Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rosa Delauro Votes YES To 700 Billion Dollar Bailout

Reports have arrived that Milford's Congresswoman Rosa Delauro has voted in favor of the Bush 700 Billion Dollar Economic package aimed at bailing out America's failing banks. While most experts agree that the 700 Billion Dollar package falls far short of the estimated quadrillion in total derivative losses, Ms. Delauro thought it a sound thing to vote in favor of.

While the general public balked at the deal, CT Democrats have ignored those calls. This is due to a clear advantage they currently have, they can afford to go against the public. Republicans on the other hand are struggling to hold on to their seats and cannot afford to lose any desperately needed voters. especially since the Bush record and legacy has marred not only our nation but his party in its entirety. The big picture here is that the FED and the treasury could give as much money as they want to corporations without federal approval. Their concern, marked by the objectionable language in their bill is that they (Bernake & Paulson) seek to be immune from the law and free from court criticism of their continued disposal of these funds to the very private bankers that created this problem. A Congressional vote of approval will ultimately distract the public into believing that this process is democratic when the facts clearly show Congress has no appropriations authority over the FED.

Representative Shays, Larson, and Murphy in Connecticut also agreed that this bailout was good for our economy, but Connecticut did have one sole dissenter Representative Courtney who felt the bankers did not deserve the money, and born again constitutionalists and Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd was relieved by the bills defeat!

The people have spoken, and no one in America wishes for taxpayer money to bail out the bankers who brought down Wall Street with their greed. Even as I write this I am receiving calls that enormous sums of money are being pulled off the table by firms taking advantage of the volatility in the markets. The stock market is more predatory than ever as the sharks continue to kick these wounded companies while they are down. Spending good money to save bad money is never a good idea.

Most experts agree that nothing will save America from an impending economic disaster, that they are cyclical and emblematic of all nations who engage in a fiat monetary system, a system that fosters economic growth on debt, a system that pays its bills with worthless paper that is "Legal Tender" and a system that has unbridled access to create money at will to feed its appetite for consumption.

As long as our economy is based on the attributes of men, rather than jobs and the fruits of our collective productivity we will never prevail as a nation. We may just end up disintegrating slowly and in the dark of night. Until those in command (We The People) recognize our constitutional right to a sound currency, and an economic system that rewards those who are productive rather than engaged in the "debt for prosperity" economy, America will never prevail. The time is running out, our Congressmen have en-masse caved in to Fascist America and continue to unwittingly ruin this country and its people with big inflationary give aways to giant corporations. We the huddled masses are sick and tired of the lame excuses and news channels that feed us corporate trite questioning our judgement. People know in their hearts right from wrong, and the people have spoken.

Virtually all of Connecticut's Democrats broke with their party and voted for Bush's bailout, the effort to their chagrin failed and this debacle is far from over. The drama on Wall Street is now headed for Senate vote floor where a YES vote is expected and Emporer Bush's anxiety can be relieved with a "rubber stamp" of Presidential approval.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Bankers Say A Depression Is Coming

The Big Bankers and wall Street say a Depression is coming, but I ask who is this Depression Coming For?

America has 57 Million People with no health insurance,

America has/had 12 Million active foreclosures.

America has had its jobs by the millions sent to Mexico, China and India.

America has 120 Million people with inadequate literacy to obtain a living wage job.

American's have had record personal bankruptcies

America's working class is taxed into oblivion, local, state federal, our phone and utility taxes, sales tax, property tax, fees, charges, penalties, fines, judgements it is endless.

America has nothing saved it has nothing left, and most of us in debt over our heads.

So I ask again who is this Depression coming for? Because it seems to me that most Americans have been living in a depression already for years and years.

The Depression may be coming, but not for you and me my friends, the depression is coming for those who thought themseleves to be above us, smarter than us, wealthier than us, more connected than us. Yes the corporate titans the rich and super rich.

Please try not to lose any sleep as Leona Helmsley, Bill Gates, Steve Jobbs and 70 Thousand other wealthy people in CT sob over their assets being decimated by their friends corporate cronyism.

Try not to cry for them but rather celebrate that our representatives just rejected their ploy to defraud us, the weak huddled masses, any more than they have in the past.

