Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lieberman Warner Bill In Trouble

Thought you would find THIS interesting about global warming since the Lieberman Warner Global Warming bill may be in trouble. I also sent a copy of this E-Mail to Rose Ryan who has been asking me to promote and help with environmental issues.

I have been looking into this global warming problem for a while, and recently became very perplexed when Al Gores Inconvenient truth was challenged in court and found that major portions of his claims were ruled as factually wrong. The loss of this lawsuit in a British court earned Gore's movie a "propaganda" label on videos sold to English schools. This alone did not sway me, because I think judges are not scientists. What did get my attention was when the founder of the Weather Channel, John Coleman called Global Warming a "Hoax." See this LINK for a different opinion on the warming issue.

What has me really upset about global warming is its parallel to terrorism, in that it is a threat that pushes nations into giving up their sovereignty in the name of "saving the earth." It also transfers power to world courts, world police forces, and tries to justify mass global taxation and regulation in the form of a "Carbon Tax." It also has given birth to the corruption prone "Carbon Credits" massively owned by GE. See this LINK: and this LINK:

Global warming is shaping up to be the next phase of the Elite's ultra profiteering scheme in the United States, and they are seeking to label what our families exhale, and plants use to breathe as unacceptable pollution. There is a growing body of scientists who disagree with the facts surrounding global warming, real scientists not Political candidates like Al Gore who have a platform and a Powerpoint Presentation! This is the current list of countless scientist who disagree with Mr. Gore's view. See this LINK:

Another point to mention is that the largest polluters of our environment are volcanoes, we have had several eruptions in the last decade spewing enormous amounts of greenhouse gas into the environment. Just do the math on Mt.Saint Helens, and Mt. Kilowaya in HA. Also see this LINK:

Data involving global warming has been going on for a long time, just a few short years ago their was public alarm regarding "Global Cooling" See this LINK: One other problem is that the outer planets, Mars for instance, absent human carbon emissions have also experienced warming. See this LINK at National Geographic: This suggest the Sun may be getting hotter.

This is only a small bit of drivel about the contradictory data surrounding Global Warming, and before you submit yourself to promoting this concept I would encourage you to be open minded and hear both sides of this story. While I do appreciate many of your opinions, dedication and concern for our environment, I think we should really be working toward removing real threats like Fluoride in our drinking water water (Our Toothpaste's "fine print" Tells us to call a poison control center if we ingest a small amount of fluoride, and yet our leaders tell us to drink it in our drinking water because they care about our teeth!)

We also have mercury issues in the Northeast, and real toxins coming out of smoke stacks like those of United Illuminating, and the garbage incinerator at the CRRE in Bridgeport. We should also be supporting companies like Hypower Fuel who are reducing the noxious emissions of vehicles through Hydrogen technology. www.hypowerfuel.com

For today I believe the greatest threat to the environment is Genetically Modified Organisms, and plants. These threats are now being investigated as the most likely cause of the colony collapse disorder associated with Honey Bees. These crops, indicative of nothing more than genetic vandalism, are also the root cause behind the growing concern of peanut allergies in children, obesity, cancer, and the reduction of beneficial bacteria in the human digestive process; this is due to the engineered nature of the plant to work with pesticides that are good for profit but bad for your health.

Next time you are holding a Strawberry that is really three strawberries fused into one, ask yourself if you would eat a Cow or a Pig that had the same attributes. This link below will bring you up to speed on GMO's as a threat to the environment. SEE STORY While we are left with this type of a menace on our hands, our lovely elite have protected their own organic seeds in an Arctic vault. See this LINK: This article is, in my opinion, an admission to the damage that is currently being done.

In conclusion, just know that there is more to this Warming issue than meets the eye, I believe that the "truth is stranger than the reality we know," keep yourself open minded and focus your efforts to yield maximum results.

SCHIP Comes To Jonathan Law

SCHIP or the State Child Identification Program was recently held at the Jonathan Law High School last week. This program hosted by the Milford Ansantawae Freemasons, was a popular program brought to CT by Former Grand Master Walter Kaechele in 2002. Since then nearly 40,000 kids have been run through the program.

The scope and purpose of the program is to aid in the prevention and apprehension of felons who kidnap children. According to the schip website nearly 100 children are abducted and murdered each year. This program collects vital information that parents hold, and can provide to law enforcement in the unfortunate event their child goes missing.

The Schip kit, includes a DNA sample, a video of your child on CD, fingerprints, and suggestions on how to keep your child safe. This program does not support or endorse the placing of a microchip in your child, nor does it violate the privacy of your child's personal information. This program has won the approval and support of Governor Rell who called it a "wonderful program" when she was the guest speaker at the statewide Connecticut meeting of the Freemasons.

Thus far the program has been a mutual success to the public safety, community security, Masons, and Masonry alike. For a full list of upcoming scheduled events visit the state of CT website www.ctchip.org.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rocco Frank Is the Undisputed Front Runner!

With the official announcement of Jim Amann dropping out of the race the Democrats and Republicans are now scrambling to find candidates to run. Rocco Frank an Independent, is now the official front runner with the greatest local name recognition, qualifications, and best agenda ideas.

This lack of party organization, and candidates offered by the Republican and Democratic parties, confirms that there has been a strong bond between the parties. Last election for the 118Th, Frank criticized the Milford two party system for not offering Milford a choice in either a Republican or alternate democratic contender. They have now revealed their intent to suppress party candidates by way of party bosses who are calling the shots.

