Monday, September 29, 2008

Bankers Say A Depression Is Coming

The Big Bankers and wall Street say a Depression is coming, but I ask who is this Depression Coming For?

America has 57 Million People with no health insurance,

America has/had 12 Million active foreclosures.

America has had its jobs by the millions sent to Mexico, China and India.

America has 120 Million people with inadequate literacy to obtain a living wage job.

American's have had record personal bankruptcies

America's working class is taxed into oblivion, local, state federal, our phone and utility taxes, sales tax, property tax, fees, charges, penalties, fines, judgements it is endless.

America has nothing saved it has nothing left, and most of us in debt over our heads.

So I ask again who is this Depression coming for? Because it seems to me that most Americans have been living in a depression already for years and years.

The Depression may be coming, but not for you and me my friends, the depression is coming for those who thought themseleves to be above us, smarter than us, wealthier than us, more connected than us. Yes the corporate titans the rich and super rich.

Please try not to lose any sleep as Leona Helmsley, Bill Gates, Steve Jobbs and 70 Thousand other wealthy people in CT sob over their assets being decimated by their friends corporate cronyism.

Try not to cry for them but rather celebrate that our representatives just rejected their ploy to defraud us, the weak huddled masses, any more than they have in the past.

I now fear not what has been lost but rather what will happen in revenge as a consequence for not taking on their bogus debts. So far in CT alone a major portion of our 300 Million Projected 2009 deficit is a reduction in the capital gains tax of these 70K CT citizens. Indeed a Sad Day!

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