I now fear not what has been lost but rather what will happen in revenge as a consequence for not taking on their bogus debts. So far in CT alone a major portion of our 300 Million Projected 2009 deficit is a reduction in the capital gains tax of these 70K CT citizens. Indeed a Sad Day!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Congress Angry they have No Power Over The Fed

Criminal elements within our own government pulled off the ultimate scam, they just sold 700 Billion dollars of garbage rated financial assets to the taxpayer. Rather than hold the criminals accountable who created this mess we just sent them a big fat reward and a message that they can do no wrong, that the American taxpayer is a "doormat" and our associated leaders are mere obstacles that can be ignored by the oligarchs in charge.

The tally on the federal bailout, the one no one talks about, is the influx of calls into our congressional leaders offices. As far as the bailout goes the calls have bee coming in overwhelmingly with two responses. "NO" and "HELL NO" to the bailout of the Wall Street Felons.

Unfortunately for the people and our elected government, we were also told to "sit down and shut up" because a handful of treasonous traitors just over-rode the entire Constitutional process and "shelved" all our rights and complaints so they could get on with paying out billions starting Monday.

Special Note: The 700 Billion House Bill Defeat today would have been in addition to the 700 Billion already issued in credit by the FED. The Fed already has the power to issue as much liquidity and loans as they wish without approval from congress, this vote was meerely a feeble attempt to mask and legitimize the actions of the FED.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Farmers Speak At Durham CT Fair

This evening I attended the Durham Fair up in Durham Connecticut. These types of dairy and livestock fairs have become somewhat more routine over the last few years as My step daughter is a member of the 4H club and is actively involved in competitive cow showing.

The experience has been enlightening, and my travels far as last month I found myself up at the Big E in Agawam Massachusetts. This was an opportunity for me to have several conversations with farmers, and also to learn the wisdom behind Ghandi's famous words that "Life is one indivisible whole" every action in our lives affect others and today that realization has made me even more aware than just a month ago.

While in Durham I met with some of Connecticut's top dairy farmers, and I asked them what they thought were the main concerns facing farmers in our state. One thing immediately came up, and that was that sales are down but only because of the low fat, diets that Americans have undertaken. Since the advent of video games, and our sedentary lifestyle more of us than ever have developed weigh issues that consequentially eliminate fat from our diets. This reduces the demand for our dairy farmers fatty products limiting what they are able to sell.

Another issue they mentioned was the broader economic competition from farms across America. While most farmers here in Connecticut get tax breaks on their land that equate to an average of $400.00 per acre in tax, they do not have the undocumented workers that other western farms use to gain a competitive advantage. One thing I personally know for certain, from my endeavors in trading produce at Hunts Point in NYC price and quality is everything when it comes to trading food. Connecticut just cannot compete with the rest of the country on many products, except Milk and some dairy.

The cost of gasoline is making imported products more expensive, so the less distance they travel the better the price. Many farms here in our state receive federal grants and subsidies to ensure their continued operation during difficult times.

When I asked about the food situation relative to the National economy, both these gentlemen felt that America has more than enough food to feed ourselves and other nations like China who purchase many of the high fat products we snicker at here in the states. It was their opinion that there is no cause for concern that America will run out of food anytime soon.

One question I had in particular was the use of GMO foods, or those that are genetically modified. Both these gentlemen were well aware of the debate surrounding GMO's but defended them on the grounds that they were good for our farmers. They indicated that GMO's result in more robust higher yield harvests, are more resistant to pests and deliver a good looking highly marketable product. When I asked about how the nutritional aspects of these products relative to us the consumers he did admit that little consideration was given to that as a matter of fact that was secondary to increasing profits. He also said that most farmers here in our state are receptive to the products developed by the "Big Agra's" like the Mosanto Corp.

In summary both these people felt that the overall health of the industry in our state appears to be vibrant, with lots of interest from many facets of our state including great clubs like the 4H clubs and several agribusiness/science programs. The overall feeling about farming here in our state is that their is plenty of room for improvement but for now, even though its not highly profitable, things are looking good.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Forum Highlights State Budget Woes

The legislature’s nonpartisan Office of Fiscal Analysis told lawmakers Thursday that the state could be facing billions in budget shortfalls over the next three years.

At a hearing organized by Republican lawmakers, officials from the legislature’s fiscal office estimated that the state would end the current fiscal year with a $292.6 million deficit. Gov. M. Jodi Rell’s budget office has predicted a $302 million shortfall.