Frank has courageously decided to abandon the party system calling the Democrats and Republicans mere "obstacles to public representation." Frank is confident that the 40% of independents in town will agree that Frank's criticism of both parties has in fact deprived the residents of Milford a choice. This will be an opportunity for voters to show the party bosses that they do not control our local elections.

Frank's agenda represents true change, and offers a true and sincere mission to bring quality of life back to Milford. Frank stands for leadership that results in quality education, improved town services, and healthy development. Frank hopes that under his leadership, Milford moves toward the goal of becoming the most desirable town in Connecticut. Frank is now counting on the support of all persons, local elected leaders, and businesses in his district to attain the goal of making Milford beautiful, clean, and the envy of our state.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hollywood East CEO A SCAM artist!!

Reprint from CTBLUE

Quality Journalism this morning at the Day. Yes, I know I don't say that often, but you have to give the devil its due.

I refer to this morning's article, One Small Lot, One Big Mess, about Joe Gentile, the Utopia developer and involved in CT's Hollywood East. The story involves a scam in which he's involved in New York, where he is apparently using some fairly complicated legal shenanigans to bilk some "partners" out of their share of a real estate deal. One device he's using is a mechanic's lien filed on the property by a construction company, with whom he's apparently in league. By foreclosing on the lien he can wrest ownership of the real estate from his minority partners. It's a fairly complicated deal, but it seems clear from the story that Gentile is a slippery guy, and one whom it would be wise to keep under close surveillance, assuming you have the misfortune of getting involved with the guy.

He does it by doing business through various corporations, each of which appears to be set up to handle only one phase of the transaction. Besides making it difficult to prove the elements of the scheme, the tangle of corporations provide at least a first line of defense for Gentile. It is not easy to establish the personal liability of a guy who surrounds himself with corporations.

The Day's story gives us at least a glimmer of insight into the nature of the scam Gentile is pulling in Preston:

Gentile said the lawsuits will prove him right, and once that happens, he will do what he always does: Finish the job.

“The ironic part of this whole thing is, I became a huge winner,” he said. “West 23rd Street is the hottest block in New York City. I'm in a good place, and I have a lot of options.”

Those options, he said, include selling the property at a significant profit or going ahead with a condo complex.

“Am I wrong because I'm smart and it worked out for me?” he said. “Maybe God was looking down on me for doing the right thing.”

The best speculation I've ever heard about Gentile posits that once he gets his legal hands on the property he will use his newly acquired legal position to enable him to back out of his grandiose committments and take a profit out of the property and run. That appears to be what he is set to do in New York: steal someone else's property, milk as much money out of the project as he can, and then turn it over for a huge profit.

Jim Amann Will Not Seek Third Term!

At this point I am really starting to feel sorry for my now former opponent, first his mess with the "crush" comment, marked by his controversial record, then a "crashed party" by the Ned Lamont crowd during his announcement for Governor and now he quits the legislature to pursue the job of Governor.

Amann is really somewhat of a confused individual, but I will say that I recently learned that he was well liked by the bureaucrats in the CT House. This decision as I understand it was a very difficult decision, as he was reportedly "teary eyed" and "chocked up" during his resignation speech.

While it would be very selfish and horrible of anyone to bask in the Amann resignation, I will "tip my hat to him" and say that I am proud of his decision as it now paves the way for Milford to seek the desperately wanted leadership and change. Both of these were a serious concern for Milford's residents who have asked me how can our state representative, run for Governor, be Speaker Of The House, and have a full time job? I think we just got the answer today, he is unable to and has sadly accepted the harsh reality that he spread himself "too thin."

Now, with Amann off to greener pastures the gate is "wide open" for the next level of opposition within the 118Th district. Hopefully we will have lots of great enthusiastic and smart people become contenders. I started this race believing that Milford had a lack of choice when it came the candidates of the 118Th, and I am hoping not to run alone. Nothing would be more exciting to me than to run alongside some truly brilliant and enthusiastic leaders.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hollywood East? or Hollywood Feast?

Recently it has been brought to my attention that the New Haven independent confirmed firm interest in developing Hollywood East in the grounds near the Sikorski airport. Not being privy to all the details and meetings that my opponent is privy to I did receive an e-mailed request to read the article and I agreed to share my thoughts and to keep things in the open I will share them here with you as well.

To begin, this project has always brought up mixed feelings in me, as I believe Hollywood East could be a great thing for our state. I was a bit surprised by the mostly negative comments, but was not surprised by the cynicism. One of my concerns about this project is its state leadership, one in particular is a college drop out. If I had to make a bet on who was going to get a better deal the PHD's in business that work for Hollywood or our feeble minded state leaders... well its a "no brainer" no pun intended.

I will be praying that the elements behind this deal are honest, that Blumenthal is reading and advising on the contracts and the CT taxpayers are not left with chronic traffic congestion and no funds for schools or road repairs. I believe that botched or improperly structured tax credits can hurt a city more than help it. When the casino deals were negotiated those deals were good for the state (in terms of business and returns in tax revenue) as far as its moral implications I still take issue with the induced negative social impact and mental health problems associated with gambling addiction. I mention casino's because our initial reticence to have them is what led to that "kind of a sweet deal". Someone in Hartford needs to remember that and look out for the environment, our cities, and the needed revenue derived to support local municipal demands. This type of a large scale project will undoubtedly bring a new need for sewer construction, grid work, emergency personnel and the local schools who may get new out of state students but not enough tax revenue.

