milford Polling Locations and Instructions

First and foremost find your voting center by going to the bottom of this page or click THIS LINK. Know where to go.

Next bring your ID. Acceptable forms of ID are valid non expired drivers licences, military, or passport id's, or certified state ID's. If you have none of these go to the Parson's complex voter registrar and obtain a voter ID card.

Once this is sorted out, on Tuesday November 2Nd. go to your designated voting location between the hours of 6:00am till 7:30pm . If you are unfamiliar with the Diabold system watch the video above explaining its use.

As a final note, and to make sure your vote counted look at the numerical counter on the Diebold machine. (The counter will be located on the front panel and look like the odometer on your car.) Notice the number before you put your card in, then look again to be certain the number counted up.

Any problems please report them to the poll watchers and contact me on my cell. (203) 247-4357. or call the Voter Regisrar Office by clicking HERE.

This Blog Courtesy of Rocco Frank (Independent Candidate For The 118th State Rep. Race)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Richetelli & Candidates Hijack Veterans Day Speeches!

Had a great day with the Veterans at the Parade. Loved everything about this Veterans Day except the Political Parties who name Dropped prior to this Tuesdays Vote. Was also not too keen on the Sophomoric speeches where our local leaders each complimented themselves and reminded us how great a job they all did and how wonderful our community is. Hard not to notice that our leaders have no clue on what to say to people in a Triple Dip Recession... its too funny... it all has to always be good never can it be the way it really is... no connection to reality. It's kind of sad.

Anyhow, this years Veterans Day was kind of surprising, I did not expect to hear so many politicians talk. In previous years, and in other towns, several local veterans took to the podium and told us many inspiring and heartfelt stories about their personal experiences during and after times of war. Hearing Veterans speak during Veterans day is one of the best ways we can appreciate them, more of us have to hear what they have to say and share with us their stories of courage, inspiration and survival.

The worst part of this Veterans day was that most of the people who took center stage in the Milford gazebo never enlisted or fought in a war. Someone grumbled attention was low, if I had to guess why its because I think people are sick and tired of our local kleptocratic politicians hijacking and dominating every public event. The last person I wanted to hear speak this Veterans Day was Jim Richetelli, our candidates for office, and their praise for their "chicken hawk" teams! "

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Why The Milford Public Schools Are Giving Your Children Such a Poor Education

By: Richard Sieron – Milford Independent Party Candidate for School Board for the 5th District

A recent Connecticut Post article headline asked: “Who’s to blame for Milford’s low test scores?” That article quoted former Alderman Jack Fowler: “The poor results on the CAP tests are truly shocking. After 11 years in our system, our students are dead last in math and writing and next to last in science and reading among comparable school systems.” The Milford PTA Council passed out brochures at its recent Board of Education Candidates Forum. In those brochures was found a statement by each of the 10 Republican and 10 Democrat candidates, answering the question: “Why do you want to be on the Board of Education?” Not ONE of them had ONE word to say about the dumbing down of our students, never mind offering a solution to that very serious problem. 

Typical bland answers to the question included sentences like: “To contribute toward continued improvement of Milford’s school system.” At that Forum, the procedure for picking which candidate to answer each question was to provide equal time between the Republicans and Democrats, ( I did get a fair shake there) but the petty politics is outrageous. George Washington, in his farewell speech, warned us to beware of political parties. You can see how it is destroying our public school systems and can also see how it has (past tense) destroyed our federal government.

The tenth amendment to the Constitution specifically reserves powers to the states that are not delegated to the federal government. The Constitution does not delegate any powers whatsoever to the federal government relating to education; therefore the federal government must keep its sticky fingers out of education in Connecticut. We have people right here in Milford that are just as smart as any Washington bureaucrat, if not smarter. Alabama may need “No Child Left Behind, “ but we do not.

While campaigning for election to the school board, I happened to knock on the door of two homes where teachers reside. In both cases they eagerly invited me into their living room and each of them informed me of the same two things. First, they said they spent a huge amount of time teaching to the federally mandated tests, taking much valuable time away from traditional academic subjects. Second, they told me they are not allowed to formally teach the students how to think.

In talking to some school board members, I accidently made an astonishing discovery. There are two layers of administration between the teachers and the school board, namely the school Principals and the Superintendent. As a result, the school board has no way of knowing what problems the teachers have identified in terms of curriculum and teaching methods unless, of course, the Superintendent somehow obtains that information and passes it on, but that does not appear to be happening. However, it is the Board of Education’s responsibility and not the Superintendent’s to be concerned with those issues. See my proposed solution for this problem at the end.

Another matter of importance concerns the use of computers in our Milford schools. The New York Times recently reported that employees of Silicon Valley giants like Apple, Hewlett Packard, Yahoo and Google send their students to schools where no computers are provided for the students. They believe that computers inhibit creative thinking, movement, human interaction and attention spans and I strongly subscribe to that premise and I am an IT professional. I also believe that students should not be allowed to use calculators in the

classroom. They must be taught how to make simple calculations using pen and pencil. It’s rather strange that the bright students who opt for advanced math classes have never been taught how to make simple calculations without using a calculator.

U.S. public education was far better a hundred years ago. One major contributing factor to the decline is the ever growing intrusion of non-academic courses and programs. Educators have pressed for more and more non-academic curriculum materials while laymen have pressed for more “back to basics.” The 3 R's have almost disappeared from the curriculum. A large percentage of our Milford High School seniors do not know that Abraham Lincoln wrote the Emancipation Proclamation;. do not know who Josef Stalin was and cannot locate Great Britain on a world map. I recently gave a cashier at the mall theater a $20 bill and a $1 bill to pay for two $8 tickets. Without any prompting on my part, he informed me that he had never found any student who could make that simple change calculation. I am ashamed when people like that tell me they don’t understand why our students are so ignorant.

Today, there is virtually no chance that any bright student might ask why our Constitution is being violated daily and why so many citizens believe the Congress is so corrupt. Notice the issue is not politics – Republicans vs Democrats, the right vs the left or liberal vs conservative. Our students should be encouraged to ask questions about what has happened to our government, such as: “Why have we heard it said that we have the most corrupt government the world has ever seen?” Do you believe that and similar questions are proper topics for 17 year old high school seniors? Many responsible citizens have told me “Yes, “ The Founding Fathers, headed by Thomas Jefferson, would emphatically have said “Yes.”

Today, there is virtually no chance that any bright student might ask why our Constitution is being violated daily and why so many citizens believe the Congress is so corrupt. Notice the issue is not politics – Republicans vs Democrats, the right vs the left or liberal vs conservative. Our students should be encouraged to ask questions about what has happened to our government, such as: “Why have we heard it said that we have the most corrupt government the world has ever seen?” Do you believe that and similar questions are proper topics for 17 year old high school seniors? Many responsible citizens have told me “Yes, “ The Founding Fathers, headed by Thomas Jefferson, would emphatically have said “Yes.”

It has been proven that the correlation between financial inputs and education outputs is very weak and shaky Milford is one of the more affluent Connecticut cities and yet, as the Connecticut Post pointed out, the quality of education in our schools is at the bottom of the heap.

If elected, here are some specific goals I would urge upon the board of education:

(1) Totally eliminate Federal mandated exams. Obama has promised not to withhold federal funds to those so doing and we could accept those funds on an interim basis

(2) Make major revisions to the curriculum. Purchase text books from vendors that do not craft them based on the specs of the biggest buyers, which practice results in the same text books supplied to `most every public school in the country. I highly recommend a web site named: “What do textbooks teach?” - Velocity Press (enter those exact words into Google, including the quotation marks)

(3) Completely remove computers from student access. Do not allow them to bring calculators to class.