The picture painted by budget officials Thursday was called “sobering” and “depressing” by lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. Officials are predicting more than a billion dollar deficit by fiscal year 2012.

Sen. Edith Prague, D-Columbia, one of two Democratic senators to attend Thursday’s forum said, “It’s very scary.” She said she hopes in November once the Wall Street and Washington issues settle down that “it won’t be as dire as this report.”

“I’m more depressed now, than when I went in,” Prague said.

Rep. Chris Perone, D-Norwalk, said it looks like every eight years the state goes into a recession. “What are we doing to head that off?”

He said in order to attack the structural budget issues health care and energy costs need to be attacked.

Stamford Mayor Dannel Malloy who was at the Legislative Office Building Thursday for another matter stopped by the hearing. He said he’s predicting the deficit is going to grow to $500 or $800 million this year. He said leaders on both sides of the aisle need to start having frank and honest discussions about how government is going to be restructured over the next three years to get us through the shortfall.

“It’s ugly,” he added.

Based on the budget numbers lawmakers were given Thursday, Sen. William Nickerson, R-Greenwich, said it looks like there’s a direct correlation between the state’s deficits and capital gains. When capital gains are down so are the state’s revenues.

“Seventy thousand people at the very top pay half the revenue, so when 70,000 people catch a cold we go into a deficit,” he said.

He said right now those 70,000 people have a cold and they’re not going to get healthy anytime soon.

John Moran, an official with the Office of Fiscal Analysis, said the state is technically not in a recession because a recession is measured by job growth and Connecticut’s job growth remains positive. He said data for 2008 shows Connecticut is still experiencing job growth, while 30 other states are seeing a decline. However, “our job growth is razor thin at 0.05 percent,” he said.

C. Stewart CTNJ

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Constitutional Convention Sparks Debate

Every 20 years the issue of a constitutional convention appears on the ballot here in our state. What the convention calls for is the opening of the state constitution for debate and alteration vis a vis the general public rather than the general assembly.

This years convention has put two big titans head to head in a battle of epic proportions, on one side we have the liberal pro-choice pro-gay marriage pro women's reproductive rights while on the conservative side we have the pro-life, pro-marriage, pro conservative values. These amount to two groups facing off, the churches who are in favor of the constitutional convention, and the liberal factions within Connecticut who oppose it.

Of those who oppose the constitutional convention, do so by way of reasoning that special interests will use their public authority to modify the state constitution for their own politically motivated reasons. Most people at the moment cannot even describe what the convention is or entails, but of those who do know, like Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, oppose it.

Ultimately it is up to us to decide if we wish for the general public to exercise their rights to modify the the state Constitution but thus far the opposing factions are mostly the churches and the social liberals in our state.

The first bout of this battle will take place this Sunday where several church groups have banded together to support the definition of marriage to remain between a man and a woman. The issue is currently before the supreme court and religious conservatives fear that our state judges will legislate rather than follow the rule of law of which has already been established in the state.

Opponents of a constitutional convention have posted THIS BLOG. Supporters of a Constitutional convention can be heard by clicking HERE or for a public site click HERE.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Chris Dodd Offers An Alternative Solution To Banking Crisis

Chairman Christopher Dodd of the Senate Banking Committee offered an alternative Monday to the financial rescue plan of the administration of President George W. Bush aimed at giving the U.S. Treasury an equity stake when it helps companies burdened by debt.

Dodd, a Connecticut Democrat, was circulating a draft of his bill as Congress sought to deal with a financial crisis that has been called the worst for the United States since the Great Depression.

The Bush administration is proposing a $700 billion plan to buy devalued assets from investment firms to keep the financial system from coming to a halt.

Democrats have pledged to act quickly on the measure, even as they seek to create an oversight structure, limit the compensation of executives at the companies benefiting from the rescue and provide mortgage relief for struggling borrowers.

"We cannot just turn over $700 billion in taxpayer money and not insist that that taxpayer is going to be protected in this," Dodd told reporters Sunday.

"We need this to be clean and quick, and we need to get it in place," Paulson said Sunday in an interview with ABC News.

The legislation would require Treasury to take an equity stake equal to the purchase price of the assets being bought. If the company is not publicly traded, the government would take senior debt instead, placing it in the front of the line of debt holders for repayment in the event of a bankruptcy.

Dodd's proposal also would create a five-member oversight board to supervise the Treasury secretary's purchase and sale of distressed mortgage debt.