My initial thought is that the expert negotiators in Hollywood have done an extensive profit & loss analysis on the scope and nature of this project, while one un-named leader is just about ready to believe every promise made and sign anything he must without thinking beyond the information he is fed. We already know he "butted heads" with Blumenthal over the high cost of energy when he refused to support his advice regarding a "windfall profits tax." Should Blumenthal, who reads and understands contracts as he is an Attorney, it is entirely possible that quality advice may get ignored CT yet again!

To sum this up I will say that it is my opinion that Hollywood East is very exciting, but only if the deal takes care of the surrounding community and keeps its promises. The only thing I would change about this deal is its CT leadership and its uncanny ability to divide argue and upset people with ignorance of simple contract negotiations.
What are your thoughts?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

President Bush Coming To Connecticut

As many may already know our President or newly established dictator thanks to the questionable events surrounding 9/11 and the patriot acts, will be traveling through Ct on his way to Maine. His vacation home is located in Kennebunkport Maine and his good friend Henri Kissinger unbeknown to me has a reunion planned in Kent.

For those of you who do not know where that is, you will find it on the South Western part of a CT map. This area is quite chock full of squirrels, nature state forests, a great waterfall and of course "High Watch" the HQ of alcoholics anonymous.

Had I planned this event "High Watch" would have been my choice location for our President who is known to kick back beers and start wars with vicious lies. But since that is not the spot and the only people who appear to be in the know are law enforcement, I suppose it would be a good idea to take any protests to Henry Kissinger's house located at 50 Henderson Road Kent CT 06754.

Bush's visit to Ct is raising a firestorm of controversy and opposition is mobilizing, according to MyLeft Nutmeg a Democratic blog here in CT people are being asked to "register for Friday's protest against Bush, Kissinger, Cappiello, and the Iraq War at Kissinger's Kent home."

Morning protests are being planned again at the Northwest Boys & Girls Club at 1 Nahum Drive in Hartford. The purpose of this visit is to endorse and raise money for a political House of representatives race between Capiello and Murphy. Murphy is a Democrat representing the 5Th congressional district and is seen below speaking in Washington.

Capiello will be the beneficiary of the multi thousand dollar Bush fundraiser, attendees are expected to give big and in exchange they get to meet the President and take photos. We know there are dumb people who will pay big money to do this, but do they know who Capiello is or why anyone would want to vote for him? By looking at his photo we can clearly see he is a very young man, and by what I have learned about this race there have been several other contenders from the state house to try and Unseat our Freshman congressman Chris Murphy. I suppose all these "young stars" must be very non threatening to President Bush who has found himself a great opportunity to stir the pot here in our state.

One thing that comes to mind about Mr. Capiello is that he is a man of poor judgement. I say this Because his decision to allow the most unpopular president in history affiliate with his campaign is very poor judgement and will hurt his image more than help it. However, I do believe that Mr. Capiello is salivating over the money that will come. It will then be up to him to use that money to successfully socially engineer his constituents, the feeble minded masses.

This very idea that he thinks he can do this with a Bush endorsement is yet another testament to his disconnect from the new breed of Americans who are waking up to this type of con. There are enough party spoilers who are in the know and will undoubtedly cause this to backfire on him badly. Chris Murphy has the incumbent advantage behind him that beholds the hard to beat 87% re-election rate. He is also young and charismatic and appears to be addressing mainstream issues like high energy costs. He also appears not to affiliate himself with criminal elements within our country.

While I must stop here and say that I personally do not know either of these young gentleman in all fairness I will quote him germainly from his Senate transcript of 6/7/2005:

"Now that it's 1: 54 on June 8Th, in the morning of the last day of our Legislative Session, I am asking the Members of this body to support the real clean elections amendment, the amendment that will say no to special interest money now."

You be the judge of what kind of money this Bush money is, and also if you believe this endorsement to be completely hypocritical and in conflict with his own words. Personally I do not trust Capiello, and I base my assertion from the little I learned of him in writing this article. In general I trust no one Bush "kisses," endorses or "pats on the back."

Monday, April 21, 2008

Pope Orders Mass Obedience and Submission To The United Nations

This is one I need to set the record straight on, because I was a bit taken and yet surprised that Pope Benedict is out selling the U.N. to the general public. Aside from the fact that the U.N. is not God and will never have anything to do with God, this oddity of the pope engaging in politics will only serve to further divide those Americans who believe in America and our freedom, both of which the U.N. wants.

While I admired Benedict's up and down apologies for the church child molestation incidents, I was really upset over the church openly selling our country to the U.N. I hope everyone who reads this blog understands and knows that dissolving our countries sovereignty is an illegal and blatant act of treason. According to our Constitution, anyone who surrenders our power to another form of government one that does not recognize a single right granted to us by the Bill of Rights and our U.S. Constitution is guilty of treason. Just remember Benedict Arnold... no pun intended.

To put this into perspective and to quote George Bush, that "goddam piece of paper", as he called it, is what he and all his treasonous cronies swore to uphold. They did so with the blood of our veterans on their hands and as our trusted leaders vowed to defend our constitution, with their hand on the bible. Just pay attention next Presidential inauguration, you will see yet another CFR globalist make the same promise.

Remember that the people featured in the photo below would like to be our "Gods" and only you can be tricked into surrendering our sovereignty and freedom away. However, remember that some "not in the know" are not entirely to blame, because they are so polluted by the televised propaganda in tandem with orchestrated media trite that truth has now become stranger than fiction.