(4) Introduce course material that teaches the students how to think and how to ask probing questions. Challenge the teachers to challenge the students .

(5) Appoint an ombudsman to interface directly between the teachers and the school board, providing safeguards to protect the teachers from recrimination.

Cast your vote on Tuesday, November 8 at Harborside Middle School.

Unaffiliated voters are strongly encouraged to get out and vote. Don’t leave the administration of our city government and particularly our schools strictly to party loyals.

Vote for the Milford Independent Party

Our candidates, include myself, John Grant (Planning and Zoning) and Rocco Frank, running for Mayor.


Richard Sieron

Tel 203-878-2396

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Personal Note From Rocco Frank

Elections and election years have been an adventure for me.I have stood by my convictions as a free thinking Milford Independent, and to the best of my ability made that widely known in the last Four elections. As this year concludes, and I look back, I must ask myself if I regret the efforts that I and the MITC have put forth. Having often questioned my choices, my decisions, your challenges, and the financial sacrifices that our team has made, I can without a doubt conclude that there are great people and heroes out there who share in our common vision of one day having a truly honest, fair, and receptive local government.

Never did I tell anyone how to vote, nor did I seek to instill a misplaced belief in what I perceive to be the art of aggressive campaigning and vote mongering. We instead maintained our simple belief that we need to focus on the big issues, and support “honest people.” Each and every year, I did the best job possible in delivering those individuals to the ballot and yet every election we hear similar self promoting words that sell candidates. Words like: “Experienced,” “Qualified,” “Responsible,” “transparent,” “efficient” and the unanimous self proclamation of “love” for our city.

These words mean different things to different people, for instance, those who receive large salaries and great public benefits are one group with a strong affinity for our community. They are also the most protective over their prosperity and financial well being. On the other hand there are those of us who will be opening up our tax bill in 2012 and wondering where the additional money will come from to pay for food, medicine or transportation. Each of us read, share and learn what we can, we talk to our friends, and often with great angst and confusion, blindly vote for a candidate or political party not knowing if we made a good/bad decision.

For this reason, I believe that one of the most important parts of being a leader is to be a person of good character, a person who is a fair and capable problem solver. With so many of you in a “world of hurt” I cannot help but feel sad. In doing so, I have maintained that Character matters more than experience, it matters more than education, how successful you are, how much money you have in the bank or how politically connected a candidate is. It’s about asking the tough questions. Questions about Seniors, Veterans, a $4.95M appropriation on a small N.H. Ave. firehouse, or the $2M appropriation on a Grove St. sewage pump. It’s about questioning no bid contracts, nepotism, and undeserved bonuses. What makes me different from my opponents is that I love the people of this community more than I love the Government.

When voting remember what you heard this year, countless petty “Penny Foolish” battles over office chairs, Halloween d├ęcor and discontent, trash museum controversy, and 9/11 conspiracies relative to campaign signs. Thanks to your encouragement, you have kept us going… therefore I hope and pray that more of you stand with me at the polls this November 8th.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Richetelli, Blake and Joy Mum on Missing Millions

This morning when I left my office for lunch at the ComputerFox, I bumped into a local Firefighter who was with me standing in line at Dee's Deli. I introduced myself and casually began to talk about the New Firehouse on New Haven Ave. that is being built at a reported cost of about 4.2 Million.

This was perfect timing because last night the Milford Independent Town Committee met, and we discussed several issues, including the work of Dick Sieron who recently met with our new Super. Ms. Feser on education issues, but none dominated the meeting with more energy and vigor than this firehouse cost. We even had a member of the MRTC come down to ask us questions because he said "he had no idea this sort of thing was going on and that no one in the MRTC or MDTC was talking about it."

This morning he thanked the MITC for being so vigilant while others are so distracted, but to get back to my conversation with the Firefighter, whose name I will not mention, he said "we (Firefighters) are all wondering what happened to the money as well! This has been a divisive issue in the MFD!" and after I read the latest discontent with the 98-102 vote over discord with Chief Lavecchia, it became clear that the real estate deals being made are a big part of the MFD vote of "No Confidence."

Last week, Lavecchia lost his bid to the Fire Commission to combine his est 90K salary with his pension, Lavecchia wanted the same deal that Chief Mello got despite public outrage. He argued it was fair because the MPD set the precedent and Mayor Richetelli supported his request. His objective was to cash in early on his pension and be rehired as the Chief. However, and much to the credit of the fire commission, his request was disallowed and denied. Bob Joy said he also opposed it yet Blake is not on record for or against it.

These facts should bring to light our research at the MITC, we visited the new firehouse ourselves last night. We did the research and posted the construction estimates on this blog a few short days ago. We determined that the true and just construction costs for this Two Bay Garage, with no basement and an attached single story structure should have cost about 1 Million to 1.4 Million without the land. This estimate also included the Architectural design fees, and Union labor brick and steel construction.

Our Vice Chair Steve Borer who is very connected with the Fire Department and has friends and family in the Fire Department confirmed what I heard this morning, last night; that firefighters like their jobs too much. They are afraid that if they speak out or ask questions they will be punished, fired or sanctioned. This is becoming the common theme in our town, and we are hearing it more and more that city employees are afraid to come forward.

Currently Alderman Giantasio is going to be asked to provide proof, and a veritable and credible estimate of how this 4.2 Million of taxpayer money was spent. The justifications from Mayor Richetelli and the Board of Alderman are going to be expected and scrutinized with great detail, and I am going to call out to the chairman of each political party to ask the tough questions as well and hold those culpable accountable on the excessive construction amounts.

As it stands Lametta Construction has a Back Hoe on the fenced in construction site, and despite my personal knowledge of Lametta, I asked around what their reputation was. The trail leads to the City of Stratford, who declined to comment, but none the less those in the know said they were appalled with this company and advised and insisted that Milford not use them. I am still planning on speaking with Former Stratford Mayor Jim Miron to get the details on why Stratford is so visibly upset with this developer. When I find the answers hopefully it will shed some light on why there was no "Groundbreaking ceremony" on this firehouse as is customarily done.

This may also explain why it did not appear in the bidding system for city contracts, and also explain why this was a "no bid contract" to a developer that our neighbor warned us about. These are tough and serious questions that have to be answered. These are also the reasons why the Independent Party was formed, to fight this type of questionable policy and development on behalf of our failed two party system that refuses to do so.

The MITC gets few votes, makes no friends, makes no money, imperils themselves and gets routinely attacked for being a taxpayer advocate. I admire all those individuals in our city who dare to speak out and stand up for the seniors and veterans who are living on a restricted income, and I am saddened by the kids who can't seem to get an unencumbered education. As the facts emerge, I will continue to update this blog, and continue to report back with details on what appears to be a corrupt "Joe Ganim" type of construction deal.  Please report any facts or details you have to me personally.


Firehouse Construction Estimator at the below link:

Milford Board of Alderman Approve 4.95 Million for new Milford Fire station.

Ben Blake Quoted

Alderman Ben Blake, D-5, said he voted to approve the funds for the new fire station because LaVecchia convinced him it will “increase efficiency.” “Hopefully, it will improve safety and be cost-neutral or result in cost savings,” Blake said.

