Friday, October 14, 2011

New Fire House Raises Serious Financial Questions

This note today is to point out my concern over the excessive spending, and practice of No-Bid Contracts in Milford. As many of you know several of the candidates for Mayor sat on the Board of Alderman and approved local spending on such costly projects.

The project I am talking about is not the expensive and excessive elevator at Pumpkin Delight that was way over budget, nor is it the endless spending on School Repairs. This issue has all to do with the new Firehouse on New Haven Ave.

Several people in town brought to my attention that there was no groundbreaking ceremony at the New Firehouse on NH Ave., like most I wanted to know why. Once we look at the cost of this Firehouse, somewhere in Four Plus Million Range (all borrowed money) it became evident why. I suppose we would have to get a grip on how large an amount Four Million is to really appreciate how outrageous our partisan city leaders are.

To find out for yourself, look on I learned that an 11,600 SF Stone finished mansion in Greenwich, on 4.5 Acres, and with a large ostentatious swimming pool recently sold for about the same price. The house was amazing, marble floors, exotic woods, expensive landscaping, 8 bathrooms, maids quarters, and incredible amenities including a full size game room, full gym and exercise room, a very large impressive kitchen and large Greek style columns in an expertly crafted living room. This is not to mention the oversized and impressive four car garages.

Comparing what the city approved for construction, to what is available on the open market I cannot help but agree with the critics of this firehouse that there are some serious money questions that need to be addressed. I would be interested to know what the political connections are to the recipients of these contracts to those who award them. I would also like to know why is it acceptable or honest to issue a developer a “No Bid Contract” and how do we know the contractor is not cheating taxpayers for their or someone else’s personal gain. Admittedly I am no expert on firehouses, but from experience I can honestly say none of the ones I visited look nearly as lavish as a Greenwich Mansion. So I must respectfully ask, what on Earth is contained in this new Firehouse that would justify 4+ Million dollars?

My current understanding is that the Fire Trucks are not included. So, respectfully ask my Mayoral opponents, where did the money go, and why are you not even concerned over this obvious impropriety?

Firehouse Construction Estimator at the below link:

One Story 6,000 Sf

Two Story 10,000 Sf
Rocco J. Frank

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