Just know that our founders wise words keep popping up time and again and we constantly find ourselves repeating the same dishonorable behavior, and actions that they warned us against. We have now reached a point where our opinion is of little to no consequence, that the future is about saving America or your personal interest. To help put this into perspective, especially to us Catholics out there, who voted for bush based on his pro-life stance, who knew that he would kill over a million Iraqi's, scrap our constitution, and torture people much like Torquemada of the Spanish inquisition. Think beyond just abortion this time around, when you vote this November, think less about babies and more about saving our liberty. Every American deserves a future free of tyranny and protracted wars!America is not Rome, and Bush is not Ceasar!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Can A School Drop Out Become Governor?

Our Speaker of the House, and my opponent has got to have the biggest "pair" in town. His academic achievement is absolutely baffling and sub-par. Jim Amann also known by many "old timers" in town as the Johnathan Law High School troublemaker created a name for himself the day he set the school on fire.

People who know Jim have characterized him as being a sub par student who had difficulty attaining even the most basic of academic standards. Against the odds, he did graduate from High School even with all the controversy and mischief he was known for there.

He did attend University for a very short time, but for numerous unknown reasons he eventually concluded that college was not "his thing" and decided to quit.

This academic failure on his part raises a very important question on many peoples minds. How can a person who has such a poor educational level, be expected to comprehend in-depth legislation, complex accounting spreadsheets, and even be expected to know how to manage thousands of employees, negotiate contracts based on sound macro-economic principles and be trusted not enslave the population of our state with his mistakes?

Perhaps times were different then, but today most parents (who love their children) would cringe should they discover that their child was a juvenile delinquent whose sole ambition was to quit school. What is more enlightening about our Speaker is that he has a crass, crude vocabulary to match his "sub-par" education.

Amann, as part of his vocabulary, routinely engages others with unprofessional language. These choice words include "Idiot," "HeartOn", "Crush", "Brain-Dead", and many others too inappropriate to mention. Certainly we would not call this progressive under any circumstance. If anything these inappropriate words are an admission of our Speaker's disappointing and unprofessional image as a state legislator.

As if that was not shocking enough, Jim is now getting even more arrogant and grandiose than ever before. Jim, after enraging the the Democrats by ignoring party primary results in the last U.S. Senate race, is demanding that the Democratic Party, the very people he betrayed, support his bid for Governor. Quite sadly, and absent any real choices come 2010, it is entirely possible that CT could have this under educated, insulting, and un-professional man become our next governor.

It is my belief, that should Amann actually win the gubernatorial bid, our state will see his lack of education result in some of the greatest political and economic mistakes ever made in CT. Anyone supporting Amann's bid must be prepared to pay with their own jobs, lives, health and family finances.

Personally I know this to be true based on the fact that his record speaks to his character. We can expect more of the same frustrating, costly trial and error with Amann. We could expect increased potential for corruption, more wasted tax dollars on lavish parties, more opposition and issues with ethics committees, more rude insulting divisive crass language, the introduction and passing of bills that he does not read on fully understand and of gravest concern the constant battle to misappropriate state funds on mundane projects that in debt our state and benefit no one.

Every person in lower Milford needs to band together and send a message this Nov. 2008 that we demand higher standards of both professionalism and academia of our leaders in Hartford. We must speak out with our voice and with a vote for Change. This November vote for Independent leadership not in the clutches of a bickering deceptive party system.

As of today nearly 30% of our state, frustrated with parties, have become registered independents, and yet not one Independent representative exists in Hartford. Voting for me Rocco J. Frank Jr. this Nov. will bring the long overdue Independent voice desperately needed Hartford.

My promise is to never be compromised by energy interests, lobbyists, or any tyrants who come bearing gifts in exchange for favorable policy. Having a great family and loving children, there is nothing more that I desire than to return to you all that you lost. All our children deserve better from our leaders who often are lost to the subversive nature and prevalent corruption that will remain ever present in the annals of government.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Chronology Of The Recession Of 2008

There is no doubt, and all respected economists agree, that we are in a recession that is likely to last for the next several years. The question on my mind is what led up to this recession? The answer comes simply as 9/11 combined with a "sub prime crisis," or a policy of lending money to people with marginal credit. This type of lending became a generally accepted practice because banks believed that home equity would grow according to the historical trends of the late 1990's. Risk was also minimized because the loans were sold off on Wall street and often conspicuously re-packaged in investment funds that small investors owned as part of their stock portfolios.

Mortgage brokers had a banner year due to Alan Greenspan's (Former FED Chief) keeping U.S. interest rates very low, loans were also restructured to allow high "loan to value ratios" and "interest only" payments. This made it possible for Americans with the most limited incomes be able to purchase a home of their own. The real estate market started to tumble after the questionable attacks of 9/11.

This was the first massive loss in real estate due to the free-fall collapse of five Manhattan buildings hit by two planes. The losses paralyzed the economy and sent stocks plummeting on Wall Street. 9/11 resulted in massive increases in all types of insurance, from home owners to car insurance to many other types of insurances netting billions in additional revenue to the insurance industry.

As volunteers at "Ground Zero" were heroically working in an environment full of pulverized concrete and the airborne Asbestos that insulated the lower floors of the World Trade Center Buildings. The Real Estate calamity was already set in motion.

The first warning came a few short years later on February 8, 2007 when HSBC - Europe's biggest bank blamed the U.S. sub prime defaults for its first-ever profit warning.