Jim Richetelli Quoted

"an environmental assessment of the site for the new firehouse brought no concerns. He said the architect, DeCarlo & Doll of Hamden, is designing the building, and he hopes construction could start by year’s end." “This is part of the master plan that dates back 40 years,”

Waste Fraud and Abuse Comparison

Conservative One Story 6,000 Sf

Liberal Two Story 10,000 Sf

Rocco J. Frank Jr.
(203) 247-4357

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blake's Unethical Police Union Endorsement

This week the Milford Police Union decided to endorse my Democratic Candidate for mayor much to the chagrin of the local Republicans. This was a surprise and a disappointment since they offered a hefty package to the department.

The Republican Candidate, offered up Simon Lake School as a police substation and training center, the Republicans also were silent when the Chief of Police collected his pension in tandem with his salary. There is no shortage of legal problems at the local police department here in Milford either. For those of you who may not know, last year one of our officers killed two youths from Orange in what appeared to be a drag racing incident. This resulted in an investigation whereby dash cam video tape evidence was "accidentally" deleted by the Police Department. The city is now facing a wrongful death lawsuit that could reach into the millions, not to mention the pain and hurt imposed on the families and friends of these young adults.

None of this is to say that the endorsement is not compromised, but one thing that is certain is that its hypocritical at best and criminal at worst. This is the same police department whose detectives were quoted in the papers as saying "I did nothing criminal" when I offered to drop off the ballot in exchange for "Jobs" paid and unpaid for the Milford Independents who are seeking oversight at the highest levels in city hall. We soon got our answer from this police department who did an "investigation" without a criminal complaint being filed, and saw fit to attempt to discredit and embarrass the Independent Party by reporting to the New Haven Register and The Milford Orange Bulletin that I (Rocco Frank) was investigated, even though it was on record there were no criminal complaints filed.

Aside from it being improper to investigate a local citizen without anyone filing a complaint, I found it odd that our detectives randomly open up investigations based on what Journalists like Brian McReady write in the paper. This is not a responsible or professional way to operate a police department, and I find it more troubling that they attempt to corrupt the political process.

Both my opponents, are very similar, almost identical and this endorsement shows that similarity once again in graphic detail. While I am not going to elaborate on anything other than the facts here and try to avoid speculation I will offer my opinion, and that opinion is that the local police stand to benefit more from local Democrat law firms than they do the police training facility and substation supported by both Mayoral Candidates. The reason I say this, is because their record of misconduct, combined with whatever was on those tapes they destroyed, must give many police officers in this city pause.

By nature the city does not always hire attorneys to protect Police officers, and with the state of affairs as they exist today it is quite possible that the local Police Union received more compensation and favors from the Democrats than from the Republicans. Me on the other hand, demanded that we hold the chief of police accountable for the speeding incidents in town, was critical of his salary deal, and demanded we open local public hearings at City Hall before the Board of Alderman to find out how the public is treated by the local police department.  I wanted to see new local ordinances created to better protect the public. I also would have fired the Lt. who destroyed the videotaped evidence and suspended Mello for the way he allowed the department to wildly operate.

This is why I am probably disliked and targeted by the Milford P.D., because unlike my opponents I refuse to look the other way, nor would I accept an endorsement from any city employees who in my view are conflict of interest. Especially so when a candidate says he or she is representing the majority of people in town, who pay their salaries,  and do not work for the city.  

Monday, October 17, 2011

Educational Test Scores In Milford Continue To Stifle The BOE

Brian Mcready of the NH Register asked a question on Facebook. He said: "Milford's 10th graders rank last in math, second to last in science, and reading, and 20th out of 24 in writing on the CAPT, but the city spends the 4th highest for education compared to 24 comparable sized communities, and is dead last in instructional hours. What do you think about that?" Since not all of you have Facebook, I thought it proper to share my answer here so Parents, Kids, and Taxpayers know where my thoughts on education are.
My answer to Brian....

The last two Superintendents did a terrible job, things started to go down hill when the Republicans cut funding to our schools to keep up with the demands made by the local teachers unions. Right now, there seems to be a disconnect between Republican conservatives and the Teachers unions. Until this stalemate is broken we can expect more vindictive cuts to education. Because of our leadership crisis in Milford, the kids suffer while the adults argue and fight with one another. The solution is simple to me, but my opponents have their own bizarre view.

My approach to solving our education problems is to first get the finances of the schools in order. Right now, teachers want to keep their jobs, parents and kids want a quality education and taxpayers do not want more taxes. One approach would be to call an educational crisis meeting, whereby the Teachers Representatives, Taxpayer Advocates and the PTA decide on a mutually agreeable course of action. Reaching a compromise that we can all live with is essential if we are going to put an end to the Bickering and vindictiveness of the Republicans, and many Democrats I am sorry to say. The failures are clearly embarrassing and rather than start a blame game we should be addressing the root causes of these problems and working with the very talented teachers that we have, who get results, to share in their secrets. It may even be in this schools best interest to hold after school workshops and contests to help and encourage our kids to be successful. The city has the money, they just chose to waste it in every way but the correct way. To elaborate on some of this waste, 1.5 Million for a police substation we do not need, Four Million for a Firehouse that could have been built for 1.0 Million, 500K in fee waivers, Money for trash a museum, Veterans exemptions from interest and penalties on their delinquent taxes.. etc.. etc.. This issue is more to do with immaturity and spite by those in charge. It is very sad to see.

Friday, October 14, 2011

New Fire House Raises Serious Financial Questions

This note today is to point out my concern over the excessive spending, and practice of No-Bid Contracts in Milford. As many of you know several of the candidates for Mayor sat on the Board of Alderman and approved local spending on such costly projects.

The project I am talking about is not the expensive and excessive elevator at Pumpkin Delight that was way over budget, nor is it the endless spending on School Repairs. This issue has all to do with the new Firehouse on New Haven Ave.

Several people in town brought to my attention that there was no groundbreaking ceremony at the New Firehouse on NH Ave., like most I wanted to know why. Once we look at the cost of this Firehouse, somewhere in Four Plus Million Range (all borrowed money) it became evident why. I suppose we would have to get a grip on how large an amount Four Million is to really appreciate how outrageous our partisan city leaders are.

To find out for yourself, look on I learned that an 11,600 SF Stone finished mansion in Greenwich, on 4.5 Acres, and with a large ostentatious swimming pool recently sold for about the same price. The house was amazing, marble floors, exotic woods, expensive landscaping, 8 bathrooms, maids quarters, and incredible amenities including a full size game room, full gym and exercise room, a very large impressive kitchen and large Greek style columns in an expertly crafted living room. This is not to mention the oversized and impressive four car garages.

Comparing what the city approved for construction, to what is available on the open market I cannot help but agree with the critics of this firehouse that there are some serious money questions that need to be addressed. I would be interested to know what the political connections are to the recipients of these contracts to those who award them. I would also like to know why is it acceptable or honest to issue a developer a “No Bid Contract” and how do we know the contractor is not cheating taxpayers for their or someone else’s personal gain. Admittedly I am no expert on firehouses, but from experience I can honestly say none of the ones I visited look nearly as lavish as a Greenwich Mansion. So I must respectfully ask, what on Earth is contained in this new Firehouse that would justify 4+ Million dollars?

My current understanding is that the Fire Trucks are not included. So, respectfully ask my Mayoral opponents, where did the money go, and why are you not even concerned over this obvious impropriety?