It would consist of the chairmen of the Federal Reserve, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. and the Securities and Exchange Commission as well as two members from the financial industry designated by congressional leaders.

The board would be authorized to set up a so-called credit review company consisting of Treasury employees to study the soundness of the purchases. Under the plan, the government would be required to obtain an equity stake equal to the value of the debt that is purchased from the companies, including those whose shares are not publicly traded. The Treasury secretary would also be required to issue weekly public reports on the amount of assets bought and sold by the U.S.

Dodd is proposing to penalize executives who take "inappropriate or excessive" risks. The executive compensation and severance packages could be reduced if that is "in the public interest," the proposal says. It would also force executives to give back profits they earned that were based on company accounting measures that are later found to be inaccurate.

The Republican presidential candidate, Senator John McCain, who has supported giving shareholders a bigger say in executive compensation in the past, said Monday that taxpayers should not pay for "golden parachutes" for officers of companies that have crumbled in upheaval on Wall Street.

"The senior executives of any firm that is bailed out by Treasury should not be making more than the highest paid government official," McCain said at a campaign event in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

The president is the highest paid federal official, with a salary of $400,000 a year.

(This Story Is a NYT Reprint)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Milford Irish Festival A Huge Success

The 2008 Irish festival was a huge success several thousand people attended from all over the state and there was plenty to do when they got there.

This years Irish festival held at the pavilion behind the town library boasted a very inexpensive $9.00 admission, but unlike Oktoberfest food and beverages were non inclusive of the admission fee. There were many vendors from different parts of the state each offering their own Irish flare. This was either green hats, shamrocks, music and costume entertainment, beer, or imported novelties.

The Irish festival was the third one thus far since the tradition stated in 2005 by the Irish Preservation Society. Proceeds from this event are used for several charitable events and to fund the operations of the group. This years festival was said to be much larger than last years and the leaders behind the organizing of it are looking forward to its continued growth into 2009.

This event will also be on Milford Government Access Television as the local cameraman was there to film the event. Anyone who is interested in exactly what goes on there but was unable to attend can tune into our local television channel and get a glimpse of all the action.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Paulson & Bernake Hand Out Billions, Congress Told To Sit Down And Shut Up.

This sounds Eerily familiar, this was the line that Congress gave to moveon.org last year when they voiced concern over the war in Iraq. It would appear that Congress is getting a taste of its own medicine, as two of Americas most powerful Titans hand out yet again more billions to their corporate buddies. First there was the Bear Sterns Bailout, next the Fannie and Freddie Mac Bailout, and Now the AIG Bailout.

The taxpayers have guaranteed these executives not only a "golden parachute" as they received millions in executive bonuses for failure, but most have also evaded criminal charges and investigations. Disgracefully our leaders just rewarded crooks with counterfeit and/or taxpayer money.

This staggering multi company bailout could cost into the trillions, no one knows for sure and will not know the massive cost for years to come. These two men effectively are now engaged in full scale plunder of the U.S. Treasury and and all its associated accounts including the FDIC Insurance that insures the money in your bank account.

How two men that no one voted for were allowed to plunder every American citizen in favor of the global corporate elite is not only unconstitutional but a public disgrace, and mocks the freedom and democracy that we are told exists here in America.

Ultimately we all a pay price, and Congress knows this, but unfortunately what two men decided in 24 Hrs. Congress could not decide in six months. Ron Paul warned us of the propensity of these kinds of malevolent actions and some six months from today we can expect a magnification and localization of these massive problems. In other words expect your personal bailout of these companies to occur through inflation. Every Time you buy Milk, Gas, Food, or the basics of life notice the rapid inflationary increases, also notice everything you own (your home, your cars, your stocks) to be worth less as no one will be able to invest.

What you will not see on future 2009 receipts is the line next to the state sales tax that says "AIG & Friends Bailout inflation tax 50% of total bill." Put into perspective, and truly bringing home your share of the impending national economic disaster the numbers just make a mockery out of our perception of reality. But your personal share of all combined Federal Debt has just increased from $350,000 per Person to an Est. $450,000 to $500,000 per person overnight.

David Walker a former U.S. Accountant and head of the Government Accountability office indicated that we have hard choices ahead of us, but what he failed to mention is that Congress has exposed itself as arbitrary and powerless over the actions of the U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve who just essentially pushed America to total and complete bankruptcy. They did this without approval from Congress or a vote from the American people. They just told our elected leaders to "sit down and shut up" as they stealthily wrote massive checks out of your bank account to their friends.

