Thursday, April 24, 2008

Jim Amann Will Not Seek Third Term!

At this point I am really starting to feel sorry for my now former opponent, first his mess with the "crush" comment, marked by his controversial record, then a "crashed party" by the Ned Lamont crowd during his announcement for Governor and now he quits the legislature to pursue the job of Governor.

Amann is really somewhat of a confused individual, but I will say that I recently learned that he was well liked by the bureaucrats in the CT House. This decision as I understand it was a very difficult decision, as he was reportedly "teary eyed" and "chocked up" during his resignation speech.

While it would be very selfish and horrible of anyone to bask in the Amann resignation, I will "tip my hat to him" and say that I am proud of his decision as it now paves the way for Milford to seek the desperately wanted leadership and change. Both of these were a serious concern for Milford's residents who have asked me how can our state representative, run for Governor, be Speaker Of The House, and have a full time job? I think we just got the answer today, he is unable to and has sadly accepted the harsh reality that he spread himself "too thin."

Now, with Amann off to greener pastures the gate is "wide open" for the next level of opposition within the 118Th district. Hopefully we will have lots of great enthusiastic and smart people become contenders. I started this race believing that Milford had a lack of choice when it came the candidates of the 118Th, and I am hoping not to run alone. Nothing would be more exciting to me than to run alongside some truly brilliant and enthusiastic leaders.

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