Firehouse Construction Estimator at the below link:

One Story 6,000 Sf

Two Story 10,000 Sf
Rocco J. Frank

Friday, October 7, 2011

What We Do Not Need In Milford

More questionable judgement from My opponent and his Political Party, protest the Milford MRTC for hosting events with billionaire aristocrats who make a profit from demeaning women. Linda McMahon was sent a big message in the last election that our votes cannot be bought. Now that Lieberman is vacating the Senate seat she is attempting again to buy delegate votes from the Milford Republican party. If you agree this is shameful, despicable and corrupt behavior reshare this post and confront Jagodinski of the MRTC for welcoming Ms. McMahon to our community.

To voice your concerns to the MRTC Click the following link:

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rocco Frank Election Notes

Last year both Democrats and Republicans took credit for the citywide tax decrease; however both sides neglected to mention they borrowed the money to do it. This borrowing increased our debt to 240M in 2010, not including interest.

The "Entrenched Two Party Leadership" also fattened their pension fund to an astounding $320M. In turn, the People of Milford were left with a current estimated 300M in 2011 debt... and the “mad rush” to now deplete the pension fund is making it look like a developing Ponzi scheme.

Since 2008! The CAFR's (Comprehensive Audited Financial Results) indicate our city liabilities are growing at an alarming 17.7% per year, while our city assets are growing at 6.6% per year.

Neither democrats nor, Republicans want to admit that their collective leadership and “voodoo economics” is the root cause of Milford "Heading of a Cliff!!"

While I have no intention of arguing with the selective accounting at City Hall, I do take issue with the practice of borrowing new money at lower interest rates, to pay off higher interest rates. This is not a serious plan and it’s done nothing to stem the tide of our growing liabilities, we need something more professional than just “juggling the interest on our credit cards.”

In order to seriously deal with this grave financial issue, big Developers, Law Firms and special interests have to understand that they are second to getting our finances in order. This, however, is a difficult task when both my opponents each owe favors to the corporate donors who “buttered their bread.” It’s my job to present the facts, hopefully the non-voters will be motivated to come out and vote en-masse, to put an end to the "High jacking" of our city!

Milford’s “high jackers” have their eyes set on 200 Million dollars. You can be assured that there are many special interests who want more of that money for themselves, and sadly they are stealing it. They cheat us taxpayers by way of crony job appointments, no bid contracts, double dipping, nepotism, favoritism, undeserved bonuses and bigger government. My silent opponent’s, and their political parties, rely on you being uniformed; it’s what keeps them in power and loving Milford!

Thus far this year, I have shredded thousands of dollars in checks and refused all special interest money. We are not for sale and will not endorse any future candidate unless they guarantee us oversight! Personally, I choose to run my campaign with little to no money because most every sizable donation offered me came with a set of terms. The best type of victory is one where past non voters enthusiastically vote against corruption, and ordinary citizens organize on their own without expectations. Hopefully I have earned your trust and support.

Rocco J. Frank Jr.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Administrative Note Regarding the Mayoral Poll

Votes Cast for Blake Frank Joy originated in multiple volleys. These mass votes occurred in a period of about few weeks. The IP Origins and relays, originate across numerous proxy servers, masked id's, and are therefore unreliable and probably Hacked.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Blake Vs. Joy, War of Words Yet Best of Friends

The Milford Mayoral campaign has kicked off to a relatively enthusiastic start, and in that quest for a new beginning the gloves have come off between the Main Party candidates. Last week Blake was lambasting the flawed judgment of Joy, and Joy was off complaining about Blake. During this dysfunctional melee it was hard not to notice some of the names in the “info war viper pit” whom were writing letters to the editor of the Mirror and the MOB.

There are several, but to get our Independent readers informed you should be well aware that Jagodinski, Dellamonica, Fowler etc... are “Hard Core Republicans” who I can say almost always Vote their Row. The same goes for names like Smith, Rosen, Brown etc... Who also, I would bet, always vote their Row.

While these two groups are Row, Row, Rowing Milford off the edge of a waterfall I have been “shouting from the rooftops” while pointing to the dangers that lie ahead. As the election moves on, I am realizing that common sense, combined with critical thinking skills is what’s lacking among both my competitors, I suppose to elaborate on this point, and to point out some of the idiosyncrasies, I would allude to the relationships they hold dear and the company they keep on display. For instance, I do not think it is genuine or sincere to offer up help to our veterans and then go door to door with someone like Rosa Delauro or Jane Fonda for that matter (both are very similar and equally disliked by veterans,) nor would I call myself a conservative and then press ordinances that deprive us of liberty or promote unnecessary wasteful spending on pet projects.

My goal in this editorial is not to join in on the impish and immature war of words that both Joy and Blake love so much, rather it’s to point out that after the election both of them will be the best of friends. The staged theatrics of division between these two individuals is to decieve you. The truth is that they have agreed on just about everything in their past votes at the Board of Alderman except for some very minor issues.

Each of them is thus far equal in their charitable giving, equal in their thoughts on taxation, and both have not yet once taken a stand on the excessive liabilities incurred at the hands of their political parties. This letter is not to tell you how to cast your vote come November, nor is it to tell you how great the Independent Party is and all its candidates, this letter is to remind you that if you do not get non voters out to vote, one of these two parties is going to perch themselves right in the “business as usual seat” being vacated by Richetelli.

Let this note be a plea on my part to have you come out in defense of this patch of beautiful land we call home. At the end of this election you will have decided our and your families future!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Police Substation an Example of "Pork Barrel" Spending.

Simon Lake School was closed at great inconvenience to many parents who had children in that area. The decision to close the school was because the BOE was short on funds and they were told concessions had to be made.

You may not remember, but about two years ago the Jonathan Law auditorium was packed with nearly 1,000 very visibly upset teachers, parents, and students who held up signs pleading to have their school saved. School staff were laid off, attritioned and it was a very sad and despondent last day when the kids who were there had to say good bye to their school.

Education challenges in Milford have come mostly from the Republicans who opposed improvements to Jonathan Law, hired less than qualified Superintendents and terminated security guards. Never is there any discussion about how their choices caused our kids to rank in the bottom 1/3 for elementary schools, and the bottom 2/3 for middle schools. I remember when the CAPT scores were so terrible Polanski had to visit other schools and figure out how to effectively educate our kids.

With the way our schools have been financially treated over the last five years perhaps it’s my opponents concern that their actions and decisions will tempt our jobless kids to resort to more local crime.

The Republicans in Milford have had a very unusual and unorthodox relationship with the Milford Police Department. They stood silent as evidence in the Anderson vehicular homicide issue was front page news. They said and held no one accountable when the city destroyed the
subpoenaed videotapes "allegedly by accident" and they defend the fact, that despite all the policy and managerial issues in the P.D., that our police chief deserves nearly $200,000 a year in compensation for his effective management skills.

I could go on, and on, about how republicans dole out money to the police department in Milford I think the people of our city heard enough fear mongering about public safety issues. I will instead focus on the fact that this police substation is a BAD IDEA that will accomplish more waste at a time when the city is riddled with an est. 300M in debt.  A police training center/substation, in my opinion is a luxury not a need. I believe it will do little to nothing to alleviate the ongoing criminality in our city in any meaningful way.

What I believe the substation will accomplish is to perhaps earn the Republican Party support from the Police Unions and their friends and families here in Milford. I personally believe that those beneficiaries will help aid and assist Bob Joy in breaking his fiduciary promises by getting this "Wasteful" complex up and running.

