Tuesday, April 29, 2008

SCHIP Comes To Jonathan Law

SCHIP or the State Child Identification Program was recently held at the Jonathan Law High School last week. This program hosted by the Milford Ansantawae Freemasons, was a popular program brought to CT by Former Grand Master Walter Kaechele in 2002. Since then nearly 40,000 kids have been run through the program.

The scope and purpose of the program is to aid in the prevention and apprehension of felons who kidnap children. According to the schip website nearly 100 children are abducted and murdered each year. This program collects vital information that parents hold, and can provide to law enforcement in the unfortunate event their child goes missing.

The Schip kit, includes a DNA sample, a video of your child on CD, fingerprints, and suggestions on how to keep your child safe. This program does not support or endorse the placing of a microchip in your child, nor does it violate the privacy of your child's personal information. This program has won the approval and support of Governor Rell who called it a "wonderful program" when she was the guest speaker at the statewide Connecticut meeting of the Freemasons.

Thus far the program has been a mutual success to the public safety, community security, Masons, and Masonry alike. For a full list of upcoming scheduled events visit the state of CT website www.ctchip.org.

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