Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rocco Frank Election Notes

Last year both Democrats and Republicans took credit for the citywide tax decrease; however both sides neglected to mention they borrowed the money to do it. This borrowing increased our debt to 240M in 2010, not including interest.

The "Entrenched Two Party Leadership" also fattened their pension fund to an astounding $320M. In turn, the People of Milford were left with a current estimated 300M in 2011 debt... and the “mad rush” to now deplete the pension fund is making it look like a developing Ponzi scheme.

Since 2008! The CAFR's (Comprehensive Audited Financial Results) indicate our city liabilities are growing at an alarming 17.7% per year, while our city assets are growing at 6.6% per year.

Neither democrats nor, Republicans want to admit that their collective leadership and “voodoo economics” is the root cause of Milford "Heading of a Cliff!!"

While I have no intention of arguing with the selective accounting at City Hall, I do take issue with the practice of borrowing new money at lower interest rates, to pay off higher interest rates. This is not a serious plan and it’s done nothing to stem the tide of our growing liabilities, we need something more professional than just “juggling the interest on our credit cards.”

In order to seriously deal with this grave financial issue, big Developers, Law Firms and special interests have to understand that they are second to getting our finances in order. This, however, is a difficult task when both my opponents each owe favors to the corporate donors who “buttered their bread.” It’s my job to present the facts, hopefully the non-voters will be motivated to come out and vote en-masse, to put an end to the "High jacking" of our city!

Milford’s “high jackers” have their eyes set on 200 Million dollars. You can be assured that there are many special interests who want more of that money for themselves, and sadly they are stealing it. They cheat us taxpayers by way of crony job appointments, no bid contracts, double dipping, nepotism, favoritism, undeserved bonuses and bigger government. My silent opponent’s, and their political parties, rely on you being uniformed; it’s what keeps them in power and loving Milford!

Thus far this year, I have shredded thousands of dollars in checks and refused all special interest money. We are not for sale and will not endorse any future candidate unless they guarantee us oversight! Personally, I choose to run my campaign with little to no money because most every sizable donation offered me came with a set of terms. The best type of victory is one where past non voters enthusiastically vote against corruption, and ordinary citizens organize on their own without expectations. Hopefully I have earned your trust and support.

Rocco J. Frank Jr.

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