On April 2, New Century Financial Corp. filed for bankruptcy, their stock plummeted under 35.1 Billion in debt. The company was liquidated with court approval sending a "Red Alert" on Wall Street.

July 30, HSBC loses $6.35 billion due to bad U.S. loans in the first half of the year, up 63 percent from $3.89 billion in the same period last year.

October 15, CITIGROUP, the largest U.S. bank, says Q3 profit fell 57 percent due to sub prime losses. Their income down to a mere $2.38 billion from $5.5 billion the previous year.

October 19, WACHOVIA CORP - The fourth-largest U.S. bank posts a 10 percent decline in Q3 profit, to $1.69 billion from $1.88 billion a year earlier, having suffered $1.3 billion of write downs due to credit market turmoil.

October 24, MERRILL LYNCH stuns Wall Street by writing down $8.4 billion in bad investments related to sub prime lending.

December 19, MORGAN STANLEY posts a $3.59 billion Q4 loss and $9.4 billion of mortgage-related write downs.

January 15, 2008 CITIGROUP - The largest U.S. bank posts its first quarterly loss since Citigroup's creation in 1998, hurt by $18.1 billion of subprime-related write downs.

Jan 17, MERRILL LYNCH reports its worst-ever quarter, revealing around $16 billion in mortgage-related write downs.

February 14, UBS says it is writing down $18 billion in bad loans.

February 19, CREDIT SUISSE marks down the value of asset-backed investments by $2.85 billion.

October 26, U.S. mortgage lender Countrywide Financial Corp posts a $1.2 billion third-quarter loss after writing down $1 billion in sub prime loans.

Jan. 16, JPMorgan Chase boosts its provisions for loan losses by $2.54 billion during the third quarter.The investment bank's profit plunges 88% to $124 million.

March 3, HSBC's investment banking arm takes a $2.1 billion write down on assets tarnished by the sub prime crisis.

March 17, Bear Sterns collapses without warning or provocation. Federal reserve rushes to organize an emergency merger with J.P. Morgan to avoid bankruptcy.

April 1, UBS doubles its write downs to $37.4 billion.

April 8, Washington Mutual Inc, battered by mortgage delinquencies and defaults, obtains a $7 billion capital injection from private equity firm TPG Inc and other investors, but projected a $1.1 billion quarterly loss and set plans to eliminate 3,000 jobs.

April 15, JPMorgan Chase & Co.'s profit fell 50 percent in the first quarter after the bank took a provision of $5.1 billion to strengthen its reserves by $2.5 billion and account for $2.6 billion in losses in its loan portfolio.

April 18, 2008 Citigroup Inc. said it will eliminate about 9,000 more jobs, after poor bets on defaulting loans and the tumultuous credit markets lopped $14 billion in value from its investments during the first quarter.

So far the Federal reserve has created an estimated three Trillion in new currency to bail out the global economy. This creation of money is called M3 and is the worst economic indicator for inflation and the devaluation of the dollar uder the simple premise of "supply and Demand."

These losses also do not take into consideration those incurred by banks overseas, nor due they reflect the true nature of derivative losses, or losses based on real estate assets being worth less than what they are stated as being worth in a big banks portfolio.

The Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernake has grappled with the doomed economy by once again following in the footsteps of his predecessor Alan Greenspan and lowering interest rates accelerating the demise of the U.S. dollar.

As of today, the devalued U.S. dollar has created high inflation in food and energy, and quietly taxed the investments of every American whose savings are being depleted by way of its loss in purchasing power.

Tent cities trends of displaced Americans have propped up in Southern California, Florida, Detroit, and many other cities around America as top investors continue to flee the falling dollar.

The situation is becoming increasingly dire, and as the value of the dollar continues to plummet it will eventually set off an "alarm." This will result in more major Dollar holders like China, and Japan to make the dreadful decision of having to divest from it to limit their losses.

In the near future, America could be facing a crisis that combines both the public hardships of high interest rates seen in the 1970's, inflation, and the bank failures and joblessness of the great depression.

In conclusion, it is important to note that the American founders pegged the value of the dollar to gold and silver because they knew central banks, through abuse of their authority, would do exactly this to our economy. When Richard Nixon took America off the gold standard in the 1970's he doomed the entire country to exactly this kind of malaise.

A short Video Documentary for your review.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Beach Season Arriving Soon!

Milford has a whopping 15 beaches, more than any coastal town in CT that I know of. This summer swimming and recreational season will be arriving here sooner than we all realize. We could expect everything from joggers, to bikers, to dog walkers, to swimming activity and a real busy beach climate.

This has me focusing on safety tips this summer season especially in lieu of the fact that there will be limited lifeguards on duty and more troubling some expected limited parental supervision. To avoid the potential of a very unpleasant summer, some things to consider is the hazards caused by excessive consumption of alcohol. Never operate any watercraft under the influence as the risk of injury to your self and others goes up exponentially. Adults please drink responsibly and keep your eye on the water for swimmers and floating hazards like buoys, lobster pots or lost water skies!

The next point is one I mention in memory of Stew Leonard's young child. Stew has established and run a water safety program located HERE I highly recommend that you take the time to learn about all the valuable information that is posted there. But the main thing to know this summer is never leave a child unattended by a pool or near water no matter how shallow or safe you think the situation is. Accidents happen when you least expect them and often under circumstances that parents can perceive as safe.

Let us all make this summer a safe one by doing our part in being vigilant and responsible in our water safety obligations.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Kids Protest War On Town Green.