To explain what I mean, Both Blake and Joy have borrowed phrases from Department stores like Target. They promised the voters that they were concerned about the city debt and we were going to get "More for Less." Instead it appears we are getting just "More or Less" of the same wasteful
spending. The election has merely begun just a few short months ago and these two liberal usurpers have doled out or proposed nearly 2 Million in wasteful spending under the guise of "charitable donations." I would like to remind the people of Milford that there is little to no difference
between Blake and Joy, they are both alike, in that they enjoy "Spreading the wealth" of the property owners in Milford.

Hopefully the voters are alert and awake enough to realize that they are spending our own money and not "bearing gifts" as they both would have us believe. If Milford fails to elect a real conservative they may just wake up one day and ask “how did such a great city change so dramatically.” For this reason I warn and beg of the voters to learn the facts and vote using critical thinking skills, if we keep letting the parties hijack our city they will keep forcing the rest of us to endlessly dig deeper to support their pet projects and outlandish salaries and benefits.

It is ultimately up to us to vote for those individuals who will allow Milford to prosper for the people and not the politicians.

Debate Reminder For Tonight!

Come out to the Milford Mayoral Debates tonight at the Plymouth Men's Club. It is the Church across from the Parsons Complex in Downtown Milford. Debates start at 7:30P.M.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Remembering The Broken Promises of 2009

After watching this video and carefully examining the state of the city it should be clear that we have been lied to time again. Hopefully the voters this year will not get fooled again!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Lows In Milford Real Estate

Milford has conducted an annual report each year called the Comprehensive Audited Financial Reports (CAFR'S), and the asset side of those reports seems to defy conventional wisdom. While I am no economist, I do agree with firms like the Connecticut Economic Resource Center (CERC) and Real Estate think tanks like Trulia.   But to take into consideration the 2006 CERC, the year our property assessments began, Milford had a reported grand list of  10.2B. Today, just Five years later that number has plummeted to 7.4B.  There is nothing more enigmatic and perplexing than the CAFR figures, of which indicate the assets held by the city of Milford have appreciated Apx. 35% during a period where the Grand List has been getting decimated.

Something does not add up, something does not make sense, because no one I know has had that kind of asset appreciation in the last five years and it is yet to be explained to us as to how how we arrived at such an amazing figure in the wake of mass property devaluations and city debt growing to nearly 300M during this period. Trulia had this to say about Milford, and to be fair many other communities as well.

"The median sales price for homes in ZIP code 06460 for Jun 11 to Aug 11 was $204,540. This represents a decline of 14.1%, or $33,460, compared to the prior quarter and a decrease of 22.5% compared to the prior year. Sales prices have depreciated 36.3% over the last 5 years in 06460, Milford. The median sales price of $204,540 for 06460 is 5.34% lower than the median sales price for Milford CT. Average listing price for homes on Trulia in ZIP code 06460 was $465,668 for the week ending Sep 07, which represents an increase of 0.1%, or $465 compared to the prior week and an increase of 4.4%, or $19,742, compared to the week ending Aug 17. Average price per square foot for homes in 06460 was $153 in the most recent quarter, which is 12.57% lower than the average price per square foot for homes in Milford."

Moving forward into the next election, it appears that the Republicans and Democrats are both acting reckless, ignoring the city debt and instead spending taxpayer money we do not have. Just in the past few months, as the interest on our nearly 1/3 of a Billion dollars in debt was growing they were giving away money. This was 26K to a Trash Museum, an estimated 550K given away in permit fees, proposing the reopening Simon Lake at a substantial cost estimated close to 1M, and of course pardoning late fees and interest on property taxes to all veterans serving in wars.

While no one doubts that charity is essential in our community, we are moving in a direction that crosses the line of the responsibility of local government. My personal opinion is that the money is all ours, its paid for by each of us and when that money falls short we have to reach in our pockets a little deeper. This is the never ending paradox of taxpayers funding what amounts to socialism or as Obama put it "the redistribution of our wealth."

Elections, and election season is always disconcerting and part of me feels like elected officials who run for political office should step down from their previous posts while campaigning. This year I have seen such egregious abuses of the city treasury by both candidates that its disheartening. The amount of allocations made for political purposes is in my opinion an abusive and aberrant practice that should be stopped in all future elections.

While everyday I work hard to remind both Republicans and Democrats that our priorities should be to pay off the city debt before funding any pet projects or non essential expenses, everyday I am dismissed as a enigmatic insane platitude to be ignored. Sadly at the end of the day, when we expect to see progress we instead learn that the population of Milford is declining and our real estate values are plummeting.  Who will be held accountable when we reach our climax and eventual epiphany?

Sadly its going to be all of us, those who just want to be left alone, to live in our homes, drive our cars and enjoy our television shows. It will be those apathetic young people who did not vote this election, their parents and the reality that they are slowly falling farther and farther behind on their expenses. Who will be held accountable, it will be you the person who lives and pays those unreasonable ever increasing taxes that continue to fund socialism and an endlessly growing debt. Its time to wake up and vote Independent!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Event Updates on The Milford Race For Mayor

Last Monday all three candidates attended a question and answer session at News 12. The segment was 28 Minutes long and will be airing this coming week for Cablevision Customers who have exclusive access to local programming.

The segment was very informative and revealing of the many thoughts and ideas that all three candidates have covered. I certainly recomend watching the Tom Appleby show on News 12.

This Month, all announced candidates for mayor of Milford have also been invited to present their platforms and answer questions from the public at a Candidates Night Debate on Tuesday, Sept. 20, at 8 p.m., at the First United Church of Christ (Congregational), 34 West Main St.

Expected to participate are mayoral candidates, Bob (Bernard) Joy (R), Ben (Benjamin) Blake (D), and Rocco Frank (I). The debate will be the first of the political season and be open to the public at no charge.

Next Month, Mistie Powell, the President of the Milford Coalition of Condominiums (MCCA)is also scheduled to hold a debate on October 8th at 9A.M. The coalition is made up of 50+ condo/homeowner associations throughout Milford.

In past election years, the coalition has hosted a mayoral debate between the prospective candidates, including the one of October of 2009 – Mayor Richetelli, Genevieve Salvatore and Peter Spaltoff each participated.

In this forum Questions are given to the candidates ahead of time from members of the (MCCA) and are based on issues and/or concerns that they, as condominium owners, had.

This event is also open to the public. For more information and an address visit their website at

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Open House Mayoral Event, Come to Cafe Atlantique

Come out to Cafe Atlantique, 33 River St., in downtown Milford from 6 to 7 pm Wed. Sept.7 as part of the New Haven Register’s ongoing community engagement series. You’ll meet Milford Bureau Chief Brian McCready, who will be accompanied by Milford Democratic Mayoral candidate, Republican Mayoral candidate, and Milford Independent Party Mayoral candidate Rocco Frank. You’ll have an opportunity to interact with them, and McCready. If you can’t attend but would like to ask the candidates’ questions please email questions to and he will ask your question. Check the Register’s website for a recap of the event along with videos.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Outage Turns to Outrage

Milford has 8937 residents out of power as of today and social media outlets are expressing concerns and outrage over UI's handling of the outage. These people have been without electricity for nearly three full days now and are growing concerned that the slowness of the progress may keep the lights off longer.

UI has offered no meaningful response on exact time or schedules, and our local leaders have been all deafly silent on the power issue. Residents are now asking that our elected leaders step up to the plate and start engaging in leadership. The people want answers on how much longer our lives and businessess will be disrupted by this outage.