Many of the companies involved in this federal Ponzi scheme are in fact the very banks and corporations who own the Federal Reserve. This is one major reason why the FED steps in to help their owners avoid prosecution and provide them with taxpayer money to clean up their mess by absorbing these criminals into the basement of other Federal Reserve Companies. For those not in the know the Federal Reserve is no more Federal than Federal Express and they just demonstrated this week that they have more power than Congress.

This is something to sleep on as continuing to live a local illusion that "because things are under control in our yard that there is no cause for alarm." I believe that in given time there will be a mass rude awakening in America. The time for countless millions to come forth is now not after being sobered by the fact that we gave some of the greediest and most evil people on the planet control over our lives. This did not work in Germany back in 1938 and will not work in America.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thirsty For Cash Aquarion Raises Rates

The Aquarion Water company has recently won approval from the DPUC to raise water rates another 2.6%. Most of us rarely complain about the price of water as it appears to be the cheapest of all utilities.

Could it be possible that these increases could change all of that? Most of us do not realize what it is that the water company does, but to those who do they will realize that their job is to maintain the sanctity of our reservoirs and maintain the dams and floodgates that keep them safe.

These increases will net about 3 million for the water company, money their executives say is badly needed to maintain infrastructure in the wake of all else going up.

The water company also uses those funds to sanitize our water by adding chlorine that dissipates with aeration, and also medicates our water with the neuro-toxic poisonous chemical Fluoride that we drink in the name of tooth health.

To any people out there with young infants, it is not safe to have babies injest any flouride and should consult with a phisician before giving them water from the tap. For more information on the dangers of fluoride consult the side label of your toothpaste container or visit www.fluoridealert.org.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Market Turmoil Hits Home

The last three days have resulted in stock market losses not seen since September 11Th 2001. With nearly a 11% drop in the Dow Jones in just 72hrs. IRAs, 401ks and just about every Milford stock portfolio felt the shock.

There were lots of people today staring at the markets in complete despair as they assessed their personal losses yet again. This all at a time when everything from energy prices, to property taxes and food costs are on the rise. Making matters worse Milford is now under a credit crunch with 350 active foreclosures on homes whose value have been either stagnant or in danger of a further decline.

The global and American economic situation is dire, and is now hitting home and sobering even the most optimistic people in our town. Finding a safe haven for retirement funds is becoming increasingly difficult as America's once largest banking institutions like Merryl Lynch, AIG, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and Lehman Brothers continue to show signs of distress and failure.

No one knows for certain if we have seen the worst of this economic crisis, but few have even prepared for the potential for negative events that accompany a severe economic situation. A recession is defined as two quarters of back to back negative growth, but what do we call Five or Six or maybe even Ten. Just 18 months ago the Dow Jones was at 12,500 and now it would appear possible that the index could breach the 10,000 mark making our economic misfortune in the coming months potentially worse then the height of the terrorist acts of 9/11.

On Wall street the blame game is in full swing, fear is high, our federal leaders are worried about contagion and a panic that could spread to every sector that is still in somewhat good condition. This is rapidly becoming clear that our brokers and portfolio managers are out of control and are unable to reasonably guarantee the safety and sanctity of any investment that bears even the slightest risk.

The economic climate in town is one of loss, uncertainty, and worst of all a feeling of helplessness in what to do next. Some a while back called for the purchase of Gold others have gone more ominous and advocated for the purchase of food as you cannot eat Gold. It would appear at the moment that all investors are in a bind and are facing some very hard choices.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Octoberfest 2008 A Fun Milford Tradition

Last Saturday night I had the honor and privilege of attending the October Fest Celebration at Walnut Beach. The event was held at the Rotary Pavilion and was hosted and organized by the Devon Rotary club here in town.

The event boasted a smorgasbord of great all you can eat food, lots of dancing and German culture and of course a little beer for those who who wished to keep the true custom alive. When I invited a few friends of mine to this event, those not in the know really thought it would be more like a beer drinking madhouse, more for adults and balked at the $40.00 per person cost.

Unswayed I decided to join up with some friends there and debunked the idea that this was some kind of adults only celebration, actually it was quite to the contrary. The event was very much like a musical wedding celebration with kids and adults dancing and joined together at tables with their families and friends.

