Tuesday, April 22, 2008

President Bush Coming To Connecticut

As many may already know our President or newly established dictator thanks to the questionable events surrounding 9/11 and the patriot acts, will be traveling through Ct on his way to Maine. His vacation home is located in Kennebunkport Maine and his good friend Henri Kissinger unbeknown to me has a reunion planned in Kent.

For those of you who do not know where that is, you will find it on the South Western part of a CT map. This area is quite chock full of squirrels, nature state forests, a great waterfall and of course "High Watch" the HQ of alcoholics anonymous.

Had I planned this event "High Watch" would have been my choice location for our President who is known to kick back beers and start wars with vicious lies. But since that is not the spot and the only people who appear to be in the know are law enforcement, I suppose it would be a good idea to take any protests to Henry Kissinger's house located at 50 Henderson Road Kent CT 06754.

Bush's visit to Ct is raising a firestorm of controversy and opposition is mobilizing, according to MyLeft Nutmeg a Democratic blog here in CT people are being asked to "register for Friday's protest against Bush, Kissinger, Cappiello, and the Iraq War at Kissinger's Kent home."

Morning protests are being planned again at the Northwest Boys & Girls Club at 1 Nahum Drive in Hartford. The purpose of this visit is to endorse and raise money for a political House of representatives race between Capiello and Murphy. Murphy is a Democrat representing the 5Th congressional district and is seen below speaking in Washington.

Capiello will be the beneficiary of the multi thousand dollar Bush fundraiser, attendees are expected to give big and in exchange they get to meet the President and take photos. We know there are dumb people who will pay big money to do this, but do they know who Capiello is or why anyone would want to vote for him? By looking at his photo we can clearly see he is a very young man, and by what I have learned about this race there have been several other contenders from the state house to try and Unseat our Freshman congressman Chris Murphy. I suppose all these "young stars" must be very non threatening to President Bush who has found himself a great opportunity to stir the pot here in our state.

One thing that comes to mind about Mr. Capiello is that he is a man of poor judgement. I say this Because his decision to allow the most unpopular president in history affiliate with his campaign is very poor judgement and will hurt his image more than help it. However, I do believe that Mr. Capiello is salivating over the money that will come. It will then be up to him to use that money to successfully socially engineer his constituents, the feeble minded masses.

This very idea that he thinks he can do this with a Bush endorsement is yet another testament to his disconnect from the new breed of Americans who are waking up to this type of con. There are enough party spoilers who are in the know and will undoubtedly cause this to backfire on him badly. Chris Murphy has the incumbent advantage behind him that beholds the hard to beat 87% re-election rate. He is also young and charismatic and appears to be addressing mainstream issues like high energy costs. He also appears not to affiliate himself with criminal elements within our country.

While I must stop here and say that I personally do not know either of these young gentleman in all fairness I will quote him germainly from his Senate transcript of 6/7/2005:

"Now that it's 1: 54 on June 8Th, in the morning of the last day of our Legislative Session, I am asking the Members of this body to support the real clean elections amendment, the amendment that will say no to special interest money now."

You be the judge of what kind of money this Bush money is, and also if you believe this endorsement to be completely hypocritical and in conflict with his own words. Personally I do not trust Capiello, and I base my assertion from the little I learned of him in writing this article. In general I trust no one Bush "kisses," endorses or "pats on the back."

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