Last Night my wonderful stepdaughter and her loyal friend were both dressed up in some colorful clothes. Those of the 1960's know this colorful style as the popular "tie die" a name that bears the "undying" trend that is still envogue to this day.

During our Sunday family dinner tradition I commented to the kids, across from me at the dinner table, that the clothes they were wearing reminded me of the anti-war demonstrations so common during the "hippie" era of the 1960's.

At this point my brilliant step daughter had an idea, "can you take me and my friend to the ComputerFox with you so we can make some protest signs?" I was a bit taken, and impressed that these kids had an opinion about the war and wanted to make a difference. Of course, after setting the terms of adult supervision we made way for the ComputerFox and then the town green.

The spot they picked was perfect, right below an illuminated American flag by the town fountain. The sign they are holding in the photo reads "honk for peace" and after 50 honks and much positive feed back we called it a night. Only one person in a white car made a rather negative and inappropriate remark. The girls were not dissuaded by it, they only got more energized as to their convictions.

Despite all public opinions, It was a great pleasure seeing their good idea and selfless pride culminate into such positive energy. If only more kids had this kind of motivation, our national leaders may listen.

At nights end, both these young ladies were rewarded for their brave act of citizenship with a couple of large cups of hot chocolate.

Friday, April 11, 2008

American's May Have The Highest Tax Increases Since World War 2.

What could be worse than having $4.00 per gallon gas, soaring foreclosures, bank failures, spikes in natural gas and electric bills, food inflation a stagnant economy, property and state tax increases and massive debt? Perhaps the title give the answer away, but yes it is high taxes!

Last night on Glenn Beck I was "floored" when I discovered an irresponsible plan to continue the taxing and plundering of Americans. Our local taxes already created concern for those on fixed incomes, but the federal taxes are not yet upon us. As it stands the Bush tax cuts are set to expire soon, and if Congress or the President fail to address these new charges to the already economically decimated public we will see even more aggressive public looting of the average Americans bank accounts.

According to a Quote From Hat tip – Attack Machine, "By historical standards, federal revenues relative to GDP, at 18.8% last year, are high. In the past 25 years, this level was only exceeded during the five years from 1996 to 2000. Still, we stand on the verge of a very large tax increase, one that will occur unless the next Congress and president agree to rescind it. Letting the Bush tax cuts expire will drive the personal income tax burden up by 25% – to its highest point relative to GDP in history."

These new burdens are being met by even more radical methods of enforcement, the IRS is planning an all out offensive against what it labels "tax defiers" A tax defier, according to a Justice Department statement, is someone who “seeks to deny and defy the fundamental validity of the tax laws.” Click HERE to see this article.

One would think that with all this economic hardship on the table, it would be a "wake up call" to our leaders in Washington. Unfortunately, even with advanced knowledge and strong public criticism our leaders have feverishly and irresponsibly spent America into debt, with this quarters trade deficit even larger than anytime before. Our leaders and especially the Federal reserve system has abused our monetary system through excessive runaway inflation, twisted true and accurate economic figures to void paying true and accurate COLA'S (Cost of Living Adjustments)to retirees and entitlement holders, and over promised and under delivered on our nations health care needs.

Secretary Paulson of the Treasury expressed grave concern over entitlement funding, as did Americas former Chief accountant Walker at the GAO. The message is being loudly reverberated through all levels of Government and still there is no fiscally responsible plan to pull us out of the current recession. Some economists, including former Labor Secretary Robert Reiche indicated that under the current economic conditions there is "a 20% chance" of our recession, becoming a depression. Click HERE for this story.

It is not too unbelievably hard to understand how it is that we got into such an economic crisis. This problem began as a result of poor economic policy dating back to Woodrow Wilson who created the Federal Reserve, to Roosevelt outlawing large public gold ownership, to ultimately former Pres. Nixon abolishing the gold standard.

This left America with a monetary system that was out of public control and wide open for abuse. Thanks to our past and present leaders capitulating to the "robber baron bankers" our nations unending and relentless printing and spending addiction, in tandem with countless wars and a 9.5 trillion in debt is now forcing us to "pay the piper."

And "paying the piper" is not only Americas problem, it is a global problem as U.S. consumers spoiled the world with our insatiable desire for cheap foreign goods. Countries producing these goods have built their entire economies based on U.S. consumption and American retailers have become too dependent on manufacturing overseas.

Should Americans stop consuming these cheap products, the backlash of unemployment in China may lead to wars revolutions or overthrows of governments. This makes the U.S. power exuberance of the global financial woes even more grave.

Today, it is becoming increasingly clear that America cannot and will not ever be able to repay the national debt, and that sustained pressure is mounting by foreign economies to implement an alternate currency that the U.S. has no control of. The global consensus is moving toward an ideal that America's comeuppance will be the loss of its currency and ultimately dependence on Non U.S. Central banks to keep order and balance in the global economy.

America appears to be given one last chance to "get its act together" should our nation fail, than America is at risk of coming under the economic monetary control of a foreign central bank. Tough decisions lie ahead, and our leaders are being faced with their "greatest moment of truth."

Video explains the current decline of our FIAT monetary system and its resulting expansion of poverty and economic woes.

U.S. Poverty Map.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

New York Rejects Broadwater!

Thank you Governor Patterson, and everyone here in our state who made the LNG go away. This marks a major victory for the environment, the safety of CT's residents and the fish and wildlife who depend on the Sound.

This has been a long hard fight that gives each and everyone of us hope and faith that together we can make a difference.