There was lots of choice of tasty quality food, and anyone who came hungry and wished to have some soda and beer certainly got their money's worth. My friend Lou who had not been to an event like this before said he had "a really good time." Both of us intend on spreading the word, and attending again next year as we were both surprised at how many friends and neighbors we met there.

The Devon Rotary is a wonderful philanthropic organization with such notable members and community friends like Gayle Slossberg. They also have a reputation of caring for Milford, and uses these types of fundraisers to advance our community by improving public spaces. In summary this is a win win celebration and it is worth supporting.

An investment in the Devon Rotary Club is an investment in Milford and I thank all Rotarians, and those who attended, for their dedication and commitment to our town.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Milford's Vanishing Elderly

The 2000 U.S Census showed Milford as having 7,796 persons 65 years and older living in Milford however that number has been in a bit of a decline. Recently I learned from the 2008 Connecticut Economic Resource Center Data sheet that the numbers reported for the 65 and older crowd were off. down to 7,622. On the surface this does not look like a dramatic difference, but when its put in a percentage to the rest of the population the number of "65 and overs" shrunk amid a steadily growing population.

Milford's population in 2000 was 52,305 with 7,796 people over age 65. In 2007 that number changed to 53,874 with 7,622 "65 and overs". While I recognize that these numbers do no show a concrete trend, I must point out that we appear to be developing inverse growth here in Milford. Most concerning is that this trend is occurring during a period that is supposed to show "Baby boomer" growth. Milford is not only unaffected by the "Baby Boomer" trend, but rather seems to be dodging it altogether. These numbers must be watched more carefully into 2008 and 2009, as Milford continues to raise its property taxes, energy costs continue to remain high and relief of any kind remains unavailable to Milford's poorest.

Milford is now growing the town with new young blood and is trending toward phasing out the elderly. While I hope this pattern is nothing more than a false alarm I must admit that more needs to be done to ensure the domestic day to day affordability of Milford's finest the 65 and older crowd to remain here in town.

One idea I had to alleviate this problem is to freeze their property taxes until such time as their property is transferred or sold. I believe it is unconscionable to increase the property tax on a senior who is unable or not well enough to vacate their home. I believe the fair thing to do is to defer their property tax increases until such time they vacate or transfer their property.

Seniors are an important part of all communities, they contribute to our tax base and demand little in return from the city as they often have no children in schools. Our town needs to enact proper zoning and planning laws to include seniors as protected and vital to a harmonious tax system capable of sustaining a balanced tax base. No town can tax its way out of economic trouble, but it can foster and encourage zoning and planning laws that balance tax revenues as derived from young homeowners, business, and seniors. I believe that this is the key to taxes and our quality of life, having a harmonious tax base that affordibly, and collectively contributes to fund city services.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Silencing Joe

They can’t expel him from the Democratic party, but members of the Democratic State Central Committee are seeking to censure U.S Sen. Joseph I Lieberman, who won re-election in 2006 as an independent and recently spoke at the Republican National Convention on behalf of Republican presidential nominee, John McCain.

Audrey Blondin, a member of the Democratic State Central Committee who helped draft the resolution to censure Lieberman, said Wednesday that she wanted to express her “extreme displeasure” with Connecticut’s junior senator for speaking at the Republican National Convention.

“When you’re a Democrat, you’re a Democrat,” she said. She said Lieberman has the right to endorse whoever he wants, “but don’t do it as a Democrat.” She said she feels if Lieberman prides himself as an independent then he should register as one.

Below is a draft of the proposed resolution expected to be considered on Sept. 24 by the 72 members of the Democratic State Central Committee.

Resolution To Censure Joseph I. Lieberman

Whereas Joseph I. Lieberman sought re-election in 2006 as an independent after losing the Democratic primary; and

Whereas he has publicly endorsed and actively campaigned on behalf of Republican Presidential candidate John McCain, among others; and

Whereas he has attended and addressed the Republican National Convention thereby undercutting the election campaigns of Democratic candidates all across America; and

Whereas support of right-wing Republicans cannot be reconciled with the ideals and values of the Democratic Party, nor with the best interests of the people of America; and

Whereas these actions exhibit extraordinary disloyalty to the countless Connecticut Democrats without whom his career as an elected official would never have been possible;

Therefore, be it hereby resolved, that we, the undersigned members of the Connecticut Democratic State Central Committee, delegates to the Democratic National Convention from Connecticut, and Connecticut Democratic public officials publicly censure and repudiate the words and actions of Joseph I. Lieberman, and ask of him that he resign as a member of the Democratic Party of the state of Connecticut.

