Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blake's Unethical Police Union Endorsement

This week the Milford Police Union decided to endorse my Democratic Candidate for mayor much to the chagrin of the local Republicans. This was a surprise and a disappointment since they offered a hefty package to the department.

The Republican Candidate, offered up Simon Lake School as a police substation and training center, the Republicans also were silent when the Chief of Police collected his pension in tandem with his salary. There is no shortage of legal problems at the local police department here in Milford either. For those of you who may not know, last year one of our officers killed two youths from Orange in what appeared to be a drag racing incident. This resulted in an investigation whereby dash cam video tape evidence was "accidentally" deleted by the Police Department. The city is now facing a wrongful death lawsuit that could reach into the millions, not to mention the pain and hurt imposed on the families and friends of these young adults.

None of this is to say that the endorsement is not compromised, but one thing that is certain is that its hypocritical at best and criminal at worst. This is the same police department whose detectives were quoted in the papers as saying "I did nothing criminal" when I offered to drop off the ballot in exchange for "Jobs" paid and unpaid for the Milford Independents who are seeking oversight at the highest levels in city hall. We soon got our answer from this police department who did an "investigation" without a criminal complaint being filed, and saw fit to attempt to discredit and embarrass the Independent Party by reporting to the New Haven Register and The Milford Orange Bulletin that I (Rocco Frank) was investigated, even though it was on record there were no criminal complaints filed.

Aside from it being improper to investigate a local citizen without anyone filing a complaint, I found it odd that our detectives randomly open up investigations based on what Journalists like Brian McReady write in the paper. This is not a responsible or professional way to operate a police department, and I find it more troubling that they attempt to corrupt the political process.

Both my opponents, are very similar, almost identical and this endorsement shows that similarity once again in graphic detail. While I am not going to elaborate on anything other than the facts here and try to avoid speculation I will offer my opinion, and that opinion is that the local police stand to benefit more from local Democrat law firms than they do the police training facility and substation supported by both Mayoral Candidates. The reason I say this, is because their record of misconduct, combined with whatever was on those tapes they destroyed, must give many police officers in this city pause.

By nature the city does not always hire attorneys to protect Police officers, and with the state of affairs as they exist today it is quite possible that the local Police Union received more compensation and favors from the Democrats than from the Republicans. Me on the other hand, demanded that we hold the chief of police accountable for the speeding incidents in town, was critical of his salary deal, and demanded we open local public hearings at City Hall before the Board of Alderman to find out how the public is treated by the local police department.  I wanted to see new local ordinances created to better protect the public. I also would have fired the Lt. who destroyed the videotaped evidence and suspended Mello for the way he allowed the department to wildly operate.

This is why I am probably disliked and targeted by the Milford P.D., because unlike my opponents I refuse to look the other way, nor would I accept an endorsement from any city employees who in my view are conflict of interest. Especially so when a candidate says he or she is representing the majority of people in town, who pay their salaries,  and do not work for the city.  


Anonymous said...

You appear to be a disgruntled and dangerous person. Please don't hurt anyone - especially a police officer.

Anonymous said...

Dangerous no, disgruntled, sad, losing hope in Milford yes. I have made provisions for my family, our leaders are filled with misplaced facts, and beliefs on the state of our local affairs. I do my part, you do yours. I have prepared, the city will not prepare for that which it refuses to acknowledge. Last month I was at a conference of financial engineers, Harvard, Duke, Yale and Fairfield PHD geniuses they all get it and when the time comes I know what to do. You won't and neither will countless others.

Anonymous said...

I will keep you all in my prayers this Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Blake appointed a Retired Police Department lobbyist as his Assistant Mayor.

Anonymous said...

LOL I guess your offer was not so unethical after all.