Sunday, April 13, 2008

Kids Protest War On Town Green.

Last Night my wonderful stepdaughter and her loyal friend were both dressed up in some colorful clothes. Those of the 1960's know this colorful style as the popular "tie die" a name that bears the "undying" trend that is still envogue to this day.

During our Sunday family dinner tradition I commented to the kids, across from me at the dinner table, that the clothes they were wearing reminded me of the anti-war demonstrations so common during the "hippie" era of the 1960's.

At this point my brilliant step daughter had an idea, "can you take me and my friend to the ComputerFox with you so we can make some protest signs?" I was a bit taken, and impressed that these kids had an opinion about the war and wanted to make a difference. Of course, after setting the terms of adult supervision we made way for the ComputerFox and then the town green.

The spot they picked was perfect, right below an illuminated American flag by the town fountain. The sign they are holding in the photo reads "honk for peace" and after 50 honks and much positive feed back we called it a night. Only one person in a white car made a rather negative and inappropriate remark. The girls were not dissuaded by it, they only got more energized as to their convictions.

Despite all public opinions, It was a great pleasure seeing their good idea and selfless pride culminate into such positive energy. If only more kids had this kind of motivation, our national leaders may listen.

At nights end, both these young ladies were rewarded for their brave act of citizenship with a couple of large cups of hot chocolate.

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