Monday, April 21, 2008

Pope Orders Mass Obedience and Submission To The United Nations

This is one I need to set the record straight on, because I was a bit taken and yet surprised that Pope Benedict is out selling the U.N. to the general public. Aside from the fact that the U.N. is not God and will never have anything to do with God, this oddity of the pope engaging in politics will only serve to further divide those Americans who believe in America and our freedom, both of which the U.N. wants.

While I admired Benedict's up and down apologies for the church child molestation incidents, I was really upset over the church openly selling our country to the U.N. I hope everyone who reads this blog understands and knows that dissolving our countries sovereignty is an illegal and blatant act of treason. According to our Constitution, anyone who surrenders our power to another form of government one that does not recognize a single right granted to us by the Bill of Rights and our U.S. Constitution is guilty of treason. Just remember Benedict Arnold... no pun intended.

To put this into perspective and to quote George Bush, that "goddam piece of paper", as he called it, is what he and all his treasonous cronies swore to uphold. They did so with the blood of our veterans on their hands and as our trusted leaders vowed to defend our constitution, with their hand on the bible. Just pay attention next Presidential inauguration, you will see yet another CFR globalist make the same promise.

Remember that the people featured in the photo below would like to be our "Gods" and only you can be tricked into surrendering our sovereignty and freedom away. However, remember that some "not in the know" are not entirely to blame, because they are so polluted by the televised propaganda in tandem with orchestrated media trite that truth has now become stranger than fiction.

Just know that our founders wise words keep popping up time and again and we constantly find ourselves repeating the same dishonorable behavior, and actions that they warned us against. We have now reached a point where our opinion is of little to no consequence, that the future is about saving America or your personal interest. To help put this into perspective, especially to us Catholics out there, who voted for bush based on his pro-life stance, who knew that he would kill over a million Iraqi's, scrap our constitution, and torture people much like Torquemada of the Spanish inquisition. Think beyond just abortion this time around, when you vote this November, think less about babies and more about saving our liberty. Every American deserves a future free of tyranny and protracted wars!America is not Rome, and Bush is not Ceasar!

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