Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lieberman Warner Bill In Trouble

Thought you would find THIS interesting about global warming since the Lieberman Warner Global Warming bill may be in trouble. I also sent a copy of this E-Mail to Rose Ryan who has been asking me to promote and help with environmental issues.

I have been looking into this global warming problem for a while, and recently became very perplexed when Al Gores Inconvenient truth was challenged in court and found that major portions of his claims were ruled as factually wrong. The loss of this lawsuit in a British court earned Gore's movie a "propaganda" label on videos sold to English schools. This alone did not sway me, because I think judges are not scientists. What did get my attention was when the founder of the Weather Channel, John Coleman called Global Warming a "Hoax." See this LINK for a different opinion on the warming issue.

What has me really upset about global warming is its parallel to terrorism, in that it is a threat that pushes nations into giving up their sovereignty in the name of "saving the earth." It also transfers power to world courts, world police forces, and tries to justify mass global taxation and regulation in the form of a "Carbon Tax." It also has given birth to the corruption prone "Carbon Credits" massively owned by GE. See this LINK: and this LINK:

Global warming is shaping up to be the next phase of the Elite's ultra profiteering scheme in the United States, and they are seeking to label what our families exhale, and plants use to breathe as unacceptable pollution. There is a growing body of scientists who disagree with the facts surrounding global warming, real scientists not Political candidates like Al Gore who have a platform and a Powerpoint Presentation! This is the current list of countless scientist who disagree with Mr. Gore's view. See this LINK:

Another point to mention is that the largest polluters of our environment are volcanoes, we have had several eruptions in the last decade spewing enormous amounts of greenhouse gas into the environment. Just do the math on Mt.Saint Helens, and Mt. Kilowaya in HA. Also see this LINK:

Data involving global warming has been going on for a long time, just a few short years ago their was public alarm regarding "Global Cooling" See this LINK: One other problem is that the outer planets, Mars for instance, absent human carbon emissions have also experienced warming. See this LINK at National Geographic: This suggest the Sun may be getting hotter.

This is only a small bit of drivel about the contradictory data surrounding Global Warming, and before you submit yourself to promoting this concept I would encourage you to be open minded and hear both sides of this story. While I do appreciate many of your opinions, dedication and concern for our environment, I think we should really be working toward removing real threats like Fluoride in our drinking water water (Our Toothpaste's "fine print" Tells us to call a poison control center if we ingest a small amount of fluoride, and yet our leaders tell us to drink it in our drinking water because they care about our teeth!)

We also have mercury issues in the Northeast, and real toxins coming out of smoke stacks like those of United Illuminating, and the garbage incinerator at the CRRE in Bridgeport. We should also be supporting companies like Hypower Fuel who are reducing the noxious emissions of vehicles through Hydrogen technology. www.hypowerfuel.com

For today I believe the greatest threat to the environment is Genetically Modified Organisms, and plants. These threats are now being investigated as the most likely cause of the colony collapse disorder associated with Honey Bees. These crops, indicative of nothing more than genetic vandalism, are also the root cause behind the growing concern of peanut allergies in children, obesity, cancer, and the reduction of beneficial bacteria in the human digestive process; this is due to the engineered nature of the plant to work with pesticides that are good for profit but bad for your health.

Next time you are holding a Strawberry that is really three strawberries fused into one, ask yourself if you would eat a Cow or a Pig that had the same attributes. This link below will bring you up to speed on GMO's as a threat to the environment. SEE STORY While we are left with this type of a menace on our hands, our lovely elite have protected their own organic seeds in an Arctic vault. See this LINK: This article is, in my opinion, an admission to the damage that is currently being done.

In conclusion, just know that there is more to this Warming issue than meets the eye, I believe that the "truth is stranger than the reality we know," keep yourself open minded and focus your efforts to yield maximum results.

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