The question now remains where is the LNG headed to next?, has the Shell Oil Corp. Given up on CT? and are new sites being planned? According to Attorney General Richard Blumenthal the LNG is best suited for the industrial area located within the vicinity of the shipping ports of the Meadowlands in N.J.

Blumenthal believes that those sites are the best ones as they already have most of the provisions and industrial infrastructure in place to accommodate such a massive project. For now we can assume that Broadwater has not given up on our energy needs and I would expect they will continue searching for a new location.

With this now behind us, I am concerned about our energy needs in the long run. It is now more possible to have a supply constraint on natural gas. This is because gas demand becomes more of an issue during extreme cold or extreme heat; especially next year when United Illuminating puts their new gas burning plants online. If demand exceeds supply, homeowners may be inadvertently driving up their electric costs. This is because UI's new plants produce our peak electricity with natural gas! Should a supply constraint occur we could expect natural gas prices to soar in tandem with peak electric production. This makes conservation extremely important!

Hopefully we can solve these energy issues by relocating this barge to a safe alternate area, or by creating an environment where high energy prices accelerate eco-friendly energy products and investment bringing them to market sooner.

These could include ethanol, hydrogen, or hybrid based fuels. The market is now completely ready and willing to accept the next generation of these inventions to meet our energy needs and young innovative companies are thriving in the process.

Today's LNG defeat brings all of America one step closer to next generation technology and our future energy independence.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Frank Makes Charitable Donation To Hospice

According to a letter recieved, "The Connecticut Hospice, Inc. has been caring for terminally patients since 1974." Their reputation in quality care care is well known across the state and nation.

A volunteer from the hospice Fred Prior and Rocco Frank Jr. agreed to purchase a computer for a terminal patient whose desire was to have one she could use. The name of the patient cannot be disclosed here due to the policy of confidentiality, but we know she is very excited to recieve the gift.

Frank has agreed to offer a conditional matching program for all computers provided to future hospice patients in need. David R. Goldfarb in his letter to the Computerfox incated his appreciation for any "assistance that can be given...for the noble purpose that" any volunteer desires.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Taxes Taxes And More Taxes!

My opponent was surprised by a proposed six percent sales tax on deliveries that has lawmakers scratching their heads.

The new tax would cost businesses like DHL, UPS, or FedEX who deliver packages, letters, documents or even food. The, bill applies to all delivery businesses except restaurants offering take-out food.

The new tax will create an estimated $59.7 million in revenue, and is expected to fund the state PILOT program that reimburses cities for nontaxable property.

Finance Chairman Rep. Cameron Staples, D-New Haven said “The goal of the proposal is to fully fund PILOT... if there’s a better way to find the money to do this he’d be willing to entertain a discussion."

According to an article by Christine Stuart a reporter at CT News Junkie:

"Sen. President Donald Williams, D-Brooklyn, and Speaker of the House James Amann, D-Milford, said the tax, passed last week by the Finance, Revenue, and Bonding Committee, was a surprise. “No one is ready to endorse or sign onto it until there’s more information,” Williams said Monday."

If the bill survives passage through budget season — here, “if” is emphasized — it would be a huge coup for cities like New Haven that have a lot of college and hospital property."

Hopefully, our representatives in Hartford will realize that Americans are overtaxed and that more and more taxes are not the solution to our problems. CT needs to return to the basics of governance through the coming recession. If there is any doubt that we are over taxed watch the following video and then think again.

Click HERE if link fails.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Milford Parent Disappointed With Event Cancellation

The following letter was submitted to my blog this morning. It speaks to the feelings of many parents not just this one instance. Letter sent via E-Mail to Superintendent Polansky.

Dear Mr. Polansky,

I am sending this email out of sheer disappointment and frustration. My daughter is an 8th grader at Harborside Middle School. There have been at least 2 recent situations that I have found disturbing and totally unacceptable. The first is the cancellation of the 8th grade lock-in due to a “lack of chaperones”. I have spoken with many other parents who feel the same way about how this was handled. The automated phone calls from the school are a great way to communicate DIRECTLY with parents. This system was used but only to cancel the event rather than to alert parents ahead of time that unless a specific number of parents came forward to volunteer that the event would need to be cancelled. This was very upsetting to me as this event was to make up for the 8th grade trip to Washington DC. that was also canceled.

The second unacceptable situation is that I received a letter on April 4th, dated April 1st congratulating my daughter, Lea, as her art work was chosen to be on display at the Parsons Complex. The letter was an invitation to a reception with refreshments etc. I opened my mail that evening (8:15pm) only to find that the event was the day before!!! I was so angry. How is it that if it this opening reception was to honor the accomplishment of these select students, that this delay in informing parents could happen? Lea was so upset. It was a week of disappointment that could have and should have been avoided. I have spoken with both the Dean and the secretary at Harboside. I have heard all of the reasons and excuses. I am not satisfied.

I am concerned that these 2 very recent situations have brought down kid’s spirits and have lessened their faith in the adults they have trusted and counted on. I would like to know what the Board of Education will do to ensure that this will not be the norm for Milford Public Education.

I would appreciate a prompt response as my blood has been boiling.

Terri Finch


Friday, April 4, 2008

20 Year Old Dies In Milford Car Wreck

Late night at approximately 10:30P.M. a young woman whose name according to a witness, is presumed to be Jill Cowperthwaite, died in a high speed car accident last night. Officers on the scene indicated that the car was traveling at a high rate of speed when the driver lost control of her vehicle. Cowperthwaite was driving a 2002 Subaru.