The following video is from and is of UI's CEO Torgerson commenting on the outage.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Democrats and Republicans Exploit Hurricane for Votes

Politics in Milford amazes me, and as one could expect "no crisis should ever go to waste." Soon after the hurricane hit, both candidates for Mayor, the Republican and the Democrat took to the press to exploit this horrific event for their own political gain. This is not a difficult call to make, because in the past, during the hardships we faced from other natural disasters, including flooding like we have seen in the last week, neither one of them (to my knowledge) ever posted a caring blog or made a loving comment.

Now we have Lawyers with a heart and Politicians with a conscience doing what they do best, posing for pictures and telling heartfelt stories and pretending to have a connection to humanity. I expect to see lots of photographs depicting everything from baby kissing, to posing with municipal celebrities. It will be up to you to guess why. Is it perhaps they have suddenly found Jesus and and are in touch with their kinder gentler spiritual selfless side? or is it election season and they are exploiting your vulnerabilities in exchange for your vote?

Thankfully, and I personally believe, that the people of Milford know the difference between phony politics and genuine sincerity. In my view, sincerity is a long and selfless track record of giving without expectation of a reward. Some of the most selfless heroes I know are Mother Theresa, Gandhi, and my late Grandmother Rose Frank who fed Troops, cared for the sick and injured, and helped rebuild wells in her village in 1943 during the WWII battle for Sicily. She never ran for office and her selfless personality flourished until the day she passed.

There are rare people out there who just light up a room with their sincerity, their kindness and their generosity. It is a phenomena that requires no pictures, speaks no words and requires no news coverage. This is because true heroes are discovered by surprise, it is the results of their good deeds that make the news, as is the extent of their impact on the lives of countless greatful others. Heroes are recognized by people like you or me, your friends, your neighbors and in the thoughts and words of the individuals whose lives they changed. Who here, in this city really believes that a couple of mayoral contenders for Mayor realistically and credibly fit this image. 

Humbly I can admit that I am no Gandhi, no Mother Theresa and no saint. What say the rest of our local politicians who now offer good tidings in the wake of a disaster? I say their sincerity is highly suspect in the wake of an upcoming election.. I would love to know your thoughts, do we have genuine sincerity or just a couple of vote grabbing "wind bags?" 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Milford's Fort Trumbull Devastated By Irene

Fort Trumbull this morning was guarded by the Milford Police Department. They were asking drivers not to park in areas that could hinder the ongoing cleanup work.

The streets were covered in Sand as far as the eye could see. Beyond this point is the Silver Sands State Park, of which was also guarded by the state DEP, and was closed to the public.

The devastation included flooding of all low lying structures on both sides of the street and as far as the marsh. The local homes and businesses had water lines as far up as two feet and damaged items were being dragged to the curb. residents were out in force working together to restore their neighborhoods.

The city of Milford was still experiencing wide spread power outages that are going into the second day. Many wires and trees are still down and the Utility companies are feverishly working to correct those outages.

The City of Milford has the Public Works out working long hours, cleaning up city streets and public property. The cost of the cleanup is expected to be substantial. The numbers have not been estimated as of yet but budget strains are to be expected.

The new Boardwalk at Silver Sands State Park is reportedly damaged. Onlookers who explored the area said that the Boardwalk has either been destroyed or buried under the sand making it hard to assess there is even a boardwalk there.

Further to the North Gulf Beach was covered in water, and low lying areas of Woodmont were also submerged in several feet of water. Photo (Left) depicts storm surge on Broadway, an area ordered evacuated by the city of Milford.

Fortunately many inland homes did not suffer substantial wind damage. Some residents boarded up their windows, while others taped asterisk style patterns on their plate glass. There are many reports of downed trees but very few reports of serious wind damage to those homes.

It is estimated that power will be restored in the next few days for all homes across Milford, and the cleanup efforts will be ongoing for several months.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Milford Prepares For Incoming Cat. 1 Hurricane

Northeast ThreatsWinds are going to be high, the Governor has declared a state of emergency and power companies are gearing up for downed power lines. The big department stores have sold out of generators, and local auto parts stores have sold out of their car inverters.

How bad is this storm going to be? No one knows for sure, but estimates are that we will be hit with winds in the range of 50-to 75 Mph. This is especially bad news for those individuals who live on the coast line, as the high tide will only exacerbate flood conditions in the low lying areas of the city. The full force of the storm will coincide with High Tide of which is 10:36P.M. on Sat. Night.

Many homeowners may want to check and see if their home and auto coverage includes water and flood damage and it might be a good idea to make the call to your insurance agent right away.

In the event the city is without power for a sustained period of time, today and tomorrow will be your last chance to stock up on supplies. Most essential are batteries, water, food, ice for the fridge, a radio, and gas for your cars.

To get updates on the latest news and weather related events click this LINK for updated information.

Category 1
Sustained winds33–42 m/s64–82 knKaren 26 sept 2007 1220Z.jpg
Karen in the water
119–153 km/h74–95 mph
Normal central pressure980–994 mbar28.94 inHg
Category 1 storms usually cause no significant structural damage to building structures; however, they can topple unanchored mobile homes, as well as uproot or snap trees. Poorly attached roof shingles or tiles can blow off. Coastal flooding and pier damage are often associated with Category 1 storms. Power outages are typically widespread to extensive, sometimes lasting several days. Even though it is the least intense type of hurricane, the storm can still produce plenty of widespread damage and can be a life-threatening storm.[11]

Examples of storms of this intensity include: Hurricane Alice (1954), Danny (1985), Jerry (1989), Ismael (1995), Claudette (2003), Gaston (2004),Stan (2005) and Humberto (2007).

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Recap of Events, Oyster Festival And More

This week the Independent Party enjoyed its Third year in the Milford Oyster Festival. Morale was high and the Independent Party had a great deal of fun walking around drinking beer, eating oysters and greeting the public.

Joe Prisco (Featured Left) was in especially good spirits and as always carried his energy and enthusiasm in a message on his shirt "Let's Talk I'm Joe Prisco."  This year Joe has become an Icon with the Independent Party, at 86 Years old and a 54 year resident of Milford Joe has earned the respect of every one of our members. Even the local Party members "tip their hat" to Joe as he continues to be a fixture and a public advocate at City Hall.

Joe is best known as that person who has no shortage of words and is not afraid to speak his mind. Anyone who knows Joe will tell you that he fights for fairness and honesty in the city of Milford. What we all like best about Joe is that he takes on issues with  a great smile and an incredible and affable attitude.

While the Milford Independent Party is an organization aimed at getting common people elected, we found that most people this year are very supportive, while others were just out enjoying a fun family day. This year we quickly learned that most people do not go to the Oyster Festival to discuss Politics, and for that reason we kept ourselves available and chose not to be demonstrably pushy like our opponents.

In past years, both Democrats and Republicans forced stickers on the public garb, waved annoying campaign  signs and often engaged in loud disruptive flash mobs to get attention. This year things were equally amped up and the Democrats took the prize by positioning two booths on each side of the street. The Law Offices of Bercham Moses and Devlin hosted the Deep Fried Dough booth on their property and across the street positioned a second booth (near Party Member Mike Brown's office.) The Republicans were in the Middle and actively sticking campaign stickers on anyone they could get to wear one. Independents were in a small Ten by Ten spot with a very unhelpful and annoying tree right in front of us.

Some of our members speculated that the terrible spot was most likely the work of the Republicans. This they theorized was due to their disapproval of our Cross endorsement of the city Clerk to Suzanne Manning. Mannings Republican opponent Linda Stock and her sister Paula Smith is also a controversial coordinator of the Oyster Festival.

