Monday, September 22, 2008

Milford Irish Festival A Huge Success

The 2008 Irish festival was a huge success several thousand people attended from all over the state and there was plenty to do when they got there.

This years Irish festival held at the pavilion behind the town library boasted a very inexpensive $9.00 admission, but unlike Oktoberfest food and beverages were non inclusive of the admission fee. There were many vendors from different parts of the state each offering their own Irish flare. This was either green hats, shamrocks, music and costume entertainment, beer, or imported novelties.

The Irish festival was the third one thus far since the tradition stated in 2005 by the Irish Preservation Society. Proceeds from this event are used for several charitable events and to fund the operations of the group. This years festival was said to be much larger than last years and the leaders behind the organizing of it are looking forward to its continued growth into 2009.

This event will also be on Milford Government Access Television as the local cameraman was there to film the event. Anyone who is interested in exactly what goes on there but was unable to attend can tune into our local television channel and get a glimpse of all the action.

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