Story reprint from Connecticut News Junkie

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Flooding In Devon Angers Residents

The Corner of Bridgeport Ave.and Naugatuck Ave. is a pretty wet spot in town. Residents in that area have been coming forward and complaining that their basements are flooding during periods of heavy rain.

The Devon Revitalization committee is taking the heat. Mayor Richetelli and Jim Amann the two most notable committee members have been put on the hot seat. Local residents have stated that the aesthetic improvements have not done much to improve the quality of life of those residents who are affected by the flood rains.

Our state and local leaders assured us flooding action this week. Both Amann and Richetelli indicated that they are aware of the flooding problems and blamed the areas pipes as being old. Richetelli said that these pipes carry away the rain water intended for a 1930's Milford and were not designed for today's neighborhoods. Richetelli also said the city has money for improvements on one street Naugatuck Ave., but the other street Bridgeport ave. is the responsibility of the state. Richetelli said it makes more sense to do both projects at the same time and will be waiting for the state funding before commiting to any work.

Amann on the other hand took to defending the Devon revitalization committee and said that the complainers should have done so prior to the rain problems. Amann said that during his entire tenure as a state rep. he had no idea that flooding was an issue with anyone in Devon.

As it stands this contention between our city and state leaders will experience continued pressure as they are confronted with more angry flood victims after each torrential downpour. Both leaders agree that urgent action is needed and have agreed to put this project on the fast track but not until the state delivers on their end.

The state may also slow down this project with a pre-construction engineering study aimed at figuring out exactly how to abate the flooding waters.

Anyone who wishes to address this problem should direct their concerns to the Milford Flooding and Erosion Control Board.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Social Engineering And Presidential Politics.. If not All Politics.

The two party behemoth's the mythical equivalent of Schylla and Charybdis are working to control your opinion with information carefully studied and crafted to achieve the ultimate objective, the illusion of American Democracy and your vote for one of the two hand picked corporate representatives running for president.

Now Imagine you the the middle class, average Joe worker stressed to the gills just trying to keep your life afloat is sailing into the unknown abyss of Presidential Politics under the chant of our "Ditto" congressmen who like brainless mocking birds repeat the words and logic of their respective parties.

While I am a lover of Bipartisan efforts I could also appreciate a good debate, but what has been achieved in this election is somewhat of a joke. I thought it impossible for our nation to favor a pro-war candidate a year ago, I thought for sure that Americans were fed up with war and hawkish presidents like Bush. Apparently not, because McCain has taken the lead, just as a new fight is brewing between the U.S. and the Soviets.

Do people even know who they want to vote for, and is either candidate a real choice? My point is not to tell people how to vote this election because I personally could care less who wins, I believe that both parties will continue to be equally destructive to the middle class, so effectively I will be considering some other party besides a Republican or Democrat. One other bit to add here I would be happy to lay out a vote of "NO CONFIDENCE" in the state legislature directed at at all three houses in the federal government.

I would also like to remind the readers of this blog, to learn what social engineering is, could it be the illusion of Democracy, a magic trick that makes us all want to vote for another Republican, one dubbed "McSame" as he is one of the most Bush connected politicians in D.C. Perhaps you need to understand exactly what social engineering is.

On a positive note McCain will be great for the Connecticut economy, because here in the nutmeg state we manufacture the hardware necessary to maintain global domination over the world perhaps that is also why the Russians have so many nuclear missiles pointed at Connecticut.

In the event that McCain does get elected and start WW3, we have a lot to think about. Some examples include Submarine Manufacturing in Groton, Helicopters in Stratford, Radar Systems in Norwalk, Space Weapon Satellites in Danbury and lots of other war fodder. Perhaps this is why Joe Lieberman Mr. "Bomb Iran" has been so successful with the military lobby.

If "McSame" does win it will be good for Connecticut and horrible for world peace something to think about next casino trip. The ones that also help pay our bills on the back's of people who think they can win. Photo above could easily be our new state logo.

