Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rocco Frank Is the Undisputed Front Runner!

With the official announcement of Jim Amann dropping out of the race the Democrats and Republicans are now scrambling to find candidates to run. Rocco Frank an Independent, is now the official front runner with the greatest local name recognition, qualifications, and best agenda ideas.

This lack of party organization, and candidates offered by the Republican and Democratic parties, confirms that there has been a strong bond between the parties. Last election for the 118Th, Frank criticized the Milford two party system for not offering Milford a choice in either a Republican or alternate democratic contender. They have now revealed their intent to suppress party candidates by way of party bosses who are calling the shots.

Frank has courageously decided to abandon the party system calling the Democrats and Republicans mere "obstacles to public representation." Frank is confident that the 40% of independents in town will agree that Frank's criticism of both parties has in fact deprived the residents of Milford a choice. This will be an opportunity for voters to show the party bosses that they do not control our local elections.

Frank's agenda represents true change, and offers a true and sincere mission to bring quality of life back to Milford. Frank stands for leadership that results in quality education, improved town services, and healthy development. Frank hopes that under his leadership, Milford moves toward the goal of becoming the most desirable town in Connecticut. Frank is now counting on the support of all persons, local elected leaders, and businesses in his district to attain the goal of making Milford beautiful, clean, and the envy of our state.

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