Without complaining about our spot, I will mention that the Smith/Stock Controversy started over the Festival Committee hijacking the Beer Sales for themselves. Some festival patrons dropped out because they argue that the loss of revenue from those sales was unjust and against the original mission of the festival to aid non-profits. However, the festival committee argued that last year the festival was in a crisis over funding and those revenues had to be made up in light of the fact that the Police and security services were no longer being provided free of charge by the city.

This year we are assuming that the proceeds from the beer sales were used to pay the Police and traffic control bills but as of yet there is no word on who paid those costs.

All in all, even with those difficulties aside all our members had an especially good time and thank the hard working people who made this successful day possible. The Independent Party would also like to thank all its members for their work and time in keeping our cause and mission alive and well in Milford.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Presstitutes Are At It Again

Well their first attempt to slander me failed, now they launched a new nameless shameless editorial in the upcoming Milford Mirror. Since I have no idea who wrote it, because its online, I will take the liberty to answer all the foolish questions that were asked and explain my ethics and logic once again.

To my readers this is the latest confused reporter with a 3rd hand story concocted from the misinformation contrived from heresay, rumor, speculation, and probably a talking Republican or Democrat frog. CLICK HERE FOR EDITORIAL STAFF ARTICLE.

Since this buffoon never called me I will answer his questions. A: There is no difference in my mind between a (R) and a (D) they are two wings on the same dead bird. B: Yes I really do know its pretty close to impossible to win which is why it makes more sense to cross endorse... C: Any Chairman's job is to get his people in office as you are well aware the public gets upset over everything and its not my job to please everyone. D: Commission appointments are paid $0.00 and a full time job at city hall would be I am sure the lowest salary offered in the city probably way less than the legal expenses they pay defending their bad behavior.

Why these fools write this trash is beyond me but clearly they have something to fear. I have no money $0 in my campaign chest and I usually get a few hundred votes what is the outlandish obsession with little old me Rocco Frank? One last point this was not a strategy it was an "offer in compromise" it was all about "sharing" you know the same thing you teach your kids.  I hear parents say play nice and share all the time. Apparently sharing is unethical and possibly a crime in Milford.... unless of course you are Jim Richetelli or Winn Smith or something.... I guess it does not work for anyone outside of their sandbox! 

I am getting pretty tired of watching my press releases get butchered by unethical and confused reporters. As a reminder the original press release is at the Milford Daily Blog (Right below see the Gnome) and it mentions nothing about job costs that will burden the taxpayers of Milford. Even if we reached an agreement it still would have been the voters who decided, unlike after they are elected and they have no choice in what jobs are created for themselves. In my view its better to know about these deals in advance while the voters still have choice. After the election voters have no choice and these deals are made anyway that bothers me more than being up front transparent and honest.  

Independents have not lost their values reporters are giving their political opinions without doing their homework.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Milford Police: Jobs Discussion by Mayoral Candidate Frank Not a Crime

The Republicans and Democrats launched an unprecedented failed attack against the Milford Independent Party. It should be noted that this is nothing new. In 2006 Barbara Genevese was sent Porno Magazines by Angry Republicans, Steve Borer was harassed with complaints to the Police Department for filming public city council meetings, and this week they called the Attorney General in a failed attempt to press charges against Mayoral Candidate Rocco Frank. Frank is personally considering legal action against the N.H. Register for Libel and slander. McReady said the position was "Sold" a patently false lie, he also changed the headline three times but let the Sunday paper run with the wrong headline.

When writing about this issue, it should be noted that both parties have engaged in outlandish and outrageous strategies to shut down their Independent competition. This latest article Vindicating me from the McReady Hit Piece of last Sunday should be a lesson that we need to unify against these two exclusive clubs who will do or say anything in their lust for power.

This should also highlight the issue of Jobs in Milford, and why more qualified outsiders have such a difficult time getting hired from the partisan decision makers who have hijacked our city. Enough is enough its time to root out those individuals who reserve these positions for themselves, friends and families. City hall is not their personal job outlet!

Today's NHR article Vindicating me from the latest attack should be a lesson to both Blake, Joy and their gang members.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Brian McReady Hit Piece on Independent Party A Disgrace

The 8/14/11 Sunday Headline on the article below changed three times, and the facts were completely distorted. The slanderous and libelous nature of the New Haven Register is most likely why the main stream media is referring to alternative news sources for accurate and more honest information.

There is no doubt that he had help in perverting his story, and his partisan loyalty to the Republicans and Democrats was clearly evident. While I do not know what the intention of his "Hit Piece" on the Independent Party was all about, one thing that appears certain is that Mr. McReady cannot get a story correct and is more interested in spin than news.

Stay tuned, read the very same response/press release he was sent below and ask how a reporter could possibly and irresponsibly draw such an outlandish conclusions.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Ben Blake, Bob Joy Dismiss Milford Independents

After the conclusion of the Independent Party Caucus last month the Milford Independent party agreed to reach out to the major parties with offers in compromise. We spoke with municipal leaders from both sides of the aisle including, party chairmen and and both candidates for Mayor.

The idea was simple "lets appeal to each other's rational interests and govern together." Our goal was to cross endorse the top spot for Mayor in exchange for equal (D) or (R) party consideration on paid jobs and commission appointments. In 2009 Spalthoff and Chaucer received nearly 18% of the vote collectively, this year, even if that number is reduced by 50% that could have meant the difference of 20% in favor of one candidate or another.

However, their decisions were stunning!  Both Ben and Bob rejected the wishes of 1,000 to 2,000 voters.  This outlandish rejection is based on an enigmatic "quid pro quo" and in Bob's case a direct "NO!" Neither side has any intentions of making any promises or guarantees.  The inclusion of the Milford Independent Party to participate in city government appears to exist mostly in political theory only. However irrational, we find it difficult to accept that they truly believe their decisions are based on honorable and reasonable logic.

This year we will again have a Three way race for Mayor because the irrational thinking of our top contenders want it that way. The Milford Independent Party can no longer change what Ben and Bob decided for the Milford Independent voters. However, YOU CAN, by sharing this article with your friends and neighbors. Convince them to vote for The Independent line as a show of solidarity against those irrational and partisan individuals who continuously dominate and hijack our city with their loyal people and Political Party ideology. 

This year Independents have offered up John Grant to the Republicans and Cross Endorsed Suzanne Manning for City Clerk. In return Both Parties offered Independents NOTHING. We are doing our part, now it is up to you to do yours! Vote Independent... by doing so you will break this cycle of ignorance and help us make a difference in the fiscal future and security of our city.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Americas Credit Downgrade and Municipal Risk

Municipal Bonds at greatest Risk of DefaultWhen Standard and Poors downgraded the United States they did not just teach the Washington spendthrifts a lesson, they sent a message to us all. This message started in Washington and now the effects of the Capitol's gridlock will come home to roost.

Bond King Bill Gross of Pimco Investments has indicated that the AA+ downgrade will likely push rates higher across the entire bond market, including state and municipal bonds. We here in Milford have 300M in exposure and a slight 1% increase in our interest rate can induce a hardship.

About a month ago I quoted Meredith Whitney of the Whitney Advisory Group. Meredith is one of those unique individuals who in her words "has to be right" and she spent considerable time studying the municipal bond market. Meredith concluded about a month ago that the entire "Municipal Bond Market" is set to experience a painful correction.

Wall street, who usually trades on the trends that exist six month ahead, is telling us that something is very wrong and the economic horizon is now set ablaze with bright orange flames.