Fireman's Muster A Fluster

The annual fireman's muster held over the weekend at Eisenhower park did not go as well as planned. The day started off O.K. and the event kicked off on schedule but the weather soon decided to not cooperate.

The downpour started right at about halfway through the event causing the festival patrons to scatter for their cars and head home. The days weather also spooked many guests into staying home. This resulted in what festival officials estimated was about one half the usual turnout.

However disappointing, and even with their rain date set to Sunday instead of Saturday the event continued as planned. Sunday I revisited the scene and met with several fireman and their volunteers cleaning up and loading trucks. Despite the weather they indicated they had a good time and a good deal of community involvement.

Hopefully next year this event will be under the canopy of blue skies and sunshine.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Many Folks Grimace As Winter Nears

The state of Connecticut has made a big promise to the poor this winter, they promised to use the state surplus money to keep them warm. The question on everyones mind, is will that money really arrive to the cold, hungry, huddled masses and oh yes the elderly. With 6.1% Unemployment, and tens of thousands of poor in our state is this heating thing really going to work? Can it be expected to be a consumer friendly process? The answer is I do not know but anyone worried should start requesting paperwork now. (See link Below)

Incredible as it may be, it certainly all sounds too good to be true, but some have questioned that the surplus money is too little to meet the unexpected needs of the poor. Furthermore energy assistance once available to many Section 8 people who could be young moms with kids living in subsidized housing projects, may now be competing with $5.00 per gallon oil and the unpleasant suprise of the "nouveu-pauvre."

Our legislature has made a pretty big promise, or created the illusion of a promise, I believe that the the 88 million surplus may fall short in meeting the demand for energy that I expect will be coming this winter.

Should this year be colder than last year than poor folks can be expected to shiver a little more than usual as they are on the phone demanding that state oil truck. If you are concerned that any of your loved ones this year may need help, please visit this LINK and start the process now. The longer you wait the more overwhelmed the system becomes and the greater chance no assistance will be given.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back To School Week

This week is back to school week lets remember to slow down a little bit in the morning. Most folks are already courteous and polite enough to not pass a school bus and are especially courteous enough to keep a watchful eye for kids lined up on the side of the road.

Day one in my neighborhood was pretty good but unfortunately some aggressive drivers in the development next to mine earned themselves speed bumps. Something to think about when our kids at the back of the bus are being bounced out of their seats every time the rear tires collide with these new obstacles.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Illegal Immigrant Worker' s Wait For Jobs In Norwalk

The illegal immigrant workforce, takes to the Norwalk streets daily. This event I witnessed last week as I traversed up Martin Luther King Blvd. There were about 50-100 people of what looked like Spanish descent waiting on the corner as if ready to jump in a passing truck; They looked ready to work in any craft from landscaping to construction.

Upon arrival to my destination to fix a computer I asked my customer A Mr. Yanni what was the scoop with all the people hanging out on the corner, I asked him the rhetorical question of what were they doing there? Just as I expected he gave me the answers, the same ones that have half the nation "ticked off" about, that they are all mostly illegal, undocumented, migrant workers preying on the desperation of small businesses desperate to increase their profits.

Many of them are going to your homes by way of your landscaper, stone mason or handyman. This problem has become perverse throughout our state and does not limit itself to just Norwalk. Mayor DiStefano has worked to grant these people ID's and Hartford has all but become a sanctuary city after the town council walked away from immigration issues, calling them the greater responsibility of the Federal Government.

Just as matters seemed to be as bad as things could be our secretary of state decided to run a campaign with Blumenthal to shore up the numbers of the Democratic party by registering as many people of all descents... many if not most being these federal "fast track" illegal immigrants.

While I am no objector to legal immigration a reminder of the correct way of achieving this is through acculturation and assimilation. That is that they intermarry, speak English, and lose over time their intense feeling of nationalism over the United States. In the exaggerated unregulated number that are present today America is building Hispanic nonspeaking ghettos who will soon evolve into a separatist group that will look to create their own special place in America that is not America. To explain what I mean imagine entire Spanish Speaking cities like Miami where America and its history becomes second to that of the supra nationals.

Something to think about while the rest of the U.S. border still goes unfunded, wide open and our leaders act as if they care but continue to take no action. Today's blog is yet again another reminder of the excuses and collusion at all levels of government in our state to enable the Federal Government and its policy of destroying our national borders under the premise that our state is helpless.

Food for thought today!