According to our sources Jill, lived on High Street and was pronounced dead at Yale-New Haven Hospital. Passengers Megan Cook resides on Wildwood Avenue, Morgan Dion, on Mayflower Place, and Justin Novey, 21, on Crescent Drive, all were injured.

The accident took place on New Haven Avenue by the intersection of Buckingham Rd. near Jimmy's Pizza The driver was traveling northbound struck a utility pole and then was deflected into cars parked at the lot of Ace Automotive.

The accident damage was so severe that New Haven Avenue was still closed as of now, and police estimate it will remain closed late into tonight.

The police have not divulged any information regarding the specifics of this accident as it remains under investigation and are asking any witnesses to contact them with details of what they know or saw. The Milford PD office of Community Services can also be contacted for further information.

This marks yet another tragic loss due to what appears to be wreckless driving here in town. Our prayers are with the families and loved ones of these latest accident victims.

Photo above of UI crews diligently working since last night repairing the damage to the utility pole. Photo below taken at Ace Auto Body of the cars the driver presumably collided with after hitting the pole.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ex-Gov. Ventura Is Back With A Vengeance!

Jesse has named his newest book "Don't Start The Revolution Without Me" and 'WOW" did he mean it. Yesterday on the GCN Network Alex Jones radio show Jesse revealed that over 20 publishers refused to publish his new book, despite the fact that he is a best selling author.

He also scolded MSNBC citing censorship, this was attained through a contract that forbade him to give interviews or go on the radio. He did not specifically say but he may have signed this agreement in conjunction with his talk show that did not go well. Ventura's show was cancelled and he was bound to his contract.

He also said that he and Phil Donahue were against the war, and because of this MSNBC saw Donahue as not being a good talk show host because of his antiwar rhetoric. Ultimately, and despite the fact that the Phil Donahue's show was the highest rated talk show on the network he was cancelled by the executives at MSNBC who were aiming for trite that supported the Bush agenda and the "Climate Of Fear."

Ventura also joined the ranks of skeptics about 9/11 citing this video Loose Change as being the catalyst that changed his mind. Jesse said this about 9/11 "Two planes struck two buildings….but how is it that a third building fell 5 hours later?" asked Ventura, "How could this building just implode into its own footprint 5 hours later - that’s my first question - the 9/11 Commission didn’t even devote one page to that in their big volume of investigation," added the former Governor."

Jesse also warned that he feared for the safety of Barrack Obama, calling him an Independent and too able to connect with the masses. His concern came to a head when he discovered that the U.S. Secret Service was ordered to stand down at THIS EVENT and not screen the public for weapons.

Ventura, took his family to Mexico after he completed his term as governor, and also states that if he knew then what he knew now he would of used his authority as governor to get questions answered about 9/11, something he regrets. Like many truthers out there Ventura was sold on the official story about protecting America from outside threats, but in actuality and after reading a dozen or so books on the subject he has become more sceptical than ever. Ventura reiterated the same comment that Willie Nelson made on GCN radio that all three buildings "Resembled a controlled demolition like that of an implosion of a Las Vegas Hotel."

The video below is from Youtube with the official radio broadcast. More are available for those of you who wish to visit the www.infowars.com website today.

Part 2 of video Click Here

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Walmart Targed On CT Post Blogs And TV

Walmart recently was scolded for conduct that even the most aggressive people must of found outright cruel. Walmart is today's topic because they just recently opened up in town and already have created a fuss on the Topix portion of the CT Post Blog board.

Accusations have been flying amok, one in particular is their reputation for lying. The current theme directs viewers to a website called walmartthemovie.com. The website features a documentary that you must pay for, however it is free to watch on google videos. Click HERE.

The Walmart phenomenon, was particularly disconcerting to me because recently a blogger accused Mayor Richetelli of making an agreement abating "three years property taxes" for the positive effects of their presence here in Milford.

This seemed downright odd and suspicious, so this morning I contacted the town Assessors office and spoke with Dan Thomas who called the allegation "false" that no one is exempt from property taxes and that included Walmart. He said the town only offers two exemptions for property taxes. One is "enterprise zones" like in Bridgeport, the other exemption is for "pollution control equipment" like that found in heavy industry.

In either case, the town or its budget has not been impacted, and the remarks directed at our mayor are "baseless" and "False." One thing the bloggers did succeed in doing is bringing this news clip to my attention, and without a doubt that is shamefully true. The Walmart Movie is disheartening, but one thing I do recommend and that is at the very least you take a good long and hard look at Walmart. Then decide if you think they are good for our community.

Many towns have "booted" them outright, because they provide inadequate security, poor health care benefits, oppose unions, and pay low wages. Walmart and its owners are among the wealthiest people in the world, and as such, the inequities of management and labor are always at odds. They also have become the focus of the Presidential race as Hillary Clinton was openly slandered for her past employement in their legal offices.

This is the video that I think is a modicum of evidence causing a firestorm of debate. Watch it and decide for yourself.

To end this blog on a good note, the news is that all the public pressure appears to be working because some concession was reached for the Shank family.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New Agenda Video Posted To Rfrank118

This is the official update to the Agenda link at www.Rfrank118.com, If for whatever reason you cannot see the video, the link below will take you to a transcript containing the commentary in this video. Enjoy, the commentary and as usual contact us for questions.

Those of you on Dial-up or telephone internet may not be able to see this video.

Click Here for the transcript.