Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Flooding In Devon Angers Residents

The Corner of Bridgeport Ave.and Naugatuck Ave. is a pretty wet spot in town. Residents in that area have been coming forward and complaining that their basements are flooding during periods of heavy rain.

The Devon Revitalization committee is taking the heat. Mayor Richetelli and Jim Amann the two most notable committee members have been put on the hot seat. Local residents have stated that the aesthetic improvements have not done much to improve the quality of life of those residents who are affected by the flood rains.

Our state and local leaders assured us flooding action this week. Both Amann and Richetelli indicated that they are aware of the flooding problems and blamed the areas pipes as being old. Richetelli said that these pipes carry away the rain water intended for a 1930's Milford and were not designed for today's neighborhoods. Richetelli also said the city has money for improvements on one street Naugatuck Ave., but the other street Bridgeport ave. is the responsibility of the state. Richetelli said it makes more sense to do both projects at the same time and will be waiting for the state funding before commiting to any work.

Amann on the other hand took to defending the Devon revitalization committee and said that the complainers should have done so prior to the rain problems. Amann said that during his entire tenure as a state rep. he had no idea that flooding was an issue with anyone in Devon.

As it stands this contention between our city and state leaders will experience continued pressure as they are confronted with more angry flood victims after each torrential downpour. Both leaders agree that urgent action is needed and have agreed to put this project on the fast track but not until the state delivers on their end.

The state may also slow down this project with a pre-construction engineering study aimed at figuring out exactly how to abate the flooding waters.

Anyone who wishes to address this problem should direct their concerns to the Milford Flooding and Erosion Control Board.

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