My predictions on Milford and its looming debt crisis is based on Game Theory as calculated by the economic figures set forth in the CAFRs. Currently Milford has solutions, but neither candidate for mayor has expressed a willingness to embrace those solutions or even ask what needs to be done. We are at a cross roads, one that is not good, one that ignores the very reality of rational decision making and the nature of default based politics.

In 2007, when I ran for state Rep. I set out to sound the alarm on a One Billion dollar state shortfall. Local Republicans and Local Democrats laughed and mocked me for even suggesting something so outrageous and "off the wall." Much to their surprise I was wrong because the problem was 3.2 Billion not One. Now the state is shutting down as mass layoffs further threaten the state economy.

Milford has one shot to fix this coming mass default, one that could rise to as much as One Billion Dollars locally!! It is this year, and it involves something called the "Spike theory of municipal Change." I have all of the details on this rigorous program and how it works. However, our candidates both have expressed they will "wing it" with their unproven ideas. I highly advise and beg of our next Mayor to please not "wing it" this is no time to experiment with our futures.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Why I Decided to Run For Mayor

To give you an overview on why I am running for Mayor is to present a simple message to the people of Milford. "The Two Party System Is Disingenuous and Cannot be Trusted."

Last year both Democrats and Republicans took credit for the citywide tax decrease, however both sides neglected to mention they borrowed the money to do it. This borrowing increased our debt to 240M in 2010, not including interest.

The "Entrenched Two Party Leadership" also fattened their pension fund to an astounding $380M a 100% over funding according to the Mcready article in the MOB!! In turn, the People of Milford were left with a current estimated 300M in 2011 debt... debt voted on and spent by both parties.

Since 2008! the CAFR's (Comprehensive Audited Financial Results) indicate our city liabilities are growing at an alarming 17.7% per year, while our city assets are growing at 6.6% per year.

Neither Democrats nor, Republicans want to acknowledge that their collective leadership is the cause of Milford "Heading of a Cliff!!" We will soon have "More Liabilities than Assets" by 2014-2015 if nothing changes.

For the last year I viewed and studied the books of Milford, I read the auditors reports and am keenly aware of the many reactions of our city leaders who are stuck on a 10% fantasy debt ratio figure. This is a method that I disagree with. If elected I would adjust the pension model to pay down city debt, something I believe both my opponents would refuse to do.

While I have no intention of arguing with the overly optimistic accounting logic at City Hall, I do take issue with the selective appropriations that secure the futures of those individuals who redirected these excessive sums of public tax money to their private pensions.

On a final note, there are many other issues that have me frustrated with the conspiratorial silence of the self serving money dolers that are our disingenuous two party buddy system. I expect that this year will be no different than any other, the Big Developers, Law Firms etc... their personal rational interests and their money will corrupt the voters in favor of owed jobs, contracts and work for a select politically connected few. We must not allow these people to get away with the "Highjacking" of our city!

When people vote for Me or any independent, they are voting for a "Level Playing Field." We are a party that does NO FAVORS FOR ANYONE! Not land clearer's, Not Cadley House wrecking developers, Not Law firms, Not Big Banks, and Certainly Not other Politicians. Our Goal is to make winning deals that are to the advantage of the taxpayers... not the other way around.

This is perhaps the single greatest reason why getting elected as an Independent is so difficult. While the Democrats and Republicans have accepted what amounts to "bribes" from a great many destructive forces in Milford, the Independent Party has refused all special interest money and rejected all donors with implied conditions. We are not open for business, nor are we for sale! We would rather run a campaign with little to no money than to sell out for a big Billboard on the Post Road.

In order to run a truly honest City we cannot accept "Money for Influence." We can only accept "donations from the Heart."

Rocco J. Frank Jr.
ICO ComputerFox Inc.
374 New Haven Ave.
Milford, CT 06460

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tired of Dishonesty in Milford? Then Join The Independent Party!

Come to the Official Caucus and candidate selection process it will be held this July28th 2011 in accordance with our agreement set at the last meeting of May 30, 2011. Please be advised that this date is in advance of the final caucus date of Wednesday August 3rd.

August 3rd, is the final date for all appeals re: candidate decisions and final last call placements.

Milford Fat Cats have Bloated Pension Fund, Residents in Deep Debt
The meeting location for the Caucus will be at Gusto's, in the Private Party Room on the lower level. The address to Gustos is 255 Boston Post Road, Milford, CT 06460 (203) 876-7464.

This is going to be a real Fun event for everyone, and if you plan on running for a city post your attendance is strongly encouraged.

The caucus is an open Caucus and will commence at 7:00P.M in the lower level private meeting Room. Press members we encourage you to post the date in the customary way that your paper or periodical does, and we encourage all members of the public to attend.

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Connecticut's Problems May Hit Home

When Dan Malloy won the job of our state Governor I was delighted, but not for the reasons that most of his fans and supporters were. While my friends were rather perplexed, and really did not understand my affinity for Mr. Malloy I had to clarify my support of him.

This support was mostly based on my disdain for partisan bickering in Hartford. I personally believe, and have seen, that whenever, a single branch of the state Capitol is controlled by another party the blame is quickly shifted on that branch of government as if they are the cancerous evil that is the demise of society. With the Democrats in firm control over all three branches of government we have addressed the issue of the "Blame Game" and since we are in a Great Recession who is better suited to fire state employees than the people and parties who they lobbied for and spent millions to put in office.

Dan Malloy is making Wisconsin's Walker look like a Liberal, not because Malloy is or is not a Liberal but because he inherited a state that is much like the HMS Titanic after it hit an Iceberg. While everyone on board in the State of Connecticut is going on as if all is well, and some feel that their years of service entitle them to job security, our Governor is swimming in an unbalanced pool of debt that some call an illegal budget. One person in particular challenging this "illegal budget" in court is Republican Tom Scott. The unions are currently panicked, their austerity vote was rejected, and last minute midnight deals and special sessions are in the works to make the impossible possible.

Unions are now blaming their own voting rules for requiring more than 51% to pass a wage measure. The state of Connecticut employs some 48,000 people and the numbers of layoffs have been estimated from as few as 5,000 to as many as 10,000. However in the words of our Independent Democratic senator Gayle Slossberg, she voted against the Malloy budget because it did not seriously address the issue of "New spending" in a serious financial situation.  Slossberg said that the "budget shortfall is so severe that the Governor could lay off all 48,000" employees and still not fill the budget gap. That aside she found it upsetting that the Malloy budget included funds for "the restoration of an Opera house" in the wake of layoffs.

As of yet no state employees have been let go, but the longer the structural deficit issue looms on, the more severe the budget constraints on the state labor unions become. These unions have many reasons to be concerned, not just over their loss of a job, but also over their pension obligations that are also  underfunded and set to fail sometime in the year 2019-2020. Ct not only cnnot afford its employees but it cannot afford their pensions either. The notion that layoffs will fix the problem is also a paradox because unemployment of that many people will hurt the state economy, especially if it accompanies a tax increase during a bad economic period. The state of Connecticut will also need to set aside 100's of millions of dollars to pay all of the expected unemployment claims that could linger on for up to 99 weeks.

Moving forward Milford's city leaders should start taking our wasteful spending issues seriously. There is a very likely event on the horizon that will require us to prepare for the inevitable and eventual cuts to our town. The cuts could entail and include our road improvement subsidies, our manufacturing credits, our grants, our education dollars or anything else they decide to eliminate. The final word of this post today should be to mention that Governor Chris Christie of N.J. is laughing at Connecticut's Solitaire playing legislators and Malloy's reticence to make effective management decisions.